Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Week 18 - Player Picks

Never in my time playing Yahoo Fantasy Football, have I ever seen so many big name/big points producing players at such low values. Just look at six of the biggest names in the Premier League:

Lampard @ 12.23
Van Persie @ 11.82
Fabregas @ 14.93
Rooney @ 14.81
Gerrard @ 15.23
Torres @ 15.07

There was a time when each and every one of these players would average upward of 15 points per game & would cost you up to £20m+, but a combination of absence through injuries, poor form & token cameos have changed all that.

I saw a post on the Starting11 Forum earlier this week by a YFF manager who had managed to fit all six of the players above in his team by adding in budget players in the remaining five slots. It was done as a joke, but it was amazing to see that it could be done. In seasons gone by you could not have got close.

So which of them should you be getting in to your team? Well you certainly don't want them all (especially as many of them are still big doubts) but picking the correct one or two before a price jump over the next two weeks could set you up with fantastic value long term picks & be key to the 2nd half of your season. Lampard & RvP stand-out for me provided they can both stay fit, but you may have your own ideas!

Anyway, before we go in to any more details on players, I can confirm that the cold snap is well & truly returning to the UK, with a risk of temperatures as low as -10 and more snow forecast throughout the country over the next few days. It's not meant to be as bad as the weather in Week 16, but there may be a risk to some matches. If I hear anything it will be posted here immediately, but for now I've written this post assuming all games will go ahead

The Week 18 fixtures...


The above games are the only two that I see as stand-outs this week. Arsenal face Stoke at the Emirates & I think their movement combined with quick passing will see them run rings round Tony Pullis' men. Stoke are a solid side & if it came down to a battle of strength like it often does at the Britannia then I'd see a far closer game, but its a banker home win for me.

Liverpool are the current Jekyll & Hyde side of the Premier League; horrible away, but pretty damn handy at home, with Torres' form mirroring his team's. Fulham are just bad everywhere at the moment, struggling with injuries, losing/drawing far too many and find themselves in a relegation battle. Don't expect Hodgson to do his old side any favours, I see a comfortably Anfield win.

Should win
MAN CITY v Everton
SPURS @ Blackpool
WEST BROM v Wolves

Man City were almost a stand-out, but Everton have form for spoiling games like this by making themselves very hard to break down. I still think City will win, but there was enough of a doubt in my mind when added to the Tevez confusion. As for Blackburn, some people are suggesting they may be a club in turmoil after Allardyce's shock sacking, but they're good at home & their caretaker manager knows the players & will know how to get the best out of them. West Ham are the club in real trouble & are especially bad on the road so I think Blackburn will seal the 3 points.

The game I'm most looking forward to this weekend is Blackpool v Spurs. Two teams who play open, attacking football and who cannot defend to save their lives. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was a 7 goal thriller, but with Blackpool missing the suspended Charlie Adam I think Spurs will win the day with their extra quality. If Wolves are going to stay up it'll be their home form that does it as they are absolutely rotten away (0 wins, 1 draw, 7 losses), and I see that continuing with West Brom taking the spoils in the Black Country derby.

Chelsea v Man Utd
Sunderland v Bolton
Birmingham v Newcastle
Wigan v Aston Villa

Chelsea v United is the big one, but I can see both sides cancelling each other out in a low scoring (or maybe even no scoring?) draw. Sunderland are missing almost their entire defence, but they are dangerous in attack so I think they'll manage a draw against in-form Bolton & I can also  Birmingham v Newcastle & Wigan v Villa ending all-square.

With that in mind, here are the players...

(awaiting news from Wenger)

(back from suspension)
(if Ridgewell remains out)

(if Gerrard remains out, which seems likely)
(awaiting news from Wenger)
Van Der Vaart
(awaiting news from Redknapp)

Chamakh/Van Persie
(Cham looked sluggish at United...time for RvP to start?)
(unbelievably there's a strong chance both will play)
(Sunderland defensive crisis)
(I feel he'll start this week)
(Gabby is back but Heskey was good last week)

That's it for another week!

