Wednesday, 28 April 2010

City Given Permission To Sign Fulop

Man City sign Sunderland keeper Marton Fulop on loan

Manchester City have recruited Sunderland keeper Marton Fulop on an emergency loan deal for the remaining three games of the season.

City had hoped to recall their on-loan keeper Joe Hart from Birmingham to cover for the injured Shay Given, but were blocked and turned to Fulop, 26.

Fulop, Sunderland's third choice, is set to train with City on Wednesday.

With Given's regular back-up Stuart Taylor also injured, City were left with the Faroe Islands' Gunnar Nielsen.

"The club, with the backing of the Premier League, have been in contact throughout the day with both Birmingham City and Sunderland with regards to bringing either Joe Hart or Marton Fulop to the team on an emergency basis," read a Man City statement on their website.

"Agreement has not been reached with Birmingham, but we anticipate that Marton Fulop will join us in training (on Wednesday) and we sincerely thank him and Sunderland AFC for their help in this situation."
So if you're looking for a cheap double keeper there is an alternative to Begovic at 1.00, with Fulop only slightly more expensive at 1.60.

I'd expect the loanee from Sunderland to start both of City's games in the double week - he has the Premiership experience that Nielsen is lacking & was a regular in the Black Cats XI during Craig Gordon's absence earlier in the season.

It's unlikely Yahoo will update Fulop's club on the game, but he will still be credited with any points he picks up for City. I can't decide whether I prefer City's or Stoke's fixtures, but I'll have a think overnight & give my opinions in tomorrow's player picks post.

Who are you going for - Begovic? Fulop? Splashing the cash on Schwarzer? Or going with a single gamer?



Afif said...

ATM..its Kirkland for me

Birty said...

I wouldn't pick a Citeh goalie if they were playing Villa and I wouldn't pick one if they were playing Spurs - and I certainly won't be picking one when they play BOTH in a week, even if he's 1.whatever!

Not sure if it'll be Begovic or Simonsen for Stoke, outside change Schwarzer could possibly get a rest if Fulham win on Thursday and the only thing I trust citeh to do is to get beat twice.

Gomes it is then. But like Afif, I'm tempted with a single weeker.

Jon said...

Not sure City will lose both - they have only lost at home in the league twice all season.

The thing about Fulop is that in playing two good sides obviously there is the risk of concdeing, but there is also the chance of a high amount of phantom points through making saves.

For me, the key question is will Pulis pick Begovic over Simondson. An interesting article over on J& M's blog seems to indicate that he will, which - for my money - makes Beg a slighty better pick becos there is more chance of CS points.

Anonymous said...

I think Tottenham should protest this, they had a better chance to score against Gunnar.

A law suit might help them.

Ah, well, for the Double Game, it is Fulop.


SLASH said...

I really would like Fulop cause he's cheap and a DG, but I find it hard to bring him in, cause both Spurs and Villa will be fighting for and if not Villa, Spurs are sure to score in my opinion. So, I will stay with the keeper I picked as soon as the deadline passed - Schwarzer. He's a safe pick for me, 2 home games against teams, safe for the next season, he does well at double weeks, and I decided that this week, I'm gonna spend for a keeper. As I mentioned at the chatroom, I'm not changing him, whatever. I like my team even knowing that I could free up 10 mil. by switching him.

Smalling Roger Bassong
Modric Duff AdamJ Bowyer Utaka
Pavlyuchenko Adebayor/Bellamy

I will think about the two strikers from City and choose one of them with the Saturday morning instinct :)

Let's hope for a fantastic football weekend, in which I'll be shouting for Liverpool . . .

Good luck, everyone!

SLASH said...

. . . cause both Spurs and Villa will be fighting for The Fourth Place and if not Villa, Spurs are . . .

Bojan said...

i am going with begovic...

Anonymous said...

just copied my comments from the previous thread .fulop is a real dodgepot keeper & even at 1.60 is a serious risk .

he's got a goals/saves ratio of 24/31 =0.77 . worst ratio in the lge basIcally. compare to c gordon 29/83 = 0.35. no wonder sunderland went on a bad run when he played his 13 games. lose ratio for c.g = 8/24=0.33 ; lose ratio for fulop = 7/13 = 0.54.


Shay Fulop said...

Begovic got -13 last week and has had -10 and -12 before, has played 10games and let in 19 goals. With two games could be a worrying risk of another big negative.


Begovic & Defoe/Pav
Gomes & Kalou(BD)


Jon said...

@ Shay

Begovic joined Stoke in Jan, so - apart from last week - those big negatives would have come playing for Portsmouth, who are a LOT worse than Stoke.

And last week Stoke were hammered, but they should not get ripped apart like that by Eve at home and Fulham away.

So, for me, your choice is a no-brainer. Certainly pick Defoe over Pav and (single-game) Kalou who plays at Anfield, and choose Begovic over Gomes.

