Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A Double No More

Fulham v Stoke re-arranged:

Fulham would like to announce a change in date to the Fulham V Stoke City fixture scheduled for 14 April.

The Club made an application to the Premier League Board and to Stoke City, to enable the Club to spread its fixture commitments, which was kindly agreed to.

The re-scheduled date will be either Wednesday 5th or Thursday 6th May and will be confirmed shortly.

That makes Week 30 a single week for all teams, which actually makes me very happy as I didn't want to pick up any players from either side. I just hope others didn't sacrifice good discounts for double gamers.

Week 30 Fixtures
Saturday, 10 April 2010
Hull v Burnley, 15:00
West Ham v Sunderland, 15:00

Sunday, 11 April 2010
Blackburn v Man Utd, 13:30
Liverpool v Fulham, 15:00
Man City v Birmingham, 16:00
Wolverhampton v Stoke, 12:00

Tuesday, 13 April 2010
Chelsea v Bolton, 20:00

Wednesday, 14 April 2010
Aston Villa v Everton, 19:45
Tottenham v Arsenal, 20:00
Wigan v Portsmouth, 19:45

My Week 29 Review: http://yahoofantasyfootballuk.blogspot.com/2010/04/week-29-saturday-sunday.html 

My new team now looks like this...


Ferreira  Carragher  Bale

Malouda  Bullard  N'Zogbia  A.Johnson

Tevez  Bendtner  Torres

...and I'm pretty happy with it!



Anonymous said...

yahoo!no selection headache!

Doctor Teeth said...

Drat! Although, not really since I was far from enthused over the DG and feared that it would have forced myself to field a player or two that I don't really fancy at the end of the day.

I have rejiggered my line-up as well...very similar to AM's. Still holding Arteta in lieu of AJ in the hope that he is cleared to play and Hutton in lieu of Carragher...I could swap Torres for Stevie G in which case I could upgrade Hutton to Agger. Also considering flipping N'Zog for Carlton Cole. Although I'm shocked as my fingers are typing this, I actually like West Ham and Hull players this weekend...both with decent match-ups, playing at home for their teams' Premier League lives.

82.5 points last weekend which strikes me as mediocre although my overall position barely shifted so I presume it was par for the course for most managers.

Great week of footie ahead...CL matches mid-week and el classico and North London Derby this weekend. Very psyched!

Anonymous said...

Well, that enforced me to make some changes:

Bale Ferreira Toure
Malouda Gerrard N'Zogbia SParker
Bendtner Tevez CCole

Well, don't think that I like it. Not a bit. Parker and Toure are stuck in the middle, and I'm still not sure about Cole. If Man City concede then Toure is useless - he never gets points without CS, so it's a big gamble (Brum don't score a lot, but they're not any Wigan or Hull that we can underestimate...). Parker is very stable, but also above 10mil and almost never score big. Jarvis is also an option at this price range, though I can't see Wolves score too many goals against the Stoke defence.
I don't want to get Alex instead of Toure as it will be a double-gamble on the Chelsea defence, while Cole is always a risk, because if he doesn't score a goal... headache!!!



Anonymous said...

SF: According to the ever-helpful fantasy football scout, Parker is suspended for the next 2 games.


greginho said...

much happier without the double games, but i am, frustratingly, .01 short of bullard. i am hoping for some updating by yahoo!

Anonymous said...

@doctor teeth .... isn't hutton on loan to Sunderland from Spurs?


Anonymous said...

Irritating. I got rid of Bendtner to fit in Duff without losing discounts on Bullard and AJ. Have to re-shuffle the pack now.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great news AM; I can now happily drop 3 stoke players.

My potential team for next week looks very similar to yours:

Vermaelen Bale Ferreira
Arteta Malouda Bullard N'Zogbia
Drogs Bendtner Torres

I feel I need to keep Arteta as he is always a threat at home or in away games, especially when playing against an under-performing, end of season, Villa. I'm not too reluctant on Torres; however, he IS playing at home to side that has its mind set on the EL. I'm actually happy with the current team, pending any training or CL/EL injuries.

Thanks for all your help!


Anonymous said...

anyone considerring sylvinho for this week? He's damn cheap and is probably up for good points!!

and a lot of thanks to AM!!!..your blog is fantastic!!!


Anonymous said...

Well unfortunately I got rid of Bendtner before his goal Saturday. I don't wanna buy him back at 10 now either, though I could, I am not fancying his matchup against Spurs (probably because I am a Spurs fan and don't wanna root for him)

Verm, Bale, Bramble
Malouda, Bullard, N'Zogbia, Maxi
Tevez, Torres, Altidore

Was considering Jozy anyway and really is my only option with the other players I have.

