Monday, 26 April 2010

The Blog Cup - Semi Final Results & Week 32 Review

Before I talk about Week 32 in general, I'd like to start with The Blog Cup Semi Final Results, by revealing the 2 teams from the remaining 10 who will be contesting the final in Week 34...

Rank Team Total
1 FrenchCannons 147
2 Supermassive FC 126
3 F.C. NulNul 124
4 TuHaU FC - LaNd BeLoW tHe WiNd 117
5 Efthymios 108.5
6 Steve Bob FC 105.5
7 Electric Mayhem FC  90
8 Real16 71.5
9 MU4ever 69.5
10 Lions Gate 37.5

Huge congratulations to FrenchCannons and Supermassive FC, who remain in the race for the replica premiership shirt of their choice. I must admit I'm unfamiliar with the team names so I'm not sure if they're the teams of any blog regular - please let yourselves be known in the comments section below this post! To the other 8 teams, well done for getting so far...there's always next year...!

Now on to Week 32, which has been one of my poorest of the season. You may remember I wrote the following:-
Fraizer Campbell is real wildcard pick, but he's been playing well & faces his old club so will be keen to do well. To be honest I could've gone with Kevin Davies & left 1.47 in the bank, but I hate leaving cash left over.
That stupid decision (made 20 minutes before the deadline) to buy someone I didn't really want just because I didn't want to leave £1.5m in the bank produced a 19 point negative swing, leaving me exactly 19 short of the usually respectable 100 points. Thankfully Milner, Taylor, Bale & Malouda savaged some pride, but Campbell, Jussi, Carew & Cole were a waste of money. I ended the week on 81 points & fell over 50 places, outside the Top 300.

Now last week I was unable to access a computer to do any barndoor work, meaning I missed players like Arteta & paid full price for MTaylor. This weekend was the same story, as I had absolutely no chance to do any barndoor work, but not only did I fail to get to a computer all weekend, I also didn't get the chance to watch any football other than the Man Utd v Spurs game, which we lost 3-1.

I wasn't too annoyed - if someone had said Tottenham would take 6 points from 9 vs Arsenal, Chelsea & Man Utd I would've been delighted, but with City gaining a point & wins for Villa/Liverpool, I'm now really concerned about the race for 4th. It's exciting, but it's going to be so tight - imagine if 4 teams could still grab it come the last day of the nerve shredding would that be!?

Anyway, as that was the only game I saw I don't feel like I can really review the other games. I have 'Match of Day 2' & 'Goals on Sunday' recorded on my Sky box to watch tonight but it'll kinda be irrelevant to write a post about it all tomorrow. I'm therefore going turn my attention straight to Week 33...

Saturday, 1 May 2010
Birmingham v Burnley, 12:45
Man City v Aston Villa, 15:00
Portsmouth v Wolverhampton, 15:00
Stoke v Everton, 15:00
Tottenham v Bolton, 15:00

Sunday, 2 May 2010
Fulham v West Ham, 15:00
Liverpool v Chelsea, 13:30
Sunderland v Man Utd, 16:00

Monday, 3 May 2010
Blackburn v Arsenal, 17:00
Wigan v Hull, 13:30

Wednesday, 5 May 2010
Fulham v Stoke, 20:00
Man City v Tottenham, 20:00 

As you can see (and were probably all aware of anyway) Week 33 sees a double week for Man City, Tottenham, Fulham & Stoke. I'll be buying my players at full price so I'm already at a disadvantage, but my plan is to load up on 11 double gamers if I can as none of the single gamers appeal to me.

Unfortunately that's all I have time for - I'm aware my posts have not been as extensive over the past few weeks & I apologies for this. Work has really taken over so my lunch breaks are no longer available to me as "blog time". I also haven't been around on weekends & the next two Saturday's are my girlfriend's birthday followed by a wedding (not mine!), meaning potentially no more barndoor selfish - don't people know it's the end of the season!?