Apologies for the lack of player analysis this week - blame it on a combination of work & Christmas shopping! I will try to add some additional analysis over the next 48 hours if I can, but it's possible I may not return until Friday's update post.

My team currently looks like this...

Robinson, Squillaci, Bale, Kolarov, Meireles, Van Der Vaart, Brunt, Pedersen, Lampard, Balotelli, Van Persie

...which is the same as it was earlier in the week, with almost £4m left in the bank. The defence & keeper will stay as it is, but I'm still considering Nasri, Fabregas, Silva, Defoe & Torres amongst others for my attacking 7...a lot will depend on the VDV, Meireles/Gerrard & RvP news as we approach the weekend.

As always, please vote in the poll:

I'll be back on Friday to update you with all the important weather, team & injury news, plus I'll update you on how my team is looking.

How's your own team shaping up? Any hunches this week?


p.s. We've passed 1100 Facebook members, amazing! Please join us as we move onwards & upwards!


Anonymous said...



no villa MF against wigan? yes it's away but im holding onto young and downing for this week for sure..or at least downing at 12

Anonymous said...


Its getting hard to find fillers at all now under 6, but here goes with the best scrapings if you find yourself needing a bargain:

Carson WBrom 2.85 ** h
Krul Ncstl 5.36 * a

Murphy Bham 3.75 ** h ?
Jara WBrom 4.07 **h
Cadwell Wigan 5.64 * h
Koscielny Ars 5.72 ** h

Richardson Sund 4.94 ** h
Mikel Chels 4.38 ** h
Rodwell Evert 3.64 * a
Mulumbu WBrom 5.86 * h ?
Carrick ManU 5.99 * a

Zigic Bham 4.04 ** h
Beckford Evert 5.65 * a
Cole WHam 5.94 ** a

Good luck as always -

Martin said...

Skrtel/ Squillaci/ Jara
Nasri/ Brunt/ VdV/ Lampard
Balotelli/ RvP/ Defoe

Assistant Manager said...

Carefree FC - Albrighton is on the list & if you look at price vs averages of Downing & Young he's better value. I wouldn't be going wild on Villa though, way too many teams with great home games.

pedro said...

Im confused, is Balotelli suspended?

Miec said...

+ Villa poor form away from home

to be honest i think Villa's time (for fantasy managers) is gone
we can pick Villa's players but holding them isnt good idea (not this season) + most of them are overvalued

Ashley said...

I looked at the price vs averages for Downing and Albrighton last week and end up regretting taking Albrighton over Downing :o/

Assistant Manager said...

Yeah but Ashley that was a one off & you were unlucky. Over the whole season, on average, Albrighton scores only a point less per game and costs a lot less. If you play the averages over the season you will get it right more often then you get it wrong.

p.s. No, Balotelli is not suspended :)

GaryG said...

Is it worthwhile to hang on to Coleman at 5.74?
Currently have 3.4 leftover in the bank to play with.


GaryG said...

Should have posted the rest of my lineup in the previous post I guess, but better late than never...

Carson @2.29
Coleman @5.74, PRob @4.88, Jara @4.07(unsaved to replace Elokobi @4.65)
Nasri @10.71, Brunt @11.51, Meireles @8.87, Lamps @12.29 (unsaved to replace FloMal @13.07)
Torres @14.59, Elmander @11.53, Carrol @10.11


Anonymous said...

I'll work on it tonight as there's a chance I won't be able to change it from tomorrow until the deadline.
So far:

Kolarov Skrtel PJones
VDV Nasri Brunt Downing Barton
Elmander Torres

Carson, Kolarov, Nasri, Brunt, Barton and Elmander will almost certainly stay. Downing might be swapped out in favour of Lampard (I like this idea more and more as I think about it), but VDV will surely stay - it might have been a mistake not to drop him THEN, but I believe it will be crazy to drop him now @6 when he has a chance to return this weekend and should return next weened anyway. I like PJones but it's not certain, Skrtel should go and I have almost 3mil in the bank - I can't see a way to spend much more money, so it might stay that way.



