Monday, 27 September 2010

Week 6 - Saturday & Sunday

What a strange week that turned out to be. I can't remember the last time so many results went against the odds - Chelsea losing to Man City, Arsenal losing to West Brom, Spurs losing to West Ham, Birmingham failing to be beat Wigan, Man Utd failing to beat Bolton...only TWO home wins out of 10 simply cannot predict so many unlikely events occurring in one weekend.

Because of the unpredictable nature of the results it meant it was generally a low scoring week. I ended on a disappointing 72 points with a grand total of ZERO goals (well - one own goal by Charlie Adam). However, there was a bright goalkeeper jinx appears to be over :) after my new best mate Ben Foster scored a mammoth 18 points after a clean sheet and plenty of saves. Van Der Vaart chipped in with a handy 14 points and Malouda + Drogba somehow scored 14 points between them despite doing nothing, while Jerome was poor, Koscielny & Chamakh a total disaster. Bale, Salcido, Adam and Barton all returned around 5 points.

Not having Berbatov (5 points), Arshavin (18) or Gerrard (10) didn't damage me too badly, but the men who did really swing it this week were Samir Nasri and Nani - well done if you had them. I'm assuming not too many people had great weeks because despite only scoring 72 points I dropped just 100 places to 1419th...I was expecting far worse.

I wasn't able to do any real barndoor work over the weekend due to other commitments, so I still have pretty much the same team as last week. The only exceptions were Jacobson coming in for Koscielny and Odemwingie for Jerome. I missed some players I had planned on bringing in, Obinna, Jara and N'Zogbia to name three, but I haven't really had a proper look yet.

I'll probably keep Drogba and Malouda at home to Arsenal but it may be time for Barton to go as I mistakenly thought he took Newcastle's penalties, when it's actually Nolan. Chamakh may also go as he's away to Chelsea next week, but Salcido stays, Adam too as he still scored 6.5 despite the own goal and Foster may remain my keeper for a 3rd week. I'm wondering whether Bale needs to be moved out to free up some I need him AND Van Der Vaart? Possibly not. Boateng (if fit - he was on the bench vs Chelsea) could be a ready made replacement for Bale if I do make the leap. That would free up funds for a Liverpool (vs Blackpool) or Man City (vs Newcastle) player...Tevez or Torres perhaps?

Lots to think about at the moment but with the barndoor closed in a timely manner this week there's no rush. I'll be busy with work for the next couple of days so doubt I'll be posting again before my player picks on Wednesday night. Until then, please let me know your Week 6 total. Who came in on the barndoor and what further changes are you looking at for Week 7?



Richy, team Liverpool said...

Mad week, in the premiership predictions game I was doing really well, and this week got literally every result wrong, the lowest points possible. Thank goodness for foster and nani making it an 88 pt week!

chrism said...

Hey Nik,

This week was yet another disaster, 58.5 pts. I had you heads up in the Moonfruit qtrs so no need to look you are through. I would have had you but for some idiotic reason I subbed Joe Cole for Sami Nasri at the last moment. Stupidest play of the year thus far.

I don't know what the story is this year. Look at this week, Arsenal, averaging 6 goals at home going down to West Brom, Citheh with a patchwork defense shutting down Chelsea. I really thought Chelsea was going to blow them out. This must be driving all the touts and pundits crazy, I know it is me.

I can't fathom Chamakh, as the front man for the second most potent offense in the league he is not scoring at all and he has so much potential. Everton is a total mystery, bottom of the table when they were challenging for a CL spot last year. Rooney seems a lost cause. And my team is langushing near bottom in AM League 1. For the first time in 4 years I am not even atop my private league.

I have to see who gets injured this week in CL action and then redo my whole squad. 'Tis a shame because there are still big discounts on Drogs, Flomo, Bale et. al. But the present set up just isn't getting it done.


Michael said...

My first thought on saturday night was, Rosicky is gonna be DIRT cheap after the pen miss and is a defo in my team, so some reason i chose Nasri, despite playing 120 minutes a few days before. Excellent stuff.

Nani looks like he could be the new Ronaldo, Dont think he'll have a good game against Sunderland but will put him in for the week after. Had Foster in my nets having BD'd Krul, good choice there.

95.5 points overall. Would have been very interesting if the Blog Cup was this week instead of last :-)


DeviLxDeviL said...

Bad week for me AM, this is the second time i scored below 100 pts. 71.5 pts for this week.

Fernando Torres is my biggest disappointment along with Gardner (RC), Adam (OG), Chamakh (YC+ Useless) and Carrol.

