Saturday, 17 April 2010

Week 31 - My Team


Bale  Warnock  A.Dawson

A.Young  Bullard  Milner  A.Johnson

Bendtner  Carew  Agbonlahor

It was really tough this week - I played around with my team for hours this morning but in the end I kept the same team as I'd had when I wrote my player picks. Still, dropping Tevez & Malouda really hurt (and I now have a horrible feeling that I should not have dropped the Argentine...)

I have to pray both Warnock & Dawson recover from news suggested they'll both make it, I was annoyingly 0.01 away from moving Warnock to Dunne, I hope Bendtner continues (almost switched him to Altidore) & hope Downing does nothing (tried so hard to fit him in Adam Johnson's place but couldn't find a way).

Saturday, 24 April 2010
Arsenal v Man City, 17:30
Bolton v Portsmouth, 15:00
Hull v Sunderland, 15:00
Man Utd v Tottenham, 12:45
West Ham v Wigan, 15:00
Wolverhampton v Blackburn, 15:00

Sunday, 25 April 2010
Aston Villa v Birmingham, 12:00
Burnley v Liverpool, 15:00
Chelsea v Stoke, 16:00
Everton v Fulham, 15:00

Single games for all teams next week - Chelsea, Liverpool, Everton, Bolton, & West Ham all have fixtures that could interest me.

What did you settle on? Any barndoor plans?



Anonymous said...

Tough week. I hope Villa doesn't keep a clean sheet as I do not have Friedel or any of their defenders

Hinrik said...

Bale Jagielka Dunne
Bullard Downing Milner A.Young Maxi
Carew Bendtner

Miec said...

Jagielka, Dawson, (C.) Gardner
Bullard, Milner, Downing, Arteta (kept him hope he will produce something =)
Bentdner, Carew, Tevez (i believe it's his time to shine, i expect nothing more but 2 goals and an asssist)

BD plans:
Jaaskaleinen (see no better option in GK case)
I also picked Wilshare, Zhirkov, Foley, Mancienne, but they all might go out :)
Generally looking on cheap wolves and bolton players.

DC said...

Nice, see only Dawson as the (slight) gamble.

My team:

Dunne Cuellar Bale
Downing A.Young Milner A.Johnson Mendy
Agbonlahor Carew

Mendy is obviously filler. If he plays in defence and Hull get battered twice it shouldn't hurt too much as he's listed as a middie. If he doesn't play it's no great loss. Any points he does get are bonus!

It killed me to drop Tevez @16.5, but I suspect that Man Utd will go all out to keep him quiet. Also, I don't like his match-up vs West Ham on the last day, if Citeh are either save in 4th or out of the running.

Can see Bellamy filling his boots up against G Nev this afternoon.

Ian Sanderson said...

S. Given
Bale Baird Dunne Jagielka
Bullard Gerrard Milner
Tuncay Tévez Carew

Anonymous said...

mcshane sonko elokobi
lampard stevG a.young downing bullard
carew v.hasselink

Anonymous said...

My Team:

Hutton, Mancienne, A.Dawson
Bullard, A. Young, Downing, Petrov
Tevez, Carew, Altidore

Only have the gut to remove FloMal and Bendter on discount but not with Tevez :)
And I really don't like the defense line

Good luck guys

Bradley said...

Dear god I hate these two-team DG weeks. My team:

Bale Elokobi Cuellar
Kilbane Bullard Milner Downing
Tevez Gabby Carew

I dropped Malouda and Bendtner but couldn't bring myself to lose Tevez, especially with the DG week coming up. I hope Rooney's quiet. I got so little from Rooney's replacements (see Torres) I should've either dropped him earlier or not at all (assuming he doesn't get re-injured).

greginho said...

this is why stephen ireland has lost it. he should no longer be in man city's plans. he comes in in the 79th minute and jogs around, as if, he had played the whole game. he was up front with tevez. tevez was running at any defender that had the ball and they could pass around him, because ireland was just going through the motions. all of the positive play, in the middle for manure went right around ireland, plus he failed to try to even run back for, the octenigerian, paul scholes to nod in the winner. scholes was unmarked and joyous. it was ireland's fault, and i would never play him again

maxer said...

the mutd-mcity match didn't interest me much. Was hoping tevez could do more, and i think k2 and roon can post some threats few minutes before the match ends if they're not replaced. Anyway, i still have bendtner to play and 7 dgs including bullard, gabby, dunne, mtay and milner whom i think will perform.

Birty said...

friedel, fox, dunne, campbell, malbranque, johnson, downing, bullard, altidore, bent, agbonlahor.

