Saturday, 11 September 2010

Week 4 - My Team


Kompany  Koscielny  Bale

A.Johnson  Adam  Barton  Malouda

Chamakh  Carroll  Drogba

I hate having money left over, but this week I have 2.92 remaining in the bank, probably the most I've ever left unused. I was on the verge of making some changes in order to use up the remaining funds, but after some discussions in the chat room last night I realised I shouldn't be making changes just for the sake of it, so I stuck with what I had.

Harper covers the potential Newcastle clean sheet, Koscielny Arsenal's v Bolton (although with Verm out it'll be tough defensively for the Gunners), Kompany (in great form) covers City's vs Blackburn & Bale is simply undroppable. The only thing missing is a Chelsea defender, but the doubt over who would start between Ferreria & Ivanovic meant I couldn't risk it.

In midfield I stuck with Charlie Adam - he's averaging almost twice his cost at the moment so I felt he deserved another week in my team, and I decided to keep Barton for Newcastle's game vs Blackpool. The Barton v Nolan decision could be a big factor in this week being a success or a failure so I'm really hoping I've got it right. There was the option to have both, but it's putting all your eggs in one basket - it may work this time but over a season that strategy has proven to backfire, so I stayed away. I also wanted a City attacker so Adam Johnson replaces Walcott, and Malouda isn't going anywhere for the foreseeable future,

My front-line will be a popular one with many mangers, Carroll has had a superb start to his season and I hold him at under 6, which meant he had to stay once it was confirmed he was fit to face Blackpool. Chamakh will spearhead Arsenal's attack v Bolton, although by putting a picture of him up at the top of this post I've probably jinxed him and Drogba vs West Ham was never in doubt, especially with Ancelotti confirming Lampard misses out...hello all freekicks and penalties!

So that's my team for Week 4 - I'm ok with it but I have a nagging feeling that I've made some errors. I can't put my finger on it, but it might just be the left over funds....or might be the lack of Arshavin/Fabregas. We'll have to wait and see.

For the Blog Team, we made the big decision to drop can see the result here:

Now a quick look at the barndoor in preparation for Week 5 and I imagine everyone will be loading up on Chelsea - they face Blackpool at Stamford Bridge. Spurs play Wolves at home, Aston Villa are home to Bolton, Stoke host West Ham and Man City travel  to Wigan, so I'll be focusing on players from these teams.

Let me know what you settled  on for Week 4 - who are you looking at on the barndoor?


p.s. Just read Wayne Rooney has been left out of the United squad to Everton today.


Anonymous said...

AM, because you have 5++ players.

donut said...

Very similar to me AM...I like the look of it, but like you I have a nagging doubt about lack of fabregas... I think he can go crazy today...

Bale Kompany Skrtel
Malouda Adam Nolan Barton AJ
Carroll Drogba

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sauce said...

Based on last season AM, you should have put Wolves in bold (not Spurs) for next week. ;)

Dave2 said...

In terms of barn door action, I will be keenly watching a few of the newcomers - VDV, Ben Arfa, Gyan, Squillaci. If he performs well and maybe takes some kicks, Ben Arfa is a nice cheap option. Same goes for VDV, and I will be looking to replace Adam, who won't get much at Chelsea.

Also looking hard at Tevez, and Yaya - there's been a lot of talk about him playing a very advanced, attacking MF role, so let's see how he does today.

The GK pick is tough if you don't have a discounted Hart...Carson maybe?

dracumelakos said...

skrtel squilacci bale
a johnson malouda yaya ben arfa
drogs chamakh caroll

Anonymous said...


Team name: DIMITAR BERBATOV FC (AM.Blog)- 97th overall, hope to break the top 50 after this round! I am really glad to see the Berb as alone striker today in ff terms :) Good luck to all and especially to you AM, I am sure this will be an extremely massive week for you!


Lee B said...

Everyone'll have almost the same team. I'm currently in 84th overall, and gone for Squillani and Cleverley (He ran the midfield during Man U's pre-seasons and scored acouple of times)

No one else has gone for him, what does AM and the team think?


Anonymous said...

No Rooney vs Everton....

Bradley said...

Hey AM, your team is very close to one I was considering, but instead I've gone with this:

Bale Kompany Squillaci
Malouda Nolan Adam YTouré
Drogba Carroll Dembélé

By going with Squillaci, Yaya, and Dembélé, I could afford Hart (not my original goal but it turned out to be possible). Plus, I'm on the Nolan side of the Barton/Nolan divide. Fingers crossed...

Birty said...

stockdale, bale, terry, enrique, flo-ma, a-jo, adam, a-ash, carrol, dembele, GYAN!!!!

I have this feeling that Gyan's going to be a superstar and a start away to wigan and at 6 is about as good as it gets. As my work colleagues will testify, I've been checking yahoo every day since the transfer deadline to make sure I got him in!

Funny about the blog team dropping Drogba - I've vowed to prove that I can win my private league without picking him.

