Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Week 6 - Player Picks

Week 6 is here - and you'll notice my player recommendations are very similar to last week's which shows us clearly that after five weeks the season is starting to take shape. Player's averages are actually starting to mean something in terms of genuine consistency and we're starting to get a better idea of which teams are set for successful seasons. I think you can expect to see a similar core pool of players featuring quite regularly over the coming weeks and months.

I'm obviously writing this post with the values of players still not updated from Sunday's games. This is the first time I've seen such a gap between the points being awarded and the prices being affected as a result, which in turn has meant we're in the middle of the longest barndoor period in history. We're less than 3 days away from the next deadline so I'm actually starting to doubt whether the prices are actually going to be updated at all...?

If that's the case then another technical issue at Yahoo can be the only explanation and one can only guess what happens to the pricing algorithm after the Week 6 points come in. Obviously if the prices are updated before the deadline then that's going to affect some of my recommendations, but I couldn't wait any longer so I thought I'd go ahead and post them anyway. * now updated, please see the bottom of this post

I've had a lot less spare time for the blog this week so lets move swiftly on to the Week 6 fixtures. The stand-out match is Arsenal v West Brom at The Emirates, with the home side huge favourite to win comfortably. West Brom have had a decent start to the season thanks to their home form, but they're on 2 defeats from 2 on the road and I see no reason why that won't become 3 from 3.  

Birmingham will be desperate to bounce back from their derby defeat last Saturday and should find things reasonably easy at home to Wigan, while Man United travel to Bolton knowing they must win games like this to close the gap on Chelsea.

Tottenham travel to bottom of the table West Ham, where Hary Redknapp will be praying we pick up all 3 points after resting the entire team in the Carling Cup, while Liverpool play host to Sunderland at Anfield in a game they need to win and Newcastle,  full of confidence after a fine performance at Everton in Week 5, welcome Stoke to St James' Park,

Aside from those 6 games we have the biggest of the weekend at lunchtime on Saturday - Man City vs Chelsea. It's Ancelotti's first real test this season and it'll be tight, but I just feel Chelsea's strength will be too much for City and can see an away win - it should be a cracker!  

Blackpool v Blackburn is a difficult one but a draw wouldn't surprise me, and the same could be said for Fulham v Everton. The final game on Sunday is Wolves v Aston Villa and I'm certain it's going to be real scrap between two fierce rivals...another which could easily be another score draw.

That wraps up the fixtures, so based on that here are my Week 6 Player Picks...


Many people will be taking the zero for Kirkland again, but if you're spending a bit more than £1.17m then I reckon Foster at home to Wigan & Krul (replacing Harper) at home to Stoke are your best bets. But I can't stress this not listen to me regarding keepers, I seriously don't know what I'm talking about this season!


Bale has handed some set piece duties to Van Der Vaart but will still score well and is still undroppable in my opinion. Salcido has made an exciting start at Fulham and could be the cheap attacking fullback we were hoping for in Kolorov/Boateng. We're still awaiting news on Vermaelen's return but if he's back then one of Koscielny/Squillaci will drop out with Kos the more likely after playing 120 minutes on Tuesday.

Enrique, O'Shea, Baptiste & Ferreira are all scoring well so far this season so present interesting options (and possible clean sheets) around the £7m mark and Martin Skrtel is the most reasonably priced Liverpool defender. Williamson is another Newcastle defender a little cheaper along with Carr of Birmingham, Hutton (who should start with Corluka & Kaboul missing) and Salgado of Blackburn, all priced around 6.5.

It's weeks like this where a filler defender can be mighty handy, and we have two such players available to us in Week 6 - West Ham's right back Lars Jacobson and Wolves defensive midfielder Michael Mancienne, both should play & are priced below 4.5...bargain!

Van Der Vaart
J Cole
Ben Arfa
D Jones
Pennant *check injury news

The amount of great midfield options this week is staggering and I can see quite a few fantasy managers considering switching to 3-5-2. The two players that stand out given the fixtures are Andrey Arshavin and Steven Gerrard. Arshavin seems to be getting involved a lot more than last season and continued his goal scoring in the cup last night, while Gerrard's first league goals since April will give him plenty of confidence. I was set to get rid of Malouda for one of these two but his performance vs Blackpool changed my mind & I'm now considering him as a possible season keeper. Will Micah Richards be able to cope with him?