Doctor Teeth said...

Afrikan - yes re: Hutton...but Spurs played Sunderland last weekend (how could I forget with that bad taste still in my mouth). Sunderland play at West Ham this weekend so he will be available again.

Bojan said...

nice news... dropping all stoke and fulham players... eth,hangeland and huth

Bojan said...

my new team:



malouda,adam johnson,bullard,n'zogbia

tevez,torres,bender or moreno

it was much easier to choose now...

i will wait for europa news but i think i am close too my final team... i hate ferriera but he had very nice game @OT... i was really suprised...

Cescy said...

hey guys, so glad its not a double week anymore (thanks for the update AM) got rid of sum players and my team is now:

New team:

faye verm sylvinho
adamj etherington park nzog
tevez bendtner torres

haven't pressed save yet, changes were as follows: myhill for sorensen, sylvinho for elokobi, park for rosicky, nzog for duff and torres for fuller.

not sure about sylvinho (very cheap but he might not play!) i think verm might score vs tottenham-just got a feeling, faye and etherington should do ok at wolves, park should do alright aswell-and has a tendency to score goals every so often! i think the rest of the team speaks for itself...will wait to save after CL and EL etc news, plus injuries etc...

please comment/suggest!

cheers everyone, Cescy.

Anonymous said...

What about Rodallega against Portsmouth at home? I've got 13.16 to spend, and he has more points than anyone in that price range. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Good news, i'll sell etherington, i wouldn't recommend stoke players now actually, rodallega is very solid pick, i think you should, pompey got nothing to play for and wigan is home, also wigan defense and kirk seems to be good picks.
i need some good suggestions for midfield, all others are staying for me. anybody have some great ideas, don't have so much money also to go with gerrard, malouda, etc..

Anonymous said...

this my team for the coming week.


am done with that team unless any injury come up.what do u all think about my team?

wishin all the managers the best.


Jeremy Spitzberg said...

My take:

Fulham Stoke Rearranged

Liking FloMa a lot, but not sure I'm ready to gut THo for him. Myhill is cheap, but how often do Burnley come up with a meaningless consolation goal? Fletcher and Nugent hardly score any other kind of goal.

Anonymous said...

@doctor teeth..... damn how could i forget that sunderland played spurs last week!! thanks for the heads up.


Anonymous said...


Good news. Since none of the DGers were much exciting.

My Line-up at the moment

Scharner Fereira Olsson(9.xx)
Malouda(10.xx) Bullard(7.xx) N'zogbia walcott
Doyle Tevez Crouch

My real worry is olsson at home to MAN utd. But since he is playing in a Forward position I would really like to keep him. Please convince me otherwise. Please criticise my team selection.


Kellz said...

Hey guys, great week for me after update with 108pts moving me up into the 697th place! Best rank ever :D

Now to my team, I am very surprised about the lack of Bent appearing in many managers teams. Hes notched 23 goals, 3rd highest in the Prem, and his upcoming schedule looks like @WestHam, Burnley, @Hull. Hes playing against the 3 bottom sides and for 12xxmil. Hes more of a long term buy rather than just this week. FOr someone like Bent who can score on Chelsea at Stamford Bridge gets a nod in my book.

Also going to give Scharner a punt, why not, playing the lowest team at home and up in midfield.

My team:

Fererria, Bale, Scharner
Malouda, Ethrington, N'Zogbia, Adam Jonhson
Tevez, Bentdner, Bent

I am still trying to figure a way to get in Torres, so will most likely have to drop Bendtner, Scharner, and Ethrignton to accomodate. But still Ethrington away to Wolves and people dropping him? I think hes still worth a look.

Good luck guys

Bojan said...

@ kellz

caldewel is out for 2 more games, so scharner played in central defence last game against fulham... just so you know...

Kellz said...

@Bojan: Thank you for the update that slipped by me

Birty said...

i was always gonna start sorenson this week cos i've had him for the last few and on a discount. So I'm a bit gutted that he isn't playing a double. Not sure what i'll do for the rest of the team, i'll wait on pav, arteta and rooney news.

Anonymous said...

@birty ...... dnt tell me yu still holdin on to Shrek?

shadowgex said...

which 2 of these should I go with?

bent / berbatov / rodallega / anelka

i have bent BD'ed at 12.xx.

the rest of my team looks like:

bale, sylvinho, mancienne
joe cole, malouda, valencia, n'zogbia
tevez, XXX, XXX

bean said...

