Monday, 27 December 2010

Week 19 & Week 20

Hi guys - just popped online quickly to let you know how Week 19 went. I scored 64.5 points & don't have any players left in the big one tonight so expect to fall down the rankings a bit, but currently sit in 280th.

The majority of my points came from the man above, with the decision by any fantasy manager who hung on to him @6 for a few weeks of zeros already vindicated. Simon Davies & Johan Elmander were the only other players from my team hitting double-figures & we had a Nani-no-show, but it was another low-scoring week so it didn't hurt too badly.

I'm afraid I don't have any time to do a full player picks post before tomorrow's 12:00 deadline, but looking at the fixtures, the pick of them are:

MAN CITY v Aston Villa
TOTTENHAM v Newcastle

Honourable mentions...

CHELSEA v Bolton
MAN UTD @ Birmingham
STOKE v Fulham
SUNDERLAND v Blackpool


West Brom v Blackburn
West Ham v Everton

I also needed to remind you all that Week 20 is the 5th Round of The Blog Cup. The Top 100 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 201 teams go through to quarter finals. 100 teams go out. Good luck!

My team at the moment:

Robinson, Jara, Kolarov, Bale, Pennant, Van Der Vaart, Lampard, Gerrard, Balotellli, Van Persie, Rooney

The above may not be final. I'm unsure if I'm going to continue with Robbo as Blackburn are a mess since Allardyce left, so Carson could come in. Koscielny, Dorrans (could be on set pieces with Brunt suspended), Tchoyi, Nani, Silva, Fabs, Nasri, Gyan, Tevez, Bent & Torres are also under consideration. It's really tough as lots of players will be subject to unannounced/unreported squad rotation, so it's a matter of getting as many players on to the pitch as possible.

Here are some useful resources to keep an eye on:
Team News:

How are you getting on in Week 19? What are you doing with your team for Week 20? Are you still in The Blog Cup?



Anonymous said...


1st !

Anonymous said...

me first :P


AdmiraLord Nelson said...

good job this week AM. I only managed to get 49(and with VdV), what a savior he was.

Anonymous said...

63.5 with Nasri to go.

PRob (Could go)
Kolorov Jara M. Wilson
VDV Cahill Lampard Nasri
Torres Tevez Cole

Like AM thinking about getting rid of PRob but only would have 5.25 to spend on a keeper.
Bale goes this week for me. Too much money for non performances. He'll have a monster game against Newcastle now no doubt.

Congrats Nik on the engagement.

As to the comments, if you don't like them don't read them. Get your meat from Nik's posts. There is some rubbish in the comments but I found out Nani may not play from them. I recommend the chat room if you need a quick fix. Very often a few salient thoughts and suggestions can be found there.


SfSS said...

so far my team, couldnt even imagine this could be done last year


kolarov koscielny jara
vdv fabregas lampard gerrard
balotelli rvp rooney

not final of course :)

Anonymous said...

is NANI playing n bale a worth to pick against newcastle??


Dave said...

Chamakh is on bench vs Chelsea. Resting for Wednesday, or has he lost his starting spot to RVP?

Anonymous said...

Back with this

Kolorov Jara M Wilson
VDV Cahill Nasri Lampard
Tevez Piqu RVP

I like the look of this.


Anonymous said...

Carson or PRob?

Anonymous said...

AM, how about TIM CAHILL? are he already left for the ASIAN CUP??Appreciate your info about this...


Anonymous said...

How did i pick Frank Lampard?

Anonymous said...


think cahill will be playing 2 more games


big sam has gone now and blackburn is a mess
should go for carson(2.38)

my team


kolarov anuoha kompany a.ferd

vdv(5.51) tchoyi nani park

welbeck tevez(20.94)


Jim said...

Looks like Cahill will play at least one more match before he leaves:

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

I am going with 10 men this week...will Bale be rested, because I would hate to have 9 men.

Anonymous said...

chamakh or walcott for wigan game? i need help.i have nasri too already.

Anonymous said...

@bobo: Park has already left for the Asian Cup.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

forget the 10 man team with Fabregas at 14.94, it would be great to have him at that price but i cant afford another zero. i have had 14 zeros in the last 5 weeks.

SfSS said...

I will try to cope with possible 0 from fabregas, too cheap to resist to keep him, glat to have kept vdv at 6 :) though have to drop RVP for Chamakh, not sure what to do with lampard

Anonymous said...

rooney + odemwingie


gyan + nani?

Anonymous said...

sounds like odemwingie will play, but from the looks of it, he is hurting and may not be 100%.