Joey Barton and Charlie Adam have been scoring really well so far thanks to taking all set pieces, so I'm likely to keep both as they enter winnable home games. Van Der Vaart is now on set piece and penalty duty at Spurs so he has to be tempting you at West Ham, while Nani is in the best form of his life for United. Joe Cole needs to kick start his Liverpool career, Ben Arfa showed his talent with a wonder-strike vs Everton & Samir Nasri will be expected to fill Fabregas' shoes vs West Brom.

With Zamora & Dembele out it'll be down to Clint Dempsey to lead the line against a struggling Everton, and i'll throw Zoltan Gera in as another good Fulham pick that could separate you from the crowd. Hleb and Gardner face Wigan, D.Jones & Albrighton are more-or-less returning their value and Jermaine Pennant is one to keep an eye on if he recovers from his hamstring injury.


I really have a feeling this is the week Chamakh breaks out and scores a couple of goals - he's been steadily improving each game and I expect him to get plenty of chances, even without Fabregas pulling the strings. At his current price and facing West Brom he's my pick of the week. A large proportion of managers will have brought Berbatov in after his magnificent hat-trick but a word of warning - he rarely performs as well on the road as he does in front of his own fans, and Bolton won't be a walkover. Still - he's the league's top scorer, you can't argue with that.

Looking at the teams posted in the comments section over the past few days it appears lots of people are dropping Drogba this week. I still think he's capable of big points at City but I do understand why people feel the £20m+ can be spent better elsewhere with so many good midfield options. I still haven't decided what I'm going to do with him but I'm leaning towards keeping him at the moment. On the opposite side he faces an in-form Carlos Tevez who remains priced at 16 and loves the big occasion.

Cameron Jerome has started the season well, as has Andy Carroll, and both face winnable home games against Wigan & Stoke respectively, with Carroll my preference due to cost. Crouch faces West Ham, Kalinic is dirt cheap and heads to Blackpool and for the real gamblers amongst you, Fernando Torres had to hit form again at some point and it's likely to be at Anfield, why not vs a Sunderland side who just lost to West Ham?

That's it for Week 6....obviously we still have the injury/suspension fall-out from the Carling Cup so things may change, but I'll detail anything important in my Friday Update post. I'm aware this isn't my finest writing/analysis and can only apologise - as I mentioned earlier I've struggled to find the time this week.

As for my team, I'm having loads of problems after some sloppy barndoor work. I want Gerrard, Arshavin & Berbatov but I don't want to lose Malouda or Drogba so I'll have to make some big decisions over the next few days. I'm continuing my refusal to pick a non-playing keeper so I'm going with Foster again (you have been warned) but this is further limiting my funds for some of the premium picks. Salcido is in my team at under 6, while Bale, Adam, Barton & Chamakh will all definitely stay.

As always, please remember to vote in the poll that helps us pick the Blog Team, where I've added Drogba and Malouda back in due to a number of people dropping them for other options. Bale remains excluded...

We're on a bit of a roll after two massive weeks, so we'll be looking to continue this in Week 6 :)

That'll do! How's your team shaping up? The big question...are you dropping Drogba?


* Since I wrote this post yesterday not only have Yahoo updated the prices but they have ALSO made some slight point adjustments which have moved me up 90 places in the overall rankings. This means I need to recalculate the 1st Round Blog Cup Results, so keep checking back as you may well find you've actually now made it through/missed out...


The Baby Daddies said...

Currently, I'm going with Kirkland, Bale, Salcido, Squillaci, Adam, VDV, Barton, Malouda, Drogba, Chamakh, and Berbatov. I'm actually angry with the whole Barndoor thing - well, first, because I'm greedy and now everyone can afford Berbatov et al., and also because I'm looking for player prices to drop so that I make some other changes. I'm going to keep Drogba in my team. IMO, he's too good to be held down by City or any other team in the Premier League for that matter. Also, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I've been toying around with a couple of different lineups. For awhile I had Almunia at GK and Berbatov at For. I figured if there was ever a week where Almunia will return his value, it's this weekend. I changed that today and am set on the following lineup for now:
Bale, Salcido, Koscielny
Gerrard, Malouda, Nani, Van der Vaart, Adam
Chamakh, Carroll

If I don't think Koscielny will play, then I may switch to Squillacci, Mancienne or Jacobsen. I'm pretty happy with the rest of the team though.

