Friday, 3 December 2010

Week 16 - Update

Let's start with the weather - it is bloody freezing in England! The snow has stopped but it was minus 6 overnight and my walk to work was beyond treacherous, the paths & roads are like ice-rinks and there are very few cars about.

The good news is that things are meant to warm up a bit later and push the temperature above freezing overnight and I'd expect all Premier League grounds with under-soil heating to be able to get the games on. I believe pitch inspections for Saturday matches will be done today (to save supporters travelling to postponed games) so we'll have more news later.

Blackpool v Manchester United is OFF, officially postponed because of a frozen pitch:

I can tell you the main worry at the moment is Blackpool v Manchester United. Blackpool don't have under-soil heating so they've brought in a generator that blows heat on to the pitch, and they are hopeful it will be enough to get the game on. I'll update you throughout the day.

Now the team news, and I'll refer back to my Player Picks post...
One of the key points I (and many other managers) have to decide on is what to do about Van Der Vaart if you hold him at 6ish. I find it very odd that we've had absolutely no news from Tottenham about the extent of his hamstring injury, only that he was due to have scan on Monday.

Is no news a good or bad thing? Perhaps it's not as bad as first feared? Perhaps it's worse!? I'm not sure, but we should know more in the next 48 hours
I wrote the above on Wednesday with the only news available being Van Der Vaart's self diagnosis to Redknapp on Sunday that he'd "felt it tear", which lead the press to report he'd miss 4-6 weeks. However, reading some reports this morning it appears that the injury was not as bad as first feared.

He's definitely out this weekend & he'll miss the Champion's League tie at Twente midweek, but there is a chance he could be ready for Chelsea on the Sunday of Week 17, precisely 2 weeks from the date of the injury. Obviously this is not yet confirmed, but hopefull Harry will give us some further details in his press conference this afternoon. If he has a chance for next weekend I'll probably keep him @6.


Blackpool v Manchester United is OFF, officially postponed because of a frozen pitch: I am probably dropping Nani & Adam as a results of this news, can't afford to take 3 zeros as I'll probably keep Van Der Vaart

- Worrying news coming out of West Brom this afternoon; Brunt & Odemwingie are both slight doubts as they continue to struggle with their old groin & knee injuries. I get the feeling they'll both play though the pain after being rested in midweek, but it's a concern we could all really do without.

- Owen Coyle has said he will give Stuart Holden until the last minute to prove his fitness ahead of the clash with Manchester City, but it's 50-50. Martin Petrov (against his old club) could replace Matt Taylor.

- Di Santo is now a doubt with an ankle problem so with Rodallega suspended & Moses out for 3 months after dislocating his shoulder, it appears Boselli may start upfront for Wigan.

- Jermaine Pennant will undergo a late fitness test on a hamstring injury.

- Balotelli is being tipped to start upfront with Tevez.

- Ashley Young is suspended for Aston Villa's trip to Liverpool after picking up his 5th booking of the season vs Birmingham on Wednesday.

- John Terry & Michael Essien are back for Chelsea but Lampard & Zhirkov are still out. Ancelotti suggested a midfield three of Mikel, Essien, Malouda, so I assume Kalou, Anelka & Drogba upfront. I'm reading that Alex has now flown back to Brazil for surgery on his knee,  so Ivanovic should partner Terry but we have no confirmation on right-back - Bosingwa or Ferreira.

- Arsene Wenger confirmed in his press conference that Samir Nasri and Sebastien Squillaci will both be available for selection.

That's it for now, but please keep checking back as the team news comes through thick and fast later today. If you read or hear anything of interest, please add it to the comments section below to help your fellow blog readers (and me!) :)

How's your team looking? What are you doing about VDV?



Anonymous said...

Very first one

Alex Darlo said...

Robinson / Mancienne A. Ferdinand Squillaci / Nani Marielles Brunt Nasri / Rooney Bent Chamakh

Anonymous said...


ebi s. said...

Kolarov Bosingwa Kiriagos
Nani VdV Arshavin MGP Brunt
Balotelli Odemwingie

Birty said...

damn, I'd finally decided Nasri was the least risky option of the arsenal midfield and now he's doutful. so maybe walcott or maybe samba in defence. tough decision.

