Thursday, 15 April 2010

The AM Challenge Cup - Semi Final Results


What a night! In my 27 years on this planet we have only beaten Arsenal a handful of times, and I must admit I'd forgotten what it was like to celebrate 3 points against them. To make things sweeter we end their title challenge whilst keeping ourselves in the race for 4th place. There are some very unhappy Arsenal fans in my office this morning & it makes a nice change :)

It wasn't just a good night for Spurs - I managed to salvage some pride thanks to Bale's match winning goal & outstanding 19 points, a very useful 9 from N'Zogbia & Bendtner's consolation another 10. This lifted me up to 85 points for the week, 320th overall.

But was 85 enough to make it through to the final of The AM Challenge? See below...


Rank   Team   Week 30
1 Welcome to Man City (S11) 121
2 Simply Da Best 120
3 Juan Sebastian Veron 112
4 pk all stars 110.5
5 Rizal Plate F.C. 109.5
6 ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^› 106
7 Shock The Monkey 106
8 chuggington 104
9 iceman_tsc 103.5
10 Remedial Spastics 103.5
11 Steve Bob FC *** 102.5
12 No Longer Defending Chaffs 102.5
13 INDIA © 100.5
14 FC Skwarek 98
15 No Name FC 98
16 gamatoilrefinery 98
17 TM yang 1 95
19 Kop Kings (BB) 94
20 CF Aimarcia 93.5
21 Unintended XI 93.5
22 Ipswich town FC 93
23 TLLA 93
24 Sam Adams 92.5
25 DaBears 91.5
26 Newcastle Rocks 91
27 The Arch 91
28 Brighton Till I Die 90.5
29 CCFC Wannabees 90
31 pvtsnappersgooners(S11) 88
32 bullrun 87.5
33 Ovche Pole Blancos 87
34 Red Beach Ball +10 86.5
35 Dare to Devil 86.5
36 Supermassive FC 86
37 Computer Science Student 86
38 xX~B♥N~Xx 86
39 李華月x彭丹 85.5
40 Modric is God 85
41 Maestro Harriers 84.5
43 Bo 7aMaNi 82.5
44 Rosa's Leg Ends 82.5
45 Total Football FC 80.5
46 MU4ever 80.5
47 aaaaaaaaa 80
48 International Dog Squad 79.5
49 Sadiq 11 79.5
50 Fantomerik 76.5
51 PBS Lions 75.5
52 Balls to that! 75
53 coqKODOKpisang 73
54 KyoXFC 70
55 [ Bench Warmer ] 68
56 AbsolutelyFabregas 64.5
57 Read 61
58 HIV Eindhoven 60
59 FC United of Toronto 54
60 NY Cosmos 50
61 KNOXY95 49.5

The answer, sadly, is no. The cut off to reach the final was 93.5, meaning I bow out by 8.5 points (I'll never forgive myself for picking Myhill over Kirkland!). Huge congratulations to the 21 teams who made it through to final taking place in Week 33 - good luck to you all!

Unfortunately (unlike The Blog Cup where the winner will get replica shirt of their choice) I cannot afford to provide a prize for The AM Challenge but I'm sure you were all in it for the buzz of beating 599 fellow competitiors anyway, and in 3 weeks time 1 manager will be celebrating AM Cup glory!

That's all for now - I'm planning to spend my lunch break on my Week 31 Player Picks, so I aim to have the posted up this evening.

Are you through? Let me know how you ended Week 30, & who came in on the barndoor!



Caleb said...

Terrible week with only 67 points.
Got Gabby in the BD, however, I have the sacrifice Bent if I want to take him as seems Tevez and Carew is a must pick this week.....

Anonymous said...

how to join it AM???huhuhu :(

Jon said...

Gutted as an Arsenal fan, gutted as a YFF manager that i finally have to let Verm go, and gutted as a member of this blog community to bow out of the AM challenge.

Still, there is always next season ...

Assistant Manager said...

@Anonymous - You had to be in one of the blog leagues at the start of the season...make sure you check back before the start of next season & you can join for 2010/2011!

Anonymous said...

ok i will AM..erm 1 more can i find that league??the ID??pasword??

Assistant Manager said...

You'll find the IDs & Pwds to join the leagues here on the Blog before the start of next season!