Anonymous said...

points adjusted yet again.


Anonymous said...

I love my team and i Have 4.67 leftover still. I cant think of any way to use this money :(

donut said...

SF - like your team - you are on the VDV hold now for the long run whether he plays are not so just forget about that!! Arsenal defenders? Also not sure about Torres consistency personally...might want to rethink that one?

Gary I would make those changes personally - but I have had a shit few weeks!!

AM agree with you on the Albrighton thing - he is playing well and great value...

I am loving the idea of getting at least 4 of the traditional top players in and seeing what happens, might kick start what has been a bad few weeks for me!!

Thinking something like this

Bale Kolarov Jara
Fab Lamps Holden Wilshere
VP Rooney Balotelli

Any thoughts?

Birty said...

I'm going to pick Rooney out of them but not this week. Maybe on the barn door.

I'm just not sure what to do with my team. I'd like VdV but am worried about Blackpool's pitch and injury news. I think Cleverly will score high but probably not sure enough to buy him. Jara's a good shout.

Meh, I've got three spots to fill and no one I really fancy. Guess I'll blindly click on Saturday morning, it worked well recently.

L'Orange Noir said...

Liverpool are one of th standout fixtures but I can see only Konchesky in the defence picks - any reason for this?
I was looking at Skrtel...

FLScott said...

@ L'Orange - I certainly can't see why not. Skrtel gets it done too.

Anonymous said...

i found this week is amazing, with only a few discounts i accomodate allstars in my team. hmm im not sure, should i keep this setup?

kol, kos, squ
silv, lamp, steve-g, fab4
mario, rooney, rvp


Anonymous said...

Include Mark Schwarzer on goalkeeper. Bear on your mind he will score 20++ this week!!!!

FLScott said...

huh? Hasn't yet this season, plus he's going up against an ever sharpening Liverpool side... ridiculous.. now that I've said that he'll score 30++

Anonymous said...

after a bad week, i hope this week, it will be better..
my team are

bale, koscielny, tamas(BD price)
nasri, meireles, brunt, silva, MGP
balloteli, torres

with almost 4 in bank..

thinking to replace meireles with lampard (having meireles 7,8) and change tamas to jara..
MF and FW are changeable except nasri..

Anonymous said...

Yeah thats really awesome FLScott. :)

FLScott said...

Why is that chat churning out jackasses lately? Mostly Anonymous ones...

D2D said...

Since Liverpool is listed as the stand out match, I wonder why Kyrgiakos (let's just call him The Greek) is not included.

Goal scoring threat with a chance of CS. Is there something I do not know? Will Agger be preferred over him?

chicken said...

my team so far...
i don't know to put whom as my striker
A.M.,Genius,Arenal_Bergkamp,everybody please help me...or should i chamge another player?...

Anonymous said...


got around 0.60 left? should i change Diouf and Tamas to others?


Anonymous said...


Lets anon here assist you.
Buy Balotelli, change holden with Steven G(pray he'll play). Now it will work.
FLScott will never assist you!!!

Anonymous said...

haha... humorous pics you got there for lamp, AM. First time see you post such hilarious 'talking' pics :)

i don't know about my team, one too many uncertainties...currently on

k-lov, squid, jones
nasri, brunt, mgp, lamp
ballo, rvp, defoe

0.15 fund left... not sure abt lamp, mayb we're looking at barndoor after the MU game.


Anonymous said...

No one going for Drogba?

Anonymous said...


What about this AM? Any suggestions? Should I replace anyone on this team?

Rawad said...

Ok its one of those weeks when i just love the team (i know i'll be disappointed and half of my team will not play and i will score something like 60 points by the end of this week).