Also, as for loading up on chelski for next week - with the Champs league starting and a trip to Slovakia this Wednesday I wouldn't be surprised to see a few starters rested next week

greginho said...

good morning all,
i have a similar team
ben foster
koscielny/ bale/ williamson
malouda/ larsson/ adam/ barton
chamakh/ drogba/ carroll

i had 3.77 left over and was not worried about it. i was not going make any changes from last weeks team until to walcott's injury. i had 10.33 to spend and decided nolan was the best option after charlie gardener, but i already had larsson and ben foster going hosting liverpool.
my biggest regret was not getting tevez. this year he has gone off in the home game.
i don't think i will get rid of adam next week even though he is at chelsea.

L'Orange Noir said...

As has been mentioned it seems there will be a lot of similar teams this week.
I have
Bale, Kompany, Hangeland
Adam, Malouda, VDV, Barton
Drogs, Chamwow, Carroll
Downgrading Johnson to VDV left me enough money in defence to turn Kosc into Hangeland.
I'm not convinced about Arsenal's defence without Verm and I'm looking at Johnson's previous points scores and hoping VDV will score better.

Anonymous said...

Malouda on the bench!!! But guess everyone has him, so it's not a big loss for me. :)

Anonymous said...

Why is Malouda on the bench?!

Ugh...this is shaping up as a bad week for me so far...Arsenal + ManCity lost their clean sheets. Hart gave up a silly goal. Drogba hasn't scored, Malouda on the bench, Gyan didn't come on until half time, but Sunderland are playing with 10...Newcastle is losing and hasn't scored yet...

Anything else ready to go wrong this week?

Anonymous said...

1.malouda on bench- LMFAO ! nopt got him phew !
2. well done to the people on here recommending Dembele- stormer. grab on bd quick style !.
3. my keeper nightmare continues... at least i'm not on my own in going for Harper. 1-0 wouldn't have been too bad, with 3 saves, but the 2nd was an absol gutter !


sariep said...

koscielny, chamakh and adam scored, assist from scholes...
Barndoored VDV, boateng, squilacci, gabby/carew and ramires...thinking bout robinson since he's at home..any opinions for now?gyan also worth considering, but vs on form arsenal...sigh...

Dave said...

Blackpool is the only team to keep a clean sheet today?!! And once again an obvious-choice goalkeeper turns out to be a disaster (Harper).

Screw it--I'm paying up for Cech.

kwyjibo said...

I was expecting disaster, but somehow managed to get 95 pts. I've got no one in the last 2, so I'm done for the week. It drops me just under the 100 per week average.

I'm up to 1600 overall! My highest ever. And, for the first time ever, I cracked the top 50 in my 'fans of' group! Thanks to all of you here for your help...

Dave said...

Zamora suffered a broken ankle early in the game today and will be out for months.

Bad for me since I had him in my team, but Dembele now becomes even more attractive.

Birty said...

99 points and done. Dembele, Gyan, Adam, A-Jo and A-Ash all scored well. Shame Stockdale didn't play - the three points Schwarzer got would've took me over the magic 100.

Don't think I'll make any huge changes to my team for next week. just swap keepers to Foster or Sorenson and then grab a defender and maybe take out A-Ash

greginho said...

eerily the same position as last week with the same team, minus walcott, but barton instead. last week i sat at 93 with larsson and ben foster to go when i made the mistake of saying that i would easily get to 100 points. this week i am at 93.5 points with larsson and ben foster to go. since i have learned my lessen, i will predict that i will easily be able to lose points. i am up 691 spots to 945th.

koscielny, chamakh, adam and drogba were my big point-getters, while bale and nolan got 9.5. the newcastle, at home, duo willamson and carroll got 2 points each. malouda, surprisingly didn't hurt me to much.

in comes ferreira for williamson, nani for larsson and cesc for drogba. my midfield is now:
cesc/ malouda/ adam/ nani/ barton

Anonymous said...

at last first good week, 104,5 pts. with skrtel and foster to go, adam drogba chamakh and koscielny are my heroes this time :) dropped carrol for kalinic (3.smth) on barndoor and now i have a nice amonunt of money to spend


gman26 said...

Only good call was I put Alcaraz in the squad. Helped me salvage a 81 point day.

greginho said...

how the heck did you pick alcarez?

Johnathan Sia said...

AM - you had 2.92 remaining in the bank, I had just over 11 in the bank! Was constantly thinking whether I should've slotted in Anelka since my only Chelsea player was Malouda.

Did alright in the end with 88 points thanks mostly to Dembele, Gyan, Van Der Vaart, Adams, (and no thanks to Hart, Bale, Malouda, and Carrol)...

Johnathan Sia said...

My team that week was
Bale | Squillachi | Kompany
Adam | Malouda | Barton | VDV
Carrol | Gyan | Dembele

Edit to previous post: Just realised Bale scored 9.0! Gee. Can the lad do no wrong?

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