Monday, 13 December 2010

Week 17 - Review

Just a quick post to update you on my Week 17 as I won't be available to post again until player picks on Wednesday afternoon. I know we still have the big match - Manchester United v Arsenal - tonight, but I don't have any players in that match so I can already let you know exactly how badly things went.

Kolarov (expected 0), Van Der Vaart (expected 0), Robinson (expected -1), Balotelli (petulant -2), Bale (disappointing 5.5) & Elmander (disappointing 3.5). Six players that take up around £45m of my total funds combined to bring me a whopping 6 points between them. Obviously I knew that I'd be getting two zeros, but when you write it down like that it really is poor!

I was extremely lucky it wasn't worse - Baines (16), Brunt (11.5), Silva (11.5), Etherington (10.5) & Meireles (7.5) managed to pull my total up to a (still woefully below average) 63 points. However, I somehow managed to drop just 14 places in the overall rankings to 303rd, which shows that it was a very poor, low scoring week, with many of the top picks failing to deliver.

My ranking will slip further after tonight's game as many managers hold Nani/Nasri/Rooney etc, but if I'm still in the Top 500 by the end of it I'll be OK with that. If you're going to have a bad week, I guess it's best to have it when everyone else is having one too!

My barndoor team for Week 18 currently looks like this:

Robinson, Squillaci, Bale, Kolarov, Meireles, Van Der Vaart, Brunt, Pedersen, Lampard, Balotelli, Van Persie

With the team above I still have £3.5m in the bank which will come in handy later in the week.

My keeper & defence will stay as it is. I'm hoping VDV returns at Blackpool but I may need to move out Meireles as Gerrard is set to return and will take back set pieces - Silva could come back in. Brunt stays, Pedersen is there for now but could go for Nasri, while Lampard should start & is too cheap to turn down even with a tough fixture.

Balotelli's behaviour was an embarrassment on Saturday but it sounds like Tevez may have played his last game for City after handing in a transfer request, so I'll probably stick with him for that price. Van Persie is being eased in by Wenger but I think he may be unleashed from the start vs Stoke. If not then Torres & Defoe are both options.

That's it for now. Please let me know how you got/are getting on in Week 17. How's your early team looking for Week 18?



motyli said...

56.5 points waiting for points for nasri/nani/fabiansky

Anonymous said...

I had a terrible week as well, Got excited when I saw the sunderland shutout, as I had gordon, but didnt realize mignolet was starting. Adam, Malouda, and Balotelli combined for 6 in total. 66 points in all.

You are the man Nik

Anonymous said...

66.5 points had a lousy week just like you Nik.. Wish I had bought baines instead of elmander, my last minute switch. Despite the score, I managed to move up 200 odd places to be placed in the top 1100~ , my highest rank this season ;) at this point I would like to say a big thank you to you nik for this blog, without which I would never have achieved the rank on my first year in yff. Good luck for. next week!


Anonymous said...

Currently sitting with
Bale, Kocsienly, Kolarov
VdV, Nasri, Lampard, Silva
Balotelli, Torres, RvP

L'Orange Noir said...

I have no players in tonight's game either and ended up on the slightly better than you but still poor score of 74 points, putting me at 685th overall.
I had a very similar team to you but Jussi netted me 9 points and Albrighton got 10.
My current team is

Kolarov, Skrtel, Tamas
Adam, Silva, Brunt, Nasri, Meireles
Defoe, Torres

3.9 mil in the bank to play with.

Anonymous said...

kolarov jones alcaraz
barton pederson lampard fabregas (still monitor)
defoe carroll balotelli..

if vdv still not return i will trade fabregas to bale

lipantata said...

poor week...just manage 56 with nasri left..

Anonymous said...

what's the wrong with Balotelli???

Anonymous said...

Bad week for all of us I suppose and seriously, Chelsea needs to brace themselves up since Lampard is back. Hey AM, reckon Lampard will start against Man U next week?

Anonymous said...

"while Lampard should start & is too cheap to turn down even with a tough fixture."

he wrote this in his post, what do you think?! :)

ebi s. said...

Poor week too, 2 expected zeros, 57 with just Nani to go.


Kolarov Boateng Salgado
Nani Vdv Lampard Nasri MGP
Balotelli Odemwingie

DeviLxDeviL said...

@Anon 12:59 PM, what is your point actually?

Well bad week for me. 2 zeros (Vdv/Kolarov). S.Taylor = 1 points only lol. 59 points. Total. I think we should at least pick 1 Villa middie for next game.

er i think C.Adam will miss next match after collected his 5th YC yesterday. Rite?

