Friday, 17 December 2010

Week 18 - Update

Work Xmas Party last night. Hungover. Straight to it.

- A few places (football365, RTE etc) are suggesting Steven Gerrard is set to return vs Fulham this weekend, although it's not clear whether it'll be a start or a place on the bench. Hodgson says he'll make a "late decision", which is not remotely helpful. My gut feeling is he'll play, so I'll probably dump Meireles.

- Frank Lampard came through a practice match unscathed and will start for Chelsea against Man Utd. Ancelotti confirmed this in his press conference. Alex & Bosingwa are still out so Ferreira will continue at right-back.

- Odemwingie is very very doubtful for the Black Country derby so Tchoyi could be deployed upfront & he's listed as a midfielder.

- Lukasz Fabianski is still struggling with his hip injury so Szczesny may continue in goal for Arsenal.

- Van Der Vaart is back for Spurs. To quote Harry Redknapp: "Rafa has trained all week and looks sharp"

- Ashley Young is out for Aston Villa & could be missing for a few weeks due to a knee injury.

As for the weather, currently all games are going ahead, although you can check here for an updates list of all UK sporting postponements:

Champions League Draw 
AS Roma v Shakhtar Donetsk
AC Milan v Tottenham Hotspur
Valencia v Schalke
Inter Milan v Bayern Munich
Lyon v Real Madrid
Arsenal v Barcelona
Marseille v Manchester United
FC Copenhagen v Chelsea

More throughout the day so please keep checking's your team looking?



toshack said...

lampard fabregas in most this week managers line up

Anonymous said...

Wonder if i should keep drogba... he's still the top scorer overall...

Anonymous said...

Yeh, I think Tchoyi could be a top choice this week, he's looked pretty good the last few weeks, and up front, at home, against Wolves is always a good place to be.

Staying away from Lampard until the BD myself, see how he fits into the formation...

Currently I'm looking like this:


I might swap koscielny for balotelli depending on how things pan out. Don't trust him though!

Any opinions/changes??

NB. Anon above, i'd stay away from Drogba this week unless you've got a decent discount. Man U looked pretty solid at the back vs. Arsenal...


Anonymous said...

going to BD lampard,fabregas/rooney,defoe and trade out bale and pederson at full price

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thing is, lampard's value may rise once the deadline for this week is over. YFF is cunning :P

DeviLxDeviL said...

Well maybe this is not a news that others looking for. But nah.. Scholes out until New Year :)

DeviLxDeviL said...

BFAY a.k.a Ashley Young

Anonymous said...

going to with Lampard, RVP, Fab, R00ney, GeRRard, ToRRes... I need (5) cheapest players :))

south of europe said...

what about Persie ? Will he start? anoyone?

Anonymous said...

@south of europ: I just talked with Wenger and he told me that "yes, RVP will start"

Tayo said...

AM, Ladies & Gentlemen of the Jury,

Please rate my team:

PRobbo / K-Rov, Bale, Kompany / MPG, El Nasri, Barton, Silva, Modric / Balo, Roberts

Many thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

A.M...How is the weather like now in U.K...will Blackpool vs Spurs game postpone?

Anonymous said...

Hii Nik, nice to see the CL draw. I am a diehard Milan fans and expecting a good game (expect a win for Milan to be precise)

Back to fantasyworld, I still trying to find best goalkeeper . Will schesy play? or Fab21 already fine


Anonymous said...

holden injured again??

Anonymous said...

Hello all...

Current badass line-up:

Kolo, Coleman, Squilla
Brunt, Silva, Nasri, Tchoyi, VDV
Carroll, RvP

Is Brunt and Tchoyi together a good or bad thing? W Brom are at home, and both have been playing quite well. Will RvP start against Stoke? Very psyched that VDV is back, and had though of going for the double-pick with Defoe instead of RvP, but again, good or bad idea?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated..

Thanks, good-luck all, and happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

can someone "go ok" with this line up



Ten Acres Lane said...

