Friday, 24 September 2010

Week 6 - Update

I'll be pleased to see the back of Week 6 - point delays, late price updates and point adjustments have made this one of the most difficult weeks to write about and of course it meant I wasted a large amount of my free-time by having to recalculate the blog cup results. I've actually spent very little time on my team this week because of the issues.

Luckily it's just over 24 hours till deadline so I can now focus on getting my team in order and updating you all on team news throughout the day. Of course we usually get the best of this around lunchtime after the manager press conferences but there's already a fair bit for you to consider and I'll be adding to throughout today...

- Vermaelen's come-back from injury has been delayed (how often do we hear that about Arsenal players) so he'll miss West Brom making Koscielny's place safe, and Diaby is set to return. Rosicky and Eboue are facing fitness tests. Fabregas is out for another 10 days so Nasri is now officially on penalties until Cesc/RvP return.

- Manchester City face a defensive crisis with only 3 fit defenders (Toure, Kompany & Zabaleta) available for Mancini vs Chelsea. It could mean Barry or Milner playing at full-back and it's news that suddenly makes Drogba & Malouda a bit more appealing.

- Speaking of Chelsea, Terry will be back to captain the side but Frank Lampard has been ruled out for another few games. This is again good news for Drogba owners as he'll continue on free-kicks and penalties. Kalou and Benayoun are missing after picking up injuries in the Carling Cup.

- As we already know, Fulham's Dembele will be missing for at least 2 weeks due to ankle ligament damage suffered after Andy Wilkinson's reckless challenge on Wednesday night. Clint Dempsey is set to lead the line.

- A real shame for Blackpool's Alex Baptiste who has started the season in fine form. He's set to be sidelined for 4-6 weeks after a recurrence of an old knee injury. Looking at the pool results he was set to be a popular pick so make sure you replace him if you have him in your team.

- Asamoah Gyan is set to miss Sunderland's trip to Anfield, while Kieron Richardson & Anton Ferdinand are also struggling to make it. All 3 have hamstring injuries. In crazier news, Steve Bruce has decided to keep Lee Cattermole on as captain. Why?

- Steve Harper is out until Christmas with a shoulder injury sustained vs Everton so Tim Krul has a real chance to stake a claim for the Newcastle number one as Harpers been far from impressive. Any chance of a Shay Given return in January...?

UPDATED @ 12:45...

- Harry has reported Corluka is back in contention so this could raise doubts over Hutton's starting status at right-back.

- Saha still out, Cahill, Osman & Hibbert all doubtful for Everton. Attacking full-back Seamus Coleman could start.

- Dirk Kuyt has a chance of returning for Liverpool's game vs Sunderland, but it's 50-50. Hodgson has confirmed he'll make a full 11 changes to the side that lost to Northampton.

- Gotta love Ancelotti, he's already named the Chelsea team for tomorrow: Cech, Ivanovic, Alex, Terry, Cole, Mikel, Essien, Ramires, Malouda, Anelka, Drogba. Note, no Ferreria.

That's it for now, but keep checking back as I'll be updating team/injury news as I read/hear about it throughout the day.

Poll closes at 4pm:

Having a quick look at my team this morning it looks likely that I'll end up going without Gerrard, Arshavin or Berbatov, which is slightly worrying. Out of those three Arshavin would be my preference but it would mean losing Malouda at a £4m discount and I'm not prepared to do that. Foster is in, Chamakh & Drogba will stay but I'm still trying to decide on my final striker spot...lots to think about!

How's your team looking?


p.s. We're upto 831 members in the blog facebook group and I'm really hoping we can reach 1000 before the end of the year. As the group has grown we're getting some great discussion on there to add to the already excellent comments section and chat room...please join us!


Miecio said...

I'm quite happy with my team. I made last change just before Yahoo made some adjustments and modified players prices. Left in bank: 0.4

Bale Salcido Koscielny
Malouda Nani Barton VdV Adam
Berbatov Chamakh

110 pts is nothing less i expect :)

Benjamin Wang said...