Cech's Mates

cfcboss said...

i'm really annoyed with no player value changes.
my team currently:
bale squillaci ...6.24
adam malouda vdv arshavin
drog chamwow carroll

i won't drop drog, he'll stay, likely to finish season highest point-scorer anyway.

one thing i won't do is to get in berba, i've gone with cheaper options and i think arshavin will overscore him.

kirk decision, i've never been a fan with fillers or just taking a zero, but this week i'll do it, if i spend on a goalie, i get disappointed and i think extra money i got left for going with kirk will benefit me more then foster/krul.

Bojan said...

i think that almunia @9,81 pick is much better then picking any arsenal defender, because you dont know who will play verm,kos,squi,sagna,clichy,eboue,djourou and who will be subbed... and with prob cs points he will get win and saves points... and there is no any good gk picks this week except this clown with yellow hair

rwlwhite said...

i'm torn this week. here is my current team:

Bale - Salcido - Vermaelen (depending on fitness)
Barton - VDV - Gardner - Malouda - Adam
Drogba - Chamakh

I've toyed with the following:

i'm torn this week. here is my current team:

Bale - Salcido - J SAMUEL (filler)
Barton - VDV - GERRARD - Malouda - HLEB
Drogba - Chamakh

My current team (the top one) has a combined average of 115.25 every week - and thats INCLUDING KIrkland's -13 average! And most of them have good match ups, except a tough one for Drog/FloMal, but they are still capable of scoring points. So if I take a zero for him and the rest play to form, I could be looking at nearly 130 points.

But i'm also tempted by Stevie G, as most people are, because he has a relatively good match up, good upcoming games, is scoring goals again, and looks like his price will rocket before the i'm torn!

Which of the above line-ups should i stick with?!

rwlwhite said...

oops...the first is my current team...second is my other option!

Bradley said...

Toon beats Chelsea! Toon beats Chelsea! At Stamford Bridge no less. Granted it's only the Carling Cup, which honestly is a distraction from PL survival -- the only achievement that matters this season. Still, I can't help but be thrilled.

Anonymous said...

Great post AM!
I found it fantastic! Team name: DIMITAR BERBATOV FC [AM.Blog] currently 517th thanks to your blog! I am a regular reader since last year and it was my first season on YFF! Obviously I have one season keeper for sure and it comes from the team name (unless long term injury). I am 268th in the Blog cup. My team currently:


I have only 1 doubt, whether to keep Kirk or since I have 3.87 - invest in Green, but I really doubt him to score positive points against fully rested Tottenham and the likes of Bale and VdV forming a great partnership and scoring big. Still there is a big possibility for saves from Green since he has pretty good reflex but really awful defence in front of him! Please advise if you wish. Thank you AM for the great community you've started! Wish you good luck guys and I really hope to see many times in the season top 10! Excuse me for the long post!


Anonymous said...

My team for week 6:


Bale, Squillaci, Salcido

Malouda, VDV, Ben Arfa, Wilshere

Drogs, Cham, Berba

I like it. I think Wilshere will get a start and rip up West Brom. He's my hunch.

kwyjibo said...

I managed to fit in Arshavin, but had to add in some cheap fillers: Kirland, Mancienne, Jacobsen, and Kalinic

I also managed for the first time to get a team worth EXACTLY 100 million pounds! Anyway, here it is so far:


Not sure if I will stay with this, a few too many fillers, I think, but they are all fillers who will likely play, I'm assuming. It's a tough call.

I could switch Arshavin for Barton and add a higher priced defender or goalie as my other option.

Any thoughts? Too many fillers? Enough quality to make up for it?

Dead Leg United said...

Barton's due a stupid red card. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

am what do u think abt Gudjohnsen i knw jones is in form but @ his current price he just needs to get on the field what do u think? (red eyes/ ac trinidad)

Dave said...

@Bojan: I see your Almunia logic. But Birmingham haven't lost at home in a year, and against Wigan their chances for a CS are good. Moreover, Foster is $3M cheaper than Almunia. That makes the decision pretty clear for me. That said, I've gotten my keeper wrong for five weeks in a row.

Question: better to go with Nasri or Jerome? Nasri is a fantasy underachiever in my opinion, but he will definitely be on penalties this weekend. Jerome will lead the line against a porous Wigan defense, but he seems overpriced relative to his performance so far. Which way to go?

greginho said...

losing the carling cup might be a blessing in disguise. the smaller of the top teams, now will be fresher for the premier league. the teams like liverpool, who lost at home to northhampton town, tottenham, who lost at home to arsenal, go gunners, city, who at least lost away from home to west brom, and chelsea, who lost at home to newcastle, will all benefit from not having to spread out there thinner squads. so it looks like villa, manure and arsenal will have to lead the line for the big teams this year.

