Friday, 10 December 2010

Week 17 - Update

As always I'll be adding to this post as the day goes on, but there is already some big news regarding injuries for this weekend's games including quite few that impact on my Week 17 Player Picks from Wednesday.

- As I mentioned earlier this week, Jose Bosingwa is out with a hamstring injury picked up in the Champions League so his place is likely to go to Paulo Ferreria. I'm sure you remember Bale tormenting Ferreria at White Hart Lane in Spurs 2-1 win last season and I'm obviously hoping it happens again!

- Asamoah Gyan is a big doubt for the game at Fulham, with the Sunderland official site stating "The Ghana international is expected to miss the game with a toe injury". This will be a big blow if it turns out to be the case as I know many managers have hung on to Gyan @ around £6m. The site also suggests Craig Gordon is a slight doubt with a hamstring injury.

- Similar news to last week - both Chris Brunt & Peter Odemwingie are doubts for West Brom's derby at Aston Villa, with Brunt's groin injury persisting & Odem also picking up a groin injury in last weekend's game. I'll quote something I read on Jeremy & Neal's blog:
Brunt has had the groin injury since the last international break but has been able to play in the matches. So I'm not worried about him. The Odemwingie injury seems new - as in recent, and different from his last knee injury - and will bear close scrutiny.
I agree 100% - as it's a derby game I think Brunt will battle on, but we're less certain on Odemwingie who hasn't trained all week, so I'd avoid him.

- Next up, Roy Hodgson has confirmed that Steven Gerrard will not be available for Liverpool's trip to Newcastle, which means Raul Meireles remains an excellent choice taking the majority of set pieces.

- Cesc Fabregas has a small chance of facing Manchester United on Monday night, but the Gunners have been doing ok without him so I don't see them taking that risk when it could see him sidelined again. Arsenal have lost far many players to re-occurring injuries by bringing them back too early.

- Kolo Toure has been passed fit so will partner Kompany in the centre of defence Manchester City's defence. This means Lescott, Zabaleta, Richards & the out-of-favour Boateng will battle it out for the full back spots. My own feeling is Richards will play right-back & Zabaleta left-back, but you never know with Mancini - we may hear more later today. Just to confirm as I still see people asking; Tevez & Kolarov are both suspended for this game.

- To clear up some confusion, Kevin Davies is NOT suspended. Yahoo stats show him accumulating 5 yellow cards in the league, but he also picked up bookings in early Carling Cup matches and served a ban in September.

UPDATES @ 12:00

- Van Der Vaart has failed to recover sufficiently from his hamstring injury in time for Chelsea this weekend but he's on the verge of a return to full training and could be ready for next weekend. Spurs are also missing Kranjcar, Jenas & King but Modric should return from a midweek bout of 'flu.

- Kevin Nolan should return for Newcastle but there is still a slight doubt over Joey Barton's fitness

- Heskey is back from injury & Ashley Young back from suspension for Villa, but Ciaran Clark is suspended.

UPDATES @ 14:00

- Stewart Holden may not be risked for Bolton's game vs Blackburn.

- Lampard is still not ready to return vs Spurs.

- Saha is a doubt, so knowing his injury history he won't be risked. Yak or Beckford to lead the line for Everton?

- Gabby Agbonlahor & Luke Young are out of the derby after a chest infection and hip injury respectively. Heskey or Carew will start upfront & Cuellar should come in at right back.

UPDATES @ 18:00

- Matt Jarvis, Michael Mancienne and Kevin Doyle are all doubts for Wolves.

- Salcido is back for Fulham but Dembele remains out. Pantsil likely to continue at right-back.

- Heitinga & Pienaar are doubts which means Rodwell is pretty much certain to start if you're looking for a bargain filler.