Poor Chris Kirkland, I hope he gets his spot back sometime.,19528,11661_6392940,00.html

MadaY said...

i've no point to do that.

Anonymous said...

Sagna or Salcido?

Anonymous said...

Berb or Torres?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:21, Salcido
@Anon 11:31, Berbatov

i'm in a bad mood after failing miserable in week 5, so i'm looking to get at least 115 this week with

Salcido / Bale / Mancienne
Barton / Adam / VdV / Albrighton
Chamakh / Drogba / Berbatov

Largely a typical squad, with no surprise picks. Previously I had Baptiste and Holden instead of Mancienne and Albrighton-- except that I felt the need to upgrade Kirk.


Anonymous said...


how about my team?

Miecio said...


Big deal with Gilks :) it may be +20 as well as -20 xD
Albrighton may not start, but I like this team

Bad news for all players who have VdV - Modric is back to town!!

Anonymous said...

any advise for this team?
bale salcido Koscielny
malouda adam arshavin gardner
berbatov chamakh carroll

FanMan said...

Ok, bottom of the barrel time!

Squilacci & K.Henry
Mancienne & Etuhu / N'Zonzi


Anonymous said...


Hi, here's this week's awesome choices of under-7 fillers:


Gilks (Bpool) 6.82 H **
Krul (Newc) 6.59 H **
Foster (Bham) 6.24 H **


Squillaci (Ars) 5.08 H **
Coloccini (Newc) 6.82 H **
Carr (Bham) 6.13 H **
Perch (Newc) 5.88 H *
Salgado (Bbn) 6.78 A *


Y Touré (Mcit) 6.42 H *
Cole (Lpool) 6.16 H *
Nolan (Newc) 6.08 H **
Etuhu (Ful) 4.01 H **
Song (Ars) 5.22 H *
De Jong (MCit) 4.01 H *
Hleb (Bham) 5.34 H **


Jovanovic (Lpool) 5.77 H **
Ebans-Blake (Wolv) 5.82 H *
Kalinic (Bbn) 4.33 A *
Harewood (Bpool) 6.57 H *

H - home match A - away
* filler
** Top filler

Hope that helps with your inspirations

Good luck to you all for this w-end, & thanks AM for your time spent redoing all the Blog Cup results


Anonymous said...

dj campbell or obinna ???

Anonymous said...

useful update. thx. Verm news is handy. bizarre like you say he was supposedly due back last week ( until fri confirmed him out again ). same with lampard - i was sure he'd be back this time, partly why i sold drog's.

i certainly wouldn't risk him but j boateng might just put in an appearance. he's another who was apparently close 2 or 3 wk's ago & yet we never see him.


Doctor Teeth said...

Coming at you live from the land of waffles, beer, sprouts and Thomas Vermaelen...I must say, it's a very different experience picking my starting 11 six hours ahead of when I normally do so.

Well, AM, our teams will surely diverge this weekend since I will be playing Arsh, Gerrard and Berbs...I decided to drop Drogba which actually has been a very liberating experience. For me, it was not so much that the Pride of Abidjan is not worth his hefty price tag or that he faces a particularly bad match-up this weekend (to be honest, I think you may start hearing rumors about Mancini being fired next week after a Chelsea win at Eastlands...that and Mancini already conceding the title to Chelsea). Really, I was just bored with having three of my players essentially take up half of my available budget every week...that and the fact that virtually every manager has those exact same three players made for a bit of stagnation and lack of excitement in my view. At the end of the day, I asked myself "Would you rather have Drogba and some player that costs 6-7mill or Gerrard and Berbatov?" and, notwithstanding the fact that there are many well-documented value MFs in the 6-7mill price range, I decided to make the change (plus, I already have VDV and Adam in my MF). I still have FloMal which gives me Chelsea coverage. All told, without Drogba it should be more fun picking my team each week and, as many of you know, some of the uber-managers in the Top 50 overall do not keep Drogba week-in/week-out.

