Thursday, 29 April 2010

Week 33 - Player Picks

The penultimate week is upon us & as you all know, we have 4 teams with a double week. At this stage of the season I'm telling you now - fill your team with as many double gamers as you possibly can. I'm aiming for a full team, 11 players, all playing 2 games.

It's actually highly unlikely I'll pick 11 players who play twice for a 22 game total, maybe a few of them get rested, but I'd still expect to get 18-20 games from my team. The point is you're giving yourself the chance, and as we all saw with Villa's double week recently (where many of us hit 160+), it can really pay off.

To do this you'll need to drop a lot of discounts, but this is actually quite easy to convince yourself to do because out of all the single gamers, not one fixture really stands out.

I guess Birmingham at home to Burnley & Wigan at home to Hull would be the preference, but other than that, Liverpool v Chelsea, Sunderland v Man Utd, Blackburn v Arsenal & Pompey v Wolves are all difficult to call - you'd favour Man Utd & Arsenal, but I certainly don't see any wins coming comfortably.

For this reason, my player picks will be almost entirely focused on the 4 teams with a double - Fulham, Stoke, Tottenham & Manchester City. My advice is to look for 11 double gamers if you possibly can, with a few exceptions (Drogba @ 10 or Jagielka @ 5 etc).

Fulham have the best fixtures as they face West Ham & Stoke at Craven Cottage. The problem is they've had the Europa Cup to contend with, so predicting their starting XI has been less than straightforward. If they get knocked out tonight I'd expect to see most of their 1st choice players start both games to boost their final league position, but if they go through to the final then Roy will undoubtedly rest people.

Man City are the other team to play 2 home games, but their fixtures are far tougher. They face a resurgent Aston Villa, followed by Spurs, 2 sides who still have their hearts set on pipping City to 4th place. They rarely lose at home, but Shay Given has been City's saviour on countless occasions this season & he'll be missing for both games - will Marton Fulop end the season as the unlikely hero?

Spurs, as mentioned above, face the very tough task of going to Manchester in their second game, but before that they have arguably the easiest fixture of all 4 double gamers - Bolton at home. The Trotters are safe from relegation so have little to play for & are usually terrible on the road, so you'd have to predict a home win before their midweek trip.

Stoke are coming off the back of the 7-0 thrashing at Stamford Bridge, which was proceeded by a home defeat by Bolton, so it's safe to say their season is ending with a whimper. I'd fancy in form Everton to go there & win, before Stoke have to travel to Fulham, which could be equally tough depending on Fulham's european status.

That sums up what I think of the fixtures. I'm writng this before I know tonight's results so I don't know what Fulham are going to do, it's hard to predict who plays no matter what occurs tonight, but I still think all the big names will get at least 1 game in an easy fixtures.

If they get to the final, Roy won't want them going into a final having played no competitive football for 2 weeks & there is a week gap between their 2nd fixture & the final, so if they're likely to get a rest it would be vs Arsenal in their final league game. If they get knocked out I think he names his strongest side for the rest of the season.

Obviously because I'm focusing on the double gamers there are going to be far fewer players to choose from, but I'm giving my honest opinion on how I think you should approach Week 33.

Here we go...


If I had the money I'd go for Schwarzer as he's the only Fulham player 100% certain of playing 180 minutes (barring injury), but at the moment it doesn't appear that I'll be able to find a way. Next choice would be Gomes because he's in fantastic form for Spurs, but again you'll be paying some serious cash to bring him in. He has a chance of a clean sheet, but I'd prefer the big Aussie.

If you're going the bargain basement route then I'd have to go with Fulop over Begovic. I actually thing Beg is the better keeper, but Stoke are all over the place defensively at the moment so Fulop would leave me feeling safer. But lets face it, if you pay less 1..00 or 1.60 for a keeper you should know you're taking a risk...both could go negative in at least 1 game.

If you want a cheap keeper but don't fancy either of the 2 men above then Chris Kirkland is the only choice as far as I can see. Home to Hull, a shade over £3m, he certainly isn't the worst choice.


Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale Bale.

After that I'd say Zabaleta is a pretty safe bet now he's back from suspension, with Baird & Konchesky not far behind as they usual play for Fulham no mater what. Richards is a bit of an outside bet, but if Wayne Bridge's injury keeps him out, Garrido is out of favour & Sylvinho is injured so Richards could go right-back with Zab shifted to the left.