Week 18:

Kolarov, P.Jones, Jara
Brunt, Lampard, Larsson, Pederson, Nzogbia
Defoe, Torres

Looks VERY good on paper, but i just know it wont do and someone picking DiSanto, Mulumbo and Tchoyi will end up racking up the points :)

imp_moo said...

odemwengie play?

Anonymous said...

@Flscott it's questions like that what bring out the jackasses. Why don't you just discuss football like others have been trying to say?

Anonymous said...

I like to consider past results when picking my team, the only thing that could change that for me is current form. Blackburn have a weak record against westham and so out of the 24 players, i'll only put my money on R.Green. Plus, we don't know how Blackburn will react to the current changes.

Anonymous said...

i'd say robert green would be a stapled on travesty. yes blackburn are in a bit of turmoil but I think it's a solid 3 points for them. No routing but I can't see green getting much more than 0, and when you've got carson for much less and robbo, reina, freidel and maybe szczesny for not much more, I think it's a rather left field pick...

Assistant Manager said...

Hi guys,

Have to agree with anon above - this is the worst West Ham team for many, many years & the manager is a dead man walking. Picking Rob Green is a gigantic risk, especially on the road.

As for Skrtel & Kyriagkos, there is certainly nothing wrong with either of them, just an attacking fullback is often my preference & Konchesky is cheaper than both of them so he'd be my choice.

If a player you think might do well isn't on the list don't assume it's because there's something wrong with him! :) It's just the lists are already probably too long & not everyone can get on there.

I'm actually planning to cut down the number of recommendation in future to around 35 players, rather than the current 45-50.


Anonymous said...

I'd agree, it's got to be a combination of the few real top picks for the week and then some hunch/form players. In a sense the more players listed, the less they come as recommendations and the more they become a list of players who just aren't completely rubbish picks.

I value the blog for AM and all the other contributers opinions, but it still has to be mostly about your own research and hunchs, that's what makes it fun and that's how you make sure your team is different and you get ahead.

That's why I'm going with Rob Green! (joking)

Cheers to all

lipanboy said...

my current team

P. Robinson
Bardsley - Kolarov - P. Jones
Nasri - Pedersen - VdV - Holden - Meireles
A. Carrol - J. Roberts

got bardsley at 7.95, currently 9.44..
AM said Sunderland have crisis with the bardsley injured too?

give opinion bout my team too...thanx

Assistant Manager said...

Turner, Bramble & now Ferdinand are all out for Sunderland. Bardsley is ok

Anonymous said...

Score draws
Chelsea v Man United
Sunderland v Bolton

Goalless draws
Blackburn v Westham
Birmingham v Newcastle

GENIUS said...

my team

jara robinson p.jones
vdv holden mgp meireles barton
torres agbonlahorrrrrrr(if play)

stanby for gerrard, nasri, mario super and robert

sure 90 above.. 100%


Anonymous said...


Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

who is mario?

Tayo said...

Mario Puzo...

DeviLxDeviL said...

@Anon, Mario = Mario Balotelli no wonder,

My team atm:


kwyjibo said...

Pick up Lampard now, or pick up RvP and BD Lamps after the ManU game?

It would seem a tough matchup for him to come back to, but then again, Yahoo has a way of adjusting all the player prices on Saturday morning at the deadline, so he could even go up in price...

Anonymous said...

gotta man up like a fish, big wow wow! smash box on the trollops, big carp playing soccer with scallops. bash!

Ian Sanderson said...

Hi all, I've never printed my team before and asked for suggestions, but I've got 10.18 in the bank and not sure what to do.
Thanks in advance.....