I'm seriously considering swapping Arsh for Nasri to upgrade one of my defenders...although I'm concerned how Arsene will manage the playing time of his players given the lengthy midweek Cup tie and the CL match early next week.

Anonymous said...


- Bombay Blues

Anonymous said...

Gilks will not post -20 even against Chelsea, against Blackburn its going to be positive surely, if he was cheaper than Forster i would have picked him.

Anonymous said...

Salcido not playing?

Anonymous said...

Gilks; 12 goals allowed, 22 saves, 2 clean sheet, 33.5pts

Forster; 8goals allowed, 17saves, 1clean sheet, 1 penalty save, 30pts

Assistant Manager said...

I wouldn't pay too much attention to the Guardian squad sheets - they've got Leighton Baines playing at right back for Everton!

Paintsil & Kelly are both right backs so it would make no sense for either of them to be picked ahead of Salcido, a natural left back who has started really well.

Anonymous said...

Any advise on my team will be welcome....

Koscielny, Mancienne, Enrique
C.Adam, VDV, Nasri, Gardner
Drogba, Berbatov, Carroll

Had Salcido earlier but I had a bad feeling Pantsil will take his spot.

P.I.T :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this sites team news & line-ups is always worth a look. by no means perfect, but they do list injuries, suspensions, late fitness tests & doubts along with the little team line-up graphic which allows you to see if it makes sense in a nice "friendly" way ! :)


Anonymous said...

Wk6 final team
Salcido Konchesky Squillaci
Vdv Arfa Malouda C.Adam
Berbatov C.Jerome Torres

barring any injuries my wk7 would be
Salcido Konchesky Boateng
Vdv Arfa Malouda C.Gardner
Berbatov Odemwingie Torres


MPFC/KPM said...

Seems like it is pretty much abandon ship on Bale. Curious to hear the though process behind that. I have already (temporarily) dropped Drogba. Still have Malouda.

Anonymous said...

Group ?s - I say go with Berbatov over Torres, Etuhu for a filler and Barton, when possible. Wish I could afford Barton over Carroll, but only .05 left. Here is my team!


I think this will work. Good Luck!


kwyjibo said...

Still debating:



Replace Foster-Salcido-Hleb with Kirk-Jacobsen-Arshavin?

Is Hleb a good choice? Replace with Etuhu? What about Kalinic vs Etuhu as the best filler?

Also, Jussi is back...anyone taking the chance? No way against MU, but I'm seriously considering the barndoor with his next match against WBA.

Anonymous said...

sell malouda for arshavin? close call, malouda's value may drop again for next week?

I see Chelsea winning, but not at a canter.

Anonymous said...

noone pick modric?

Anonymous said...

barton / ben arfa???
which is better??

plz help me...


Anonymous said...

Barton is a set piece taker. Not sure if Ben Arfa would get involved or not in that.

Anonymous said...

Looking at my team and trying to figure out how to make a move. I have Bale/Drogs/Malouda/Berbs/VDV on good discounts. So assuming I had to blow it all up and start without the benefit of the barndoor discounts here's what I came up with.

Bale Salcido Kosc
BFAY Dempsey Barton Adam VDV
ChamWow Kalinic
Total cost would be 99.73
Weak up front but I like that midfield.

That being said I can't get rid of Drogs or Malouda but Berbs may go so I bring in a keeper (kirk currently) and go with ChamWow.


Anonymous said...

I really like my team but I am starting to think VDV might get a rest. r/f plz

salcido/konchesky(great pick btw)/dann
malouda/VDV/ Nasri/ gardner/ gerrard/
Berbatov/ chamwow


Steven said...

May i know whether Hutton is a good choice for defender?

Anonymous said...