I can't speak of Blackpool's game directly but in Manchester its not been above 0 since Wednesday night amd is unlikely to get above freezing for a bit. Both Bury and Rochdale have postponed their games.

BUT blackpool aren't going to be caught by surprise again like they were a couple of weeks ago and the game is on TV.

If I was a betting man I'd say its about 50-50 but that's just my opinion and the opinion of someone who has Bale and VdV in their team at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Brunt or Lampard.

Ken said...

Holden injured???....source please.

Thank you

Assistant Manager said...

Holden is not injured - for some reason the Telegraph website has rehashed a bunch of injury news from last weekend and put yesterdays or todays date on it so I imagine that's confusing people.

GENIUS said...



LC said...

Any News on RVP?


Anonymous said...

J.Spector?? If you ignore the CS (westham cant defend),anyone thinks he is worth it?

albino buffalo said...

any thought about Holden???
who is the best striker at 12.50?
please help me!!

Anonymous said...

who to choose 2 from 3 : holden, barton, vdv? Any suggestion??

Anonymous said...

Squillaci or P. Jones?

Pop Thy Collar said...

Currently on the page:

Reina - cheap, good home matchup

Bale - because the lad's a points machine
Koscielny - cheap and good home matchup
Jones - good home matchup, sometimes plays midfield

Adam - too big a discount to drop for his suspension
VDV - at discount, pure quality
Lampard - cheap, taking kicks, on pens
Silva - cheap, taking some kicks, getting good
Fabregas - good home matchup, on kicks

Balotelli - might get a hattrick but might get sent off. Gamble
RVP - the boy's gotta start sometime and who better to slam two goals past than Stoke at home...

kwyjibo said...

Brunt or Nasri?

Defoe or Elmander?

Lampard will wait for the BD.

Current team:
VdV-Silva-Tchoyi-Brunt (Nasri?)
Balotelli-RvP-Defoe (Elmander?)

Not sure about 2 West Brom middies, but Tchoyi may play up front giving possibly 4 forwards this week?!

Also, which Mario will show up? Will he even play? FantasyFootballScout doesn't have him in his starting lineup...but so far no news on the ManCity site...

Superfly Jim said...

How about this team ???

Balotelli/Defoe/Van Persie

Your thoughts would be appreciated.



Anonymous said...

is the blackpool stadium under snow ?? anyone can pls help ??

UCL draw prediction :D

favor the latter teams more this time

AS Roma v Shakhtar Donetsk <<
AC Milan v Tottenham Hotspur <<
Valencia<< v Schalke
Inter Milan v Bayern Munich << rafa will get kicked out here
Lyon v Real Madrid << ronaldo to rule
Arsenal v Barcelona << footballing lesson 3.0
Marseille v Manchester United << easy win rooney comeback to form
FC Copenhagen v Chelsea << the machine will start rolling here !!


Anonymous said...

AM whats your latest advices???? Are you there?

Doctor Teeth said...

What's my side?

Still working on it, but:

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I'm having serious doubts about the Tottenham players. I'm currently on Defoe, Bale and VDV, but the Blackpool pitch combined with a sunday match with on a relative early time, gets me a bit nervous.

which option do you prefer;
Bale (15+ points guarenteed provided the match actually goes on)
Defoe (BLP away is interesting, but Defoe is still not a 100% sure starter, and even if he starts not a 100% sure 10+ player)
Sagna (offensive minded defender, good chance of CS)
Balotelli (cheap, I'm pretty sure he'll start with Tevez since both were spared midweeks)


Torres (Liverpool at home is a BIG difference from Liverpool away, and he's due for a big performance)
Rooney (looking really lively again, and althought against CHE there's still a good chance of a goal or more)
Jones (good CS chance, middie listed as a defender)
Squilacci (good CS chance, occasionally SOT following a corner)

option 1 or 2 guys?



greginho said...

anyone worried that city might sit boateng to rest since he played thursday? any city fans got any knowledge yeah or nay?