Anyway, please let me know how you got on this week. Any tips for Week 33?


p.s. Just remembered Week 33 is the FINAL of The AM Challenge. No prizes for that competition, but the pride that you defeated 599 other teams to capture cup glory!


Anonymous said...

Rodallega has burnt me twice... but he's been on scoring form, and he plays hull next week...


Anonymous said...

To get Bale at 16 or not to get Bale at 16. That is the question. Oh and hi wei sheng!

richy 'liverpool' said...

argg how can anelka have got so few points! anyway agree with the double gamers (duh) so here is my provisional team:

Bale, Collins, Ferreira (want to change)
Johnson, Gera, Modric, Etherington
Defoe, Bellamy, Zamora

best of luck everybody

thats pretty much full price (ex bale+ferreira), despite picking most of it saturday afternoon, they pretty much all went down in price!

Afif said...

I got 50 points! quite pleased considering I got -5 for my 3 forwards and 1 point for my GK.

Anonymous said...

To keep Bale at 2.65 or to give up the discount in a double week for Tottenham, that is what i have to think about!

Ha ha, just kidding


Alex said...

Morning A_M,

Don't worry too much about the lack of barndoor work, I know you load up on DG'ers and in the case of next weeks options just about all fell in price, with only slight increases in the Citeh defence.

Now, Supermassive FC (currently 80th overall), that's my Team, I also have Unintended XI (think they are in the final of the challenge) are my girlfriends Team which for the latter part of the season I have spent time completing as the novelty seemed to wear off, that Team is currently 30th overall, not been out of top 50 all season and top ten for a while, whereas Supermassive was around 3,000th at Christmas and has steadily moved up with a policy of staying away from the big names.

I was away from a PC from thursday night so was really pleased with 126, Bent, Davies, Arteta being the main players and Cole letting me down, I nearly doubled up with Klasnic so a bit gutted on that one.

Next week am on Begovic, Bale, Faye, Zabaletta, Lennon, Gera, Johnson, Etherington, Tevez, Defoe and Fuller. I can't see many changes from that at all, maybe just Zab to Bridge. The troublesome spot was keeper but Begovic allowed some space and a move from Kirkland and gives me 11 double gamers, though am sure not all will play. If someone can pick the Fulham players getting 180 minutes they will do well, a lot depends on Thursday but even if they lose Roy will rest players.

So anyway that's me, Alex (alexdarlo on the chatrole). Oh and I hear Fox will be lined up for one of the new boys in the premier next season so there's your season keeper A-M ;-)

Alex said...

Oh and almost forgot, I fell into the trap a few weeks back when I picked Pienaar over the then cheap Arteta as I dodn't want £3m left, and that was the week Arteta went big, it got to me and vowed not to do it again so this week left £2m and went with who I wanted after the previous lesson learned.

Ian Sanderson said...

145 points and heading back towards the top 2000.

Been holding Given for last few months with huge discount so gutted he's out of the DG week. Is the Stoke number 2 worth a punt?

Anonymous said...


I missed BD work too, but Im compiling the list of fillers for Wk 33 which will be DG only !
Thanks for your post

Birty said...

I'm on 10 of 11 on double weeks. I just can't bring myself to drop Arteta at 13 mil.

My barndooring was sent into disarray when Sorenson got injured. I now have to decide to either go cheap and pick City or Stoke's reserve or find a bit of extra money and get Gomes or Schwarzer

Begovic at 1 seems to be a good bet as I'd be able to upgrade some midfield but I dunno. Something I will ruminate on during the week.

Anonymous said...

back to bad this wk. i'm really up & down at the mo stumbling over the line with still a 150pt lead in my pvt lge. only just broke 50. van persie stunk the gaff out..paying 19 for just 1 pt !. the no-show KPB also let me down... a leftfield pick but seemed sensible after 4 sot's last wk. my other hunch pick of piquionne did great 11 for 5 paid -out. my decision to go green over jussi also worked, altohugh obv would have preferred only 1 conceded. bullard & carew also flopped.


L'Orange Noir said...