My rank dropped just 100 places to 643 overall. I'm thinking the same way with you about Bale. This week i'm going back with Captain Kirk as i believe no CS for Carson, Foster (Everton will bounce back), Green, as well as Al Habsi. I hope Kirk can retain his place this week.

Obinna, Brunt, Odimwingie, Nani, Tevez, Torres, Boateng, Pennant (If start), Nzogbia, as well as Darrent Bent (might score against stupid defense of my beloved man utd) are good picks this week.

I messed up my team, still holding Bale and Malouda (which i'm stupid enough to dropped and picked him back at 13.57). Drogba now at 22.91 and i don't have enough $$ to get him back. Hope Verminator and Fabregas can play this week to stop Drogba !


ebi s. said...

I'm still going without Drogba even against that Arsenal defence, i'm holding on to Malouda cos if he goes higher i won't be able to bring him in. Drogba i have no qualms of picking at 24 or 26.
For now
Kompany Jara Alcarez
malouda Nani Vdv N'zogbia
Berbatov Obinna Odemwingie

i want to upgrade Berbatov to Tevez but will keep my "fellow Nigerians" who will return their cost without scoring

rwlwhite said...

59 points for me this week. Rubbish! but i guess that's the risk one takes by having 3 or 4 expensive players and fit the rest of the team around them. i've made a big decision and dropped both malouda and drogba, losing a lot of discount on both! i've kept bale thus far but i'm not sure if he'll stay either yet. my current line-up for week 7 is as follows:

Bale, Salcido, Jacobsen
VDV, Holden, Etherington, Parker
Odemwingie, Obinna, Jones

I'm taking a risk by picking up players from teams i wouldn't normally...west brom, stoke, west ham....even bolton!

west brom seem to be doing well and i really like odemwingie at the moment. he could turn out to be a great player. stoke are playing well going forward and jones has scored in his last 3 games at least now. Eth is a pretty good little points scorer too. West Ham are going through a mini revival and are next up at home to fulham. while i'd prefer fulham to keep a clean sheet (salcido), they are the only other team still unbeaten in the league so far (besides Man U) and I think they are due for a loss. Plus, salcido can still get points without a clean sheet! Holden is my hunch for being a season keeper (alongside potentially VDV and salcido - maybe bale so long as he starts scoring big again!) He seems to run the Bolton midfield with crosses, interceptions, tackles etc. the only thing he's missing is an assist or a goal, but I feel they will come soon. i'm hoping west brom v bolton will be a high scoring affair you see!

Anyway, i'm ringing the changes this week in the hope that things can pick up once again. But at least my 59 points in YFF was significantly better than my 23 points in the official premier game!!! :(

Anonymous said...

Chamakh is not better than Bendtner, wonder why Arsene went for him? Bendtner misses a lot of goals because he gets into goal scoring positions while Chamakh doesn't even bother, 80% of his goals are headed goals. Poor, very poor imo.

Anonymous said...

I got 80.5pts this week, which is alright, but I'm unhappy as usual. For next week I have made great changes to my team dropping both Bale AND Malouda and bringing Drogba back.
Van der Vaart/Meireles/Silva/N'Zogbia
I know it looks like I have overspent on my front line, but my midfield is actually class and worth much more in real life than fantasy + my goalkeeper's not Kirk which is always good :)
I haven't yet swapped Malouda for Nzog and Jacobsen, but pretty sure I'll do it and keep this team barring injuries. Hoping for 100+pts in week 7 as I need to bounce back with a slightly differential team.
What do you think AM and blog regulars? Your opinion is as usual valued and appreciated :)

AdrmiraLordNelson said...

i got 97 points with Foster/ Bale Salcido Konchesky/ Adam VdV Malouda Nasri/ Drogba Chamakh Kalinic

Fikri said...

Week 6 = 121.5 points

Week 7 transfer:
Foster to Sorensen
Ashley Young to Joe Cole
Gardner to Yaya Toure
Darrent Bent to Tevez

Still in my team:
Van der Vaart
Charlie Adam
Andy Carroll

Good Luck to you all!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My goal keeper jinx continue even i had CECH in my team :)
48 points only for this week which cause me 5000 rank dropped

Anonymous said...

hi ALN, was that 97 or 9.7 points? ;)


Anonymous said...

49 effing points. I'm getting a keeper. Dropping Bale as long as I have VDV in the team. AM made that point in his original post.