@Anon, pantsil cant take salcido's place. Pants is a right back who neva plays left back. And salcido is a leftback who neva plays right back. Moreover Hughes spent a fortune to get salcido to REPLACE Konchesky. If u watched Mexico @the world cup, u wil hav seen hw salcido was bombing goalposts.abdul

El_Fenomeno said...

my team
bale squillaci salcido
malouda j.cole nasri & nolan
drogba chamakh caroll
who do you think are better ?
nasri & nolan or van der vaart & barton ? pls i really need your help on this one...

cfcboss said...

maybe it's just me, but there's no possibility of droping the drog, reasons why:
1.drog is favourite for golden shoe. of the guys who get's the most points in the season overally. really want to get drog back later and the prize might be near to 25m.
4.drog doesn't stop against superior teams, he has a good record against arsenal for example. long as lampard is out, drog will take everything, means a lot of phantom points

Anonymous said...

so many options for this week..hehe..well, once ive read through the comments..i finally was able to finalised my team..i think so..its not saved yet, but im pretty sure its a good, here goes:



malouda/vdv/ben arfa/nani/nasri


i only have concerns for ben arfa and mancienne..and kirkland of course, but at 1.00, nothing can go wrong..i hope for a first 11 action for ben arfa..5 points for manciennce should do it..thinking of dropping bale for next week if he doesnt, what say u? =D

st said...

Currently i have barton, ben arfa , carrol , arshavin.. thinking of replacing barton with either gardner/ charlie adam/ chamakh /nasri

Any opinions?? keep barton or replace him with any of the above 4 and which of the 4? Suggestions pls

Raconteur said...

I dropped Drog, although with City losing every available defender, and i'm starting to wonder if it's the right choice. How can his price go up to 24.46 when he got less points than his value? This points system is wack.

I'm pretty happy with my team this week, and i settled on it yesterday, so no last minute changes, otherwise i'll just start regretting.

Anonymous said...

Where's Obinna/West Ham? Not in the system??


Anonymous said...

@ Donegal

Victor Obinna 7.77
He's there Don!


donut said...

Dropping Drogs is insane IMO

Almost as insane as dropping Bale...

Check out Guardian for lack of not only Salcaido, but also VDV who has played a lot could be a risk, and also no Hutton...

AM - I wouldn't completely disregard guardian - of course they don't get it right every time but I ignored them in W1 when they had Drogba starting when most other sources were saying he was out!!

Raconteur - there is nothing which says that a player needs to return his value! That's just a score that some like to use as a guide, but I ignore it completely. A good average score in a season is 10 points from any player, and its just as easy for a 20m player to score -2 as it is a 5m player to get 20... if someone gets over 6-7 points expect their value to rise, and also if lots of players have someone expect their value to be higher. Last min changes are fun but dangerous- I am considering some now!!

st - keep barton but try and get some of the others in too!! esp adam or nasri...

7:55 looks very good, if I were you all I'd do is dg nani (so many great cheap mf), ug mancienne/kirk - but you have a good team anyway and nani is on fire!

cfc I'm with you!

El_Fenomeno - great team, either option is good, I would sway towards N&N only cos VdV guardian news!!

Steven - you have to read the post - Hutton should be good but Corluka is back so might replace him (he might not as I think Hutton is decent and scored last week)

Saito - VdV wasn't meant to play last week either but who knows, he is a class player. I'm not risking him but only cos I didn't BD...


Only one I'm not sure about is Hutton - might have to swap with Mancienne but we'll see...

GOod luck all, thanks for hard work AM

Andrew said...

Hi thanks for this blog its the greatest I love the information and its cool but heck then you have to choose and that is difficult. So week 5 I got 78 dang points more than I have gotten so far. Oh this my first time doing the premeire fantasy so heck. Rock On.
So you ask who i go with on week 6 I am being brave and look forward to great returns:

O'Shea Salcido Koscielny
Adam Barton Gerrard Arshavin
Chamakh Berbatov Carroll

billthegrunt said...