I dropped a discounted arteta right at the last minute because someone showed me news that said he was not going to play and I couldn't take ANOTHER zero. That someone is lurking on this blog, reading this and will get a good clip round the ear on Monday!!!!

Sitting on 22 unoffical points with loads of Villa to come. But when United beat City in "Fergie time" for the third time in a year, who cares about Fantasy Football.

greginho said...

it is official. the anti bendtner baiting, about missing so many chances over the last few weeks, should be over. pavlyuchenko is the king of missing sitters. he is atrocious.

bale could have had 3 goals. this game should have been 5-1, tottenham are not sorry they missed so many easy ones because they won. chelsea had some good chances, but were dominated by the 4th best team in the country. the difference between this and the arsenal game, is that arsenal played them even and should have tied tottenham 2-2, chelski got dominated.

STM said...

@Birty: Well, I am the fella who posted the URL which comes from the Everton Official website, where the news came DIRECTLY from Moyes, yes David Moyes, the Everton Manager!

Haha... So it's my fault that you dropped Arteta and Moyes decided to play him? I guess Moyes deserve a good clip round the ear then. ;-D

Shiv said...

Birty, the goal was well within the 3 minutes of stoppage time allocated. No one complained but you.

On another note, I'm really sorry to all the John Terry owners. Penalty conceded AND a red card. OUCH

Cescy said...

is it just my yahoo or is everyone's messing up, went to do some bd work but the team manager section is all messed up!! says i have 100 units to spend but won't let me use them...anyone experiencing the same or seen this before!?!

a bewildered, Cescy.

Anonymous said...


Joshtottenham said...

Gareth Bale only became good after I put him in my fantasy team...coincidence?

Birty said...

@Shiv, I ain't complaining - I was jumping up and down. I love Fergie time, its like Hammer time but with no parachute pants.

@STM, I'm not blaming you, i'm blaming the guy I work with who sent me the link you posted ;)

Alper said...

bale must be the left back of the year on europe...and modric was awesom...I had 71.5 pts and fridel young milner carew srill to go....good luck all...

Jay said...

Dropping Bale on Assou-Ekotto's return could be the decision that makes me drop to second in my private league in the last few weeks of the season - FOR THE SECOND YEAR RUNNING!

I'll get a reputation for choking at this rate.

greginho said...

alex i will be commenting on the salgado update in the review section for today, after AM posts

Kellz said...

42pts with Gabby, Carew, Bendtner, Milner, Ashley Young, and Dunne to go. Must say good finish even with the -3 from AJ, I am exstatic over the Bale points, but horrified at the Spurs win considering this all but means Liverpool are out of the CL (Plz don't reply saying "They were already out lol" because that means your an ass and any true supporter cheers until the death).

However if we can retain Torres/Gerrard and get some investment from the new buyers, we can add some quality back ot our side and make a run next year.

On the BD:

Bale, Hutton, Jags
Cahill, Arteta, AJ, Bullard, MTAY,
Diamanti, Bendtner

Will probably switch out Cahill for Malouda but will have to down grade someone in order to do so. Not liking many Forward picks next week, any one have ideas?

Good luck tomorrow, Villa with a crucial game for the majority of fantasy managers!

Anonymous said...

as a chelsea fan, this weekend really sucked, both i have to say manu and tottenham deserved to win, especially totenham who totally overplayed us, man of the match was bale & what a fantasy gold he is, cech did some great saves chelsea's best player by far today, well the result wasen't embarrasing.
only positive thing is one point gap and boss our own destiny.
about the fantasy football so far 67 points, with milner, carew, downing, young to go.
i barndoored mtaylor,wilshere and im sticking with howard who i had this week also, i agree i don't have a glue who's gonna be my forwards, don't know if i should stick with tevez have him at 15, what to you guys think

Anonymous said...

Birty, I found myself in the same boat as you and ended up droping Arteta.

STM you aren't to blame, it's just a case of the blind leading the blind. Obviously....
quote "Looks like you don't follow football that much" Footy banter is great, lets you be a child again and again and again and ag..

My only consolation was getting back Arteta on the BD, can't believe he's nearly 20 mill now!!


STM said...

Seriously? If that is the case, what do you make of Jeremy and Neal who mentioned an injured Arteta in their blog, or AM who specifically said so too?

I do feel bad for all of you who dropped Arteta reading the news from Moyes. Really... but did I specifically mention to drop Arteta? Who needs to be growing up when you can't take your own decisions on the chin? Bah, humbug...

Okay, not to drag this further and to make you really happy, I will declare that I AM UTTERLY BLIND AND USELESS IN YFF, alright? So please please please don't read anything that I ever post here okay? In Upper Case as well, happy?