Brad FriedelAston Villa Sell at 6.49(market price 7.21)
A. AlcarazWigan Sell at 6.66(market price 9.91)S. ColemanEverton Sell at 6.76(market price 8.97)B. SagnaArsenal Sell at 10.10(market price 10.10)Midfielders
C. AdamBlackpool Sell at 5.40(market price 9.06)
R. Van der Vaart Spurs Sell at 6.14 (market price 11.40)
D. SilvaMan City Sell at 5.79 market price 7.26)
C. BruntWest Brom Sell at 11.66market price 12.19)
S. NasriArsenal Sell at 12.93 market price 12.93)Forwards
A. GyanSunderland Sell at 6.07(market price 9.07)
R. van PersieArsenal Sell at 11.82 (market price 11.82)

I'm thinking Friedal and Silva could be upgrade.

MPFC/KPM said...

VDV out this weekend

Assistant Manager said...

The date on that report is incorrect - it's from last week & was referring to last Sunday's game vs Chelsea.

MPFC/KPM said...

I guess I should have read the link before I posted it. PFL Fantasy posted it on his twitter feed and I just assumed. Sorry about that. Feel free to delete if you like.

Staffer84 said...

Hello fellow AM-ers!

Thank you for your tireless efforts! Your work is fantastic and appreciated! I'll need some advise on my team! Currently I stand on:


I'm thinking of changing Coleman,Rafael and Meireiles but I'm not sure who to replace them with. Any advises will be appreciated! Good luck to all!


Ken said...

Dimitar Berbatov FC:

For what its worth: I like both Kolarov & Rafael

BUT: I also like Kompany,P. Jones, Skrtel...

Mid field...C. Brunt has been very good to me.

Also, those who are considering VDV, my plan is, since he his playing Sunday I will just wait & see how my other midfielders do on Saturday and then just try & pick him up on the door if (a) he plays and (b) plays well. Starting Nasri in his place for now.

I will be paying full price anyway.

Good Luck

Arsenal_Bergkamp said...

@Ian Sanderson

I assume you will keep your discount for the following players: Adam,VDV,silva,gyan

with $10 in the bank, I suggest you upgrade one of your defender to Baines and/or P.jones(CS/Goal/SOT).

And/or upgrade silva to MGP,Lampard,Elmander.

MGP - do not have a good season average but he got lots of phantom points in the last 4-5 games especially at home. He has a good matchup.

Lampard - I rather risk lampard than silva if $ is not a issue at all since you have $10 sitting in the bank. I personally not picking him up this week because I am not sure of his form and I dont' have room for him. However, I won't be suprise if he get 20-30pts+.

Elmander - probably one of the best AWAY goal scorer interm of goals and YFF points. He returned his value in all/most away games.

Arsenal_Bergkamp said...

@Ian Sanderson
Also, watch out for the Blackpool game due to the weather(postpone), you will have 2 zero for 2 weeks if blackpool is postponed again. I know you will have the advantage when it comes to blackpool double week(4games) but I dont' see all other yff player have any problem fielding Adam with minor adjustments to their lineup. Adam will most likely drop back to $8.xx after 1-2 weeks of absence.

Staffer84 said...

Thanks for the advise Ken, but I'll probably drop Rafael since I believe he will be either deployed deeply in defense or rotated to O'Shea since Chelsea are much more dangerous on the left and Nani is not know for his defensive abilities. Brunt sounds like a plan though! I will probably downgrade Rafael to an Arsenal def and upgrade Meireiles to Brunt!

Good luck all!

Merv XI [AM.Blog] said...

I think Odemwingie is worth a mention for this week, unless he's out for another week. For now my team looks like this

Kolarov Boateng Skrtel
MGP Brunt Silva Holden
Torres RVP Odemwingie

I can switch to 3-5-2 and change Odemwingie to Lamps but he's playing ManU. I'm having second thoughts about Torres as well. This is just not his year. If RVP might not start, then he goes.

greginho said...

my team is
ben foster
van der vaart...nani...nasri...tchoyi...pedersen
the choice to drop van persie for pedersen has made me go down to faubert, that is the only weak spot. as much of an arsenal fan as i am, i still see pedersen scoring more points, than van persie over the next two games, because both of them are at home. i am dropping dunn for tchoyi, that way i don't overload on blackburn middies. i can see 3 clean sheets happening for sure.