@Jeremy - that's so true about Burnley putting in the consolation goals
@Kellz - agree about Bent, I mentioned in another post, but my only worry is how he rarely has two good weeks in a row.. i'm a bit amazed that Bent hasn't really been mentioned much this year, but he is the 6th highest total points..

right now i have:

My Hill
Ferr Verm Garrido
AdamJ McCarthy Cattermole Malouda
Torres Tevez Bent

Garrido will probably be changed since he never plays when I pick him, maybe downgrade Verm..
not really liking the Catt filler..
J.McC seems like a nice cheap midfield pick..
I thought i saw mention of Ivanovic potentially being back, anyone heard anything?

bean said...

@shadowgex - my gut reaction was Bent & HRod. Berbs could be good for some points, but Anelka is too expensive for his production of late in my opinion.

seeing a couple mentions of Sylvinho, doesn't seem like he'll start, but I guess that pesky left back spot for Citeh is impossible to predict.. last three matches have seen three different players starting there: garrido, zabaleta, then sylvinho

bean said...

Though Zabaleta is safely out of the picture since he's still serving his suspension for 10 yellows. So it's most likely between Sylvinho and Garrido

Efthymios said...

My team now:

Bale, Ferreira, Bramble
Bullard, Malouda, N'Zogbia, A.Johnson
Torres, Tevez, Fagan

Kellz said...

@Bean: you have some really good points, and I like the look of your team, I can't bring in Torres for 19mil without gutting my team. He has all the potential to get 2-3 goals at home. As for Bent, his production certainly skips weeks but given the matchups, this is the time above all else where he can grab the golden boot out from Drogba/Rooney. Bent will play again 3 of the bottom 4 teams in the next 3 weeks, gotta give the man some faith. Personally, why Bent is behind Heskey in the National side is beyond me.

My team has changed due to Bojan gifting me the info about Scharner playing central defense with Caldwell still out. Also, Ethrington had to go even with a good match up on paper, Wolves have looked much stronger these past 4 games. I have decided to bring in Foley and Bullard,


Fererria, Bale, Foley
Malouda, Bullard, Adam Johnson, N'Zogbia
Bent, Tevez, Bendtner

Again many seem to be dropping Bendtner, but for 5mil, he will get his chances against Spurs which their derby always seems to must 3+ goals and an amazing 4-4 draw last season.

@Shadow: I agree on Bean, Hrod and Bent are the choices on paper, but as we all know both men can flop at teams they should score on.

Cusut07 said...

What about my team?
Ferreira - Terry - Vidic
Arteta(7+) - AJ(5+) - N.Zogbia - Bullard - Zenden(5+)
Tevez(16+) - Bent(12+)

Anonymous said...

Ok, now have to reshuffle my team.

Here is what i have now

Bale Ferreira Elokobi
Malouda N'zogbia Bullard A.Johnson
Bendtner Tevez C.Cole

Feel good about this team but feels Cole and Elokobi is a risk taker. Even though Wolves are playing well at the moment, playing a very physical Stoke side might be tough. And i think Westham still have a fight in them and Cole/Parker/Green will do their best to fight for their life for survival. It's just my gut feeling that they will survive.

The rest of the team, i'm quite satisfied with them.


Anonymous said...

Is Chelsea - Bolton game postponed? I think soccernet shows that it is postponed O_O"


Caleb said...

Thinking of getting a cheap Hull forward, home v Burnley.
Which? Altidore or Fagan?

The Greek said...


From Soccernet:

20:00 UK - Stamford Bridge
Chelsea v Bolton Wanderers

Anonymous said...

Thanks greek, now I can safely save my malouda. =D


Anonymous said...

hi guys,

how do you all think about pedersen? he did well against Man.U last few year.


stevenc75 said...

My team this coming week:


Bale Ferriera Mancienne

Malouda Bullard A Johnson Zhirkov

Bendtner Torres Bellamy

Left with 1.93. Only player I'm not happy with is Zhirkov, any suggestions?

I see no little mention of Berbatov this week who could be a good pick and I've went with Bellamy up front, another player left out of most teams.

Anonymous said...

my team this week:


Sylvinho Mancienne Samuel

Henry Kilbane Messi Mokoena

Iwelumo Kanu Vela

Got a really good feeling about this lot

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.40am

I would love to have Messi in my team too...especially after seeing how he destroy Arsenal tonight. But he is just too expensive right now

Anonymous said...

thx for the info AM. glad i didn't pile into dg'ers too much . only got eth. not sure whether to sell him now to get nzog back.