Michael Dawson & Koulo Toure are both certain to start 2 games but you'll pay over £10m for them, Collins is also guaranteed 2 games for Stoke & is more affordable, while Smalling will get at least 1 game & is a bargain.

A discounted Jagielka, Titus Bramble & Mancienne are probably the best value single game defenders, but to be honest my research in this field is limited due to my obsession with 2 gamers.


I get the feeling Fulham are nursing a seriously broken Bobby Zamora through Europe at the moment, so I wouldn't be surprised to see Dempsey lead the line in the remaining league games. He may only play once, but I'm probably gonna take a risk with him. Lennon & Duff are similar value & will do well if they play twice, but I'm less confident because of rest/recent injury.

Next up are Luka Modric & Adam Johnson who represent amazing value at under £9m for the double week. I know Modric doesn't score that well in fantasy terms but I think you can look past that when a player of his quality has 2 games. Johnson will be on all set pieces, & that also brings Etherington in to the mix, who hasn't scored well recently but will be on set pieces & penalties.

Gera & Huddlestone are decent options, with Hudd more likely to play twice but Gera more likely to score points. Stephen Ireland is an interesting one - we all know how good he was last year, but he's lost his way this season. However, with Barry potentially out injured he could get his place back & his value is probably as low as it's ever been.

Delap is a dg filler, Arteta should be hung on to if you still have him for around £10m & Ben Watson is a complete left field pick who has been looking in fantastic from for Wigan since he finally got back in the starting 11 two weeks ago.


Not a huge choice, but Tevez is my number one pick this week. I know he's expensive at his current price but I'm going to pay it anyway because Tevez at home is always tempting, at home twice is essential. Defoe isn't in good form but he's the most likely Spurs striker to play both games so again I'm going to try and fit him in.

Bellamy is almost more tempting than Defoe, but if I'm going with Tevez I'm going to look for a Spurs striker ahead of 2 City strikers. Adebayor would be in the boat, but I'm reading he could also be injured along with Barry, so be careful.

Fuller, Tuncay & Nevland are cheaper option, with Fuller the most likely to play twice.

That completes my Week 33 player picks. Not my best, but finding the time has become tougher & tougher over the past few weeks - apologies.

My team page currently looks like...

      Richards  Konchesky  Bale

       A.Johnson  Modric  Dempsey  Etherington

     Tevez  Defoe  Tuncay

By no means is this set in stone, just an early draft. I'd like Bellamy in Tuncay's place, which will mean some serious downgrading elsewhere. Fulop is likely to remain my keeper choice. 
How's your team shaping up? Anyone you feel I've missed from the lists above?

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Anonymous said...

I have picked up 2 Spurs players which you didnt mention:
Bentley and Pav

Please tell me if they are injured and why they are not included, you should know a lot about your team, spurs fan! :)

Temp Liverpool fan this week

Birty said...

Full Price Bale, Zabaletta, Huuuuuuuuuth
A-Jo, Delap, Arteta, Whitehead
Fuller, Defoe, Nevland

may do Huth & Whitehead for Collins and De Jong but either Whitehead or De Jong are both shot in the dark DG fillers.

Birty said...

@Anon 8:34 - I don't think Bentley or Pav will start both games, could be Lennon and Crouch on Saturday.

SLASH said...

Anyone with information about Crouch/Pavlyuchenko?

* * *
I'm most probably having 3 single gamers: Bowyer, Roger Johnson and Utaka, but one of the Birmingham duo might go. I am spending money for a keeper this week. Schwarzer that is. He has the least chance in my team to be sold, I'd say 0% and it's serious :)

Currently with


Roger Smaalling' Bassong'

Duff Bowyer' Adam Modric Utaka

Pavlyuchenko' Adebayor'

The inverted comma means the player isn't 1005 sure to stay but I see no major changes.

SLASH said...


. . . inverted comma means the player isn't 100% sure to stay . . .

I'm also going to be a Liverpool fan for the weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Hey AM - Great picks but may I suggest Jerome of Birmingham as an outside bet from the single gamers. I think he could turn out to be the pick of the bunch vs. a Burnley side that is not only demoted, but also one of the bottom teams that has a terrible away record.