Anonymous said...

For all those considering Lampard this week:

Fat Frank set to start by the looks of things!

All the best,


Anonymous said...


I believe Odemwingieis out for a couple of weeks, might want to re-think that one!

Anonymous said...

I hold Balotelli at discount behind the scenes and am pretty sure he will start at the weekend. I have currently upgraded him to defoe, however if he does start (which seems likely, after Manchini rested most of his first team regulars) I don't want to miss out on good points considering his unpredictable nature. Having been a twat last week, he will probably go and score a hat-trick this weekend.

Two questions here:

1) Will he start after his pathetic display last week? And...

2) How do fantasy managers feel about fielding an absolute dickhead of a man who has undoubted talent in their line up?

I know I like to field players who's footballing ability I like, but who's personalities I like also.


Graham Taylor

Benjamin Wang said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kwyjibo said...

Yes, for those considering Odemwingie, it seems he is out:

"Di Matteo looks set to be without leading scorer Peter Odemwingie for Sunday’s clash with Wolves and Tchoyi, who has played as a central striker for previous clubs, could be switched from his normal wide role."

Anonymous said...

what about yaya? He seems to have picked up the slack from Tevez's absence

Anonymous said...

any idea whether Van Der Vaart will start?

Terry Venables said...

@Graham Taylor

1. Of course no-one knows for sure but I'd guess he will start

2. You have to be pragmatic when it comes to fantasy football. Joey Barton's done some awful things in the past but it doesn't stop people picking him does it. And of all people Mr Taylor you should know, after all wasn't it you who subbed off Gary Lineker in his last ever England game thus denying him the chance of becoming Englands top scorer of all time? There there, I'm sure you thought you were doing the right thing at the time.

Just look at our current leader Arsenal_Bergkamp. I assume he's an Arsenal supporter but it hasn't stopped him picking Bale/ VdV/ Defoe from Arsenals most hated rivals. Likewise, AM, a Spurs supporter, picks plently of Arsenal players. Sure, it probably makes him feel a bit dirty and wrong but i'm sure after a shower and a couple of goals from Nasri he quickly gets over it.

So basically, if you think Mario is a good pick, don't let his dickness put you off.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys...
Need help to decide which player to go for...

Lampard or Barton...
Torres or Elmander/Caroll


Gavin said...

Dunn or K. Davies this week? I feel like there is a lot of potential for either/both of them to score well, but can't decide which one has the better chance. Thanks for any advice.

Anonymous said...

I really love my team even though I'm not inside top 10,000. My squard for the weekend will be:

Bale(13.22) Kompany(7.76) Alcaraz(6.66)
Nani(11.18) Nasri(11.25) Brunt(11.51) Downing(12.90)
Carroll(5.96) Balotelli(5.70) Varney(9.38)
with 0.7 left.

Pick Varney because he is the top scorer of Blackpool, and Tott'ham will, almost for sure, concede some goals. Still, any better options below 10.08 than Varney? (except Gabby though)

-W.M. Wong

Anonymous said...

Hi all, i am new here.. May i know who'S MGP

Tq to Nick & others

Arsenal_Bergkamp said...

@Anon 3:33am
M.G.Pederson from Blackburn

Arsenal_Bergkamp said...

@W.M. Wong

I like your team and discounts (e.g. nani @ $11)

S. Tchoyi is a good alternative, he will play as a striker this week since ODem is doubtful.

Arsenal_Bergkamp said...


Not sure about lampard/barton

I prefer Elmander this week.

Arsenal_Bergkamp said...


I am not convince that K.davies will do good on the road (according to his stats) and he's not that cheap.

I rather get Robert at $6 and use the extra fund to upgrade other players

Anonymous said...

@ Terry Venables

You make some very valid points my friend! After all you are my protege and I am sure that your pragmatic way of thinking is in some way a reflection of my way of thinking when in charge of England. That decision to substitute Lineker still tickles me to this day. Any player who goes through his career without a yellow card needs to be taught a lesson.