Cusut07 said...

My team now
Ferreira - Terry - Vidic
Arteta(7+) - AJ(5+) - N.Zogbia - Bullard - Zenden(5+)
Tevez(16+) - Bent(12+)

rate, plz !!

Anonymous said...

In my opinion Kirkland is a better choice than Myhill for this fixture unless you still have Myhill at 1.xx.

Burnley will be looking to beat their competition to stay in the prem; on the other hand Pompey have nothing else going for them this season so I think it should be an easy clean sheet for Kirk...I may be wrong though.

Bryce said...

It seems that no one is mentioning Adebayor. He was on fire last week. I think he'll collect plenty of points against Birmingham.

Saul said...

Okay I finally have my team together...


@Kellz - Good team, you're smart to keep Tevez because the kid's on fire. Hey I know you're a Liverpool fan and I want to know if you'd recommend R. Babel...has he been starting lately? If he is I think Altidore's making way for him.

I would've never though I would have the balls to choose 3 Wigan players on a single week lol.

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to be keen on picking up Torres. Why not pick up Bent with his ridiculously easy run in and Gerrard in midfield. This covers the Liverpool win scenario plus you have the bonus opportunity of Bent going on a goalspree against the leser teams...

Current Team, any advice would be appreciated.

Malouda/Bullard/A Johnson/Gerrard

Superfly Jim

Fidan said...

My team (may) look(s) like this:

Bullard,Malouda(@15,80 :(),N'Zogbia,Zhirkov(???)

Zhirkov & Diamanti are TBC, and maybe N'Zogbia too, if I need to reshuffle around...!!!

With Martinez of Wigan estimating the next two games for Wigan as "vital", I don't think that having BOTH, N'Zog/Rodallega, or even one of Kirk/DF/JMcC/Moreno, should be such a problem, esp. against LOST-Portsmouth...!!!

Any comments would be (VERY) welcomed...!!!
P.s. Trying to get into Top 50 (overall) this week. Currently @60 overall


donut said...

Problem with Gerrard is that the fat spanish waiter has been playing him in the defensive midfield position this year and playing Kuyt where Gerrard should be...

Looks like a good team anyway though SF Jim.

Saul - I like your team and I think you will think about the Etherington/Altidore combo as we move forward in the week...

Bruce - many people on this blog dislike adebayor for the reason that he does exactly what he did in the past 2 weeks! Picking him is always annoying! Like HRod and Arshavin...(for me, anyway!!)

Myhill/Kirkland - can't split them really, both play for shit teams who have easy match-ups. The reason I would pick Kirkland is because Portsmouth have less to play for, but, strangely, that might make them relax and play better, so its a simple heads or tails decision for me...

I am going with Walcott this week. He is my hunch for some points...
Also MORENO at 5.27 looks tasty...

Fidan said...

What do you guys think: Diamanti/Zhirkov or Jarvis/CCole

donut said...

If only Zhirkov was DF then I would pick him...

Diamanti might not even start if he is fit, I have been burned too many times with him!

Jarvis is a nice pick potentially, and 10.17 looks good so I would say Jarvis/CCole (although not necessarily CCole!)

Anonymous said...

fergie's great lies.

1. i wouldn't sell them a virus. a few mth's later c ronaldo moves to real madrid.
2. before bolton game a wk or 2 ago. "rooney doesn't have a knee problem.". so i hold him in my ff team, and he's rested & not even on the bench.
3. and now this. no chance of him playing today apparently. but he doesn't just make the bench, he starts. & berbatov who's in my euro ff team is benched. i'd swapped him for rooney :((.

bastard !!!!!!!!!

bean said...

@Fidan - if you're 60 overall, you probably shouldn't listen to my advice, but I don't really like the diamanti pick.. seems he hasn't been producing of late, but west ham are fighting for their lives so maybe good pick at home.. maybe Agbon instead as an off the radar pick? though i'm more interested in him (and Villa players) next week for their double.. or Kuyt as another pick that not many will be thinking of? I'd consider somebody like JMcC instead of Zhirkov, but then you'd have two Wigans in your MF which seems like a bit much..

Anonymous said...

all the lies brought good outcomes to Manchester United as a club, don't you see that? we sold ronaldo at a very high price, trashed bolton and now we're up 3-1 against bayern! don't be bitter :)


Anonymous said...

@ donut

Fat spanish waiter !