As for my own team, I had mess around last night and have this sitting on my page at the moment:

Robinson, Kolarov, Coleman, Bale, Van Der Vaart, Nasri, Silva, Etherington, Balotelli, Elmander, Torres

As you can see, I have downgraded Baines to Coleman in order to get Torres in, but it won't necessarily stay that way. Obviously Kolarov is out suspended & now it appears VDV will also miss out again, so I may need to make a change to avoid two zeros. I still hold Baines, Brunt, & Meireles behind the scenes & it's possible all 3 come back in for Coleman, Nasri & Torres - I'll decide later today but would be interested to hear people's opinions on which trio they'd go for?

That's it for now, but please keep checking back as the team news comes through thick and fast later today. If you read or hear anything of interest, please add it to the comments section below to help your fellow blog readers (and me!) :)

How's your team looking?


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abLOy said...

how many games will kolarov be suspended foR?

kev said...

Nasri even for the Utd game? Keep Meireles, Baines and trade Nasri for Torres..i think that should work?

Assistant Manager said...

Kolarov is only suspended for one game.

Kev - I can't get close to that trade as I have Nasri @ £11m.

Anonymous said...

Kolarov is suspended for just 1 game.

Anonymous said...

cheers AM,

I'm currently on


so I would recommend Baines/Brunt/Meireles.
Baines is on all kicks, the same for Brunt (he will play 'cause it's a derby), and Meireles is also on the kicks. Regarding Torres; you never know what happens in Newcastle (Jekyll&Hide), so it could be a double, but also just a few points. Coleman in danger of being subbed early = lose the potential CS. Nasri is a good bet, but mayby Van Persie will play (even with a full match midweeks). in that case Nasri loses the kicks.

good luck


Mèo con said...

How's about Boseli, he did well last week? Does anyone know will he start this week?

Anonymous said...

I'd go for Baines, Brunt and Meireles. The three are better phantom point scorers and can return their value without CS or goal. The same can't be said of coleman, nasri and torres.


Anonymous said...

I have 5 or 6 players in my team playing away from home, so i don't see the big deal about playing Nasri. There's no one in United on that kind of form. I don't have Nasri but i expect him to perform very well, drop him if you want to, it's not going to stop him having a good game.

ebi s. said...

Hope i don't have to change this team again, and i really hope i score above 100pts

Kolarov Baines Ridgewell
Nani VdV C.Gardner A.Young Etherington
Balotelli Agbonlahor

What can i do about this team?

fahmi zainal said...

my team right now


how do you all managers think ??

Anonymous said...

Have currently;

bale, robbo, Shawcross,
Meireles, silva, albrighton, Cahill,
balotelli, Torres and jones.

Would like to get baines in but not sure who I could sacrifice? Any ideas???



Anonymous said...

hello everybody. I need your opinion about my team.

My team currently are:

baines/ bale / robinson
henderson / jarvis / albrighton / silva / brunt
baloteli / k.davies

but it's not saved yet. My question is should i keep albrighton / brunt or switch them to nasri / meireles?


Assistant Manager said...

Boselli is unlikely to start as Rodallega is back from suspension

Anonymous said...

Well, it's a tough one. I myself have decided not to jump on Baines in the first place as he's too expensive for a player in a team that can't keep clean sheets. Coleman, on the other hand, is a very good value if he gets a CS and even if he doesn't, after being brought back to the Everton squad as a midfielder.
Now, the two other choices are more of a 'guts' sort of choices - Meireles and Brunt will almost certainly return you solid points but are unlikely to have massive weeks, especially away from home, while Torres and Nasri don't tend to get many phantom points, but if they score - they score big. If you really believe in Torres and Nasri stay with your team as it is, but if you want to play it safe (and I think I know you don't :P) go with the Baines/Meireles/Brunt trio.

I would appreciate it if you helped me with a probelm of my own. Right now I've got:

Kolarov Jagielka PRobinson
VDV Nasri Brunt Downing Etherington
Elmander Balotelli

But I'm considering a possible move from Jagielka/Robinson/Brunt to Kompany/Coleman/Meireles. I actually like the second option better as I believe Kompany will get about the same points as Jagielka, and the same could be said about Meireles and Brunt, while Coleman should score higher than Robinson (at least if both Bolton and Everton keep a clean sheet, or both don't). But I'm still not sure about it...