Anonymous said...

Last wk 5 of my player picks didn't start, 3 didn't play at all, so i will happily take a zero on Kirk to get in sure starters.

Anonymous said...


All team except for Adam at BD prices from a couple weeks ago. I wonder when you forfeit the built up value a player has? Do they yoyo back down to original prices most of the time?

-- I guess if you follow this week to week, then you can just get the best matchups that $100 will give you, less one or two season-long players. Any advice for first year player, like me in about 6000th place!!!?

This is a very useful blog, and Nik has great advice and clear writing.

Saul said...

@Cech's mates - Love your team! Koscielny would be your only worry, as you know.

@Staffer - My gamble on Green paid it's dividends last weekend vs. 'Stoke', but I don't expect it to continue vs. a rested Tottenham this weekend. May I suggest switching Kirk/Berbatov to Foster or Reina/Gardner...Reina after price update. Reina/Gardner will definitely get you more than Berbatov by himself, away from home. Love that Hutton pick though!!! and congrats on your great start of the season...keep it up!

@Anon 10:41 - I agree, Wilshere could have a huge weekend. He was playing more of the Fabregas role imo, but Nasri was on penalties...which adds more value to him. Now, if you're can't afford Nasri but have enough cash for Wilshire, go with him...1 assist and 1 SOT I believe, and great vision the whole game... Good shout!

My team atm is...

Reina(after price adjustment)

If Yahoo! doesn't adjust the player prices, then I'll stick to Foster. But I really want Reina, I just want to separate myself from the crowd.

@All of you thinking of going Kirk this weekend- I DON'T GET IT. I see a lot of great bargains out there to avoid taking a fat zero on a keeper. Think about it,

IN MIDFIELD(bargains): Barton/VDV/Gardner/J.Cole/Adam/B.Fergusson, great filler/BenArfa/Nolan/Wilshere/Nasri/Gera!

IN FORWARD(bargains): Chamakh/Carroll/Jerome/Keane, Pavlyuchenko, Crouch!

Sure you can argue that keepers have let you down before, but...if there's a week where you're gonna get a CS from Birminham, Arsenal, Liverpool, Newcastle...this is it!

Good luck all and hope I helped in any way.

Saul said...

AM - Great player picks! Lots of bargains to be had there, although I believe B.Ferguson should be there as a good filler @4:46.

Sorry about your Spurs in the Carling Cup, but I believe it was for the best. Playing in the Champions League, and fighting for top 4 in the EPL is hard enough for a team. Good luck in the future on your team, I have much respect for what Rednapp has done with the team.

Saul said...

@Anon 3:53 - I don't see much wrong with your team, as a matter of fact...I like it! Only changes I'd recommend are Hart/Koscielny due to Koscielny having played 120 minutes in the Carling Cup and Hart having a tough fixture vs. Chelsea. Aside from that, it's a good team. You can choose a keeper form either Birmingham, Arsenal, Liverpool, Newcastle...they have a good chance of getting a CS, and all easy games at home. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

honestly. I am friggin fed-up with Yahoo! this season. They seems to be so unreliable and unstable. with the errors here and there, delayed points, prices that are not updated (and even worse, it might not gonna be updated), some players that are not in the list (delayed or whatsoever).

I am now stuck in player selections and couldn't really fit in the players I want because the GK's price has not updated. And mayb BDing not gonna work anymore as well since the prices are updated very very late. lol.

Just letting out my frustrations, nothing personal.


Anonymous said...

I'm not picking Arsenal players cos there are no sure starters with the champions league in mind. AW could see it as an easy fixture and decide to start Vela. If Malouda's price doesn't go up i may drop him 4 same reason. I'm not picking any players likely to start on d bench. I'm playing safe 4 now

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

I can't afford either Barton or Adam this week. Would it still be wise to go for Nolan and Hleb? Nolan was playing behind Carroll in the first few games, is it still so?

-Bombay Blues

Miecio said...

I dont remember when I last time picked my team so early but it's already made.
I'm quite happy with my squad, I see balance etc.