Hindsight is a wonderful thing... :-)

alan hayward said...

I'm another who dropped artea(@7) at the last minute and feeling pretty sick about that. But this stage in the season to risk another 0 is was not really an option so no regrets.
Gambled a long shot on Aquailani in instead so hoping he comes up with the goods......

Sean said...


"Looks like you don't follow football that much"

"what do you make of Jeremy and Neal who mentioned an injured Arteta in their blog, or AM who specifically said so too?"

So... you read the same two fantasy football blogs as everybody else on this forum? And based on that knowledge, you belittle somebody who asks a question?

Douchebag say WHAT?

Maybe you should sit the next couple of plays out; E X P E R T .

STM said...

@Sean: Anyone who is going to choose Maik Taylor obviously don't follow football that much. It isn't a question that is mean to belittle anyone. If anyone feels offended, I apologise. :-)

x2x2 said...

kept arteta for 2 games, got 0.. sold him this week, he got 20++.. THAT'S LIFE! =p

Anonymous said...

And that's why one shouldn't give his opinion..
Testosteron, ego, regret, anger, jealousy will haunt you!

Therefore, just read and don't write ;-)


Anonymous said...

I'm another who sold Arteta, but he rightly should have been sent off. I watched the replay and it was horrible. You can't poke another in the eye and get away wirh just a yellow.

51 points for me so far. My decision to take a 0 on Fulop paid off so far (Gordon with only 3 points). Still have Dunne, Milner, Petrov, Young and Walcott to go.


markygoods said...

57.5 with 15 players to play, hoping for a bumper week to consolidate my league standing. Also dropped arteta, malouda, tevez, given, AJ just before deadline...

AlexDarlo said...

Went back upto 17th in the overall standings with 70.5 points from yesterday with Bender and 4 x Villa (Dunne, Milner, Young, Gabby) 2 x Hull (Dawson, Bullard) DG'ers to go so pretty happy so far.

Anonymous said...

STM, didn’t mean to cause any offence with my earlier remarks. Apologies for posting a quote of yours. Unfortunately to add insult to injury another fella (Sean) got on the bandwagon too and had a pop at you (a little too severe in my opinion). You’re right ‘J, N’ and AM were all caught out in the Arteta issue but no ones to blame here. I just reacted inappropriately or should I with frustration. Typing with a glass of red wine on the go can be dangerous. This is a cracking FF forum, and it should stay that way. The less negativity the better. All the best for the remaining week.


markygoods said...

well done mate, hopefully u can push in to the top ten before the finish, great to see a fellow blog member in the top 20.

Anonymous said...

great stuff carew scored & how happy i am, i had a feeling, that villa's defense might leak and so it went, luckily i didn't go with either of them & also friedel, sitting happily currently :D

Guy said...

I haven't posted for ages, but this is a great forum and it's the people who contribute who make it so. AM asked for people to offer their opinion a few weeks back (sorry I haven't felt confident enough to do so yet). If everyone just read and didn't write then there wouldn't be anything of interest here. Obviously everyone doesn't agree with everything that's written but keep it up and don't let the critics get you down!

Anonymous said...

Well well well, Carew scores but also misses a pen! Personally I wanted Milner to take it but Carew has been on a hot streak so suppose he felt confident. Fair play to Pompey they didnt play too badly considering the amount of players they had out. Hoping my villa players perform slightly better against a battling Hull midweek!

Anonymous said...

I believe someone mentioned it earlier, but is anyone else having issues with Yahoo?

I've lost all the discounts I had on players. The Team Manager page looks like what you would see the first week of the season, like I just picked 11 new players from scratch.

My entire team for next week, and the rest of the season, is destroyed if this holds. I've lost about 30 points in discounts from my previous lineup and barndoor work - Bale, Arteta, Malouda, M. Taylor, Bullard and Dawson.

Anyone else having this type of trouble or am I just screwed?

Cech's Mates

Anonymous said...

Yeah I had those issues...shouldn't affect your discount after Yahoo! fixes problem.


Anonymous said...

just heard torres officially ruled out for season.


greginho said...

doing ok, with 87 points with just dunne, young, milner and carew to go. i am very happy with the performances of carew, milner and bale. the only other player getting more than his cost, was bendtner. i seem to have picked the lowest scoring defender for villa, the highest scoring mid and forward, as well, out of my four players. very glad i didn't up the funds for gabby, though. hoping for 120 points. dunne needs to step it up and get a MWG.

