Friday, 10 September 2010

Week 4 - Updates

Ok, much to update you on since my Week 4 Player Picks post on Wednesday.

First of all, you'll notice that there have been fluctuations in player prices due to some new players being added to the game. This may annoy some of you who had not yet saved your team, as Harper is now above 5, Vermaelen above 10 and Adam Johnson up to 8 (to name but a few). I'd not saved my team but luckily can still keep the one I had planned. Only just mind 1.64 in the bank dropping to 0.14 after increases overnight.

The only new players currently added are those who have previously been on the game - Gallas, Hleb, Pennant. Whether Van Der Vaart, Gyan etc are added today we'll have to wait and see, but I suggest saving your team ASAP before we see any more price changes.  
UPDATE: As I was writing this post new players HAVE been added (VDV 5.53, Squillaci 5.83, Gyan 6.42)

So what else do we know? Well...

- We know Walcott, Defoe & Balotelli are all out for between 4-6 weeks, so don't bother picking/holding on to them. Big blows for Arsenal, Spurs & City this early in the season.

- It's now possible Stockdale will be fit for Fulham's game at home to Wolves, but we'll have to wait for confirmation later today. Mexican international Salcido could make his debut at left back, meaning Stephen Kelly would miss out. Zamora is almost certainly out, meaning Dempsey could partner Dembele upfront.

- Not that you're likely to pick him, but Jack Rodwell is out for 3 months with an ankle injury.

- Hleb is now on the game, but he's also injured and will miss the chance to debut vs Liverpool.. Seb Larsson is also set to be missing for Birmingham, while Kuyt is out for 4 weeks out after injuring his should attempting an overhead kick in training for Holland. Konchesky should start ahead of Agger.

- Some mixed reports coming from Chelsea regarding Ivanovic/Ferreira, with some claiming Ivanovic is ready to return earlier than expected and others saying Ferreira is set to start. We're also unsure if Terry & Lampard will definitely be available, so we need to hope Anchelotti is his usual generous self during his press conference this afternoon.

- Koscielny could be replaced by Squillaci, Vermaelen injured, meaning Koscielny & Squillaci likely to start. Nasri could also start, so it could be him, Eboue or Rosicky likely to replace Walcott, with most previews in the press favouring Eboue as the natural replacement for the right wing.

- Jelle Van Damme (great name) faces a late fitness test for Wolves, but he's doubtful for the Fulham game.

- Crouch & Keane (both around £9m) are tipped to start upfront for Spurs, with Van Der Vaart and Gallas set for their debuts at West Brom, while Pletikosa could also steal the keeper slot from Cudicini. Morrison is suspended for the home side, Dorrans doubtful due to "personal problems"?

- Jerome Boateng is 50-50 for Man City, but my gut feeling is he'll start on the bench after so long out. If this is the case then I wouldn't be surprised to see him get 30 mins or so as sub, which makes Richards a risky pick, so maybe avoid both players.

- Ben Arfa is being tipped to replace Routledge for Newcastle's game at home to Blackpool, while Andy Carroll is ready to start despite some worries in midweek. Baptiste is a doubt for the away side.

That's everything I've managed to glean from this morning's papers/footy websites/sky sports news, but the news will continue to flow thick and fast throughout the day so please add any team news/injury updates you read/hear about in the comments section below.

How's your team looking now? Does the addition of new players change anything for you?

Remember you have until 4pm (UK Time) to vote in the poll...



[SAI] said...

Ben Arfa or Eboue? Which choice is better?
Please give me some advices

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

why would "arry" start an entirely different team this time around??

Anonymous said...

IMO, whichever you're sure will start, since neither are completely confirmed starters. but between the two i'd rather choose Ben Arfa.


Anonymous said...

should we pick Vaart?


Anonymous said...

And should I change Koscielny for another Def?

Will he start or Squi? :(


Assistant Manager said...

ALN - Because Defoe is injured so he'll be replaced by Keane/Pav/VDV to partner Crouch, Dawson is injured so he'll be replaced by Gallas, Cudicini was at fault vs Wigan and we've gone to a lot of effort to bring Pletikosa in, so he could start.

Danz said...

Ben Arfa might not start

But having beating Aston Villa and drawing at Wolves Hughton added: "There is no real need to change the team. We are on the back of what I thought was a good result at Wolves which could have been even better. It was a good performance too. What we have is three new players who will come into the squad and of course, give me things to think about.But there are no special reasons to change the team."

Gasper said...

It seems I posted this just as AM was writing his new post. So reposte :)

My team:
Bale, Terry, Kompany
FloMa, AJ, Fabs, Ben Arfa
Carrol, ChamWow, Gyan

What do you guys think about my team? I'm not prepared to pick either Squil or Kosc, because who knows who will start. I've got a good feeling about Ben Arfa, and Gyan will hopefully start vs Wigan. Terry is in @9ish. Final decision will be made 2morrow.

Dave said...

VDV looks good to start I'd say - with Lennon injured that opens up a MF slot for him. Anyone else fancy Salcido?? I like his attacking style and home to Wolves should be good for some points.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a quote of Hughton praising and hailing Ben Arfa so much that it would seem weird if he didn't start this weekend. I think Ben Arfa is very talented, plays against a team that is not very good, and also has a quite good chance of taking set-pieces. My worry there is that he could take points from Barton, whom I also have, but I'm ready to take that chance.
I'm not as much thrilled about Gyan and VDV, though. They both play away from home on team that don't play well away from home (mostly Sunderland, actually), and of course there's the chance they won't start at all.