Anonymous said...

so just wait next season and i will get the ID and pasword??

Anonymous said...

ok thank u so much AM =)

STM said...

Low scoring week, still in the challenge, so can't complain with 106 points, what with a good Spurs performance. :-D

Thought that we would proceed to have a total meltdown for the rest of the season following the loss to Portsmouth. It is always going to be very difficult to get back on track after the demoralising defeat. In the past, we could have capitulated really easily and our season would have ended there and then, but the lads showed heart, fought hard and bounced back.

Hopefully, we can build on the result and put one over Chelsea next. Would love to see more of the youngsters like Rose, Obika and Bostock get some "proper" games in the future. COYS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi AM,

With Hull and Villa double gamers, should we just load up on Hull and Villa players?

On the other hand, they are not exactly in form, loss to Burnley (?!) at home, loss to Chelsea after being drained in second half (Villa) and these matches could easily end up disappointing DG loaded up.

One thing in this season is that the expected does not happen.

Logically, Villa should hammer Portsmouth and Hull.

Going by the expected not happening, i expect Villa to draw with Portsmouth and lose to Hull.

Which means, it would be a great idea to load up on just Hull players.

Or am i allowing my liking for Bullard to sway me ?



Anonymous said...

Glad I still could get 110 pts for last week though torres and kanu didnt play, and malouda sucks like hell. =)

This week I'm going a lil bit extreme.


Extreme team, I like though, gutted to drop Tevez @ 15.

Any comments? AM? =)


TwoFace said...

definitely loading up with the double gamers


should be a no brainer right..or is it??
still got malouda, bendtner, tevez but likely to go..

Afif said...

woahahhahahhaa!!!..I made it..woahahahaha!!

Cusut07 said...

Milner or A.Young?

Anonymous said...

@ cusut

For me: BOTH!


Doctor Teeth said...

96.5 points but who cares...all eyes were on the action on the pitch at WHL yesterday and I am still on cloud nine. I don't know about you AM (I take it that you did not go to the game?) but I have never heard the stadium that loud before...the energy of the supporters literally pulsated through the tv screen. So impressed by the job that Dawson (why is he not on the plane to South Africa?) and Ledley did for us and what a resurrection of Gomes from the doldrums of last season. He played like a man possessed!

Has there ever been a more amazing fantasy pick-up than Gareth Bale? We all hold the third most expensive defender in YFF for ~2.6. Will be interesting to see what his initial price is next season.

Some tough decisions lie ahead this week...thinking of dropping Malouda and Bendtner.

Cusut07 said...

@anon 1:57 PM
out of money @@
my team :
Cuellar- Dunne- Salgado
Arteta-AJ-Downing-Milner or Young- Digakoi(filter)

rate my team,plz

Cusut07 said...

and, Milner or Young??

Ban said...

The end of AM Blog Cup for me!

Getting 38th place! But i am so happy that I can step until here because i never think that I will be survive in AM Blog Cup until here!

Thanks for AM giving this chance^^

It is great! Yeah

shor said...

Wow. Topped the AM challenge this week. Well chuffed and more importantly, it helped me move up to 160th after two consecutive subpar weeks.

However, supremely disappointed by the Gunners. The one time the Gunners can help City out, they get beaten by their rivals. I definitely let the Gooner supporters know how I felt after the derby :)

This week: I have huge discounts up front on Bendtner, Tevez & Adebayor. Although I can't see myself (even as a MCFC supporter) keeping both City strikers, I'm not sure which one should go. Both are in great form although keeping Adebayor @ 10.95 and dumping Tevez @ 16.93 would open up my budget!

Similarly, at the back, I currently hold Schwarzer on discount as I like his fixture against Wolves.

Decisions, decisions...

MU4ever said...

Sorry,are there any mistake here?I've got 93.5 pts this week.Here my team link:'m MU4ever.

Assistant Manager said...

No mistakes - there were 2 MU4ever's in the competition. You were knocked out in Round 4 (Week 26) with 103.5 points. The other MU4ever got 163 to qualify past that round but was knocked out in the semi finals with 80.5

MU4ever said...

I've got it,thank u.But i have to tell u that I am the real MU4ever :)

Anonymous said...

arteta playin???

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