Here is my tream, and by no meas is this set on stone like you said...


Just waiting on Dempsey and Ireland news that would tell me a bit of their likeliness of them starting; In which case I'd have to downgrade Dempsey to Gera, and upgrade Ireland to Modric or someone else. Comments greatly welcomed.


Anonymous said...

I like your thinking,it's got to be pretty much all double gamers this week. currently settled on
3.5 million left to spend.
not happy with smalling,just drawing a blank as to who i'll replace him with...

bean said...

Dempsey not starting in the Europa match, so looks good for him to start at the weekend

bean said...

it's kind of a no brainer to go 'all in' for the double gamers, but just keep in mind the previous double game matches for Villa.. It's not always guaranteed better points than single gamers.. I'm thinking of starting a separate team to test having all single gamers for this week just for fun.

bean said...

soccernet says zamora comes off due to injury, anyone see if he was really injured or just taken off as a precaution?

Birty said...

@Bean - Zamora looked like he shouldn't have even started. If he's lucky his next game will be against Athletico.

Anonymous said...

My team's complete;



Anonymous said...

Here's what I had (before AM's picks):

Bale / Smalling / Rocha
Dempsey / Etherington / A. Johnson / Bentley
Tevez / Jerome / Nevland

Need to shore up the back line obviously, either by swapping out Dempsey or Bentley.

Kellz said...

Bale, (Richards/Zabeleta), (Baird/Konchesky),
Dempsey, AJ, Ethrington, (Modric/Watson/Gera)
Tevez, Defoe, Fuller

As you can see much to decide on my final 2 Defender slots and last Midfield slot.

Suggestions are welcome,

Good luck!

init said...

Good writeup AM, been waiting for this to try and make something of the season

Will go for a full price Bale this week, 8m per game seems like a bargain!

Not sure why Stoke are defensively a mess - a bad game against a rampant Chelsea aside where they lost Faye after 10 mins and Shawcross came on for his first game in ages looks like an exception rather than rule from the past few games
1-1 v Burnley
0-0 v Villa
1-2 v Spurs
1-0 v WHam
2-0 v Hull
0-0 v Stoke
1-2 v Bolton
This has convinced me to take the Begovic risk and also to think about Collins too...

Also after tonight I completely agree with your assessment of Zamora but I'm not convinced since they won and Dempsey wasn't fit that he will play on Sunday - Nevland could be the man to get the big chance, possibly for 2 games...that being said, all Fulham players are risks for 2 games and I think should be seen as single gamers with good matchups!!

Bale Collins Smalling
Modric Eth AJ Gera
Tev Fuller (Defoe/Ade/Bellamy)

SK said...

AM - Soccernet has an article stating that Tottenham won't rush Lennon back. Does that mean that Modric is really the only decent MF fantasy wise who is likely to start both games? What do you say about Bentley? And do you think Rose will start a game?

- SK

Anonymous said...

Any Fulham experts with some thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Here's Pauly's (late night) fantasy filler spot, this week concentrating only on Double Gamers at less than 8m :

Bargain basement !

Begovic - stoke 1.00 **
Fulop - sund - now Man C - 1.60 **


Zabaleta - Man C 8.29 (expensive filla!)
Richards - tott 7.04 ** ?
Smalling - Ful 3.18 ** ?
Bassong - Tott 6.63 * ?


De Jong - M city 5.21 **
Modric - Tott 8.40 ** (expensive filler!)
Whitehead - stoke 3.82 **
Palacios - tott 5.27 *
Gera - Ful 7.31 ** ?
Etuhu - Ful 3.15 ** ?
Delap - stoke 5.36 *
Vieira - M city 6.79 * ?
Kompany - M city 6.89 *
Dikgacoi - Ful 2.03 * ?


Fuller - Stoke 5.97 **
Kitson - stoke 5.25 * ?
Tuncay - Stoke 4.72 * ?
Okaka - Ful 6.18 **
Nevland - Ful 6.64 **

* Filler
** Top picks
? check team sheets (especially with Fulham team !)

Wishing you all good luck with this penultimate week, & especially to AM !


FlyingHamster said...