Any advice?


Miecio said...

for me trio Baines, Brunt, Meireless are more consistent that Coleman, Nasri, Torres so it is to you if you want to gamble (take second trio which can score 10 but it wouldnt be surprise if they get over 50pts.) or take nearly warranted 25-40 pts from Baines, Brunt, Meireles.

wan said...

P. Robinson

M. Richards
L. Baines
S. Coleman

R. Meireles
S. Nasri
M. Etherington
D. Silva

M. Balotelli
J. Elmander
R. Fuller

is it ok to go with baines and coleman?

Assistant Manager said...

Post Updated with news on Van Der Vaart & others...

Anonymous said...

AM how about Jarvis??? Comment

Anonymous said...

@Pete i wouldn't touch that team if i were you.

Anonymous said...

@JohnQ I think Albrighton and Brunt are the best options you have in the midfield at moment.

alfred said...

Jarvis comment

Anonymous said...

I only remember Coleman scoring well once, scores poorly even with CS.

Makir said...

AM how about albrighton, i red that he is suffering from appendicitis

Assistant Manager said...

Albrighton's appendicitis was 3 weeks ago, he returned to the Villa team vs Liverpool last Monday

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:29 PM: If I remember correctly, for those games that Everton had CS, he was substituted early. So he wasn't qualified for any CS points, hence the poor points. For those games without CS, I believe he returned his value (or close to it).

It isn't as bad as it sounds. He is probably still worth his value.

GENIUS said...

hi, my name is genius.. the only player that i can mention right now is..... AGBONLAHORRRRR!!!


marwan nan said...

i think i should go for this team

kompany vidic elokobi
fletcher a.young nasri malouda
balotelli fuller rodallega

any comment guys?

marwan nan

Anonymous said...

Saha is a doubt, Yak should lead the line there.

Anonymous said...

when will manu vs blackpool match will be played????

Gavin said...

Man U - Blackpool was rescheduled for Tuesday, January 25.

Here's my team this week:

Kolarov, Coleman, Kompany
Nani, Silva, Cahill, Meireles, Nasri
Balotelli, Torres

I'm a little nervous about not having any Stoke players, but Blackpool have been a very good road team, so I'm hoping they will do well again this weekend. Good luck everybody!

Anonymous said...

I remember you from last week GENIUS. You told everyone Jason Roberts would definitely score. He didn't.

Anonymous said...

Holden holders watch out! He prolly wont start or play.

GENIUS said...

but he assist u little moron..


Anonymous said...

GENIUS also made some good calls to be fair, anyway i have Agbonlahor already.

GENIUS said...




Anonymous said...

Interesting GENIUS. Tell us more.


Anonymous said...

AM, there is a news that Agbonlahor is out of this weekend's game. Does that mean Heskey and Carew to start? Which of the two do you prefer?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info. wish ppl would stick links in with their original statements though


Assistant Manager said...

Yep Agbonlahor out & Luke Young out, Villa have been so unlucky with injuries this season

Anonymous said...

Aston Villa is in a mess, i'll steer away from that match.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2.20, thanks for that info, you prolly just saved my week.

Ken said...

Any comments?

Keep K. Jones or go for Meireles?

This one not so important..price dictates choice

Hutton (have a good feeling) or S. Carr?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

rooney or torres...?
i only can have either one ...


Anonymous said...

Where is the genius now?
Not so much of a genius, after all huh?

need some advice said...

thinking about going this route ... comments?


any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Mike said...

The last guy who commented looks like a solid team dude.

my team:

Kirkland at 1 :)


Nani Nasri Cahill Meireles Silva

Balotelli Ngog.

Any comments would be great!

Anonymous said...

Good job AM.
I'm the blog follower from Moscow.

What do you think about Jarvis?

my team for this week:

coleman knight hughes
ether cahill jarvis albrighton
elmander k.jones balotelli


GENIUS said...

trust me.. read again my statement..thats why i dont want to talk about who will score this week.. did i mention about who will score?? for your information.. my prediction is 3 hours before deadline.. adiossss


Anonymous said...