Anonymous said...

I've decided to take a risk on Tottenham for the double week!

Though I'm no Tottenham fan, I'm hoping they will win the fourth place as they deserve it!

Gomes is my pick for keeper.

Anonymous said...

Up front I have Tevez/Bellamy/Fuller

Dump Tevez for Defoe + extra cash?
Fuller a good filler?

bean said...

i find a keeper playing two matches for a buck is too hard to resist..

Bale Baird Foley
Duff Ether Modric AdamJ Watson
Defoe Fuller

that would be dropping Tevez, Arteta, & Malouda, so I'll most likely be re-shuffling..

Anonymous said...

it's so tempting to bring in a goalie at a buck or two, even more tempting as they are DGer, but either Fulop or Begovic gives me enough confidence to pick them... plus, Fulop playing against Villa and Spurs... Im sure there will be lots of goals
I m going with Kirk since Hull is very unlikely to score (in my opinion)

Anonymous(Temp. Liverpool fan for this week)

Anonymous said...

It's Begovic for me, trully cheap filler and possible clean sheet points.


I'm doubful about Smalling because he doesn't produce many points but he's a good filler I guess. Happy with the rest of the team except Modric, he doesn't seem to produce enough points too often but hoping this is his week. Jerome is too juicy to ignore vs. Burnley who are already relegated and fighting for nothing.


Anonymous said...

The low GK prices are so tempting but Schwartzer hasn't disappointed me in a double-game week. Still, in order to get more firepower up front I'll probably go with Fulop.

Know what I like best about this blog? No bigoted women.

L'Orange Noir said...

Am I the only one considering Hart?

Slightly cheaper than Schwarzer, Brum strong at home and playing against Burnley who are awful away; actually they are just awful. Really good chance of a clean sheet.

Fulham are at home but West ham and Stoke could conceivably score goals and/or get a sneaky draw especially against a possibly weakened or tired Fulham side.

As for Fulop and Begovic I can see why you'd go for them if you really thought you could improve your team with the spare cash but both are poor keepers and the fixtures are not favourable.
Everton are in good form and I fancy them to beat Stoke, who remember have nothing to play for.
Man City play Spurs and Villa, both in great form and capable of scoring goals and beating City. If it was a single week, City's fixtures are ones you'd stay away from so I agree with Birty above, Fulop is a real risk.

KPM/MPFC said...

What does everyone think about swapping Bent (and my discount) for one of the double gamers? Sunderland is facing Man U at home and Man U will definitely have something to play for...

L'Orange Noir said...

@Slash & Saul; I wouldn't take Smalling, even as filler.
In his 10 games this season he has scored 2 own goals and given away a penalty, ending in negative score on 4 occasions. I would say the chances of him getting negative score across 2 games are quite high.
For a little extra I would take Rocha; his average points is higher and Wolves don't tend to score many away from home.

L'Orange Noir said...

I already ditched Bent (with a discount) for this week. I think he might score against United but there are better bets this week playing twice.

FLScott said...

After much deliberation I'm going with captain Kirk in goal - none of these DG'rs in goal - not a one looks good to me. Kirk's been good to me in the past too, so we'll see.

Basically though, I'd rather spend 3 on Kirkland, and maybe make 6 than spend 1 and maybe make -20. Good luck everyone.

bean said...

i've mentioned him the past few weeks, but i'm toying with the idea of possibly maybe considering David James in my GK spot. Portsmouth have nothing to play for, but James still thinks he can play for England. 7 saves against Bolton, 7 saves against Villa, and 12 saves against Spurs in the FA Cup match. One thing for sure, he'll have a lot of chances to make some saves...

Just some food for thought, i doubt i'll have the balls to put him in my squad...

Anonymous said...

Begovic on goal for me and liking my team.


I'm just toying with the Ireland idea, maybe he'll see some playing time but maybe he wont. He's leaving though I just haven't found someone I like for 7.17. I'll be more than happy to take recommendations. Thanks all...


bean said...

@Saul - how about Kompany or Viera instead of Ireland? Kompany doesn't get the clean sheet for his defensive work, but has been putting up his value.. I also like Watson for Wigan home to Hull, but he's 7.67. I had Baird in for a while too, but doesn't seem like he's putting up numbers since he's not playing in midfield anymore, as far as I know.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts on my team? need a big week to catch up in my league and hoping this is the team to do it.


Not sure about the Lennon/Bentley combo but I don't like the Man City MF options, and Dempsey I am unsure if he will play.

Anonymous said...

@Bean - Thanks I think I'll consider those options. Any single game midfield that pop out for 7.17 aside from Watson?

@ANon 2:58 - Why Bentley and Lennon combo? It's either one or the other that will play and not both. Question is who will start both matches and how many manutes with Lennon back from injury. Anyways I'd recommend Dempsey, he should play both and has easier match-ups.