Anybody's interested in using some statistical analysis on football matter such as these? For example, if consider the number of goals ManCity have scored at home and add it to the number of goals Villa have conceded away, one can get a rought idea of how the game may turn out. Using the same method with the game against Spurs, and ManCity is the most likely source of goals this week. Of course it's not very effective unless you put some time into collecting various data, but it could another way to look at these games.

With that in mind, here is a list of teams:

ManCity 121 (38 home goals + 20 away goals conceded by Villa + 38 home goals + 25 away goals conceded by Spurs)
Spurs 116
Fulham 105
Stoke 73
Birmingham 67

Kinda show Stoke with two games will probably score the same number as Birmingham will in one game.

Just another way of looking at the game, some comments would be appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I have Tevez and am torn between Bellamy and Defoe. I have 0.32 with Defoe in. If I switch in Bell then I get an extra 2.50 to put towards my midfield.


Anonymous said...

I have Tevez/Defoe/Jerome but if I didn't have suck a big hunch for him this week, Jerome would go for Bellamy. I like my tripplet strikeforce though. the rest of my team...



Anonymous said...

My Week 33 team (almost final):

Bale Huth Baird
Modric Kompany Gera Etherington
Tevez Defoe Pav

Wanted Schwartzer but had to drop him to accomodate my two Tottenham forwards. Hope this works out. This team is subject to changes as I have 4.36 left in the bank.


Anonymous said...

My Week 33 team is

Zabaleta, Konchesky, Dawson
Ad Jo, Etherington, Dempsey, Kompany
Bellamy, Defoe, Fuller

Remaining Balance is 0.09

I only stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago so thats why Bale isnt in there at the cheap rate.

Your doing a good job AM.

All my players are at full price, but im not happy with Kompany.
Everyone will have Tevez so i have gone for Bellamy instead. Im sure he will play twice.
Is Dempsey 100% fit do we know?

Any suggestions to the team would be appreciated.

Many Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi AM,

My team is

Bale (@2.65) Smalling Toure Baird

AJ Modric Ethers

Tev Pav Defoe

Ideally, i would recommend you downgrade Richards and Konchesky to Smalling and Baird, that would allow you to upgrade Tuncay to Pav.

Dempsey is likely to play only one game, and rested for the other.



CFCBOSS said...

my team for this week:
bale jagielka zabaleta
a.johnson lennon modric etherington
tevez defoe jerome

i think begovic has easier games, i went with him because of that.
tried to squeeze in bellamy, but was very little short and as someone above mentioned also, birmingham players look best value for single gamers, went with jerome because of that, expect at least a one goal, burnley has nothing to play for

Anonymous said...

My current team:

Bale Baird Zabaleta
Etherington AJohnson Huddlestone Lennon Modric
Bellamy Defoe

I'm pretty certain it'll stay that way, my only worry is Huddlestone - I can't be completely sure he'll start both games. I might go with Lawrence (Stoke) or BAE (Spurs defender) instead, but I'm not sure they'll start both as well.
Lennon is also a worry, but I believe he's so important to Redknapp that he won't give him up even if he's half injured.



Anonymous said...

bale toure smalling
etherington modric adam palacios
tevez bellamy fuller
0.09 left ... anything I missed , injuries , someone not likely to play two games , etc ?


Doctor Teeth said...

Not digging the Modric/Bale sale rumors this morning...although it is flattering that a giant such as Man United is desirous of our young players. Notwithstanding Harry's protestations to the contrary, every player has a price and I worry that Levy will be swayed to part ways with his young talent if the right offer comes his way.

Switching from the real world to that of fantasy, I'm currently sitting on:

Bale Baird Zabs
Modric Ether AJ Gera
Tevez Defoe Bellamy

Still in the process of tweeking the line-up. I own Nevland and Dempsey at discounts...still trying to prognosticate what Hodgson will do with his team in the double-week with the Final on the horizon and also searching for news on the severity of the various injuries to the Citeh midfield. I'm actually thrilled to hear that Ade is lame (in more ways than one) since that is giving me an excuse to not select him for my team.

Anonymous said...

Changed my team abit.. any comments ?

GBale P.Jag Zabaleta
Eth AJ L.Modric S.WrightP Duff
Bellamy Defoe


Anonymous said...

Guys I think you're missing the point with Fulham. Why would Hodgson risk his team with lots of games and his focus on Europe. Last week he started Greening (3.15) Dikgacoi (2.03) Riise (3.72) Chuka (5.70) Nevland (6.64 or 4.63 if you BDed him). Why wouldn't he do it again? Those are your fillers.