Glad to see there's at least one other player who's keeping Kirkland. Call me crazy but check out this lineup:

Bale / Koscielny / Ivanovic
Adam / VdV / Malouda / Hleb
Drogba / Berbatov / Chamakh

FLScott said...

What are the odds VDV will play? Need help! It's him or Ben Arfa and I can't decide

texas said...

Bale / Squillaci / Koscielny / Mancienne
Adam / Malouda / VDV
Drogba / Berbatov / Chamakh

I'm really hoping for an arsenal CS. Any thoughts would be appreciated

Elvin said...

feedback on my team pls.



Anonymous said...

VDV is a central midfielder, while modric is left wing.. thus there's no issues that VDV will be benched if modric returns.. after all he's been playing great in the team so far.. imo..

SK said...

@texas - i think too many of your MF/FW have away games. Dropping Drogba or Berbatov will help make some cash to balance your MF/DF. How about upgrading either one of Arsenal's DFs to Nasri? Gera, Dempsey, Gardner and Nolan may also have great weeks. If you drop Drogba now, you will be able to get Torres or Rooney for less than 18. Otherwise you have Arshavin and Nani in the MF as well.

Personally wish there was a 3-6-1 formation. Been trying to fit Gerrard, Malouda, Nasri, Adam, Dempsey and perhaps Song/Arshavin or Nolan while holding onto VDV without much success obviously.

Bale Koscielny Saicido
Malouda Adam VdV Gerrard Nasri
Chamakh Jerome

Anonymous said...

@Elvin, West ham are beginning to find their feet, plus Cudicini hasn't been good. Long story short, change your gk. Ebi.s

Anonymous said...

ive gambled on coleman is anyone else daring this? i think if he gets a good game could be similar to bale/salcido could be one for the barn door if he impresses i say this as apparently hibbert and osman are doubtful so he may play midfield its a long shot but something different?

Kiko said...

which one do you think is better ? mancienne barton & adam or j.cole nolan & salcido...pls i can really use your opinion on this one..

Anonymous said...

@Kiko Barton and Adam, should return about the same points or more as j.cole Nolan and salcido then u have the bonus of Mancienne who shouldn't score big but then again j.cole nolan and salcido all have the potential to score big. Toss a coin boss

Maxer said...

saved my team for this week.. only 3 changes..

tough opponent hart -> krul
discounted skrtel -> salcido
tough game -> vdv

good luck everyone..


No Name Fc said...

I am going with 4-4-2 this week. My line up for week 6 as follow:

Bale / Salcido / Koscielny / Konchesky
C. Adam / Arshavin / VdV / Barton
ChamWow / Berba

-eT said...

All... need your help!!

Should I keep Paul Robinson at 5.94, or change to Foster at 6.24??

Anonymous said...

Mancienne? Cheapo?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

This is my current team

GK- Foster
DF- Bale, Salcido, Koscielny(doubtful)
MF- Malouda, Ben Arfa, Gardner, Hleb, VDV
CS- Drogba, Chamakh

I noticed that i've gt 3 birmingham players ni my team, which unsettled me...after all Birmingham is not that consistence...

So I will need some help regarding my team choice. Good Luck to you all.

- New Rising Manager

BCKS said...

Malouda/Adam/Ben Arfa/VdV/Arshavin


Malouda/Adam/VdV/Ben Arfa

please help

Anonymous said...

Morning chaps, whats the crack?
My team:
Bale, Squillaci, Mancienne
Malouda, Nasri, Nolan, J.Cole
Drogba, Chamakh, Carroll

Any thoughts? Know im taking bit of a gamble with Chelski but Man City are missing defenders and I also expect hart to make a canny few saves.

Anonymous said...

I'd switch to foster, teams that have just come up such as blackpool tend to play well at home early in the season. ie burnley beating ManUre a year ago.

Anonymous said...

My team for this week...