I've settled on the following, although it might change duing the week;
Bale, Rocha, Pantsil
Lennon, Modric, Etherington, Duff, Johnson
Defoe, Fuller
The only non-DG being Hart, who I think is a nailed on clean sheet, and Rocha who is filler but also against Wolves away so fingers crossed for a clean sheet there too.

Bradley said...

PL math:

Jussi + Hutton + Tevez + Carew + Campbell = -1.0

Sadly, I'd ignored the nagging feeling in my gut about my front line. After the Second City Derby I had 27.5 thanks to Bale and MTay. When Baines gave away Jagielka's CS, I was wondering whether I'd wind up with even fewer points than in the infamous snow week and staring into the abyss of a week without a goal. Then, something weird and wonderful happened: Arteta, Maxi, and Malouda each scored a late goal, and I somehow wound up with 90 points (although Malouda had botched 2 clear chances before that and really should've had 3 goals).

Be glad you missed the Arsenal-ManCity match. I want those 2 hours of my life back.

Given that Spurs, Fulham, and Stoke all lost and ManCity drew, the BD doesn't seem as crucial this week. Only 1 of the 5 players I picked up before the door closed has risen in price, and I'm not sure I'll even keep that one.

Rick said...


Great blog, I did not start following until Dec and I have been able to move from the 30,000 mark to around 2,500 mark. The "plan" is to try and break into the top 2k this season. Lol.

I am already looking forward to next year, as I will be on Chat and the blog from day 0ne. Oh I also was able to come from 300 behind the leader in my private group to put almost 700pts up on him the second half of the season. That was only because of your quality scouting!!!!.

For this week I have 10 of 11 DG's. I am constantly burned by keepers so I like them for 1 game and I am going for the CS.

Currently the line up is

bale, baird, zab
AJ, Modric, Ethe, Palacios
Tevez, Pav, Bellamy

Line up has possible changes but that is what I came out of the weekend with.

Again, thanks for the quality work from you and many of the regulars. Pauly has also been a lifesaver with the cheap picks. :))


Anonymous said...

Can't believe I lost by 2 points!! grr...
Maybe next time... :(
Thank you AM!!

- F.C. NulNul

Anonymous said...

Any word on Given's replacement. I believe Gunnar Nielsen is not even in the Yahoo system. I also see on soccernet Citeh are looking to sign an emergency keeper.

Also with Fulham focused on Europe what's the likelihood of Dikgacoi, Greening and Chuka getting run outs in both league games. They're good fillers if you're buying most of your other players at full price.


Bojan said...

100 points with rooney in team... 54th overall

Michael said...

Expect GBale to get double his value in this double week as the lowest hes got since getting a place in the first team is 7. This is including very few clean sheets as Spurs rarely do.

I have Gomes ready for this week and I waited for his price to drop. Ill expect at least a clean sheet and 2 saves against Bolton and a few saves from Man City giving me about 20-25 Points.

Difficult to pick anyone from Fulham as they are still in Uefa Cup and want to rest players but ive got Smalling and bd'd Gera and Dempsey with Dempsey looking likey to stay and Gera getting replaced by Etherington who very nearly always does well in double weeks.
Up fronr is tough as I want Tuncay but donbt know if he would get a full games worth out of two (why Pulis why?).

Defoe is a defo as I can see Crouchy getting a start again but dont want to risk it. Lennon was brought in as well as I believe he'll wreck Boltons nothing to play for defence.

As a Spurs fan I am extremeley reluctant to pick any Man City players and it has cost me loads over the past month or so. Even though it is a double game Im not changing my mind - idiot i know as I can see Adebayor doing is thing, although every Man City player (apart from the now injured Given) was terrible in our 3-0 victory earlier in the year.

Only 1 more week really to go after this so I dont know what im gonna do with myself over the summer. I'll feel like crap knowing that in August if I want Bale im going to be spending more that 16 for him but could be a season keeper but will only work out on points if he gets over 608 points.

As a side note to the above Bojan - Rooney will be out for the season, get rid :-D

Anonymous said...