Anonymous said...

I got 10 of 11 set and have 6.91 to spend.
I would like someone who has a shot at 2 games or a clot of points.


Seems like there would be a better DG'er than these for this $$

CFCBOSS said...

@ -cyc

your team looks really good, but i think that duff defenetly doesen't play twice, if i plays at all, too pricey to risk.
same thing with wright-phillips, he's been bench warmer lately, adam johnson is above him in picking order & also not cheap.
@anonymous 4:27, my pick would be either fuller or nevland, one goal in two matches either of them, they would double score their value probably.
viera is cdm mostly, not good in fantasy terms, kompany is listed midfielder, plays as a defender, doesn't get the points, tuncay starts on the bench, davies could be rested.
hope this was useful :)

Anonymous said...

Hey All,

My team:


Was looking at smalling but elokobi putting up consistent points same with mokoena over dikagoci. Am I crazy to keep these guys or go for the DGs?

Also dejong or palacios?

I always appreciate the info and the AM insight

Thoughts, sarcasm, comments...


Anonymous said...

qq -- who's likely to score more points, Jerome in one game or Tuncay in 2?

Anonymous said...

Is there any risk on picking fulop as is still consider as a Sunderland player in YFF???

Great blog AM and thanks to all news from regulars

Anonymous said...


fulham players is rotation risk.. don't want to pay 13+(dempsey/duff) if they only play once.. so i go with arteta, setpieces taker and penalty taker with good match-up and also fighting for europe spot.. so he stays for me although many of you dropped him..

nevland is my hunches, i'm sure with zamora out, he will start at least 1 match.. i can pick fuller, but like AM, i hate to leave the cash left over..

for GK spot, going with kirk.. no DG is worth picking except for schwarzer(too pricey)..

any comments or thoughts is welcome.. btw, thanks for the info AM.. really appreciate your effort..

Anonymous said...


thanks for your advice regarding duff... i shall reconsider him.


Anonymous said...

My team changed a little bit today. I went from Smalling/Watson to S.Parnaby/Palacios. No logical reason, just a hunch...a hunch that came from my dream this morning of Palacios shaking off 2 defender to score the winning goal for Tottenham.

Also, to my surprice, I read this morning that S. Parnaby @5.10, will be leading the right back for Birmingham due to Stephen Carr's suspension. He has a good chance for a CS and should return his value.

So here it goes...


I said last week that I wouldn't be making Friday changes but a revelation of this caliber cannot be ignored...can't mess with the fantasy footie gods sometimes lol. Good luck to all and have a nice weekend.


CFCBOSS said...

thank saul, i also picked up parnaby and so had the cash to change jerome to bellamy, doesn't know if this pays of, but bellamy does well against good teams mostly, hoping good stuff from him :D

Anonymous said...

Surprised no mention to Nicky Shorey! He was ineligible last night and Hodgson may rest Konchesky??

Kellz said...

@Anon: I think you may be right. Baird will possibly come into the midfield for Etuhu, Shorey in for Konchesky, and Pantsil should retain his place after coming off in the 75th minute for Nevland. Atleast these are my speculations.

Bale, Panstil, Collins
Modric, Dempsey, Eth, AJ
Tevez, Defoe, Fuller

I think my team is done, pretty happy with my selection and representation of multiple outcomes. I decided to go with Fulop over Beg because Citeh should keep a tighter defense than Stoke and Fulop should have lots of opportunities for saves. I also have Fulham and Stoke CS possibilities covered. Dempsey should lead the line for Fulham after being a sub for the Europa Clash. Fuller at 5mil really needs a couple SOT and I'll be happy.

Good luck guys

Anonymous said...

I just realized that by going form Smalling/Watson to S.Parnaby/Palacios I was left with EXACT cash to go from Zaballeta to Baird.


That is my team for the week!!! Good luck to averyone.

bean said...

@CFCBOSS - i think Kompany still gets points without the clean sheets.. he's blocking a lot of shots and such, at the very least seems to return his value.

@billthegrunt - i would be worried Tuncay will not play either game the way Pulis has been talking about him and Kitson.