Foster (> Krul imo, not only because he is better keeper)

Bale (he was always there)
Salcido (might become new bale)
Koscielny (i'm arsenal fan but i hope verm wont go through late test)

FloMal Barton Adam VdV (hard to drop these 4) Nani (anything less than 10 pts from him will be sad)

ChamWoW (as Neal nad Jeremy named him)
Berb (I expect weak 8 from him this time but next week should be awesome)

PS. I advice everyone to pick your time and do it fast. Last time when we had similar prices gift from Yahoo it ended with surprice (Yahoo changed algorith and nearly every players chenged theirs value).

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

This is my current team

GK- Foster
DF- Bale, Salcido, Koscielny(doubtful)
MF- Malouda, Ben Arfa, Gardner, Hleb, VDV
CS- Drogba, Chamakh

I noticed that i've gt 3 birmingham players ni my team, which unsettled me...after all Birmingham is not that consistence...

So I will need some help regarding my team choice. Good Luck to you all.

- New Rising Manager

Anonymous said...

bit confused here, just interested in your guys opinions?




tricky one I think. as AM mentioned, not so sure about berbatov away. I think bottom option is safer, top one could reap more rewards though....


Anonymous said...

Yahoo finally update prices ! berba now 16.95.


Anonymous said...

Prices updated by Yahoo, folks.

-Bombay Blues

Assistant Manager said...

Not only have prices updated but there are also some slight point adjustments...this means I'm going to have to recalculate the Blog Cup Results which I'm really not happy about!


fankuat said...

my current team (barring injuries)





left 0,53 units
i am one of those who dropped drogba and malouda!!!hope i wont regret this decision... but no risk no leaps in ranking : )

any opinion of my team guys???
comments are appreciated !!

Bojan said...

# Overall rank: 18,064 +542 after update... update did more for my team then I...

Miecio said...

# Overall rank: 872 -110 (-5.5 pts)

Luckily I picked my team so new prices dont make mess to me.

Bojan said...

my team today: (and i like it)


bale squid perch(5yc in 5 epl games)

gerrard arfa flomo gera arsh

chamack kalinic

Kavedas said...

Why everyone overlooked Riena ?? im just planning to drop Hart for him , Liverpool's next 4 matches are Sunderland+ Blackburn +@Everton+Blackpool .. i guess 2 CS at least ...
Should i replace Hart --> Riena ??

Bojan said...

reina was in my plans but sunderland is tricky team...i will go with almunia... i will bd reina for next week

Thomas said...

Makes alot more sense to me to drop Malouda over Drogba to me A.M.

Chelseas next fixtures are city arsenal and villa.
Drogbas on goalscoring chance free kicks and I'd say he has taken over penalties from lampard (including england he's missed something like 3 of last 5).

Yeh Malouda's on corners and some crossing free kicks but if you look at his stats before the blackpool game (which were all against weak teams) and take his one shot one goal out of the equation you're left with very little.
That kind of stat isn't going to continue, especially against the top half of the table teams.

Bojan said...

arsenal @home is nice fixture for chelsea... 3:0, and fabs with new injurie

Assistant Manager said...

The points have changed AGAIN! I've just dropped a further 0.5 but also gone up 1 place. I'm going to wait until later today for everything to settle down before recalculating as I don't want to waste any more of my time.

Anonymous said...

My Team !

GK- Foster
DF- Bale, Salcido, Mancienne
MF- Malouda, VDV, Barton, C.Adams
CS- Drogba, Chamakh, Berb


GK- Kirk
DF- Bale, Salcido, Ridgewell
MF- Malouda, VDV, Barton, C.Adams
CS- Drogba, Chamakh, Berb

Anonymous said...

Dropped from 75pts to 70.5pts, same difference really, i'm still out of the blog cup.
PS advice, comment.

Squi Salcido Baptiste
C.Adam Gerrard Malouda Arfa VDV
Berbatov C.Jerome 2.4 left

Gerrard isn't going to score a brace again is he? I'd love to switch him to Torres.

Red Hot(d.ghost is back)

Anonymous said...

reports are that sol campbel could get his first start of the season, who do you think would be dropped José Enrique,M. Williams both of which are players that AM his isn his player picks

Anonymous said...

@fankuat: I would prefer Torres over Gerrard if you can try to fit him in.
Maybe Gerrard -> VDV
Berbatov/Chamakh -> Torres

@Anon 10.36: To be honest I don't like any of those options.
I prefer Salcido, Chamakh and Torres. I think you should be able to afford the trio if you got Salcido pre-update.