Genius I'm not sure whether you're serious or a comic creation by a blog regular, but you're vastly entertaining :)


Anonymous said...

I got 7.4 to spend... help :)

Anonymous said...


GENIUS said...

and for those who stick with robbo... GOOD LUCK.. lol..


GENIUS said...

agbonlahor is the man for this week


Anonymous said...

why not change VDV to pennant?If he's fit,then we must pick him.Instead Torres, why don't you get,K Jones or Berbatov?

Berbatov,Im sure he can handle 2 defensive problems.

K Jones,Big tall man to score a header,maybe two..

Pretty sure,this week,keep Baines,ok?Im sure he will get an assist or misc points.

My prediction will get more than 5 or 10 points for this week;-
1) Balotelli
2) Elmander
3) Berbatov
4) K Jones
5) Pennant (If he's fit)
6) etherington
7) Meireles
8) M Jarvis
9) Milijas
10) Rodwell
11) Baines
12) G Bale
13) A young
14) Downing
15) Friedel
16) Robinson (GK)
17) Schwarzer
18) Gera
19) Rooney
20) Silva

This is my prediction


Anonymous said...

Morning All,

Here is where I am at:


.42 remaining in available funds

Will take the 0 for VdV, if healthy next week Spurs and VdV have a nice stretch against Blackpool, Aston Villa and Fulham.

Torn on the Robinson v. Elmander factor, but will let it ride.



Anonymous said...

The only goalkeeper i trust for this week is Jussi, that's why i'm placing my bet on Blackburns record against bolton.
Rodallega and N'zogbia could cause Everton problems and i think Howard is been poor also

The next options are the consistent Cech Hart and Forster, and i'd rather not go there.

Anonymous said...

A Genius, now a Professor. I love this blog.

GENIUS said...

what do u assume about my statement just now?


Anonymous said...

One question and very important to me.

K.Jones or J.Defoe?


Professor Genius said...

I predict Cantona hattrick

Professor Genius

Anonymous said...

GENIUS, don't make jokes anymore. Your Agbonlahooooor is out this week.

"Gerard Houllier has been rocked by the news that Luke Young and Gabriel Agbonlahor hav been ruled out of the clash after picking up a hip injury and chest infection respectively. Carlos Cuellar is most likely to deputise for Young although Habib Beye is also in contention after recovering from injury. Emile Heskey will be Villa’s lone striker."

SK Tan

Anonymous said...

Ebi,I would pick Jones


Anonymous said...

GENIUS, since Agbonlahooooor is out why not u pick Heskey. Maybe he might score hattrick this week....

SK Tan

Anonymous said...

Look,my statement above is only my prediction and my analyst.I watched every matches and highlights of all teams.

My prediction maybe right or wrong.But for my instinct and my analyst,you can count on it..

That's all.


FAMA said...

agree with u genius.. agbonlahor is the man.. all manager take serious with his statement.. just ignore it.. because he already said that his prediction is 3 hours before deadline..

btw- agbonlahor is not a woman..


Anonymous said...

actually i trust genius.. last week his prediction was tevez, robert, pederson, nasri and balotelli.. and the point is quite interesting

Anonymous said...

The team on my page

Kolarov Bale Baines Steven Taylor
VDV Meireles Brunt Downing
Balotelli Jones

Just had a look at blackburn's past results against bolton. All I can say is that it is exceptional. Plus Blackburn kept many clean sheets with 1-0 wins and goaless draws. I know we can't rely on past records alone. But I just want to justify keeping robbo. I am thinking that even if he concedes he should get some saves to return his value. And with two nice home fixtures coming up, I am keeping the faith. In the past, he has done well for me so history is on my side. Or am I just deceiving myself :p


Anonymous said...

agree with anon 4.07

Genius you're indeed
makes me spending more time reading this blog.
love it.

all the best fellow managers!

GENIUS said...

this is so sarcastic

anyway, you also can call me.. FAM---FULLY ASSISTANCE MANAGER


Anonymous said...