Anonymous said...

just got the feeling at least 1 match will be lost to weather this wk.

can't understand fant foot scout saying bosingwa is dropped with ivanovic to rb. surely if terry is back , alex would have his op & bosingwa would then keep his place.

this cham/rvp issue is bothering me. i think Cham will start, but RVP could really rack up some pt's even as a sub with set pieces, and of course it would prob mean Cham getting subbed q early ( 60 mins ).


Martin said...

K-Rov/ Heitinga/ Koscienley (Chimbonda?)
Nani/ Nasri/ Brunt/ Merieles
Chamwow/ Berbs/ Gyan (Odemwingie?)

Anonymous said...


always have second though about it

Ronson said...

Could the manager of Arsenal_Bergkamp [AM.Blog] please post their team this week!!!!
(need a bit of help after last week!)

anyone going for Barton?

Ali said...

AM - What are your thoughts on Defoe? You are a spurs fan.... I got him last week, would have been good had he not missed the pena. Anyways do you think he will start?

Thanks very much, I love this blog!


Anonymous said...

how about HOLDEN AM???
still no news since your last post about player picks...

Assistant Manager said...

Post updated...

Kavedas said...

What will Berbatov holders do with the Bpool game news , game is on doubt !!!
Should i hold VDV if he is out only for 2 games ??

donut said...

AM - I thought Boselli was also a doubt with his knee?


Doncaster v Barnsley
Hull v QPR
Nottingham Forest v Bristol City
Portsmouth v Burnley
Sheffield United v Reading

All these games have been called off in the Championship already which is a worry because at least 4 of these grounds are Premier League quality with full undersoil heating etc...

We are told Blackpool is a big risk with no undersoil heating but these 4 stadia will have it and still they have been called off. There is snow and very cold weather forecast today/tonight...
Arsenal v Fulham - London - normally ok in the big cities
Birmingham v Tottenham - Midlands - not so much snow in the Midlands so I would say this would be least risky game...but Nottingham Forest game is off..
Blackburn v Wolves - North West, big snow and freeze forecast although traditionally this area doesn't get so much snow
Blackpool v Man Utd - again, North West where the big new weather front is coming from, no heating, big risk I think
Chelsea v Everton - London - normally ok I would expect
Man City v Bolton - North West, where the bad weather is meant to be...
Wigan v Stoke - North West AGAIN - oh dear!!

Sunderland v West Ham - North East - Saturday night is meant to be monstrously cold in the NE, I think this is also a risk...Hull already off...
West Brom v Newcastle - in-land Midlands, I would expect this to be ok...

Mon, Dec 6 Liverpool v Aston Villa - North West again, meant to be very cold on Sunday, would put in the risky category...

You can never tell what nature is doing, and you never know how people decide which games go ahead or not but I wouldn't be surprised to see all games go ahead...or no games go ahead.

But if I was a betting man (and I am) I would say, riskiest first order

Major Risk - Blackpool, Sunderland
Medium Risk - Wigan, Blackburn, Man City, Liverpool
Low Risk - West Brom, Birmingham, Chelsea, Arsenal

Anonymous said...

@donut: "Better news though for Mauro Boselli, he had to leave the field at the Emirates on Tuesday but despite early fears and numbness, he now looks to be available for Saturday.",,10429~2235757,00.html

Keyword: looks to be available

Assistant Manager said...

Great analysis, thanks donut.

From what I've just seen on BBC Weather it's meant to improve overnight, up to 4 or 5 degrees tomorrow which will help melt some of the ice/snow - my gut feeling says we'll see all Saturday Premier League games go ahead, although there's always a risk to Sunday/Monday games as things could get worse again.

Anonymous said...

@donut thanks, i was about to ask which matches were the least likely to be affected.

Anonymous said...

Blackpool are reporting that the clash with Manchester United on Saturday is under increased threat of postponement as temperatures fell to minus eight last night.

Anonymous said...

The VDV question. I think I'm going to drop him. I'm at 804 overall and know that a +20 point day compared to those ahead of me should move me up about 300 spots. Looking to replace him with Lennon or Meireles.