This is Stephane of the FrenchCannons team. I am French and living in Atlanta, USA.

Man, I am so grateful for your blog. I read it religiously. The high-quality analyses and up-to-date news guide me on a weekly basis, along with Neal/Jeremy's blog. I also think that the comments from this blog's readers are quite pertinent.

The engine that keep me firing is my private league with 10 passionate participants whose sole goal in life in the past 5 years is to finish in front of me. Hasn't happened yet, which entitles me with a daily outflow of stream-of-consciousness bragging and goading...

I am now standing at 550. My claim to fame was last year reaching the 4th spot overall towards the end of the season (and the first place in the "Fans of Arsenal" group) before receding miserably outside the top 100...

Next week (but I always change on Thursday/Friday, always regret it but simply can't help it):

Bale - Zaba - Pantsil
AJ - Gera - Dempsey - Delap
Tevez - Pav - Zamora

Looking forward to the final against Alex of SuperMassive FC...

- Stephane

Efthymios said...

108.5 points for me and 5th place so i'am out from the final of the Blog Cup.Congratulations to FrenchCanons and Supermassive FC very good job! Thanks to Milner, Lampard and MTaylor. I am so disappointed with my forwards: Ilan + Carew + Altidore = 6.00 points. I lost Ferreira's CD for 3 minutes. But i am happy for leading my private group. My team until now: Fulop, Bale, Bridge, Faye, Lennon, Etherington, A.Johnson, Gera, Tevez, Pavl, Zamora

Yankee said...

Man City request to sign Fulop on emergency loan until end of season.

Alex said...

All the best in the final Stephane, still can't believe I have got there and don't know how as everytime I read the blog we all seem to have very similar Teams.

I guess in reality a vast majority on here only have two or three different players each week which is what decides who does well or not, it even seems to come down to which player you pick from a Team, Tevez or K2, Saha or Yakubu, Agbong or Carew etc.

I guess what I am saying is it's a very fine line and what I have noticed is at the begining of the blog we all had very very different teams, but as the season goes on as we share ideas and also the risk element goes (bottle!) as we always want to win it's so close, and its those risks that mean success or failure.

Anyway hope that kind of makes sense, all the best everyone as the season comes to a close, and at least we have the World Cup to pass the YFF time!!

Ban said...

A poor week for me! Anyone same as me? I think so.

End up with just 84points! A poor week points for me!
Mikel Arteta, Malouda and Taylor save my week!
Thanks god!

Big down for my forward!
Carew 0 Tevez 1.5 Bendtner 5

For next week, my team going to:
Kirkland (1st time change my keeper from Myhill)
Bale Zabaleta Jagielka
Arteta AJ Modric Watson
Tevez Pavlyuchenko Bellamy

No barndoor any players this week, and may let Bellamy, Pavlyuchenko and Watson go to change another DG players! Any suggestion?

7 players of my team having double games, just hope can upgrading to 8 to 9 or full players to have it.

Anonymous said...

Shocking week with only around 50 points. My expensive forward line of RVP, Kuyt and Carew failed miserably. Considering getting rid of Bullard as hull have nothing left to play for and by all accounts Jimmy hasnt been his usual self! However still thinking about keeping RVP even though he is only a single gamer and away at Blackburn, just have a feeling he might get a double!?

bean said...

@Michael - SAF is playing mind games, don't think Rooney is for sure out for the season

Anonymous said...

First of, does anyone know in this double week if someone is at risk of missing the second game due to yellow card accumulations? Thanks for the info.

Now on to the worst week I've ever had as my gambles didn't pay off. Rooney, considered by Fergusson as fit, did not show up. The City v. Arsenal game was a bore, giving just a few chances on target, if any! Tevez and Johnson returned 5.5 pts. Bullard, Altidore and Mancienne a -7.

So here you have it...6 players with -1.5 and the worst week in my Fantasy footie life. That considered, I'm loading up on Double gamers all the way. Going for catching up, it's the only option I have.