So Genius and Professor back at ya, AM, i've got new friends and i'm taking them seriously.

Who would you pick from A.Young, Downing and Albrighton?


Anonymous said...

Genius is a

BTW, my team for this week


with 1 to spare

I'm thinking to swap etherington with torres.
Feel free to comment.


Anonymous said...

Will Pantsil start? Should I swap in Collins (from Stoke) instead?

Thanks for any help!


Anonymous said...

@Flitz i wouldn't touch that team.

Anonymous said...

Pantsil might not because Salcido is supposed to be back

Cottage Kiwis said...

my team
Dempsey/A Young/Silva/Cahill
Balotelli/K Jones/K Davies

Martin said...

I've got Hennessey in goal.

A good or a bad choice?

K2 said...

gyan?? anyone??


kwyjibo said...

@AM - I prefer Baines, Brunt and Meireles. But then, what do I know...I'm in 2,447th place.

So, not much luck in the Barndoor department. First I BD Berbatov, a week later the fixture is cancelled. Then I BD Odemwingie, and now he's a serious doubt...and, I was about to replace him with Gyan, and he looks to be out!!!

Unfortunately I don't have enough to get Elmander, unless I downgrade somebody else. Maybe Kompany or Adam?


I really don't want to lose the discounts on Kolarov and VdV, especially since losing several discounts due to the postponement last week. And, Adam isn't looking as good @9...

It's Friday, and still too many decisions to make...running out of time...

rwlwhite said...

I decided to do a bit of financial analysis for my team for this week rather than simply picking willy nilly. I looked at a number of players who have decent match ups and tried to work out which was best value. To do this I first worked out their total points, not including goals scored, assists or match winning goals, as these are never guaranteed, and players can have absolute blinders of games without doing these. Then I worked out their average per game (without the above stats), and then divided this average by the price I bought them at (so VDV would have been @6.14 and Bale @18.3, for example). I didn't analyse the keeper, just chose Howard as he's cheap and has a good match up. This is the team I've come up with:

Kolarov (@4.43), Bale, Baines
VDV, Mereiles, Etherington, Silva, Brunt
Balotelli, Jo (@4.04)

I know most people will have a similar set-up, but this seems to be the most value for money team out of recommended players with good match ups this week.

For those who want to know who the best value for money player is at the moment (besides VDV), its Mereiles who is averaging 5.85 points per game not including goals, assists or MWGs, and @9.40 at full price represents a value of 0.62. Bale as a comparison with over 200 points is 0.58 if you buy him at full value. Obv those who have him at discount, kudos! (I should mention that I haven't included VDV because if you have him at his low price - I have him @6.14 - he represents a value of 1.18 - extraodinary! Even at full price he matches Bale, the 3rd best value for money, at 0.58!)

Sorry for the long winded post. Hope you all understand it, and that it helps you a bit.

Comments on the team itself would be delightful!

Anonymous said...

Welbeck. Gyan is doubtful.

Assistant Manager said...

Final update to post above!

I'm likely to stick with this team: Robinson, Kolarov, Bale, Baines, VDV, Silva, Meireles, Brunt, Etherington, Elmander, Balotelli

The two zeros for Kolarov & VDV are worrying, but hopefully they'll both repay me in future weeks.

Good luck all!

D said...

Kolarov, Kompany, Robinson
Meireles, Silva, Cahill, Downing
Ballotelli, Torres, Rooney

I still have Nasri at 11.25 behind the scenes.

Dont know if i should stick with this or replace Downing with Nasri and modify my back line.

Comments would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Had settled on
Kolorov Coleman Bale (full)
VDV Nasi Meireles Silva Dempsey
Balotelli Torres

thinking of taking out Bale Coleman Silva and replacing with Skrtel Konchesky Etherington.

Thoughts on this?

Anonymous said...

Final choice:

Adam or Pennant? (Both full price)

stato said...


For the record, what is the name of your team.
How many points do you have and what position overall are you in the yahoo league

Anonymous said...