Kellz said...

@JT: looks like you counted your eggs too soon my friend. Final score Utd 3 - Bayern 2 Agrregate 4-4 Bayern advances on away goals. No need to be bitter from anyone :D except Utd fans.

PS: I will say Utd came out the superior team by far, silly Rafeal really affected the game with his Red Card. That gave Bayern the edge to push for the 2nd away goal and clinch victory. All we can count on now is the EPL will have a red hot title race!

Anonymous said...

@ donut, whose this 'fat spanish waiter' ?

All i know that Liverpool is STILL playing in European competition. =)


greginho said...

from yesterday's matches, it became apparent that every team, needs a messi. after today, it is apparent that every team needs a robben.

once i saw that ferguson didn't put ole gunner solskaier in the lineup, i was confident that manure where not advancing!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, im new in fantasy. Can you guys please rate my team?

Sylvinho Mancienne Ferreira Silvestre
Malouda Nani Maxi
Adebayor Torres Rodallega

Please help me tjx :)

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:28 - I'd try to get Silvestre out. not a sure starter and to be honest, you'd probably be better off having him on the bench...he's terrible and playing Tottenham.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:38 - silvestre started for arsenal in previous 2 games, including The Champ League clash between Barca, he did well last week, so im hesitating whether drop him for Foley,bassong or melchiot, im only left 6.76 if i drooped him any suggestion??


Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to drop Nasri this week..

Anonymous said...

hi all,

what does 'clean sheet' really means?
does it means no red/yellow cards + no goals conceded + draw/win?


Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:56, Clean sheet means no goals conceded.

Kendo said...

bale (5.45) baird ferreira
malouda nsomnia kompany (bd'd) a johnson
drogba rodallega bendtner

would carlton cole be a wiser choice than bentdner intuition says no????


greginho said...

part of the clean sheet rule is that the player must play 75 minutes to get the points!

greginho said...


how much did you pay for bendtner? if you have him at a discount, i would keep him. he just scored at barca, so he can certainly score at tottenham. i am going with carew, instead of cole, simply because of the double game the following week. i picked ashley young for the same reason.
cole and west ham should score at least two at home against sunderland. earlier in the year, he was involved with everything they did. lately west ham have not been getting their goals from him or diamanti.

Bradley said...

@Anon 7:17 PM: I too made the mistake of listening to SAF before the Bolton match. "Wayne is fit and there's nothing wrong with his knee" is apparently Fergie-speak for "Wayne's foot is bruised, and I won't risk him vs. Bolton." I'm guessing SAF wanted to impress upon the rest of the team that defeating Bolton was entirely up to them without the safety net of Rooney being able to come off the bench. Fine, but what was the point of making that comment? SAF plays mind games so routinely, I suspect he does it now from habit regardless of whether there's anything to be gained. Now he's saying he's sure that Rooney will "be okay for next week," but at this point not even God knows whether he's telling the truth. Fortunately I'd already (belatedly) swapped Rooney for Torres, although Nando has issues of his own (see poor production and early subbing out vs. Brum).

In short, while I don't expect all managers to be as forthcoming as Ancelotti, it'd be nice if Fergie aspired to be something more than just a walking, talking pile of BS. It's official: Sir Alex Ferguson is now manager of my "dead to me" team.

Not that I'm bitter... :)

roonaldo said...

• B. Myhill
o Hull
o Sell at 3.36(market price 3.36)
• P. Ferreira
o Chelsea
o Sell at 6.15(market price 6.15)
• G. Elokobi
o Wolves
o Sell at 4.61(market price 4.61)
• P. Scharner
o Wigan
o Sell at 8.33(market price 8.33)
• Sylvinho
o Man City
o Sell at 2.56(market price 2.56)
• F. Malouda
o Chelsea
o Sell at 10.90(market price 15.80)
• T. Walcott
o Arsenal
o Sell at 8.38(market price 10.89)
• J. Bullard
o Hull
o Sell at 13.25(market price 13.25)
• D. Drogba
o Chelsea
o Sell at 22.16(market price 25.53)
• H. Rodallega
o Wigan
o Sell at 12.78(market price 12.78)
• R. Fuller
o Stoke
o Sell at 7.26(market price 8.53)


AdmiraLord Nelson said...

the great Rory!!!!! Delap!!!!!!!!

Kendo said...

Thanks Greghino

I just bought bentdner at his price this week, I had gone and stackrd up on Fulham for the double that never was still stick with bendtner cheers!

think fuller is a doubt tho @ roonaldo

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