@Alex - Congrats!!! Great job on advancing. I know exactly what you mean when you say taking risks is benefitting and can decide the top team here, as long as there's a limit of risk. I realized the reason why this blog has been such a tremendous success is because people here know what they're talking about. I was not thinking that way last week and therefore ended up with 37.5 points, leaving me completely out of the blog cup final. I'm not upset at all because it was my decision and one I will not be making team was completely off the radar, trying something different didn't work. Anyways I'm hoping to finish strong in the next couple of weeks and hoping Liverpool take Chelsea down so that Manchester United can win the title once again. That's all, later guys.


Kellz said...

QUestion: How sure is anyone that its Belgovic and not Simonsen that will play for Stoke? Maybe Pulis will make whole sale changes after he dubbed "6 players did not perform". Just a worry. But over all, if he starts hopefully we can see a return of atleast 3pts over 2 games :D

bean said...

@Kellz - i think Simonsen was on loan to Sheffield for a month, not sure if that's finished or not though. Kind of worried about Stoke having nothing to play for.. Fulop could be an interesting option if Citeh pick him up...

Fidan said...

Folks, I know it is (another) double-week and we should all pick (possibly) eleven players from those teams playing twice. 2 games = double chance of scoring pts, "rocket science"...!!! For me, it means dropping every SG on dc (Arteta,Jags,Malouda,MTay...excluding Tevez:P), no matter how HUGE those dc(s) are. we can all see by the look at the fixtures, they ARE tricky, esp when it comes to picking players who are sure to start both matches.

GK - Given out-Fulop in???; Sorensen out-Begovic in??? Schwarz a sure starter - Fulham (very) distracted by EL??? Gomes great - away @City, hmmm???

DF - I think this part of the roster is the EASIEST one: Bale, Zab, Baird, Huth, MDawson, Pants, etc...NICE

MF: more certain picks but very tricky: AdJo and Ether are must but: Spurs MF is either starting-doubtful (e.g. Lennon-Bentley) or they don't score much fantasy points (Modric,Palacios,THudd???); City's MF too (Barry,deJong,Vieira,SWP???); and Fulham - too much of a gamble with their pending EL semi-final...!!!

FW: Tevez is a must, but then: Ade means doubling up on City - not good. Defoe can be crocked, again. Pav has turned siberian-COLD, Crouch far from a sure starter as are ALL Stoke FWs too (Fuller, Tuncay, Kitson, Sidibe...grrrr) not that I like any of 'em (ok, maybe Fuller, a bit). Then you get very doubtful Zamora and outside chance of playing for Nevland and Okaka. Tough, very tough...!!!

With that said, all this craziness in picking esp. FWs, I think I'll try something (one player) different this week. Step up, Cameron Jerome...!!! He has ALL the potential to hit 3 past (dead and buried) Burnley...!!! I think he is exactly the kind of a differential I need to get in that Top 50 (58 currently, 8.5 pts short)...!!!

Here is what I'm looking at, right now:


I know, I know...thin on Fulham attacking players, but I'll wait for their line-up on Thursday...!!!

What do you think??? Any suggestion/comment/opinion???


Sorry for the long post...!!!

Kellz said...

@Fidan: Bale covers your CS and is as good as any midfield pick, therefore Dawson should be dropped for another middie, maybe Gera? maybe Modric? I just feel Modric is due to pop up with something. Otherwise nice looking team build.

bean said...

@Kellz - was thinking the same thing about Modric... seems the most likely to play both matches, and seems "due" I would like to pick up Lennon at that good price, but really doubt he'll play both matches, maybe not even start both? or Harry will just save him for the City match?

Kellz said...

@Bean: REally tough one, but if Lennon is back 'Arry will surely play him with his quick feet and good crosses to open up Citeh's backline. No need to rest him when the fight for 4th place is still well on.

My team:

Bale, Richards, Rocha
Lennon, Ethrignton, Dempsey, AJ
Tevez, Defoe, Fuller

Thinking Modric for Lennon and upping Rocha and Fuller but nobody really catches my eye.