Anonymous said...

im sitting on 110 points, with milner, carew, young, downing, bullard to go.
i really hope to get top100, that would be great.
i also have to praise AM for the blog, what brilliant job have you done, also congratulations spurs are doing great, totally overplayed us in every area, we were so lucky to not get beat like 6-1 or so, cech was the man and im a chelsea fan.
i would love it if spurs can show this kind of play against manu, they certainly have the quality all over the pitch.
barndoor - i had howard and sticking with him, also bullard, i guess, picked up m taylor, seems like he's back like his old days :)
what to you guys think about strikers next weekend? besides drog, doesn't look a lot of good picks.


Cescy said...

@ Cech's was me who wrote about yahoo thing messing up before...mine is still messed up-are ther many others experiencing this? ...i see Saul mentioned yahoo will just sort it as and when, so guess its just a matter of playing the old waiting game and im sure it has happened to loadsa people!! so frustrating though cos i haven't been able to do any bd'ing!!

cheers, Cescy.

greginho said...

carew, frazier campbell, carlton cole and klasnic are good middle range forwards

greginho said...

i meant kevin davies not klasnic

Kellz said...

91pts with Bullard, Dawson, Dunne, Milner, Ashley Young, Gabby, and Carew to play. Not bad at all, but still about 10-20 points behind those who chose Warnock/Friedel.

I was correct in thinking Villa would give away a silly goal, however what I failed to count on was the amount of saves by BBBF which put him to a decent point haul with no CS, unlike Gordon who could only manager 1 save and yet Burnley (like always) got their consolation goal.

BD Team:

Bale, Jags, Hutton
Malouda, AJ, Arteta, Bullard, MTAY
Gabby, Bendtner

Hoping Diamanti's price can fall as I am about .5 short of a straight swap for Gabby. A bit nervous on AJ as his YC and negative points threw me off a bit, however Arsenal seem out of sorts and I am sure Citeh will take the advantage given to them.

As a very disappointed Liverpool fan, Torres is out for the rest of the season, and so is 4th place. Spurs have shown they deserve it more with crucial and fantastic wins over Chelsea and Arsenal. Villa has the outside chance, but I am dreading seeing Liverpool finish anywhere from 5th to 7th. Gimme the Europa Cup to take some sting off the season!

Anonymous said...

@Kellz - My sympathies on Liverpool, don't know what changed from last season but they never looked like the competitive team they were then. Wish you better luck for next season, would love to hear opinions from you and diehard Liverpool fans regarding their situation, i.e. new ownership and how that could affect/change the team.

Well from watching Tottenham and Manchester City this season, I'd say they both deserve it just as'll come down to that last game of the season, Tottenham v. City...oh and what a game that will be!!! My preference is Tottenham because of my boy Wilson Palacios, even though I'm a Manchester United fan. AM, joshtottenham and all of you devoted Tottenham fans good luck! Unfortunaly I can't cheer for your team next week but will cheer for Arsenal so that Man City stay where they're at.

'Nuff rambling, on to fantasy footie matters. My gamble on Villa players is going well so far, got 114.5 with Collins/Bullard/Milner/Downing/Young/Carew/Altidore to go. Pretty happy with that and will take 150.00 for the week but feel confident that I can surpass that amount.

My team so far but far from done is...

James(Don't know)

Most likely will fit in Diamanti as well Kellz, and changes are unavoidable...just wanted to show you guys what I'm working with.


DeviLxDeviL said...

104.50 points so far, quite busy this week and missed out pre updates. Damn Arteta jumped to 19++

Anyway as suggested by Hans and Tekno, you can show your support to this lovely blog by putting [AM.Blog] at your team name.

Devil's Kicker [AM.Blog]

Go AM !

Anonymous said...

110pts points so far, 6 DG's to go again :). Nzogbia looks a good pick for next week, might consider him,already bd nzogbia and mtay.

So guys it's confirmed torres is out for 6 weeks! So guess that solve the issue to pick or not to pick him.


Anonymous said...

Debut Comment Here.....

**Firstly - Full appreciation to 'AM' & a generally superb blog.
Only stumbled upon (via Jeremy & Neal blog) around Xmas time & been an avid reader since.
Great Advice / Great Work / Great Blog!...& now find myself just outside the Top-100 & romping my Private League.

However - I too, have hit problems with my team. After doing a bit of barn-door work after the Saturday matches & saving changes etc.
Upon next viewing (as seemingly happened with others) - all my 'buying at' prices have disappeared & seemingly all my player discounts gone (Bale, Bendter n all)...**DISASTER!.

Have sent an e-mail to Yahoo help-desk,...but so far - NO reply.

Any Advise??...Help!!.

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