Provisional team looks like this
Jara Carr Gohouri
VDV Nasri Silva Malouda
Drogs Berb Odem

If I drop Berbs who do I bring in? I prefer 343 but am thinking with 13.42 I could go back to 352 and bring in MPetrov or Downing and upgrade somewhere else.


SK said...

My week would have been good had I picked the more popular Foster instead of Gilks, which is strange considering I moved up 90 places to 254th with only 83 pts. My prediction that Nasri could do a Walcott seemed to be well justified, so I am now 2/2 in predicting cheap Arsenal players to outperform. I may actually keep him against Chelsea. There's also a slight possibility I will drop Bale next game as it's hard to return his value unless he gets a CS or plays as a winger with VdV in charge. My only concern is whether his price will ever drop down as close to 13.

Bale Saicido 4.89
Malouda Gerrard Adam VdV Nasri
Chamakh Odenwingie

Anonymous said...

For the week 6, I got 101.5 points with

bale salcido kompany
vdv barton nani gardner malouda
berba chamakh

for the week 7, considering to drop chamakh..n maybe malouda??
Is it a great time to bring on drogba, since his value just around 23++??

how about your team SAUL??


Anonymous said...

My worst ever week in yff. Don't think I've ever scored this low bar the snow farce last season. Only 50 points for me. Really struggling this season. Hoping to get over this bad patch move on to next week. Had almost the same team as AM except that I had Reina and Berbs to your Foster and Drogba. That was a 22 point swing in your favour.

Enough ranting. My team looks like this at the moment.

Bale Salcido Kompany
Adam VDV Barton NZog
Tevez Odemwingie Obinna

My midfield will change lots. Barton will be dropped as he does not take pens and up against a very strong Man City defence. I am trying to fit both tevez and drogba in but it is unlikely that both will be my team. Who is a better choice? Gping with drogba means dropping bale who I am wiling to give one last chance to. Any advice, guys?

Sorry for the long post and my rantings:p


Anonymous said...

A1 Dilemma

Present team


I am feeling a little West Ham heavy, but oh well. I like WH's chances against a weaker offensive Fulham. More importantly, I am thinking of trading out Gerrard and Berbatov for Tezez and Kuyt? This will leave me with .12 I like Tevez at home versus Berbs on the road and the only way I can do it is to trade out Gerrard and then I will pickup Kuyt. I still want to keep two L-pools members on my team. Any thoughts? A1

Anonymous said...

hey guys.

Im toying with

Salcido, Skrtel, Jacobsen
VDV, Ben Arfa, Yaya, Reo Coker
Tevez, Torres, Drogba

What do you think?

My other team would be

Salcido, Skrtel, Jacobsen
VDV, Gerrard, Etherington, Nzogbia
Torres, Odemwingie, Di Santo

Team 1 or 2? Team 1 is all strikers, whereas team 2 is a more all rounded team.
Im very settled with the defence so they will all stay. :-)

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

what a week..initially my team is
drog odemwingie berba..

last min sell odemwingie and nasri and gardner and get nani..

damn nasri and odemwingie score..luckily nani give a solid point to.. about to sell it a good move?

Anonymous said...

Hi AMers!

I scored pretty low this week, 65pts but rise 296 rank current team will be:

Bale Salcido Jara Gohouri
Adam VDV Barton Parker
Drogba OdemWinnie

I still unsatisfied with Barton selection as Newcastle will have to play M.City away, which I bet it'll be tough game & hard for him to score big points..I didn't see much west ham action lately but I think they will keep on their winning mentality against Fulham..Is it okay if I wanna change:

Parker ---> Obinna (I never see him before)
Barton ---> Barry / E.H.Diouf / Albrighton / any midfielder valued atmost 9.3mill..

Any suggestion, recommendation or comments are much appreciated =)

Thanks & have a nice day

Saul said...

Low scoring week for me I'd say but still turned out to be average as I only lost 41 places and up to 152 overall ranking(70.5 pts.). Weird weekend I have to agree, all the big guns loosing points and Arsenal stunningly surprised @home by a weaker opposition.

As for week 7, my team at the moment is...


I'm kicking myself right now for missing out on the Nani bandwagon but overall I'm pretty happy about the team. Of course it's not done yet as there is sure to be injuries after the CL games, let's hope it's not from Manchester United because they have enough problems in that front as it is. Anyways I wouldn't mind giving Park Yi-Sung a shot at my team but, I'll wait till Thursday/Friday team news.