Kellz said...

BTW I can add in Smalling for Rocha but I am not convinced he will play both matches, I guess we will have to see how the Europa League goes.

Anonymous said...

Modric had been terrible in terms of fantasy, as much as he is cheap, he is not likely to produce a lot of points. I think Lennon will play a key role in the last 2 games for the 4th spot race!

What does everyone think about Bassong? Double-gamer means he should probably get some play time? I know King is back, but still, any thoughts?

Dave said...

I feel that both Lennon and King will both only get one start in the double week. Harry said he won't rush Lennon back, and we all know King can't manage 2 games in 4 days. Be wary...

FLScott said...

I second that Dave - I'm running Modric, Palacios, and Delap (he's filler but I think he will prove a good choice) for the DG'rs this go around. I had the same feeling about Kilbane two weeks ago, and he pulled in over 14pts, at a cost of under 5.

bean said...

think i'll be goin' with modric as well.. and definitely defoe. was even thinking gudjohnsen as a cheap wildcard, maybe come on a sub in both matches, couple of shots, maybe a goal.

i was looking back at previous matches for fulham, and it looks like smalling rarely starts europa matches. maybe makes hime more likely starter for league.. would really like some fulham players, but seems like a minefield. i like duff, baird, and maybe nevland if zamora stays out.

i kind of like Whelan for the cheap doubler.

@kellz - rocha? i guess he is best average in the sub4 pricerange

Anonymous said...

Hey AM!!

No crying into your beer just because your barn door advantage is taken away. Those of us down here in Australia have to play without the barn door for the whole season (apart from the odd occassion when points are slow to be updated or if I happen to be up at 3/4/5am on a Sun morning).

I've lost track of the number of times that obvious barn door picks have been out of my reach at full price and I have to make other plays (some work some dont). And thats ignoring the ability for last minute injury changes. Despite no barn door work happy to be up around the 5000 mark.

But hey, my choice to have moved down here, so I'll suck it up in the sunshine on the beach.

Good luck to the finalists and to all for the last couple of games... come on the Spurs my start of the season $50 bet on them finishing fourth is getting closer...(thank god my Burnley are now down otherwise that last game I wouldnt have known what to cheer for..)


Anonymous said...

AM and guys..

i know all of u quite bz even at the end of the season...but i have a suggestion...

introduce just a page for all of us to imagine the details league position for top 6 including goals,different, points....

the idea is crazy n not relevant but it is just a suggestion...

x take so much for not able to do the BD...
i didn't have the opportunity to have a single BD throught out the season...for my expectation it is a great improvement@achievement for me compared to previous season...why? just coz i found this blog...thanks AM and all of u...

look like i'll be the champ in my private league...

sorry for long comment here...

tokey borong...Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Citeh contacting sunderland for Fulop. blimey, with a goals/saves ratio of 24/31 =0.77 why bother. worst ratio in the lge basIcally. compare to c gordon 29/83 = 0.35. no wonder sunderland went on a bad run when he played his 13 games. lose ratio for c.g = 8/24=0.33 ; lose ratio for fulop = 7/13 = 0.54.

big implications for how many spurs DG's to pick.


Anonymous said...

tokey borong....Malaysia

may i know your group id and password?i'm now at 198th overall position with 3769 pts....with 3 games to go maybe i can overtake you in your private group :P

tokey runcit....Malaysia

Kellz said...

Really keeping an eye out here for Spurs team news. I have been reading some bits and pieces here and there and coming to the conclusion that Lennon might not be the best choice right now. FantasyFootballScout suggests 'Arry might be inclined to rest Lennon for the Bolton game and save him for the midweek clash at Citeh, which makes perfect sense since he just returned from injury and would not be able to complete 180min in games at the weekend and midweek.

@Bean: Good news is Pulis has backed Begovic to finish out the season with Simonsen returning to the bench after 4 months on loan. Guess that answers my fears over his starting status.