Anonymous said...

DevilxDevil: the guy above me asked AM if he thought Lampard would start vs Man U and I was just pointing out that AM had already explained what he thought in his post :)

DeviLxDeviL said...


Hahahaha sorry bro, i missed that. hahahaha Cheers :D :D

GENIUS said...

THANK GOD... every week still maintain 90 above.. this week, krul, baines, elokobi, robinson, cahill, ethe, silva, meireles, downing, elmander and mario that is not super this week.. total just 93..

i know some of u guys thinks that my prediction will be true.. it just prediction.. i cannot see the future.. i cannot see either agbonlahor will play or not.. but i can predict if he play, he will score for sure.. he's my man...

my ranking still top 1000 with miss one week.. thnks too all my fan...


SUPER GENIUS aka fully assistence manager

Anonymous said...

Genius, you are so fantastic.

Now, get lost.

Partly Sunny said...

Is it worth taking a 0 from Adam and keeping him at 5.43 for next week?

Anonymous said...

Bad week is relative just like AM pointed out. 57 points for me with Nasri to go and only dropped about 70 places overall to 900. Now in my best "Genius' impersonation.

i have super good feeling about tonight.....nasri to score hat-trick....also i can predict he also will penalty save..i cannot see the future because it is dark...i just say what i think....thank you all....


Anonymous said...

Whats the point? Adam has not scored double digits in his last eight games. His highest was 9 and he scored below 5 about 5 times. I gave the analysis of his poor scoring form over 2 posts, a lot of people still kept him and he scored poorly in a match they won. Still you got him a just 5.

Anonymous said...


if that the case, u should call me SUPER DUPER GENIUS since i dont averaging 90pts every week but still i'm inside 900th


Anonymous said...

@Partly Sunny said: Is it worth taking a 0 from Adam and keeping him at 5.43 for next week?

Why would you take a 0 for Adam?

Anonymous said...


U are bullshit~!!!

billthegrunt said...

69.5 points with no one left to play, good enough to move me up 10 places in the blog league, but expect to drop down after today's game. Kicking myself for not setting my alarm clock Saturday morning, tried to add both Kuyt and Heskey but missed the deadline and took a zero for Jarvis instead. At least K and H are BD'ed for next weekend.

Anonymous said...

So-called Genius..I read your damn statement and I'll prove that you just said "Agbonlahor is the main this week"Duhhh~~ ( refer to week 17 update).

Hey,at least I'm honest I got 80+ points,ok?You got 93 points?LMAO

You said that your final team will be

"my team

reina (Krul)
bale (Robinson) baine elokobi
cahill ethe downing silva meireles
mario elmander

good luck folks

GENIUS-"(week 17 update)

Are you sure you chose Krul?because reina and bale were your final team not krul and robinson ,right?Don't be such liar,dumbass..even your spelling the name of SILCA (silva correct name)is wrong.

I calculated your REAL team is 72.5 points,hmmmm..Is it me or you are the lowest?

are you nervous or felt guilt when writing this comment?Be honest dude.

My prediction in "week 17 update" were some went wrong and mostly correct..Like I said,that's my only prediction..


stalin said...

my fuckest week with only 37 point!!!
with berlotelli+elmander+robbo+s.talyor=1.50points
luckily to have berba,nani&nasri in today game..

GENIUS said...

u soo jealousy guy.. lol.. i swear to god, my point this week is 93 ONLY... what the hell pick reina.. soo risky.. robbo also.. u are the loser profesor... with no brain..


Tayo said...

What stuff is Mario "Puzo" Balotelli on???

The guy is simply impossible...

Is he worth another week of YFF trial???

Tayo said...

It must be difficult being Roberto Mancini when you strikers like Tevez, Adebayor & Balotelli...

MPFC/KPM said...

I currently have 198 points with Rooney, Nasri and Berbatov to go. I am the REAL genius around here!!!!

Tayo said...

It must be difficult being Roberto Mancini when you HAVE strikers like Tevez, Adebayor & Balotelli...

Tayo said...

For Week 18:
Robinson vs. Carson???
AM & fellow bloggers, which of these two goalkeepers has your vote and why?
All opinions will be appreciated...
Thanks & best regards!

Anonymous said...

Genius,everyone picking up Robbo,except me or some people chose other GK.hey,look at "week 27 update"you wrote your final team there..If you made a change,then you must post it there,after that..Obviously,eventhough you swear it,you still a liar,no doubt it.

So you know,I'm not jealous of you,eventhough you're genius or Mankind or Asswipe.