Staying with:

Kolarov Kompany Collins
VDV Nasri Brunt Etherington Downing
Elmander Balotelli

I've decided not to risk a third zero and dropped Pantsil for Collins. A very unpopular bet, I guess, but I had to make one anyway, so I went with the Stoke left back that has a better-than-usual chance for a clean sheet. Apart from that, I think all the other picks are quite common and understood (I've decided to keep Nasri as he meets Stoke next week). I'm playing it a bit safe this weekend as there are many close match-ups and thus many players lose their usual value, so I don't expect a big rise in the ranking, and I hope to remain in the top 300.


Anonymous said...

what are your thoughts about this team....


which should i change to make it better..I hope i can get input from others especially from Mr Genius...


Curious George said...

Bale / Baines / Cuellar
Adam / Barton / Silva / Milijas
Balotelli / Torres

I have 7.4 left... hmmmm... help!? :)

Piquionne vs Man city
Song vs. Man U
Coleman vs. Wigan

Anonymous said...

genius will you suck my penis?

Anonymous said...

hi, my name is genius. I love to suck cock.


MEYO said...

wow AM!
the only difference between urteam & myteam is Elmander vs Torres =)

Anonymous said...

Bassong / Coleman / Robinson
Nasri / Etherington / Brunt / Cahill / Meireles
Balotelli / Torres


Anonymous said...

Finally after chopping and changing and in consideration of Genius and the need to NOT go for Agbon this is what I came up with...

Kolarov(@4.40) Baines Toure
Nasri(@11.0) Silva(@5.62) Etherington Nolan Rodwell
Balotelli Rooney

Badly need to pick up some points after a couple of disappointing weeks and missing the cut in the Blog Cup. Hope this week is better - comments welcome.

Juggernauts FC

Juelz said...


Anonymous said...

hello everybody. I have a question to ask. Should i switch jarvis to milijas because i heard that jarvis is doubt for the game.
Thank you.


AdmiraLord Nelson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Kolarov Boateng Bale
Etherington Nani VDV Pedersen Albrighton
Balotelli Fuller

Any suggestions?

GENIUS said...

i'm in top 1000 but miss 1st week...

btw for AM, that's suppose to be your team..

not the previous one..


GENIUS said...

and to ET 10:29 PM, December 10, 2010, i like your team except bent.. because he will bent your points.. TRUST ME.. change with another player like k. jones, or downing?

btw, are you from mars? or moon?


Maxer said...

saved my team.. malouda & chamakh is off for adam and elmander..

bale, robinson, coleman
vdv, nasri, adam, silva
drogba, balotelli, elmander

got jussi in before and i'm considering carrol too.. but they didn't make it to my team.. anway good luck everyone and happy weekend.. i'm off to my old school reunion in few hours.. :) cheersssss!!!..


Anonymous said...

Since this is not a Blog Cup week I am OK with the two bagels I'll get from the absence of Kolarov and VdV. With these two I invested just under 9 points so it's worth waiting I think.

My current team, saved for tomorrow:

Kolarov, Bale, Bardsley
VdV, Adam, Meireles, Etheringon, Nasri (will score)
Super Mario, Welbeck


Anonymous said...

Bassong might not start with Dawson and Kaboul ready to play.

Anonymous said...

need ur help 6.99....who is the best defender???

Anonymous said...

Begovic or friedel ?


silva or babel ?

Anonymous said...

my team for week 17:

skrtel, kolarov, coleman
nasri, meireles, downing, cahill, etherington
balotelli, elmander

which one of coleman/richards is better?
richards big chance to hv CS but risk not playing.
silva is my hunch but can't fit him in!!...

comments are welcome


Anonymous said...

need ur help 6.99....who is the best defender???

exept robnson and coleman

soda said...

should i hold on Berba($11.64)
my team so far

anyone please help me , quite worry with my team
love to have silva,albrighton,p.jones
which player should i change?

KBvuvuzela said...


I'd say its between zat knight and shawcross. I don't particularly like either of them but if 7 is all you have to spend, knight has the better chance of returning his value IMO.

Anonymous said...