Anonymous said...

Had Jamo@1 in my team for 2 weeks now, first week 13pts ish, second week 7ish. Hes playing for an England spot and I'd expect a CS at home to wolves. Pretty sure he'll out score any of the DG GK's.
I can see a few of the England boys still in with an outside chance of making the WC squad to run there socks off over the last games.

Anonymous said...

Hello people!
I can see a lot of discussions about keeper for this week, my opinion get the keeper that makes you feel comfortable, so there won't be any "see-I-told-you-so" kind of situation. Begovic @ 1 with easier match up is tempting, but again, its stoke. Fulop is lousy, and have a lousy match up, but for this week, i'm gambling for it, its ManCity anyway. =)

My team so far:


I am really, really not sure about my team, tempted to keep Nzog at disc, kick Maxi, and putting Crouch instead of Pav. not sure if Crouch starts, but Pav might be on the bench as his performance dropped for 2 weeks already.
2 more weeks folks, not allowed to go down, either up or be stable on your position

Any comments?


Lee B said...

Aarrhhh. I'm confused. After a reasonable but not mindblowing two weeks, I'm short one player and struggling to shuffle my pack. Anyone with any ideas???

Fulop 1.6
Jag 5.85, Bassong 6.63, Zab 8.29
Etherington 10.41, Dempsey 13, AJ 8.88
Tevez 19.66, Zamora 9.41, Defoe 14.46

I don't really want a cheapo filler, but could do with another DG'er

Lee B

Anonymous said...

@ saul & lee b

Check Dempsey's fitness - he's down as injured
What about Duff instead who's about the same price?


Kendo said...

I Paintsil not replacing Baird, I have had Baird at a discount and dropped him las t week now I'm not sure..

Is Gomez not a better Keeper option for the double???

init said...

hi folks
tough week this week, ManCity hard matchups and I don't think there is any way to predict Fulham team esp after a European game so I am steering clear of them...

I will take either Gomes/Fuller OR Begovic/Defoe. Not decided yet, keeper is a tricky one!!

Anyone know if Bridge is due to play? He was taken off with a dead leg but can't find out...
I will pick him at 7.84 if he is fit...

Kendo said...

Bale Konchesk Painst
Dempsey Viera A johnston Barry
Drogs Adeb Fuller

painst instead of Baird??

donut said...


Kendo I would steer clear of Fulham
init go for Gomes/Fuller
pauly again i wouldn't be sure of any fulham players playing twice except Schwartzer


Anonymous said...

taking kirk has one risk:-
hull players will be on audition for their final two matches, especially hunt, bullard, & geovanni


Anonymous said...

Well, I finally dropped my three biggest discounts - Jagielka (not good enough), Bendnter (not a sure starter) and Arteta (well, he's been fantastic, but a single-gamer, so he's a huge bet and costs almost 14mil). I'm left with Kirkland and 10 double gamers. I chose to avoid almost any Stoke or Fulham player as I don't believe they'll give a fight and they're likely to make rotations. Baird and Etherington are the only sure starters that are worth something from both teams, so I took them, but nothing more. I don't count on Fulham's tired attack, nor on Stoke's uninterested defence.
Spurs and Man City are the only interesting double-gamers, and I took 4 players from each. I don't want Fulop as I believe he will concede on both games, and got Zabaleta just for the insurance in case of a City CS. I don't like my team a lot, but I think it looks stable. I chose to avoid Tevez, Adebayor and Pavly as I can't see any of them scoring good points on their current form and match-ups. The only changes I'm considering now are dropping Barry for Modric (it's a big gamble, just a matter of hunch regarding who will score more - or who will score less), and swapping Bentley with Lennon.
I'm really not sure about the last one, so I would love some help - Lennon is a great player and I can see Harry playing him in both matches as they are very important to him, but Bentley is in a grat form. Could they both start, with Modric moving back to the middle? They might, but I can't tell. If anyone can, please tell ME.

Bale Baird Zabaleta
AJohnson Etherington Bentley Barry Huddlestone
Defoe Bellamy



Anonymous said...

My team.. comments pls

GBale, Smalling, Jagielka
Modric, S.WrightP, Arteta, F.Mal, AJ
Defoe, Bellamy


Anonymous said...

@SF...... Barry is a doubt for this wknd game.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've already replaced him with Modric. The problem is now with Bentley and Lennon...


Anonymous said...

my team:


thinking of these combination but can't decide.

1. smalling+dempsey+tuncay
2. zabaleta+modric+fuller

pls help me!!!!



AdmiraLord Nelson said...

AM you are a genius! That pun in the title of this post had me rolling when I first saw it.

City Given(!/)Permission to Sign Fulop(?)

good night gentlemen!

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

you should get a job with the times!

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