Good luck to all and Jack - Great to see you stuck with that Nani hunch, it paid off as it should've paid off for me. If he doesn't get injured midweek, I'll have to get him in my team as he is proving to be one of the most consistent point getters in the game. Of course someone with a big profile will have to be sacrificed...I'm looking at Bale atm but we'll see.

Staffer84 said...

Hello guys!

My team name: DIMITAR BERBATOV FC [AM.Blog] curent stantding is 333 (nice) and I moved up 171 places this week but I thought it will be a bad week! Team was:

85.5 points

For next week I am staying with Foster,Salcido,VdV and Berbatov for sure. My current team is:


Yes, I dropped Bale and yes, I will most probably lose Malouda too cause I want to upgrade 1 striker and I can get Torres and a cheap mid (Adam). Which one to upgrade - Odemwingie or Obinha. I am officialy thinking of losing the trio - Drogba,Bale and Malouda - I already lost two of them and I think Bale is still a stud! How did you all do this week!


Tayo said...

Waoh!!! At the rate Odem (by the way that's a lovely nickname for Odemwingie Peter)is being picked this week, I hope he's not going to be jinxed...
Wish the blog cup was this week, I made 98.5 points, thanks to Nasri, VDV and Kompany.
Like you AM I was suprised to see Nolan taking PK instead of Barton...
Good luck guys!

kwyjibo said...

Well, I did it...went ahead and dropped Bale. But now I realize it may have been a mistake to make any changes before CL, in case of I'll be holding my breath.

Only 73 in week 6, but enough to move up 59 places overall. Can't wait for the first double week, I need to get my average up over 100 again!

Drogba-Berbs-Odem (@Tayo - thanks!)

Call me crazy, but I went back to Jussi, who was doing so well before his silliness. Hopefully he has learned his lesson...

I'm not sure about Hutton(is he playing?), Jacobsen, Etuhu, but I've only got 1.59 left. Not much else I can do unless I drop Berbs or Drogba.

Kellz said...

Amazing 97pt week for me with Foster/Nasri combining for over half my total. Boosted up 3300 places into the top 3000.

My BD Team ATM:

Bale, Salcido, Jacobsen
Malouda, N'Zog, VDV, Meirales
Drogba, Oden, Obinna

Fairly confident I will keep this lineup for the weekend. I like the look of the team strangely enough, only changes I might make would be N'Zog/Jacobsen for Boateng if he starts and another mid.

Good luck enjoy the CL tomorrow!

Ken said...

89 pts week 6

week 7 all set.......suggestions?
Malouda, VDV, C. Adam, Albrighton, Nani
Chamakh, Elmander

Anonymous said...

Odem or Obinna? Odem, more likely to score but Obinna is on free kicks Corner kicks, he loves to shoot so will get shots on target, maybe win corner kicks. I believe all of Obinna's 19pts were phantom pts.

Anonymous said...

Anyone feel like Green's gotten past his wretched summer and early season woes? I think he might be gaining in confidence and I have him in my line-up (BD'd him for 4.35 before he went up to 6.65) for the weekend against a somewhat toothless Fulham (no Zamora, Dembele, AJ). Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I feel that about Green to, however this week I had Almunia! So don't listen to a word I write.

Paul from 1,088th place.

Kellz said...

@Paul + Anon 8:32pm: I personally wouldn't risk Green, one game won w/ CS doesn't mean your back on form. I feel hes a trap I don't want to fall in when Foster is doing just fine. But given the match up it is worth a chance.

stc3 said...

I scored 79.50 this week taking me up 656 places to 2720 overall, my highest ever ranking. I'm happy with that.

My team for the coming week is:

Jara, Salcido, Kompany
Malouda, Nani, VDV, Meirles
Berbs, Odemwingie, Obinna

I dropped Drogba and Bale! I'm hoping that they continue to score poorly and that this helps me up the rankings. Unsure about Obinna as a Drogba replacement though.

joshtottenham said...

Hmmm...bale has had one bad game points wise playing at left back, when he moves back to LW he will rake the points in again IMO, he wasn't getting THAT many points from the kicks anyway. That said, if his little goalscoring run has dried up and he's going to be playing LB more... I think I'm more likely to drop drogba this week...just can't quite click it!

Geobfree said...

Scored 104 pts, also had Foster & Nasri, with the addition of Carr. Moved up 4800 places to the 3000 range. What to do with Nasri now that I have him @ the good discount,but tough fixture and poss Fabs return?

STLRam01 said...

I scored a whopping 64.5 points. Gera was a disappointment with 0 pts, but everyone else returned something, albeit Kos got me -3 pts. Hart was my top point getter at 18 pts.