Knight home against Blackburn

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone , why choose robinson(gk) 3.78? AM your opion next weak?, and torres14.96?

Anonymous said...

Elmander or Dempsey?
Please Help

Anonymous said...

Dempsey or Downing?
Please Help

Anonymous said...

Berbatov and Rooney should be in your teams.

Anonymous said...

Pick DOWNING Bcoz... He can surely give u 10 around Points with his Set-piece duties.. He might even a SCORE A GOAL....!

Anonymous said...

@anon 7:15
Elmander (at home vs lesser opposition)

@anon 7:20
Downing (consistent)

My team currently:

Kolarov, Bale, Coleman
VdV, DSilva, TCahill, Etuhu
Balotelli, Rooney, Torres

Being a Man Utd fan, I hate seeing 9 blue shirts in my team. Oh well, the things we do for fantasy football.

Good luck to all!


Anonymous said...

please help me..

Jarvis or milijas?


Anonymous said...

GENIUS..i got bent, suppose i got 60 point, will he bent my 6 to 9?

Anonymous said...

this is my team...


plz help..tq

Anonymous said...

Jarvis is out

Anonymous said...

TQ remove Bassong

Anonymous said...

remove bassong
then...who will i chose??
8mil left...tq

Mell 10-11 said...

I agree with AM, I am really afraid of Bale prospect against weak link Ferreira. Bale will beat him anytime. Ancelotti really give Redknapp an early Christmas present;D. Is this weekend the highest derby recorded in a single game week ? Two Midlands derbies, Two Lancashire derbies (Eve, Wig, Bol, Bla) & One London derby? Any stats on this?

joxt said...

can anyone post a link that mention k. doyle are doubt plz?

because in wolves website only jarvis mentioned..
and now i'm still using doyle..

Anonymous said...

Bassong wont play, i can't recommend anyone but get rid of Bassong.

Anonymous said...

He's only a slight doubt,,10307~2241544,00.html

"Kevin Doyle is less of a doubt - he's got a dead leg, but I think he'll be alright.

"He took care of it yesterday and he's had treatment on it today."

Anonymous said...

need ur help guys,who is the best forward..


balance 10.47..

GENIUS said...

to anon 8:08 AM, he will bent your nose and brain u bloody retard...


joxt said...

thx for your link

i already open that link before, but not reading the doyle at the rest..

thx a lot..

Anonymous said...

Hello guys,

good info..

my team for this week,


M Basil

Anonymous said...

elmander or dempsey???
Please help..urgent!

Anonymous said...

Genius i believe you're learning how to communicate in english. It's not so difficult, just drop the curse words and you would do just find. Thanks

Anonymous said...

GENIUS..ur funny

Anonymous said...

Ridgewell & Silva. pls comment?

Anonymous said...

GENIUS, Ridgewell & Silva. pls comment?

Anonymous said...

richards or coleman??

Anonymous said...

Hi guys... I've seen only two ppl talk about Z. Knight. AM, what do you think? I believe they have descent chance of a CS, plus his only 7. Anyone else have an input on this? Thanx

Anonymous said...

anon 10.22
"GENIUS, Ridgewell & Silva. pls comment?"
Ridgewell could work
Dump Genius, he is a prat
Silva must score points again soon

GENIUS said...



Anonymous said...

kompany jones distin
malouda vdv cahill eterington dempsey
carroll jones

wot u think of this peeps?

no name said...

which one works the best?

Pennant/albrighton vs ether/rodwell

Anonymous said...

pennant/albrighton i think

Anonymous said...

dempsey or downing????

no name said...

but pennant may not play full time....either subbed early or late subs. He's cheap though....

GENIUS said...

my team

bale baine elokobi
cahill ethe downing silva meireles
mario elmander

good luck folks


Anonymous said...

M.richard will play?

lulu said...

A.M ,arsenal_bergkamp,Genius
should i kept berba at big discount?

kit said...

AM forgot to schedule his post? haha

Tayo said...

Too late to make changes now...

Bonne chance a tous !

Anonymous said...

stupid balotelli!!

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