Might go with Balotelli then despite his dick tendencies!

Thanks El Tel,


Dave said...

What to do with Adam? I hold him at 5.xx, but he is suspended for this weekend and I will be taking a zero for VDV as well (assuming VDV doesn't play). Do I have Adam cheap enough to make him worth keeping?

Anonymous said...

S. Carson

G. Bale
S. Squillaci
P. Jones

S. Nasri
D. Silva
M. Albrighton
R. Meireles

J. Defoe
A. Carroll
Kevin Davies

is it ok?

Merv XI [AM.Blog] said...

Since Odemwingie is out, I guess only Tchoyi and Brunt are the only good picks from West Brom.

Kolarov Skrtel Eardley
MGP Brunt Silva (Lamps) (Tchoyi)
Torres RVP

What are Boateng's chances of starting this week? JBoat played 90 minutes in Europa League, but City are only playing on Monday. Does that make Zabaleta a better option? If JBoat won't play, I'm going for Eardley, who will most probably take SP since Adam is suspended.

I'm not sure about both my forwards at the moment. If I sell both of them, I have 28 to spend. It will be either Torres/RVP or Tevez/Defoe or Tevez/Elmander. Thoughts?

Merv XI [AM.Blog] said...


I think you should drop Adam. He hasn't done much since his injury and his law suit problems with the club.

Anonymous said...

With the bad weather back - could this put Blackpool vs Spurs at risk??

Anonymous said...

Merv XI: Boateng has rotation risk with kolarov, toure, kompany, zabaleta all healthy. I can't decide myself between torres/tevez/MGP, can only afford 2 out of these 3.

Dave: drop him (adam) if you want to better your position (obviously this is wat this game is about). Yes, he's cheap and not perform well as well. I've dropped adam, vdv, nani since the postponement and injury.

my team atm
kolarov, jones, squillaci (koschesky)
nasri, silva, MGP, meireles, brunt
balotelli, torres (tevez)

if i pick tevez, my team will be too heavy on citeh but looking at tevez's chart, he's bound to do well.

any spot i can upgrade/downgrade? pls comment..


Anonymous said...

Drop boateng, his chances of starting is a slim as a runway model.

Anonymous said...

Drop boateng, his chances of starting is a slim as a runway model.

Tayo said...

We have some fat ones these days...

Tayo said...

AM, Ladies & Gentlemen of the Jury,

Please rate my team:

PRobbo / K-Rov, Bale, Kompany / MPG, El Nasri, Barton, Silva, Modric / Balo, Roberts

Many thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

I´m toying with the idea of

Quite a few risks in there but apart of Murphy it looks like a great team on paper


Anonymous said...

Damn it! I miscalculated by 0,1! Who from the team above would you lose from Kolarov, Fab, Lamps or RvP? How sure/unsure are Fab and RvP for Arsenal?


Anonymous said...

Changed it to:


Sorry for spamming...


Anonymous said...

Adam is suspended Sam

Anonymous said...

I know, but have him @ 5,43


TAYO said...

AM, Ladies & Gentlemen of the Jury,

Please rate my team:

PRobbo / K-Rov, Bale, Kompany / MPG, El Nasri, Barton, Silva, Modric / Balo, Roberts

Many thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...


What do you think about RVP ? Will he start, havent heard any news from arsenal camp, what do u think



Anonymous said...

Hi, which one should i choose for this week... dempsey or lampard??

currently i got:
bale, evatt, kolarov
vdv, nani, etherington, dempsey (Lampard), muamba
caroll, rooney

left with 1.36

please rate my team..thanks



Anonymous said...

where is jarvis last weekend? injured? thinking about him or milijas..a derby is the best way to get points for this kind of players.

M Basil

Anonymous said...

Well, finalized my team with 3.5 left in the bank. Just cant find any way to spend that money

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