This is my team atm

Bale Salcido Konchesky
Adam Barton VDV Malouda
Jerome Berbatov Chamakh

Still holding Gerrard and Koscielny pre-update. Wanted Torres but can't fit him in without taking the 0 for Kirkland.

Any advice from our regulars on here?


Anonymous said...

hmmm big decisions


(or a third option which is downgrading berba to get a playing keeper)

please comment
Karni Nahbey

Anonymous said...

Williamson Bale Konchesky
Malouda Adam Barton VDV Gerrard
Chamack Berbatov

What do you reckon?

Josh said...

@anonymous 12:43pm

Foster + Mancienne > Kirk (0) + Ridgewell

Gasper said...

Thanks for the comments on my team a few AM posts back. Decided to drop Stoke, hope KJones doesn't score a hattrick :)

My team
Bale, Squil, Salcido
VDV, FloMal, Dempsey, Barton, Nasri
ChamWow, Berbs

I have a really good feeling about Dempsey this week. Good matchup, he'll play 1st striker with Dembele and Zamora out. And next games also look decent.

Anonymous said...

Baptiste is out, for who is picking him..

Anonymous said...

Which two of the following would you guys recommend?

Carroll OR C.Adam OR Ben Arfa

All three to be bought at current prices.

And on a completely different note, has Nolan all of a sudden become so unattractive?
How's Hleb for this week? Home game to Wigan seems good for a start?

-Bombay Blues

Anonymous said...

Bale Salcido Carr
Malouda Barton Nani VDV
Drogs Chamakh *empty*

Kirk's price dropped to 1.00, that makes him a very good filler imo. I am definitely going for a 0.00 this week.

My only problem is who to get to replace Dembele in my team, I am really spoilt for choice here. Guys pls choose 1 from below....

Crouch / Nasri / Gardner / Adam

Thanks ;)


Anonymous said...

anyone one knows about Hutton? will he play this weekend?

Anonymous said...

@ D2D

it's tough call between Gardner and Nasri, both of them has good match-up.. Gardner had a great start for brum this season, scoring another goal in the carling cup.. while nasri will fill fabs role in the center midfield of arsenal, taking all the kicks, including penalty.. the only concern is nasri will probably subbed in the second half because he already play 120 mins in the carling cup.. i myself going for gardner because of that.. but hey, against west brom he probably don't have to play 90 mins to score good!! anyway, hope this will help..

Anonymous said...

@8.5 who's the best defender? Don't really fancy Konchelski

Anonymous said...

@ ebi s

jose enrique?

Dave said...

@Anon 4:08--Thanks for the tip on Baptiste. Had him in my team and was expecting good production from him this weekend.

Just watched Sky Sports News. They are reporting that Verm will not be back for the West Brom game, so if that is true Kos and Squi should both be safe picks to start.

Anonymous said...

Okay let me rephrase. Without a clean sheet, who's the best defender at 8.5? Also, i hold Gerrard at 15+ but want to drop him for Torres before there's a change in price if any.

Dave said...

Looks like Lampard is a serious doubt for the weekend with a groin problem:

Also, report I mentioned above from Sky Sports is now confirmed by AW on Arsenal website. Vermaelen will not play.

Dave said...

@ebi s:

I would say Konchesky. Nailed-on starter with a good matchup, and can score decent points even without CS.

Anonymous said...

@ebi s: I do agree with Dave choice as I'm also having Konchesky as my DF..he like to go up & trouble opponent side. i can imagine that he can assist or even scoring a goal through long range shoot (perhaps so as waht he did in Fulham days)..

My current team atm:

Bale Salcido Konchesky
Adam Barton VDV Gera
Drogs ChamWow Carrol

Any opinion AMers??


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave and Mysl. Time to save my team.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave and Mysl. Time to save my team.

Anonymous said...

What's the consensus on Hart this weekend? I know he doesn't have the easiest of fixtures, but he's on form and should have a lot of saves to make. I'm weighing up Hart and Mikel (both at discount) against Foster and Wilshire. What would you guys recommend?



Dave said...


For me it would be Foster and Wilshere.

Hart is unlikely to get a victory or a clean sheet; Foster has real shot at both (disclosure: I haven't made a single good goalkeeper choice this season).

Mikel rarely returns better than face value even when Chelsea romps; Wilshere could do much better than that this weekend.

Antonio said...