I like Nevland since he's cheap, only played 15 min. in Europa, so he has to start at least one of the matches.. I could see Nevland getting one match and Okaka getting the other; or both up front with Dempsey in midfield like it was against Everton. That lineup was: Pants, Smalling, Baird, Shorey / Greening, Dik, Riise, Dempsey / Okaka,Nevland... seems it could be real similar this weekend.

Seems Mancini hasn't said for certain that Fulop will start, but it would be pretty obvious he will... still, you never know if there's that slight chance Nielsen gets the nod

I'm still tinkering.....

Anonymous said...


Based upon your premonition, I am going with Palacios over de Jong. Thanks.

I am in first in my group by 70 points and hope to hold the line in our winner take all group.


Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on my team?
Bale (2.84)-Mouyokolo (1.76)-Jagielka(5.85)
Dempsey (12.26)-Watson-Arteta (13.93)-de Jong
Tevez (16.93)-Defoe-Nevland

0.97 left over. Too few DG'ers? (7/11)

I kept the Everton guys @ discount given that they have an OK matchup this week, and then home to Pompey next week. Re: Mouyokolo, while he hasn't been as good as Bale, it takes previous little for him to return his value to me and he enables $ to spent elsewhere.

I'm 28 pts out of 1st in my private league...

Good luck to everyone this week! Thanks for all of the tips this season!


Anonymous said...

@A1 - Good luck!!! Hope our hunch on Palacios becomes a reality.


Anonymous said...

Great post AM! thx!

my team;
Bale Zabaleta Smalling
A.Johnson Modric N.deJong Whitehead
Drogba Tévez Defoe

Im not happy with my midfield but thats the only way i can take schwarzer+tevez+defoe trio.
What you think? Is it worth?


Charlie Boy said...

Here is a group, I would appreciate comments on.
(in order of my preference)
1. Defoe, in poor form recently but certain to start and have chances in 2 matches.
2. Aaron Lennon, probable two match starter as will not be tired from injury layoff. Form may be a concern. Not a lock to start two matches.
3. Dempsey, injury/knock may be a concern. A late sub vs Hamburg. Possible two match starter. Has the easiest opposition and two home matches

Anonymous said...

@ Hutch: I would consider Dempsey and Nevland single gamers--will play 90 minutes over 2 games in my opinion. Yes, I know they might score and what not. If it was my team I would take Dempsey and Nevland out, put in Bellamy or Adebayor or Pavluychenko, then get a Doubleweek MF mid priced, or Doubleweek MF cheap and upgrade from Moyokolo to Parnaby perhaps. You've done well with Schwarzer, wish I could afford him.

@MK yeah it's worth it

@Charlie Boy: all these guys will not play 180 minutes imo.
1.Defoe also takes penalties and he's quite a flat track bully (@home vs bolton)
2. Lennon may get 90 minutes in 2 games, or if we're lucky 100-120 minutes. No way he'll get 180.
3.Don't like him at his price. Could also play 90 minutes over 2 games, but easy opponents yeah. Really depends on the opportunity costs of keeping him on your team.


Anonymous said...

My Team:


Any advice/comments/suggestions ?


Superfly Jim

Anonymous said...

w.bridge available for tonight game?

Cusut07 said...

AJ - Arteta-Etherington-ROsicki-Mokoena

Rate my team! plz !

Charlie Boy said...

Bridge is not listed as the starter. Zabaleta is.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone help me find the place where you can check possible line-ups for teams? Most accurate one? Thanks,


Anonymous said...

Anyone know a website where I can check the team's starting line-ups for the weekend matches?


Anonymous said...

why there are no love for Fulop?
am i missing something here?huh
my final team:


why everybody go with begovic??


Anonymous said...

@BESKOT - Mancini hasn't decided whether to go with Nielsen or Fulop...Begovic is a sure starter. Not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing but maybe the gamble pays off.

Anonymous said...

my team is:

Smalling / Bale / Sylvinho (filler)
Eth / Modric / AJ / Dikgacoi / Malouda
Tevez / Defoe

I have a very big hunch that Malouda will do well... and after fitting him in, i realized i couldnt get Dempsey no matter how hard i messed around. so, i took the next best thing, Schwarzer, forcing me to put Sylvinho and Dikgacoi in. At least there's a good chance that Dikgacoi will start two!