Goals be midseason:
Get into top 500 of overall
Get into top 10 of Blog League 1

Arsenal_Bergkamp [AM.Blog] do not post your team or thoughts here. No point in helping the chasing hoardes of Hong Kong fantasy football :)

My team so far...
Kolorov Kosc Zhirkov
Nani Nasri Lennon Brunt??
Cham Kalou Carroll


Anonymous said...

Terry is fit, so will Bosingwa start, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis, thanks Donut

Paphos Toffee

Assistant Manager said...

Post updated again with news on Chelsea

Anonymous said...

my team is looking decent
bosingwa kolarov rafael
VDV(keeping him for now) pedersen silva lennon
torres van persie(taking the risk for him to start) agbonlahor

Anonymous said...

only broke 100pts once (its my 1st season)
any chance with this lot

nolan(@5) park.lennon.modric

is it worth selling Nolan?

Keep up the good work anyway


Anonymous said...

Blackpool v Man u game OFF

Anonymous said...

OFF??? any link to check??

donut said...

Just to confirm that postponement with evidence

Major risk 1 is knocked out!!

Nani nani nani nani - $3m discount, what to do!!

AM - I wouldn't be surprised if the others go ahead but its the championship games being called off which is causing me the most concern for now...

Also - Rugby Union games called off in the following areas...smaller stadiums but still..

Sale (Manchester)
Leeds (for SUNDAY!!)

Anonymous said...

Blackpool v manu is not off yet but seems likely. this creates a problem for us who have Berb at a "discount"... not sure he's worth the 20+, but having him at a discount (on the BD) and now he doesn't play? what to do?

Anonymous said...

well thats one prediction i've got right anyway. see post no.6 above on this thread !. just ditched rooney for tevez.
any berbs on bd owners will be gutted ! .
prob gonna have to sell nani even with 3 discount. and adam who's been tailing off, but i was keeping for this wk, is prob now gonna go too.


Birty said...

blackpool v united off as per the manchester evening news.

nani to be kept

Partly Sunny said...

I guess it realy is off.

meyo said...

it's official!

wut i wana do wif berbs n nani?????

Anonymous said...

Blackpool ManU game is off

What to do with Berb at 11?

donut said...

Get rid of all Blackpool and ManU players regardless of discounts in my view.

Berbs has only had 2 big weeks this year - he'll do nothing again for 6 weeks like after his hat trick!

Nani@15 is good, but malouda is 15 too so not TOO difficult a decision

Anyway, just my opinion there...I have already dropped Nani and Adam - may be more to come!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog - makes the previously arduous selection process so much easier. Pretty much the only place I come now rather than trawling the web.

Any advice on the following? Any tips much appreciated...

Bosingwa & Silva


Squillaci & Adam

Anonymous said...

thanks....pls continue to update the latest news..

Anonymous said...

Blackpool v Man.U - OFF

Anonymous said...

It’s official – Blackpool have postponed Saturday’s clash with Manchester United due to a frozen pitch.

There were discussions between Blackpool, Manchester United, the Premier League and Match Officials today and it was decided that referee Peter Walton would inspect the pitch. The official was reportedly concerned that certain areas of the surface would not thaw out in time for the planned kick off tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I agree with donut. Tks bro

Anonymous said...

I agree with donut. Tks bro

Ian Sanderson said...

Drat, drat and double drat.
Had 5 players in the Man U Blackpool game.
Back to the drawing board.

Anonymous said...

Bosingwa and Silva

Anonymous said...

Bosingwa and Silva surely

I have Nani at 13+ so he stays, i'll Drop VdV at 6.14 though

popthycollar said...

Well, prior to reading this blog and comments my team was as follows:


Bale Kolarov Koscielny

Adam Nani VDV Dunn Rosicky

Defoe Rooney

But Adam (@£3.4m discount), Nani (@£3.5m discount) and Rooney are no longer playing.

I'll probably ditch Rooney for Kalou or perhaps RVP. Nani will probably go as well for Malouda.

In a quandary re Adam. Don't want to take a zero but equally don't want to lose a guaranteed "scores more points than value" man, especially at the cheap end of the spectrum...