Anonymous said...


regarding the backs Mancini is incredible unpredictable. Based on midweeks, I'd say the backs are Zabaleta and Kolarov

Anonymous said...

Why is anyone still having doubts about Mario starting?

Anonymous said...

signed Voorschoten1977 :-)

Anonymous said...

@ Donut

2 weeks ago you had an awesome post about the pitch conditions around the country with your best guesses about which games were under pressure. Even though the only match posponed was the Blackpool match, it really gave me enough information to think about. Especially because I don't live in the UK, so it's difficult for me to guess which games are under pressure.

Have you got the time to repeat that kind of post for this weeks matches? If so; cheers mate!


Anonymous said...

please comment....

Jara / Gerrard / Roberts


Bassong / Tchoyi / RvP

Which group for this weekend?


komeng said...

AM, n'zogbia, D. Dunn clear to play this weekend? suspension injuries?

Anonymous said...

any precipitation shown on the radar is likely to be snow given the freezing temps everywhere ( click observations for proof of that too )
liverpool & the NW currently getting a fair bit- see link below incl a section from it

"Heavy snowfall in parts of Merseyside led to transport services being delayed and cancelled on Friday evening.

A severe weather warning was been put in place for Merseyside and Cheshire by The Highways Agency.

regional news in the NW of england ( at 6.30pm )where i live also showed pics of snow in Blackpool. looked only a thin covering, but looking at that radar it could well have done more since.


Anonymous said...

i think balotelli is the most useless player in fantasy.he cant control his attitude at going to drop him n i will not regret it even if he scores some point.

Anonymous said...



i dont like my forwards but i hope the midfield will take of everything.


Gavin said...

Thanks for all the great discussion this week. I'm really happy with my team this week. Hopefully it'll be a nice recovery from my 61 points last weekend.

Kolarov Jones Konchesky
Nani Silva Tchoyi VDV Lampard
Elmander RVP

Good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

jarvis or milijas anyone?

M Basil

Mell 10-11 said...

Blackpool remain the biggest cancellation threat and I reckon Arsenal will have a tough time with Stoke with Fab & VanP coming back

Simone said...

my team so far!!
AM ,Genius,Arsenal_Bergkamp whats your latest advices???? Are you there?
Any comments would be greatly appreciated..

Thanks, good-luck all, and happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

pls comment any. thanks!


GENIUS said...

lampard, gerrard and RVP/... are u sure they will play? but if me, GERRARD ALL THE WAY.. (if play)...lampard (risky).. RVP ( I LIKE BUT...)..


Anonymous said...

Wigan Athletic v Aston Villa, the snow is falling thick and fast, the air temperature is dropping and supporters of both clubs are beginning to ask is the game in danger of being called off?

At the moment the game is still on, so what about the travel details, well if you are travelling any sort of distance be careful and check with the Latics before you set out to ensure you don`t undertake a wasted and unnecessary journey.

The main switchboard telephone number at the DW Stadium is (01942) 774000

Anonymous said...

which matches have highest possibility to be postponed?

Anonymous said...


AM did mention lampard will come back to squad on sunday.

RVP just a hunch! Gabby is another prediction from you!

Maxer said...

saved my team.. has a big hunch for tchoyi.. :p.. and finally i have the guts to drop drogba.. elmander, robinson, coleman and silva is off too.. chamakh, mgp, brunt, tchoyi, skrtel n jones is in.. my only main concern is the blackpool-spurs match might be posponed.. i have bale and vdv in my team right now.. anyway good luck all..


roonaldo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
roonaldo said...

guys i m from malaysia...i dont have any idea weather condition in uk...which match highly risk for postponed...pls advice as soon as possible...

Anonymous said...

Dilemma, Brunt or Tchoyi?

Anonymous said...

Skrtel/Jones or G.Johnson/Jara?

Birty said...