As for my week 7 team. I dropped Bale, Kos, and Gera for Jara, Jacobsen, and Torres. Was just unable to afford Tevez, so went with Torres.

That being said my team looks like this:

Salcido, Jara, Jacobsen
Malouda, Holden, Adam, Van der Vaart
Chamakh, Drogba, Torres

I have everyone at a discount except for Torres.

Starky said...

I'm one of many now contemplating dropping the super stud Bale.
Should i go with:
Kirk (G), Bale (D), Chamakh(F) OR CHANGE TO
Cudicini (G) <-- Job security, where is Gomes?
Boateng (D) <-- Play some good minutes?
Odemwingie (F) <-- Can he keep it up?


Saul said...

Looking at the fixtures this weekend, I'm more inclined to go with Kirkland and invest the extra cash elsewhere. I wouldn't mind keeping Foster @6.xx if I knew he could keep a CS but playing Everton is not very assuring...and all the other options are just too damn expensive. So, that being said my team is atm...


Went from Foster/B.Emerton to Kirk/Parker, liking it better but I feel I can do much better than Parker and the weekday CL and EL games will give me a better idea and new options to choose from.

Anonymous said...

How bout Pepe Reina for a possible clean sheet?

Anonymous said...

KEO Week 5

dEmArCoLoCo V Real Soni [AM.Blog]

AM-FC V ToffeeDave's XI

李華月x彭丹 V Crabs

J's XI V DeviL's Kicker [AM.Blog]

Good luck

Lee B said...

Up to 43rd overall. Nasri and a total of 93 points put me up 50 places.

AM Bloggers now have 5 teams in the top 50.

I dropped the Drog last week and it payed off and I'm really tempted to drop Bale(Sorry AM) this week and put the Drog back in, what do you guys think??

My BD team at the mo;

Salcido, Kochesky, Bale
Scholes, Etherington, Malouda, Adam, VDV
Berbatov, Odemwingie

Lee B (Realronaldo)

Rob said...

Awful week, awful week.....

Krul with -8, Kosc with -3, Gera with 0...

If I hadn't had Arshavin and Nasri it could have been a complete nightmare! 61.50 makes me feel a little better.

Got some good barndoor action though with Gerrard, Nani and Green secured if I want them. I think it's got to be a weekend for Drogba again though.

All the signs show a Stamford Bridge whooping for Arsenal...

Rob said...

Actually guys, I don't know if you've found this on the net yet? Quite an interesting article on using Yahoo Fantasy Football to predict football results for people who bet on games?

Anonymous said...

Hi guys.
I didnt have the guts to save the team with Drogba, Tevez and Torres up front.

Maybe next week eh

Team now and still open to ideas is

Salcido, Skrtel, Boateng
VDV, Gerrard, Nzogbia, Ward
Torres, Obinna, Odemwingie.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

@LC: Why Ward? Ward is listed as a MF but playing at LB, so he won't get any CS points, and not sure if he will provide any attacking points.

If you still want him, he was replaced because of injury against Aston Villa, so keep an eye on the injury news.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8:11 AM, September 28, 2010

What's that for?

Gasper said...

Finally a decent week. 99.5 with Nasri, Foster and VDV the main providers.

Tried a couple of different teams for next week, but still not satisfied. Drogba will probably again score against my Arsenal :( He costs so much but I have a bad feeling we will get squashed again at the Bridge. Same ol' same ol'.

So I have a question for you guys. Odem, Tevez, Torres or Odem, Tevez, Drog or Odem, Torres, Drog :)

Arsenal_Bergkamp said...

77.5 pts, thanks to Foster and VDV. I am glad that majority of YFF players didn't perform well and I am surprise I didn't drop in ranking.
I only made two changes on bd: Squ to Jacobsen; Cham=>Obinna

Current lineup
Bale, Jacobsen, Salcido
Malouda,Adam, Barton, VDV
Drogba, Berbatov, Obinna with $0.04

I thought of dropping Bale and replace Barton to bring in Etherington and a $7 defender. However, I think I need to keep Barton($5.49) if I plan to keep Drog/Malouda for few more games in order to balance the budget. I might hold Berbatov for another week due to Rooney's injury.

kwyjibo said...

Check your scores again...Yahoo just changed them. I magically just lost 3.5 pts. WTF Yahoo?

Saul said...

kwyjimo - Yes you're right, same thing happened to me. What the hell Yahoo! looks like Malouda lost 4 pts.


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