Anonymous said...

Looking for some advice - what's the strongest out of these 4 and likely to score the most points this week?

1. Koscielny, Rodwell & Malouda


2. M.Wilson (Stoke), Silva & Malouda


3. Squillaci, Essien & Wilshere/Henderson/Song


4. Bosingwa, Silva & Meireles

Thanks for any help!!

Anonymous said...

There'll be a lot of postponements and if you start dropping all players on discounts i wonder what your team will look like by january.


Anonymous said...

I am dropping Nani (not much discount) and Berbatov (at 10.64) and going with Arshavin and Kalou. ManU plays Chelsea and Arsenal next and the points might be minimal for Nani and Berbs, along with the zeros this weekend. I don't see the point in keeping the ManU guys. So, will go with Arshavin and Kalou and reevaluate keeping those two after the weekend. Team


Still waiting for more info on VdV at 7.78, may go with Wilshere or Henderson. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

will brunt play tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

thank god i dont have nani or c.adams...

rwlwhite said...


I've had to go from a starting 11 I really liked:

Kolarov, Squilacci, Koscielny
VDV, Nani, Nasri, Essien, Brunt
Berbatov, Balotelli

to one I don't like as much:

Kolarov, Squilacci, Koscielny
VDV, Nasri, Essien, Brunt
Balotelli, Tevez, Chamakh

(I really didnt want to pick Tevez because the last 2 times I've picked him I've got a combined return of -5!). Also dropped Nani at 3.xx discount, and Berbs pre-5 goal price. At least they have Arsenal and Chelsea as their next 2 games so it's not much of a loss as I probably wouldnt have picked them anyway after this week!

Anonymous said...

What about Balotelli-Boateng fight. Will either of them be punished?

Anonymous said...

team AM... what do you say? arshavin/balotelli or silva/tevez?

Kwyjibo said...

This is a disaster...thanks to the weather, now I have to lose 16m in discounts?! 21m if I also drop VdV, which I may not, now.

Some tough decisions offence, AM, but I may have to think more long-term and completely forget about the Blog Cup this weekend, and hope for the best...

Anonymous said...

Welp Blackpools lack of a underground heater has led me to drop Nani, Roo and Rafael and ive finally settled on the following...for now.

Bale Kolorav Koscielny
Nasri Brunt Meireles VDV
Bent Balotelli Chamwow

Im pretty sure ill keep VDV, also ive been debating on swapping out Chamwow for one of Carroll, Obinna, Defoe or Kenwyne Jones, any thoughts?


Ken said...

Rookie thoughts:

Holding a player at a cost of 12 or more and taking a zero seems silly to me. Point & click.. not that hard. I have Nani and would love to keep him, but who's to say that by picking up (say) Malouda I will not be just as well off throughout the year.

I am changing 7 players this week dropping Berbatov, Nani, Rafael at good to great discounts, as well as others BUT...

Adding the likes of Malouda, Essien, Nasri, P. Jones,and Pendersen.

Go for it...Much more fun then playing it safe all the time with a ZERO!

Anonymous said...

AM - any ideas what the pairing in central defense for Spurs is likely to be with Kaboul out? I saw Dawson might be back, but I'd like to go for Bassong if he'll start.

L.A. Phallusy

hseferian said...

Bassong to start.

donut said...

Ken - completely agree with you - I think there are very few situations where you should take discounts over an attempt to get points. Taking a 0 in my opinion is the wrong strategy - you only need to scan through the top 50 to tell you that's what the top teams subscribe to... eg VDV at 6 is a no brainer drop decision - just get him back at 11...A few exceptions to this would be Bale@2 or Drogs@10 from last season...exceptions for me which prove the rule!!

Just an example, just picked this XI from scratch. Most at home, all decent match ups, all I think pretty much sure to play...

Squirrel Koscielny Ivanovic
Malouda Essien Barton Pennant Wilshere
Balotelli Chamakh

My god - it looks quite good. Do I have the guts to dismiss my discounts on Elmander, Gyan, M. Taylor, Lennon, Bale, Kolarov and Jara...???

Daniel said...

Hey donut!