Bale Koscielny Jacobsen
Malouda Barton Adam VDV Gerrard
Drogba Chamahk

I'm pretty happy with my team but I'm considering switching out Kirk/Gerrard for a combo of Reina or Almunia/Nasri or Gardner. If I go with Foster instead I could use the extra 3ish to upgrade Jacobsen. What do you guys think?

donut said...

antonio, I'm not convinced on Gerrard so I would go for a cheaper midfielder (there are lots!) if I were you to upgrade Jacobsen and Kirk. But you've got a good team either way!!

JJ forget Mikel, he will always play but rarely gets points. Hart might get a lot of saves this week which is worth considering in my view...but might be too much to risk...

MYSL - very very nice, holding on to Carroll might pay dividends this week...

D2D just for the set piece ability, Adam. But you might want to do something different because most AM blog have him!!

I am pretty settled right now on...

Bale Squirrel Hutton
Malouda Adam Barton Hleb Ben Arfa
Drogba Berbatov

Don't really want to change anything but could do Foster for Robbo who I fancy for a clean sheet this week v Blackpool...I won't jump in with the filler GK, too many points to be had and too many good cheap midfielders to really need extra cash!!

AM as usual thanks for this post, looking forward to injury reports tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

gyan is injured?

wazza said...

is Nolan injured Guys...

Anonymous said...

Koscielny and Hutton, who one is the best choice?

..Ben Afra and Gardner, who is better for midlefield?...

...I have 6.85 pts left with two main fowards : Chamakh & Carroll. Any suggestion for me about another foward? Thanks a lot...

Eddy E said...

Suggestion: AM, is it possible to take out the sign comments as "anonymous" option??? I say this because it's hard to know how to interact with people. you know? For example, the guy before me asks a question and he's anonymous and i don't know how to engage with him or the previous guys because they're all anonymous. just my 2 cents...

Anonymous said...

Hello peeps,

Ben Arfa or Salcido?
Buying either one of them this week (and all in full price)

Too many great potential middies this week I guess.


Anonymous said...

I think Gerrard would be the pick of the week... to get their season back on track... At least a goal from him... Arshavin is not so in form this season yet so far...

Anonymous said...


outline without drogba and berba, any comment?

Batman said...

Ben Arfa or joe barton or k.nolan?

Anonymous said...


sabz said...


any comment Guys?

Stato said...

Kalou out injured

DeviLxDeviL said...

@Anon 3:02 AM, September 24, 2010

Kocs for sure and i think he will start as verm still injured. Check out team news. Between Ben Arfa and Gardner i would say tough call, maybe Gardner. I think most of the managers this week went to 3-5-2 formation so maybe you can grab both Arfa and Gardner.


Barton for me as his points is consistence. He take SP too.

Anonymous said...



*arshavin/nani/berbatov(will choose 1 of them)

which 1 better?
thanks for comment..^^

Anonymous said...

how my team?


Josh said...

Baptiste out injured....

Anonymous said...

batman: difficult pick, arfa will attack from the wing, barton getting all the kicks, nolan playing behind carroll. flip a coin between arfa and barton.

anom 5:04: kalou is reported out for the weekend clash @CITEH.

sabz: drop clicy for a cheaper DF and upgrade kirk to someone who will play.

i'm having my own headache choosing a player with 6.5 in the bank, any suggestion? thinking about j.cole, nolan or hutton.


Anonymous said...

arshavin/jerome better or torres/c.garner better?

pls comment.

Anonymous said...

my team atm :
Al Habsi

will appreciate for any comment

Anonymous said...

@DeviLxDeviL: Thx for ur help. I've come up with 3 - 5 - 2 already.

Bale - Kos - Salcido
Malou - Barton - C.Adam - VdV - Gardner
Chamak - Carroll

...That why I am quite confused about Ben Afra and Gardner...

...I have 6.85 left. And if i want to choose another foward to replace Carroll. Who will be the one?

Anonymous said...

just loving this blog.

one choice left to make, have ramires @ 4.72

enough funds for Cole or Wilshere

one of them will come good this week - just know it in my water - but which one.

Ramires, Cole or Wilshere????

donut said...

mark - wilshere all day!!

andy (lowestoft) said...

my team...


good luck everyone and keep up the good work AM :o)

Anonymous said...

J Cole and C jarome
Barton and ADAM
Please help

Anonymous said...

Foster - colman - williamson- wilkshire
Kirkland - O shea - Konchesky - barton

ff said...

is hutton will play this week?

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