If you truly genius,you must be at Top 50,or No.1 on a leaderboard.

I trust AM and Arsenal Bergkamp..but not you,because you make a lousy prediction.

So you know,ask the people comment here,who is really have no brain or dumbass.


Anonymous said...

MPFC,you are damn are real genius...not some other guy..ahahahaha


GENIUS said...

TO profesor dumb and dumberer

i miss one week bro.. this is my first time i playing yff.. and also first year i found this blog.. still can consider genius is it? AM will thnks to me with my genius opinion..

u are little dumbass kid 5 years old..


Assistant Manager said...

Guys play nice please, it's nearly Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Professor leave Genius alone, you'll get tired cos he just doesn't go away.

nickfanfootie said...

oh no, is this forum gonna descend into the kind of infantile name-calling that ruins so much of the web?

that would be a great shame

Anonymous said...

Balotelli is one very troubled soul, he's got to thank Mancini for giving him chance after chance without reason.

Professor leave Genius alone you'll soon get tired.

Anonymous said...

so you're a newbie and a noob then?oh ok.If AM trusts you,so be it.It's his choice,but I don't trust you..

I rather be dumb and honest,better than someone calling you "Bullshit".

5 years old?hahaha,you're a childish dude.


Anonymous said...

to anonymous,

yea you're right..

It's better to ignore him anyway.

Thanks guys.


Anonymous said...

to AM,Blogger and other writers,

I apologized about what happened..I'll stop and just ignore him..

I'm really sorry,ok?


Tayo said...

For Week 18:
Robinson vs. Carson???
AM & fellow bloggers, which of these two goalkeepers has your vote and why?
All opinions will be appreciated...
Thanks & best regards!

rwlwhite said...

interesting keeper news for gunners. szczesny hawkes (new nickname?) to start for arsenal v man u tonight!

Anonymous said...

Tayo,pick carson :)


Tayo said...

What is Arsene up to???

Is he laying the groundworks for an excuse???

We'll see...

Anonymous said...

Carson for me because wolves like to shoot. I don't know his saves ratio but he should make d decent number of saves.


rwlwhite said...

Now Sam Allardyce has been sacked?! That sucks!

Anonymous said...

yes AM... ignore that BULLSHIT.. profesor and genius.. profesor genius bullshit.. lol

Frank said...

currntly 64... waiting for nasri and berbatov 2 push me up...

Partly Sunny said...

@Anon 2:44
The reason I'm thinkering about wether to keep Adam or drop him is that he only failed to return his value on 4 ocasions out of 16. And most of this bad run came after he got injured on international duty. Do you recomend anyone in particulare to replace him in his range (6.00)?

Anonymous said...

switching to Carson pronto

Anonymous said...

liverpool..sack hogson pls...

Komeng said...

@professor, I'm kinda agree with you. I don't think he is that genius either an I doubt him scoring 90 pts...

Anonymous said...

to all professors and genius people on this blog : please make better predictions cos last week was pure SHIT

Anonymous said...

Wow, with Blackburn sacking Allerdyce, I'm pretty happy I didn't keep Robinson and BDed Barton as well. Unless someone like Martin O'Neill or Martin Jol comes to Ewood Park, I can't see that change of managers causing B'burn to explode on Newcastle. Having said that, I thought the same about Newcastle and they've beaten Liverpool and now I'm considering them favourites... crazy weeks indeed.
I just can't figure it out - it would've made more since if Ancelotti and Grant had been fired twice each by now. Hughton and Allerdyce did very well, and the owners are just throwing that all away. Shame.

That's the team I have on BD:

Kolarov Skrtel Jones
VDV Nasri Brunt Downing Barton
Elmander Torres

Not final at all. I've decided to keep Elmander and Brunt at least until something goes wrong very badly, as they have a good run of games and usually score else regardless to the matchup. Kolarov and VDV are seemingly season-keepers, while Nasri should do well at home to Stoke. I'm keeping Barton against the Samless B'burn, but Downing could go - he's been scoring consistently well and is facing Wigan, but if I find better alternatives I might drop him.
Torres should stay if I don't pick RvP, and Carson is very cheap and is home to goal-shy Wolves. Skrtel and Jones are temporary, and I still have almost 3mil left in the bank so it is bound to be changed. I might be without internet connection from Thursday throughout the weekend, so I'll try to settle on a team quickly, but it seems like a very hard week to do so.

Hoping for the best,


Lancs said...


Decent team but Blackburn aren't playing Newcastle, they're home to West Ham. Newcastle are away to Birmingham.

I would quite like to see Blackburn explode though. What a s**thole

Anonymous said...