You said "eg VDV at 6 is a no brainer drop decision"

I disagree with this statement now it's been reported that he'll possibly miss just one league game. It may be your opinion but saying it's a "no-brainer" to drop him seems wrong and may misguide someone.

The averages show he's the 4th best provider of points in the entire game. Why drop him for someone who may get you a one-off 6-10 points extra (or less!) and then re-buy him for almost double the cost next week? I'd say VDV at 6 is almost as valuable as Drogba at 10, although maybe not quite Bale at 2, but that was an exceptional situation.

Just my opinion :)


Anonymous said...

kompany, bosingwa, p.jones
vdv, malouda, arshavin, pedersen
carroll, chamakh, odemwingie

wot do you guys reckon on this then any comments??

Anonymous said...

Here's where I stand on vdv. Was going to sell him but after reworking my team and dropping him I have 7.25 left to spend on a midfielder or defender. I cannot justify buying anyone at that price who could return decent points. I may keep him now.


SfSS said...

Agree on everything Donut has said, however not on VDV if he is really only out for one weekend, definitely no one to get for a price of 6 who could be worth more than 5 point discount.

Have dropped Nani and Adam, but not VDV one zero is ok for 1 week :) somebody else could even get you negative score

Anonymous said...


Thank you, i was just writing up a response when i read this. Theres no right or wrong "easy" decision right now. The last week of the season u can see if u made the right decision to drop or keep him. In my opinion, assuming VDV misses a game or 2 or 3, u r not going to find a replacement for that price that will outscore VDV the rest of the year once hes back. Nani with a $3 discount u gota think about. You can probably find another pt producing midfielder for that price, and nani will probably drop down a few $, and u should be able to scoop him back up.


donut said...

Hi folks
Stand corrected (thanks Daniel/BCB/SFSS) on VDV at 6 if he is indeed only out for 1 week isn't such a "no brainer"...
I would still change him - but yes its not such a simple decision...
For the 7.25 BCB I think Henderson/Silva/Jordi Gomez are decent options - nowhere near VDV calibre but at least they have a chance of getting some points...but again I accept the point that its not so easy to decide...
will be very interesting for me to see where ArsenalBergkamp and rest of top 50 find themselves on the VDV question - my guess would be that he will not be in many of their teams...or will they!!!

Anonymous said...

hey AM, what is your latest advice_?

Anonymous said...

Doubtful: Brunt (groin), Miller (abdomen/fitness), Morrison (back), Odemwingie & Scharner (both knee), Shorey (illness)

Thats a dagger right there. I barndoored Brunt and don't know if i can risk holding him anymore

Anonymous said...

AM wrote about the Brunt news earlier today, it's in the post above

Anonymous said...,17033,8652_6551908,00.html

"Redknapp also revealed Rafael van der Vaart and Younes Kaboul could both be fit for next Sunday's Barclays Premier League game with Chelsea."

VDV will miss one game - if someone is telling you to drop him at 6, they either don't have him at 6, or they do and they want to be the only one ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, i know this is off topic and i'm not sure what the lowest goalkeepers score was but i've had 8 negatives, 4 zeros and 3 positives for a grand total of -35 points, ouchy mamma thats ugly. Kingsview possums blog league 3 for anyone who has'nt seen a train crash. Great work with the blog love reading it and everyones comments (well moet of them). Cheers Andrew.

Kellz said...

Tough week with the Utd v BPool game postponed, looked spot on for a 3-0+ victory for Utd. Thus I have had to drop Rooney and Nani at discount confusing my team even more.

Right now I sit on:

Bale, Bosingwa, Kolarov
Nasri, Meirales, VDV, Dorrans
Drogba, Chamakh, Balotelli

I still have Malouda + Brunt on my unsaved team, but with Malouda's position held deeper, the looming threat that Drogba MUST score eventually, and Brunt being a doubt through a groin injury (never easy to recover from) I had to make some moves.

At first I thought I would drop Malouda/Nasri to fit in Drogba/Rosicky, but then decided Nasri would be too important as he would be on most SP, and yes he scores low even with a goal, but Fulham haven't looked very strong on the road and Nasri has been in his best Arsenal scoring form of his career. Thus it lead me to drop Brunt to Dorrans, who should be taking SP with Brunt out, even if Brunt plays Dorrans should play because of Mulumbu's RC. Hes at 3mil so he wouldn't need more than a SOT to make me happy.