Anonymous said...

HC - per your suggestion, have changed my team. Now looking at:
Option 1:
Bale (2.84)-Mouyokolo (1.76)-Jagielka(5.85)
Watson-Arteta (13.93)-Whitehead-A. Johnson
Tevez (16.93)-Defoe-Bellamy

Option 1A:
What are everyone's thoughts re: Baird vs. A. Johnson in this lineup (or someone else in that price range)? As it is now, I have 0.55 left over so could go with either.

Another combo I am looking at is:
Option 2:

Thanks and good luck everyone!


Anonymous said...

hello guys.. who the worthy mid player for 3.83..??


Caleb said...

Hi AM,

As usual nice post! Sorry for not having time to read it until now. But just 1 question: Why you are leaving out Bentley and Pav? I would understand the situation of Bentley as Lennon is back which might risk his playing time; but Pav seems to be starting every game in the last part of the season. I actually fancy him then Defoe in the BD due to price, but I am having some concern as you are not picking him now. Since you are a Spurs fans, I think you know more than I do.....

Anonymous said...

Still thinking if i should keep S.WP or replace him. Afraid he might not play both of City's matches...

But which midfielder can i replace with: 8.12,... preferably a double gamer... Any advice ?.


SK said...

areg - whitehead (stoke) costs 3.82 and will most likely start both games

Naughty.G - at that price gera seems decent for a DG. or you can go for someone much cheaper (<6) and upgrade someone else.

Bale Baird Zabaleta
A Johnson Lennon Watson Whitehead
Tevez Nevland Pav

- SK

Anonymous said...

fülop+dempsey or schwarzer+whitehead ???

any advise???


Anonymous said...

Hi people.
Time to post on my team and thought


Naughty G, go with watson. He's good.

Wished I could go for watson or nzogbia. Sigh, but I don't feel like realising any player with a good potential. Except AJ though, I just somehow don't trust him.

Any comments guys?


Anonymous said...


Hutton is banned!!... Dempsey looks tempting.. but he's just too expensive for me.


bean said...

foley Bale Baird
adamJ Modric Greening Ether
Tevez Defoe Fuller

also trying a little experiment; started a side team that's only single gamers to see how they compared to mostly double gamers.
this is that lineup:
parnaby melch rocha
watson malouda fahey carrick
jerome rvp doyle
interested to see how they compare...

Shay Fulop said...

In my latest configuration all is set apart from which forward to partner Tevez as two up front from:

Bellamy (gives 2 man city forwards),
Jerome (single game but against Burnley),
Pav, Crouch, Gudjohnsen (all could feature in both games but not for 180 mins)

defoe just out of reach so whos best choice?

Anonymous said...

tevez or bellamy? any comment pls???

Anonymous said...

Hi AM or other Spurs fans -
Can you tell me who will be the back 4 this week as I fancied Richards (as did AM) but do not see him on the line up on the team sheet in the Guardian. Will he play , and if not who will play back 4? King seems unsure.
Please update...!

Anonymous said...

Tevez I reckon, more likely to be the focal point of the Man C attack. Bellamy may be out wide, but of course he's pretty effective out there as well cutting in getting assists and shots! Difficult one but Tevez just shades it for me

Anonymous said...

good luck managers! hope my pick works.

arteta/a.johnson/de jong

Anonymous said...

if u have cash, go for tevez.. penalty taker. bellamy play as midfield..

Anonymous said...

* Man City back 4 (with Richards) of course
But at Spurs who could replace King?
My above post wasn't clear


DC said...

I think Tevez, A Johnson, Modric and Bale (if you can afford) and maybe even Etherington are must have this week.

I'm torn between Nevland (@4.6) and Toure or Dawson (not sure want Dawson as already have two Spurs D), OR Gera and Zabaleta.

Any thoughts?!

Team as it stands with two gaps:

Bale BAE
AJ Modric Eth Dempsey
Tevez Defoe

Ian Sanderson said...

Blimey, no AM team for the first time this season...
Here's mine...

Bale Baird Jagielka
Arteta Dempsey Etherington Johnson
Tuncay Tévez Defoe

Anonymous said...

Bale / Baird / Bramble
A. Johnson / Etherington / Dempsey / Gera
Tevez / Jerome (he deserves that first goal) / Fuller

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