Oops, thanks. It doesn't really matter, though, as Brum of this season aren't very good in defence so I'm keeping Barton, and I think West Ham will know this is a golden chance for them to pick up away points, so I wouldn't recommend a lot of B'burn players. But if they're playing West Ham it might be a good idea to keep Jones, who has a better chance for a CS. Food for thought.



Anonymous said...

Anyone have an opinion on Dawson defender Tot? I BD'd him. Why are the prices frozen since yesterday-- just Yahoo I guess. Thanks.
From Arizona

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Assistant Manager said...

The above two comments crossed the line, please try to get the chat back to football related matters - cheers

Anonymous said...

any comments on Andrew Johnson? he got a decent 5 points coming on as a sub in halftime. also his price is just under 5

Anonymous said...

just out of interest what formation do you all play ? I have used 3-4-3 so far but thinking of changing.

does this actually matter because i thought having more attackers means more goals but maybe defenders are better rewarded for clean sheets.

Just trying to pick up any tips as i have been consistently average (80 ish points per week ) even though i have been picking players that most of you guys seem to have.

zam said...

i got 91 points from the current line up


thanks nik, you help me much..

Lancs said...


Dawson's a good player but it's worth bearing in mind that spurs have had only one clean sheet all season and that was in week one. Having said that, perhaps his return from injury will improve their chances as he's defensively stronger than Kaboul and Bassong (in my opinion). Also, not too many people will have him so if you've a good feeling about the clean sheet, go for it.


I think most people tend to go with the 3-4-3, changing to 3-5-2 if there is an abundance of good midfield picks (or lack of decent attackers). Midfielders tend to get more phantom points too.

As for Andy Johnson, he could be a great pick although maybe not this week at Anfield. Despite Liverpools crapness, they're still strong at home and Fulham are yet to win away. Fulham are at home to West Ham in two weeks time though so he could be a sweet pick.

Anonymous said...

AM - thanks for removing whatever it was that was said.... PLEASE everyone; knock it off with the stupid chatter and keep it to football!

That is what makes this blog so strong.


Anonymous said...

@Arizona: Dawson is good, loves attacking the ball when going up for Spurs corners, so he could get some goals too. However, with Spurs playing the way they are doing right now, I can see us (I'm a Spurs fan) conceding goals.

Personally, I would consider him mainly for home games only, and if the defensive partner is Gallas/King whonever is fit. But of course, as mentioned, if you have a hunch, then go for it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, RVP is all the way down to 11.82 just because he only got .5 points this week coming on late at Man U. That number just seems insane

Anonymous said...


Don't forget Brum is a steel at home, they only conceded 6 home goals, only citeh, chelsea and sun home records are better than brum.

I think both robbo and carson will return good points. Bla only conceded 6 home goals while WBA conceded 10 home goals. But both away teams scored poorly away from home (4 & 5) and still without an away win. Robbo @ 6.09 and Carson @ 2.85, depends on who you've kept/barndoored and available funds. I have robbo @ 3.78.


Anonymous said...

Lancs-- thanks on Dawson, My cheap D's from Arsenal and Liverpool aren't working... like you'd think they would.

Zam- great score. Watch Chamahk this week, may have been injured last night.


AdmiraLord Nelson said...

if the Genius is SOOO smart let him step into the Chatroll(AKA "the octagon"/"my house") and rumble with the big boys...why mess around in this time delayed comment thread if you are so good!? We could "Really use your knowledge" in the Chatroll home boy!

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

by the way 82 points with my EVE back line and GK

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

P.S. Arsenal dont need Russians, I was wrong, they don't need anymore Frenchmen either....they need......Argentinians and Brazilians....someone who can score dammit! :)

Anonymous said...

I will make lists of players who will score,and points which score more than 5 or 10 points.

I'm doing the best I can,alright?For your info,keep Elmander.I gotta a feeling he will bounce back and he's good in away-form.


Anonymous said...

57 pts..after I didn't save changes with downing + baines instead of adam+bale..

long week..


GENIUS said...

AM - thanks for removing whatever it was that was said.... PLEASE everyone; knock it off with the stupid chatter especially professor and keep it to football!

That is what makes this blog so strong.


AdmiraLord Nelson said...

@Genitalus, good point!

Anonymous said...

why p.robinson only got credited for 3 saves when he made 4 actually? 2nd min from mark davies shot,0n 20th min from petrov's free kick,55th min from holden's free kick and 83rd min taylor's tame effort?puzzled...

ZubaR said...