Good luck and wake up early to hear about possible postponements!

Lee B said...

donut: sorry mate VDV advice (a bit of a donut) lol, :- as per all other ambloggers keep him if you've got him at 6( he's (almost)as valuable as bale was last season,
By the way my season has gone up shit creek lol. Got a 200 score earlier in the season then have bottomed out frequently.

Gone from 10th overall to just inside the top 1000th

Any advice on my team coz I think i've blown it.

Kos, boateng, tamas
Nasri, Malouda, Essien, VDV (I WILL NOT DROP HIM)
Drog(He's got to score or i will personally assassinate him(joking) Balotelli and Chamakh.

Any possible assistance coz anything i seem to do at the moment turns to shit, like AM's GK choice's


Lee B (Realronaldo)

Anonymous said...

@donut: AFAIK, Arsenal_Bergkamp only picks VDV on a matchup basis, doesn't have him for 6+. Sadly, I don't have VDV at 6+ as well, but thankfully, free of the dilemma now.

Anonymous said...

to all manager, who's the best.. floma or PENDERSON??

infidel said...





its been 2 hours still i cant decide who will be my team.

GENIUS said...

MY NAME IS GENIUS... i bet u tevez will score this week... COMFIRM!!.. remember my name.. GENIUS

Anonymous said...

Im sry can i ask something...
if the game is postponed, the player will take zero point.. then what happened if the game is replayed?? will the players get some points???


Anonymous said...

@ACAB: You need to pick those players for the game week of the replay. Otherwise, they will get 0 for the postponed game week.

Maxer said...

saved my team.. big names such as Nani, Holden, Adam, Boateng and Gyan are gone.. Malouda, Silva, Chamack and Balotelli replaces them with Mancienne as filler for this week.. lost valuable $6 discounts from Adam and Nani but that's necessary since i'm keeping VDV and kirk in goal.. anyway good luck everybody.. i'm off to a cousin's wedding in a few hours.. cheerssss!!!..


Anonymous said...


can i know why u prefer tamas from Jara?

Anonymous said...

Kolarov Boateng Bale Koscielny
VDV Nani Nasri Pedersen
Chamakh Balotelli

I'm keeping VDV and Nani as I have a 6 and 5 discount on them respectively. For that, I have to drop Adam as I cant take 3 zeros.

Anonymous said...

@anon 3.44
- em so can i keep the players like nani or berba for this week?? to hold them until the replay game???


Anonymous said...

im sry @anon 4.55
- i dont undrstand y u can't take 3 zero if there will be a replay game???


SK said...

@ACAB - a replay game would not count in this week's score, but rather the week it's scheduled to be in. In that case, taking a 0 now is useless; since it's the same thing as being injured for 1 game only.

@Lee B - Is it really worth paying 20+ for a player who haven't scored more than his value for almost 2 months? I mean if you have a hunch that he's going to break out this week, then by no means go ahead, but I rather jump on the bandwagon once it starts rolling than waiting for its driver to show up.

What do you guys think of my team?
Kolarov Bosingwa Sagna
VdV Nasri Pedersen Malouda
Odemwengie Kalou Balotelli

Anonymous said...

hye guys..

need some help..

uncertain about welbeck and boateng (4.xx).. will they play? if not any good subtitutes for them?



Anonymous said...

Brunt (BD 9.81) or Modric (8.87) ?

who to select? tough decision, need help!

bean said...

@SK - Odemwengie and Balotelli doubts to play, that would be a lot of zeros with VDV not playing as well.

@M - Welbeck should start considering his form, I think Boateng is fit and will probably start, but a chance he won't since he played 90 midweek Europa

@Anon 5:48 - Brunt is a great pick, but a doubt with groin strain. Modric doesn't seem to score well fantasy wise

i have:
Welbeck,Drogba,Chamak (or maybe Roberts)

Anonymous said...

Ok SK.. and everyone thx for the explaination.. its very helpfull..