Bale Salcido Kompany
Malouda Nani Barton VdV Gardner
Berbatov Chamakh

Any chances for Drogba this week??
Appreciate your comments managers (especially SAUL)


Anonymous said...

nolan or VdV ???


Anonymous said...

I wonder that VDV can keep his place since modric already fit for this week match??

And should i keep NANA since MU will have Champions League match with Valencia next Wednesday?? Any chances of Sir Alex to rest theis stars??


Anonymous said...

VDV or nasri?


Anonymous said...

"And should i keep NANA since MU....."

I meant NANI


Anonymous said...

am I the only one holding Pennant. can't see any confirmed news that he will be out? anyone know?

Anonymous said...

sky sports says stoke expect him 2 be fit, but i dont expect Newcastle to give much up.

Saul said...

@JACK - I love your team! Keep it!

My team is...


Very similar teams and I have to say, I love it!!! Berba/Nani the only difference but great picks nonetheless...I wish I had Nani.

Good luck to you and hope you have a fantastic week because that would mean I did too :)

Anonymous said...

@ SAUL - thanks dude

I noticed that u also have VDV..with modric are fully fit now, should vdv can keep his place?

Well, I'm a bit nervous to hold NANI and I afraid that Sir Alex can drop him for the sake of Champions League match..

By the way, you also have a good team dude : with no kirk and superdrog (tough games for next 2 weeks)


Anonymous said...

My team for this week...

Bale Salcido Kompany
Malouda Arshavin Barton VdV Adam
Carroll Chamakh

any comments would be appreicated!!

Anonymous said...

with £5.14m left

Anonymous said...

My team for this week...

Bale Salcido Kompany
Malouda Arshavin Barton VdV Adam
Carroll Chamakh

any comments would be appreicated!!

with £5.14m left

Anonymous said...

Barton/Caroll why not drop one and replace with C.gardner/Jerome both of birmingham

Anonymous said...

question ... foster or riena??

Anonymous said...

bale salicido coleman
adam barton holden nani
drog chamakh caroll

i was toying with changing holden for joe cole but holden has been good for me so far even put up 9.5 phantom points against arse. im gambling on coleman but lets face it defenders in the 5-6 range wont get much anyway this guy if he starts in mid has a great chance to be evertons bale and no one will have took the gamble so its a differential. Stupidly dropped vdv after everyone said he was injured last week.
any advice would be appreciated im not doing to badly currently sat in 838 overall but last week hurt me with a low 80 point score

Anonymous said...

nani or arshavin .... wot u guys think

ff said...

is hutton will play this week?

ff said...

@10:39 AM- this week arshavin have rather more easy opponent...but nani certainly will hve more play time but 4 now arshavin is better option...

Anonymous said...

any liverpool players worth havin or wait till next weekend when they @home to blackpool????

Anonymous said...

to donut! thanx for the feedback..i dropped mancienne and i opted for bardsley..hehe..hopefully it wont backfire~ thanx!

so,my team

malouda/ben arfa/vdv/nani/nasri

thanx, and goodluck everyone!

Anonymous said...

@JACK: Don't see why VDV have to make way for Modric. Both did play together in the earlier fixture @WBA.

Since it is an away game, I am guessing that Harry may deploy a 4-5-1 formation (Bale at LB, Modric & Lennon on the wings, VDV in the hole, Huddlestone and Jenas in the middle).

But of course, nothing is for certain as I am not Harry. :-D

@ff: Corluka is back from injury, so it is uncertain who will start at RB.

Ian Sanderson said...

Just swapped Kirkland for Green.

Anonymous said...

drogba or NO drogba final words plz

ff said...

@11:20 AM-who u think best def under 7

Superfly Jim said...

flomal/barton/VDV/J Cole


flomal/barton/VDV/ban arfa

Any preferences guys ?

Anonymous said...

@Superfly Jim opps 1
@ff - koschielny i think is under 7 best for this week

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