My team was;
P. Robinson -1.00 points
A. Kolarov 0
S. Coleman 15.00 points
P. Robinson 8.50 points
S. Nasri 2.50 points
M. Etherington 10.50 points
C. Brunt 11.50 points
D. Silva 11.50 points (at last)
M. Balotelli -2.00 points
F. Torres 7.50 points
W. Rooney 2.50 points

Total: 66.50

My goalkeeper stays. My defenders stay.

Brunt and Silva stay. But I am not sure about two mildfilders namely S. Nasri and M. Etherington. If I can find better alternatives, I will substitute them.

Balotelli is risky but cheap, so, he stays.
But I am not sure about Rooney. He will play aganist Chelsea. I guess I need to substitute him. Maybe I can change to 3-5-2 if there is an abundance of good midfield. Maybe Lampard with your advice. I am still hopefull about Torres and he will stay.

Thats all! it was a bad weekend.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

sub out Nasri????? you are crazy, Stoke cant handle Sami after losing at OT!!!! this is the EPL!!!

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

if Torres gets more than 12 points I will shite a brike.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Van Persie

Anonymous said...

Nasri wont enjoy the kick about with stokes. My verdict, drop him or lose a few good points.

Anonymous said...

Nasri wont enjoy the kick about with stokes. My verdict, drop him or lose a few good points.

Anonymous said...

@ admiral Nelson. Hunches? You picked everyone in the EPL.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

lol, it's not anythind near AM's player picks smart ass...get the hell out of here! :P

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

did I include Gerrard and Lampard? No.

Anonymous said...

end up with 72.50. quite satisfied after reading all comments. but i will try to get around 100 in the next every weeks. anyway, good game for all match.


Kendo said...

Hi guys

Will Fabianski be back for the weekend, I have him at a discount???


donut said...

I managed to have a terribler week than most, down to 1900ish now with 55 measly points...

For some reason despite scoring in their previous games not just one but BOTH Dunn and Gardner get dropped to the bench!! Elmander gets moved to right wing where he just can't play, Balotelli misses chance after chance and somehow, Spurs can't get a shot on target against Chelsea in the whole game (except the goal) giving Cech NO SAVES (when does that happen!!) A last minute change to Coleman gave me more points than I thought, but I haven't had a great week personally...

Current team(s)

Bale Kolarov Coleman
Holden Lamps BFAY Silva
Elmander (last chance) Balotelli(last chance) Rooney

Holding Cech, Garnder, Richardson (Carson, Silva, Rooney)

Need a little bit of luck surely!!

Anonymous said...

I was considering picking up Rooney...until the penalty shot! Wow, was that bad! One of the worst I've seen this season...

He's just 'a bit' rusty...

Anonymous said...

Was actually praying for him to miss

Anonymous said...

Any news on Ridgewell ?? If he is still injured, Murphy becomes a good pick


Anonymous said...

On Rooney pen kick, looks like he was using a GPS to find the ball. Never seen such a looping, circuitous, choppy approach since I tried to hit a two iron at our local golf course.


Anonymous said...

weather forecast saying the big freeze is back again from thursday onwards & might last until new year .

not sure which parts will be affected worst yet. but one worth keeping an eye on, esp blackpool with no undersoil heating.


Bitsketchy said...

Hi everyone,

Can I just say that this blog is supplied by Assistant Manager and the fact that 1100 people are now fans on facebook suggests that it's fast becoming the best place on the net for tips and discussion on Yahoo FF. As far as I can tell, AM supplies this blog free of charge and as someone who has spent time building up websites and blogs I know what a labour of love it is.

I find it really disappointing when people have to start criticising each other instead of just helping each other with their team selection? I've played Yahoo FF now for probably 6 or 7 seasons and I'm more than happy to tell everyone that I'm just outside the top 10,000 - I enjoy it and I enjoy winning my private league so trying to win the entire thing isn't really my thing.

I think that if Genius is changing his score after the weekend then that's pretty lame but then again this forum isn't for personal attacks. Should Genius want to prove himself right though, I've created a new group with the id 21548 password snow that he can join and that way I'll see his past weeks scores and can back him up.

If he doesn't want to do that then everyone can read into that what they will.

Once more, I just want to thank you AM, fantastic blog and well done for creating a worthwhile internet site.

Ken said...


Well said!

Personally, I do not like some of the conversations that have been taking place and actually find myself "skimming" through most of the post as apposed to reading them all.

When someone offers a helping hand, one's response should NOT BE...why didn't you offer me both hands.

Anonymous said...

Hi AM... I am vignesh from Chennai... N i am very Eagerly waiting for Ur PLAYER PICKS POST...

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