Anonymous said...

bean, where are you hearing Balotelli is a doubt to play?

GENIUS said...

hi.. me again..

my prediction is 100%.. this week i bet tevez n robert will score.. yess.. pick this player..


Anonymous said...

saved my team..

kolarov boateng bosingwa
floma arshavin silva barton
tevez robert kalou

thanks GENIUS..

Anonymous said...

Balotelli is no doubt, his place in the first team is almost fixed. The injury on wednesday was minor.

Anonymous said...

GENIUS what confident make you prediction is 100% Tevez & Robert will score this week?!

GENIUS said...

1st- trust me
2nd- blackburn 100% win this week with wolve
3rd- tevez totally fit this game.. thrust me.. if u choose balotelli also is not a problem but tevez definitly score above 20 this week.. thrust me
and fyi... i'm in top 600 now.. but miss 1st week.. but i'm not understand why AM not mention robert's name..
btw- pederson is a good pick if u choose him


GENIUS said...



Daniel said...

Oh 100% accurate Genius?

Anonymous said...

GENIUS, if i pick Tevez, Roberts and D.Bent upfront, could you please comment?

GENIUS said...

bent is pretty nailed on to score against west ham at HOME.. if u pick him, so just carry on.. but if u pick bolatelli, u can upgrade ur midfielder also

if u not picking nasri as ur player, u r sooooo bloddy idiot.. lol..

pederson?? wanna try?


bean said...

"Balotelli came off soon after having seemed to pick up a slight hamstring problem but City's scoring for the night was not over."
so he played midweek and came off with a slight hamstring strain around the 70th minute. guardian squad sheets don't have him starting:
but certainly could still start, just a risk

Anonymous said...

My team, probably final:

Kolarov Koscielny PJones
VDV Nasri Brunt Malouda
Elmander Chamakh Tevez

I'm taking my chances and I'm not counting on a big week for me. If it turns out to be a poor week, which even leads me to drop our of the Blog Cup, I can't say I'll be surprised much.
I've decided to keep VDV, and also hold Brunt - he's only a doubt and has more time to recover as his match is only tomorrow, while him not playing won't be a disaster yet as I have him on discount and WBA has a good schedual for the next 3-4 games, until they meet ManU.
I've also decided to drop Fabianski, because I have this annoying feeling that Arsenal will win 3 or 4 to 1, and won't keep a CS. Just in case it happens, I have Koscielny, but I'm not putting a lot of money on it. I've also decided to keep Elmander as I have him under 10mil and after ManCity (who already proved they can be leaky from time to time) he meets B'burn, Sunderland and WBA. Mouthwatering.

Good like, and if you've got any advice don't be shy and hit me with it.


Anonymous said...

I dropped VDV which I got @5.53 and Nani with 12.99 @ from the beginning of the season. I have no regret whatsoever because thats what makes this game fun and choose the right players at the right time. Discount is nothing but illusion to make you feel good. what's so fun about keeping all the players at discount til the end of the season without changing the team week in week out. Just personal opinion, dont attack me if you don't agree.


Anonymous said...

100% bro?
what about wheater problems?
if i pick tevez this week at 16.09 but north west got bad weather is it worth it?

Emperor said...



kalou/lennon ?

Anonymous said...

Roberts or Balotelli?

both in 5.7, who will score well this week?

Kendo said...

ive dropped rooney adam ferdinand and vdv gulp! not great discounts on them but want to have a full squad. tevez for rooney might be a stroke of genius ;)

bale kos alcaraz
song miereles nzog wilshere
carroll cham tevez

Kendo said...

@ Genius I don't fancy thrusting you just because Tevez is fit! ;) (don't think he is actually.. in that sense... ;) )

Kendo :)

Arjen_Robben 11 said...

p.robinson (gk),kolarov,hoilett,nasri/kalou


kirkland(gk),squillaci,bent,modric ?

Anonymous said...

kompany, bosingwa, p.jones
vdv, malouda, arshavin, pedersen
carroll, chamakh, odemwingie

wot do you guys reckon on this then any comments??


Joker said...




Anonymous said...


boateng or micah richards to start?

pls help..tq

Anonymous said...

Boateng will start

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