I have thus transformed my lineup yet again:

Bale, Zabs, Pantsil
Modric, Ethrington, Dempsey, AJ
Tevez, Defoe, Fuller

SWP at ~8mil is really tempting due to price but its doubtful he can dislodge Bellamy for two games, Modric is going to play twice but may not be the big scorer, however I'll keep an eye out for team news, SWP scores high points when he does get the ball in the back of the net in 90min, could be worth it even for 1 game.

Dempsey could possibly lead the line again against West Ham, I have no doubt he will start both matches.

Anonymous said...

Think i'm going to stick with begovic even if city do manage to grab Fulop. Their two games are hard to call! Not sure about going all in with the double gamers maybe 7/8 with the rest top single game options. The only reason I might do this is just in case city and tottenham cancel each other out in their game, plus everyone seems to be loading up on the DG's so to be different and MAYBE climb the table a few single game players might be the right way to go?!?!

Bradley said...

@Saul: The amnesty for 10 yellow cards was the 2nd Sunday in April. Now the only remaining threshold is 15 YCs before the end of the season, which results in a 3-match suspension.

The Fantasy Football Scout used to provide a list of the current top cards counts (combining PL, FA Cup, and League Cup cautions), but I can't find it there now. Sadly, the list at the PL site doesn't include the domestic cup competitions.

Kellz said...

@Anonymous: Not many top single game options, this late in the season your looking to grab as many points as possible. There are many great picks for double gamers that will net you more points, its time to drop discounts and go all out.

Anonymous said...

Hello guys-

I said yesterday that I was gonna go all in on DG's but that's about to change right now. I've chosen 3 single gamers that are vs. the worst travelling team in the league, .


Tevez leads my forward line and Jerome/Mcfadden combo cannot disappoint vs. Burnley but as the days go I can't seem to leave it alone and lately it's been my downfall after doing so great for a long time. Later guys..


bean said...

looks like there's still a chance City will get Hart back from his loan, since it seems Birmingham might want to cooperate to try to sign him for next season... (via FFScout)

Anonymous said...

Someone asked about YC double gamers; From official epl site: 2 guys with 9 YC, pick at your own risk:
Whelan - STO, MF
Zabaleta - MCY, DF

Other thoughts:

Hart - BIR, GK; Will stay put is the latest I read on espn. Not a good deal for 11. You are better off picking Gomes (vs bolton, @MCY)

Fulop - GK; Even if he does end up at MCY, will he even start both matches? Too risky. At similar price but less risk stick with Begovic.


Ian Sanderson said...

I'm fairly happy with team but have 7.1 left - any suggestions...

A. Begovic @ 1.00
Bale @ 2.84 Baird @ 6.37 Jagielka @ 5.85
Arteta @ 13.93 Palacios @ 5.12 Dempsey @ 12.26 Etherington @ 10.41
Tuncay @ 1.00 Tévez @ 19.66 Defoe @ 14.46

Man City have signed Fulop so there's a dilemma..

billthegrunt said...

City signs Fulop

bean said...

@Ian - how do you have 7.1 left ?! i would upgrade begovic, palacios, or tuncay. modric/huddlestone/crouch instead of palacios? if you have that much cash left you don't need three fillers in my opinion..

Anonymous said...

this is how my current team looks like, 11 DGs all buy at full price!...

hangeland, baird, zabaleta, bridge
demsey, a.johnson, ethrington
defoe, fuller, bellamy

still having malouda @ 10.90 in ethrington's slot
and undecided between bridge/paintsil as both are just back from injuries and their chances of starting both games. choose bridge over paintsil to avoid too many eggs in one basket, also pending on news/comments.

comments are very welcome

good luck to all managers

The Kop

Anonymous said...

I suppose a lot will depend on Fulhams result against Hamburg on Thursday regarding choosing their players. If they get to the final they may rest a few to keep them fresh. Is it me or does anyone else think that Roy Hodgson looks like the owner of that massive toy shop in the second Home Alone film in New York?? Anyway enough of that good luck picking for this week

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