Woke up to find Manchester under a couple of inches of snow. I live by United's ground and severly doubt they'd play today if they were at home. For those asking about which games have the highest chance of being cancelled:

The North West of England isn't looking good so that includes:

Liverpool may also be in danger but because they are located in a big city and have an extra few hours before the game, they may not get cancelled.

If the weather's bad here I'd expect it to be bad in Sunderland too. Birmingham played last year in the snow affected week and I'd imagine Arsenal, with a new stadium and being in a big city, will probably find it easier to put a game on but I'm sure AM will give us a weather update from London.

Anonymous said...

plz help brunt or vdv?

Anonymous said...

how abt blacpool will they play? frozen pitch

Anonymous said...

Robert Green has being ruled out. Is anyone loading up Blackburn players?

Anonymous said...

@Brunt or vdv. We know Brunt is playing and he's prolly the most consistent fantasy player out there.

GENIUS said...

lampard facing man u.. remember that..
agbonlahor will perform if he'll play.. if.. if.. if.. but dont forget about gerard.. he's good IF PLAY..


Anonymous said...

Genius, you lose your confidence in prediction.

we like your 100% prediction!

Anonymous said...

With the weather being a threat, is it better to load up on players playing on saturday? Sunday or Monday?

Anonymous said...

Genius, how about Tamas-West Brom.

Anonymous said...,,10303~2247224,00.html

Anonymous said...

Genius, where are you? Tamas pls!


Birty said...

I am keeping my prediction on the Blackpool game at 50:50. The game is tomorrow and no more snow is expected but it will be freezing. It all depends on what counter measures they've got in place - if they've covered and heated the pitch then it should be OK. I doubt they'd play if the game was today.

My advice to everyone worried about the snow - get players from as many different teams as possible that way you're covered if only some games go ahead. That way you spread your risk. But keep up with the news right up until the deadline because by noon (or even 10am) we should get a good idea as to what games are on.

Anonymous said...

i hav nasri lampard brunt tyochi pedersen...any suggestions plzzzzzzzz......shd i replace lamard with vdv??????????? plz help

Anonymous said...

do you think Chamakh or Van Persie start?

Pop Thy Collar said...

@Anonymous 8.36 - I reckon RVP will start, but Wenger could go with both... It's only Stoke at home so he may go attacking style

@Voorschoten1977 - I'd go option 2 if discounts not an issue

GENIUS said...

not lose my confident.. just IF.. if agbonlahor play.. and if gerrard play and also if rvp play.. full time..sure score 15++.. 100%..

tamas?? yes, he's good... point more than 6..


Anonymous said...

wigan vs villa game in serious doubt,,10429~2247241,00.html

Anonymous said...

thanx Pop Thy Collar,

every opinion is welcome!

cheers, Voorschoten1977

Bradley said...

Wigan-Villa match is OFF.,,10429,00.html

Bradley said...

Oops, here's the right link about the Wigan-Villa postponement:,,10429~2247241,00.html

As with last year, the problems at the DW Stadium are with the surrounding area, not the pitch.

Anonymous said...

bradley any news on blackburn and liverpool match

Superfly Jim said...

According to the BBC website:

Wigan v Aston Villa is OFF !

Bradley said...

Blackburn has announced (barring significant additional snow) that their game is still ON:,,10303~2247224,00.html

I haven't seen any news about Liverpool.

Anonymous said...

Thanks you, Bradley...hope thta Liverpool will announce soon...Do u thk that's dangerous to take player from MC?

Anonymous said...

Liverpool also postp...

Anonymous said...

wigan and Liverpool game has been postponed..

For this fixture,I think Elmander and Holden are must for this week.

tchoyi,might score against wolves.Home fixture but you never know..

Arsenal,everyone picks RVP,and I think Nasri will bounce back..

about Lampard,I don't know..I suggest choosing him after Man utd battle. It's not easy for chelsea to get a penalty easily.

That's all folks.gdluck this week..


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