Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Week 6 - Point Adjustments

Just a quick one - Yahoo have once again made some adjustments to the points. I've noticed Malouda & Barton have gone down a few points each and because of this I've dropped outside the Top 1500. I know Yahoo are only correcting mistakes (Malouda had previously been awarded points for a non-existent SOT) but it would be nice if they could get it right first time.

The adjustment has also caused slight variations in prices, with some players dropping and some rising. Although this appears minimal I'm pretty sure Tevez was below 18 previously, but he's now 18.01 and my unsaved team now exceeds 100 - d'oh!

Have you been affected by the mini-update?



kwyjibo said...

Did the points get adjusted twice? An hour or so ago, I lost 3.5 pts and dropped 54 places. Just now, while my score didn't change, I magically just jumped up 80 places!

Must have been a second adjustment to someone I didn't have. Maybe it was the Barton update you mentioned, since I didn't have him.

So for the week I'm +59-54+80 = 85 places higher...funny how I lost 3.5 pts and ended up going higher.

DJ PIGG said...

This is getting REALLY tedious!

I'm down 59 places overall but up one in the Fans of Other league.

In other news, with Malouda playing tonight, do you think he'll be up for playing Arsenal on Sunday?

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

I BDed Tevez at 17.97, so he only went up .04
You really should have saved, sorry AM.

Anonymous said...

1044th to 963rd :)

Mike B said...

i lost 3.5 points and dropped 6 places in the rankings it appears, not a big disaster, but a pain in the arse none the less!

Every week something has gone wrong now...

Anonymous said...

This is why I always save my changes after I make a move. Yeah, I lost 4 pts, but moved up places. Strange...

greginho said...

i lost 5.5 points from barton and malouda, dropping me 7 spots to 437tth place.

Professor Toff said...

Enough with the moaning, lads. Everybody lost points and is getting fed up with it. Personally, I think the Yahoo crew are adding a healthy dose of good old-fashioned amateurishness to this season. It's just a game and you've got to have a laugh.

On to more serious matters:

Drogba didn't play today. What does that mean? I noticed lots of people felt almost liberated last week when they dropped him. Yet he usually reserves something extra-special for the Gunners.... Dilemma.

No Rooney for the next 2-3 weeks. How much of a bargain will he be just before Christmas? One to keep your eye on.

The boy Wilshere.... We all know he's a talent but how well does he conduct himself in interviews. Fine, upstanding, focussed. Future of England that boy, alongside Chelsea's Josh McEachran. And very unlike a player I'd like to have in my team, a relative bargain at 7.something....

Adam Johnson. England hero a few weeks back. Apparently Mancini benched the lad, unhappy at his swelling ego, after learning AJ had splashed out about 12 thousand quid at a charity event to win the prize of a date with Katie Price. So the question is this: Will we see a Katie Price-inspired explosion of talent? Or not?

greginho said...

professor toff
we weren't whining, we were just answering the blogger's request. AM asked if we had been affected that is all.

DJ PIGG said...

@Professor Toff:

Drogba was out because he was still banned after being red carded last season... and you're right: it might be time to ditch Arsenal defenders!

Anonymous said...

So the points adjustments dropped me almost 300 places in the total rankings, but after Nani gave my a rise of about 2000 of them on Sunday I can't really complaint. I had 97.5 before the update and 90 after it, and now I'm at 1886th overall.

Bale Salcido Skrtel
Malouda VdV Barton Nani
Odemwingie Obinna Elmander

VdV, Salcido, Odemwingie and Obinna are staying for sure because they are all in great form and don't cost too much on the BD. Malouda is staying for now because he is a fantastic season keep and might be able to hurt Arsenal as well. I've also decided to keep Bale for now. As I see it, both Villa and Spurs are on bad forms. I can't see Villa with their current squad both scoring against Spurs AND preventing their attack from getting close to their goal. So either Bale will keep a CS and get defensive points, or he will be involved in the attack as usual and gain offensive points. If both, the better.
The other 5 players are a problem. I don't have Barton in a big discount so I can drop him and pick him again after the ManCity match without too much damage, and I probably will. Skrtel is there to cover the possibility of a Liverpool CS home to Blackpool, and Foster us there because my discount on him makes him the cheapest 'keeper this week that has a reasonable match-up, in a week where I can't see too many clean sheets being kept. But if I pick Reina instead I'll drop Skrtel. Liverpool's defence seems very leaky and it's probably more safe to pick a defender as he doesn't get negative points for goals conceded, but I might take this chance against Blackpool, also because Foster meets Everton which might end in a disaster.
This will mean I drop Barton for Silva who finally starts for ManC. If Silva starts for them against Juventus tomorrow then it will be a problem - he might be rotated against Newcastle. But if he doesn't start I'll be more confident in that pick.
The other issue is Nani and Elmander. Elmander came in only because I hate Jerome who is in the same price range. Nani gave me a big score this week and I would like to keep him for ManU's following easy matches, but without Giggs and Rooney he might get less points (SCs and so on...). Plus, @Sunderland proved to be a difficult match and ManU really haven't been brilliant away from home this season, so I might as well drop him and pick him up later for a home match. It all depends on how good he and ManU will look today against Valencia. Dropping him will also give me a chance to get Tevez who might be a points bomb home to an average Newcastle defence.

Lots to think about, and I'll be happy to read advices.


Dan said...

Excellent post as ever AM..I dropped flomal last week itself for tevez & i bite the bullet by dropping drogs this week as well..my current team (saved)
a. Habsi @5.09

G. Bale @ 12.87
C. Salcido @ 5.87
M. Upson @ 7.51

C. Adam @ 5.43
C. Nzogbia @ 8.54
R. Van der Vaart @ 6.14
Nani @ 13.88

V. Obinna @ 7.56
D. Berbatov @ 10.82
C. Tévez @ 16.03

Anonymous said...

Hi AMers, which one will be a good hunch?

Gohouri / Yaya Toure / Al Muhammadi / P.Robinson (bolton)??

I have 6.58mill atm for one position, MF or DF..Any suggestion & recommendation are much appreciated..

Cheers =)

Rob said...

Hi guys,

Its bloody annoying because I had an awful week and now this has dropped me below 60 points :-(

I'm not sure if everyone saw the link I found to an article on using Fantasy Football to predict real life football matches but there's a new post there now which is quite interesting, comparing teams abilities to score points in FF compared to the cost of the teams:


Anonymous said...

The new joker nowadays reacts negatively to harmless banters.


Jon said...

Considering dropping Bale becos i'm not sure of the value of having both him and VDV.

Would appreciate comments on



Reina/Obinna/Alcaraz (or another def for 8.89)

Also, i have Yaya at a small discount. Should i hold him, or look to upgrade for another m/f under 8?


Anonymous said...

Who know's how to find out the point adjustments for week in Fantasy Football 2010?

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