"Peter Odemwingie should make the game but is a slight doubt after Roberto Di Matteo reported that he played through pain during on Boxing day; the striker remains confident that he’ll be available."

Anonymous said...

Will Ferreira start for Chelsea v. Bolton? I am keeping Fabs and taking a zero.

MuKaHaNTu said...

Fabregas will be suspended if I heard the commentary correctly. 5th bookings in a row.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

we know Fabregas is suspended just too good to pass up at 14.94 for some....but oh well...i have to pass him up

soda said...

which above should i choose?
or there are another great player should i buy

stalin said...

which one should i choose or any other player?

Anonymous said...

Fabregas out of week 20 due to accumulate 5th yellow card?

Anonymous said...

soda-- Berba and Walcott are great but don't start every week-- so you have to be very careful. If you were sure either started then they would be great choices.

Anonymous said...

Walcott (10.46) / Holden / Cleverley

Which would be the smart choice? Both Holden & Cleverley have tough match ups this week. Is there someone better?


No Name FC said...

Managed to find some time to update my team as follow:


Anonymous said...

RVP below 10 now :O said...

Where is the 'Injuries and Suspensions' page on the new Soccernet layout located?

greginho said...

i am going to take the hit. i have had 2 or 3 zeroes for 6 weeks and am willing to take another one to keep cesc. the plusses of barndoorign cesc are that he likely would have played against wigan and might have hurt himself scoring some bizarre goal. he might have gotten too tired to play this weekend etc. i am glad it is a 1 game suspension which means he will be ready this weekend.
my team is
ben foster
jara, wilkinson, caldwell
van der vaart, nani, cesc, tchoyi, cleverly
tevez and balotelli. i may switch to fuller in mario's spot.
thcoyi and cleverly might just be the next adam, barton, or holden, so i am going to gamble on them performing above their respective costs of 7.26 and 7.77.
when van der vaart is back up and playing at 100% i will pick him up

greginho said...

van persie sorry

Anonymous said...

RVP is also suspended....

Anonymous said...

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G-man said...

How is RVP suspended? As far as I can tell, he's got only one YC on the season.

Anonymous said...

RVP is not suspended. No idea where he got that from

Anonymous said...

i think RVP will be rested and chamakh will start mid week...probable starting line up-Fab21,clichy,kons,squllaci,sagna,song,wilshere,rosicky,arshavin,nasri,chamakh

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing i didn't pick Fabregas @14.94 cos i would have taken the zero without fuss.

Anonymous said...

Don't think we'll get any confirmation from Wenger but i hope Persie starts.

iyank_iyo said...




any advice?

Anonymous said...

nasri-lampard then...

Anonymous said...

Hearing places Lampard may not play. Any truth to this?

Dan said...

I am really happy with my team atm:

Kolarov, Alcaraz, Toure
VDV, Nani, Nasri, Downing, Gerrard

Never been more impressed with my lineup!

Anonymous said...

Nice team you have there Dan...

Anonymous said...

I've these players:

Kolarov, D. Collins, Salcido
VDV, Nani, Nasri, Tchoyi, Gerrard
Chamwow, Balo

Hope this work well for me this week!
Jebat siAlgojo Derhaka

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Please comment on my team

tervez,torres,van persie

Looks nice on paper but i'm worried about van persie and lampard not being 100% yet.


Anonymous said...

my team atm:


i hate baloteli but he will start after rested last week...
or should i swap balo to dorrans/silva and nasri to chamakh?


Anonymous said...

Can anyone update us on the weather forecast? Any news on possible postponement for today's matches?


Anonymous said...

Suspended: Fabregas
Doubtful: None
Injured:Frimpong, Vermaelen, Almunia, Gibbs

Anonymous said...


Alex Darlo said...

The only likely risk was due to be the north east, but the thaw in the last 24 hours has been impressive and the forecast snow this morning has arrived as rain, and its still warm so I dont expect any risk at all to the sunderland match.

Anonymous said...


Ruben said...

Help! I have Berbs at 14.77.... Should I drop him or not. I really don't know. And how about Fuller?

Anonymous said...

will bale be rested?

Anonymous said...



Donut said...

Merry Xmas folks

Keeping cesc at discount when the likes of gerrard are around at similar price is not a good move in my view. I had cesc, took the points and now have to say goodbye. Guess what though? I can get him back when he isn't suspended!! Ok so he costs more but there are so many bargains floating around this year that it really doesn't matter.
My new years resolution is to stop being hung up on discount and to make choices based MOSTLY on matchup, form and value...

Loving the quality teams picked so far , as someone said earlier, fantasy football dream world!!!

