Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The 2010/11 Blog Cup

It's that time again...The 2010/11 Blog Cup:

800 team, 8 rounds, 1 winner!

At points throughout the season we will have weekends where the Top Weekly Scores from our EIGHT blog leagues go through to the "next round". It's a knockout so once you're out, you're out!

Last year our winner was Stephane's FrenchCannons, who pipped Alex's Supermassive FC by just 0.5 points...could it be that close again this year...?

All 800 teams in the Blog Leagues have a place in the Blog Cup... unfortunately I can't run more than 8 leagues across my 2 IDs so if you didn't get a space then you're going to miss out on this one - sorry. I will be running another cup competition, The AM Challenge Cup, later in the season, where I may look to add additional leagues, but for now I have my work cut out with eight.

Anyway, I've outlined the The 2010/11 AM Blog Cup schedule below:-

1st Round - Week 5 (this week!) - Top 600 teams based on weekly scores in the Blog Leagues go through to 2nd round. 200 teams go out.

2nd Round - Week 8 - Top 450 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 600 teams go through to 3rd round. 150 teams go out.

3rd Round - Week 12 - Top 300 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 450 teams go through to 4th round. 150 teams go out

4th Round - Week 16 - Top 200 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 300 teams go through to 5th round. 100 teams go out.

5th Round - Week 20 - Top 100 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 200 teams go through to quarter finals. 100 teams go out.

Quarter Finals - Week 24 - Top 50 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 100 teams go through to semi finals. 50 teams go out.

Semi Finals - Week 28 - Top 20 teams based on weekly scores from the remaining 50 teams go through to the final. 30 teams go out.

Final - Week 32 - Top weekly score from the 20 finalists wins the cup. If we have a tie on the top weekly score then we will have a play-off in Week 30.

Prize - The winner of the cup will obviously win the respect of his fellow managers :) but also a £20 voucher to the online store of their choice (Amazon, Play, CDWow etc).

As people will probably change their team name throughout the season I'll be tracking teams by their Yahoo IDs.

Only teams who are in a blog league when the Round 1 results are compiled can take part - if a team drops out of a blog league after Round 1 then the team replacing them in the league does not take their place in The Blog Cup.

In the event of any of the above weeks/rounds being an international break week (ZERO Premiership games) then the round will be moved to the following weekend.

It is always the Top 600/450/300/200/100/50/20 teams who go through, with one exception. In the event of teams being tied on weekly points at the cut off (e.g. Round 1- if the 600th, 601st & 602nd teams are all tied on the same weekly total) then all 3 teams would go through to the next round.

Those who were following the blog last year will know the cup competitions worked well so I hope people are looking forward to taking part. I think it makes things interesting as it's nothing to do with Overall Position, it's purely based on your weekly score in the selected week, so it gives players not doing too well the chance to have one-off weekends where they score big whilst a top player has a bad week...fantasy giant killing!

I'll make it clear on the lead up to each round whether it's a Cup Weekend to remind you....

Round 1 is Week 5, THIS WEEKEND!!! The teams with the top 600 weekly scores in the blog leagues will go through to Round 2. Everyone else will be knocked out.

Good luck to all - please let me have your feedback.


p.s. I will often send out Cup reminders via Facebook message, so if you're a Facebook user then please make sure you join the blog group!


gareth bale lows bubbles said...

thanks for all your hard work

Alper said...

fantastic work Nik, waiting for the results...

Anonymous said...

Good Job AM!
Looking forward to it.


Dead Leg United said...

Of course I had to have won LAST week.

FLScott said...

Doubt I'll ever make it this year - but I love you mate! Thanks for your class, and your conviction!

Ian Sanderson said...

Excellent news.
Languishing just inside the 3000 mark, so hopefully this week will go higher and get through to Round 2.

Arsenal_Bergkamp said...

Awesome!!! Thank you for all your effect. I hope I ll make the cut.

Saul said...

I finished 7th in the competion last season, I love it! Good job AM and thanks for all your contribution to the game.

sabz said...

thanks for all

Kavedas said...

My team has no place for Drogba , do you think this is Suicide in YFF this week , my fear that Anelka who will play today get a rest in Sunday !!! i Hope Carlo say something on Friday
Today No A.Cole/Lampard/Drogba in Chelsea's Team

Jamiiieee said...

Very good idea.
Looking forward to it, Awsome Job as per A M

Jamiiieee said...


Can you really afford not to have him
V Blackpool at home is gonna be heaps of points if he's on the form he has been
Although im loving the success Blackpool have had so far, Arsenal game was a kick about in the park you'd see with 30 year olds playing 10 year olds

You get the picture :)
I personally think anyone who doesn't have him this weeks Crazyy

Anonymous said...

how do i join dis cup?

Anonymous said...

If are not in a blog league you cannot take part, all blog leagues were filled weeks ago. Read AM's post, it is clearly explained!

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