Also, despite Bale not scoring heavy he has been playing amazing football and really terrorizing defences. personally I think he is decent value even at 15

Bale Jara Kolarov
Lamps Gerrard VDV Dorrans Henderson
Rooney Van Persie

Risk of Lamps and VP being rested but surely what they need more than anything is match fitness? Just can't see Lamps being left out, VP more risky in my view...

Mell 10-11 said...

Congrats Arsenal on defeating Chelsea, they really deserved it. Suddenly the top four looks very interesting.

Based on forecast, only Liverpool and Manchester area are expecting snow showers, others seem ok for Blackpool home fixture right?;D

Anonymous said...

Kolarov Konchesky Ben-Haim
Nani VDV Nasri Lampard Gerrard
Torres Balotelli

Decided not to keep a BDed Fabregas as Im already risking a zero with Nani.

Anonymous said...



Ruben said...

Thanks for advice! I would go for Bent. But Crouch is way cheaper and ive got him too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the weather update. I have a sense that Bent will score. Will choose him instead of chamwow or crouchy. One thing that i hate most is whether Balotelli will play or not. Still unable to decide whether i'll keep him or not. Any suggestion?


Ruben said...

Fuller or Yaya?

popthycollar said...

Nasri is suddenly worth more in the absence of Fabregas.

Torres looks like a worthy gamble against Wolves with Gerrard back behind him.

May stick with Lampard, due to his scoring history he could have one good game and his price go up five mil.

RVP will have to go as he at risk of being rested and got negative points in a win against Chelsea - unheard of...

Reina looks like a tasty price, but then so do some of the others...

Silva and Balotelli will have to stay coz they're dirt cheap and will probably play

OOH AAH van der vaart say OOH AAH van der vaart

Meanwhile Bale will start making hay again soon

Anonymous said...

will bosingwa play??????????

Superfly Jim said...

Here's my team, I'm happy taking zero on fab.

I never thought I would be able to have a team like this...

M Wilson / Kos / Ben Haim
VDV / Nasri / Lamps / Fabs / Gerrard
Rooney / Odem or RVP or Chamwow

What does everyone think for the 2nd striker role ?

As always thanks guys :-)

Anonymous said...

go for RVP superfly jim

Anonymous said...

can someone update weather for liverpool game plizzz.... hav so many player on that game

Jelly said...

my team atm.

bale jara koscielny
silva lamps gerrard vdv m.davies
torres welbeck

trade k-rov with bale, dropping one midfield
adding m. davies as filler.

any comments?

Anonymous said...

anon @10.49

liverpool game is tomorrow night.
no update yet at official

maybe have to wait until tomorrow.

SfSS said...

any ideas about welbeck? should start against blackpool after not playing in manchester

Jelly said...

I think so.

He's on form now.
Bruce will go for 4-3-3 at home.

Anonymous said...

welbeck or torres? pls comment?

Anonymous said...

anon @ 11.02


Jelly said...

both good. but welbeck cheaper.
not to mention that liverpool pitch now is little snowy.
but the game is tomorrow night.

I have good feeling about welbeck this week.
but i have both. :)

Anonymous said...

to sfss

welbeck surely play.. sunderland will start wit 3 striker
welback gyan & bent

Anonymous said...

weather comes again.bye2 tevez and silva
now i got nani and rosicky

Anonymous said...

fuck!!man city game postponed??

Anonymous said...

who told you that??

Anonymous said...

no link = hoax

Anonymous said...

@SfSS Welbeck will start! He was forbiden versus man utd because of the loan from them

Anonymous said...

please check BBC sports

Anonymous said...

link please for the Man City postponed match

Jelly said...

so far all 7 games today are good to go.

kwyjibo said...

Maybe Balotelli isn't a good pick afterall? Do you think he will still start after this news?

Balotelli set to quit:

Jelly said...

wrong link. lol

SfSS said...

thanks to all on feedback on welbeck, will keep him in my team

SfSS said...

btw, dropped balotelli, i know he may score a couple and he is so cheap, but i hate him + his attitude could lead to another yellow or even red card, additionally he may stay on bench due to his wish to leave the club

Anonymous said...

rvp is playing? pls help

SfSS said...

rvp might be rested in favour of chamakh

I have similar problem with lampard, but i could take a gamble and keep him, as che doesnt have anybody to substitute him, to be honest ramires is crap, che never win when he plays and ancelotti doesn't need any more draws or losses

Ruben said...

Last deadline!! I see pav insteed of crouch in some lineups? WHo is gonna play?

Anonymous said...

both will play..pav 1st eleven..crouch on the bench...


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