This is my team thus far:

Bale Vermaelen Kompany
Malouda Barton AJohnson Ben-Arfa DJones
Chamakh Drogba

I know this team isn't really balanced compared to teams I usually pick - the defence, actually the part who usually brings the least points, is very expensive, and so are Drogba and Malouda, while Jones, Ben-Arfa and Harper are the cheap fillers/alternatives. I picked Kompany because I believe ManC will get their CS while he's the only defender right now in ManC who has a sure starting spot.



Anonymous said...

can i know which website wil i know the latest updates of footbal?is van der varrt goin to start?advice pls...

Anonymous said...

Salcido or Kompany to replace Ferreira(doubt)?


Michael said...

In regards to Ferreira/Ivanovic debate, i wouldn't pick either, Chelsea have subbed them before the clean sheet mark in all (I think) their matches this season so no bonus would be available.

I'd love to pick VDV but no guarantees that he will start.

Gyan could be a would have been a good barndoor pick for next week but his next 3 matches having Sunderland v Arsenal, Lpool and Man U.

I dont know if I could risk placing 17 on Fab but gut feeling is he'll have a cracker.

Anonymous said...

Bale / Kompany / Williamson / JT
Malouda / Yaya Toure / Barton
Drogba / Carroll / Dembele

Let's face it, Chamakh has hardly been exceptional in terms of fantasy points, and considering the direction Coyle has taken with Bolton I dont think Chamakh will get many touches of the ball during the game.

I cant believe I'm actually taking a 0 from Kirkland, but Cudicini is not likely to play and Harper has only had 1 save throughout the first 3 games of the season. Yes, that means Harper lets in 4 in 5 shots on target against him.

Williamson and JT are consistent even if they're not must-picks. As for Yaya Toure, he's been getting forward a lot and I fancy his chances.


SpiderPig said...

kolo toure/crouch or salcido/tevez?

Assistant Manager said...

Vermaelen injured, meaning Kos & Squil set to start...

Col said...

Ben Arfa all the way boys!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

good day guys!

great update as usual AM. thanks for such lucrative information current team atm:

bale kompany stam
c.adam flomal nolan gardner
drogba chamwow carrol

is it better for me if:
cudicini for harper/stockdale (i really want stockdale, any news of his fitness level?)
gardner for ben arfa/vdv

looking forward for any comments...


Anonymous said...

i think gyan is better than chamwow... chamwow is noting if he's not score..
week 1: 1.5 points,no SOT
week 2: 19 points, lucky goal vs blackpool
week 3: 1 points, no SOT

sso he not agud fantasy player,unless u want to play gamble on him

Assistant Manager said...

Latest news I've read this afternoon...

- Lampard out, but Terry is fit. Ivanovic & Ferreria both in squad, so who know which one starts!

- Tevez faces a late fitness test, but Boateng is very doubtful. Richards should continue.

- Stokdale out but Schwarzer is back. Zamora has also been passed fit, but Salcido will miss out due to Visa problems

Dave said...

Zamora or Carroll?

Staffer84 said...

Vermalen out???

Anonymous said...

pennant playing home anyone?


Anonymous said...

VDV or Ethuhu?

Anonymous said...

Hello AM, guys!
I have a huge problem. I really love my team but I have almost 7mil to spend. My current team is:

Bale,A. Cole,Squillaci
Malouda,VDV, Nolan,A. Johnson

I need propositions where to spend the money. For sure I will not drop Berbatov since my team name is DIMITAR BERBATOV FC [AM.Blog] - 97th overall. I know that you will offer to lose Kirkland but I read an article on where their coach said that Kirkland will always be in contention because he has done so much for the club so I'm thinking to have him as a season keeper because 1mil for a keeper that has a possibility for positive points is great investment and getting 0s from him will not make me feel that bad cause I always have problems with the keeper and negative points are not that rare! Should I lose VDV, Nolan, Carrol or someone else. You are all welcome for any suggestions.
Thank you for the great blod AM. You are fantastic :)
Good luck to all!


Dave said...


Why not use your cash to purchase a keeper who has a chance to generate some points for you this weekend? You can always immediately buy Kirkland back on the BD for the same price.

The rest of your team looks good.

The rest of your team

Giggsy82 said...

AM : Do you think Perch is playing? Yup, the guy from Newcastle.

Anonymous said...

Perch will start. Hows this sound? Hart Bale, Faubert, Squillaci

Anonymous said...

Need ur help guys..still confuse who will take GK role for spurs? cudicini is it? is it worth to change gardner for vdv?

who should i trust to become my GK?


Peterjohnson said...

Hi guys,
I've got this and maybe you can give advice;

bale skrtel j.enrique
arshavin malouda nani etuhu
crouch dembele carroll

Anonymous said...

Chamak or gyan

Ron10 said...

please help

should i go with c.adam and chamwow
etuhu and crouch

Anonymous said...

Adam and Cham 4 me, crouch only gets points when he scores and with his back problem is a risk.
Gyan might be a bit early but he'll start so...Think i'd wait for his home debut.
Id steer clear of the Tottenham keeper situation, too hard to predict.

Anonymous said...

Bale, Koscielny, Carr
Adam, Malouda, Yaya Toure, Holden, Van Der Vaart,
Drogba, Carroll

Notice most Real Madrid midfielders play really well once they leave Madrid. I think VdV will be fantastic at spurs. I used to have him in La Liga's fantasy game from yahoo and got me some decent points. Grab him now for 5.53 and he'll average around 10pts/game.


Anonymous said...

Thoughts and feedback would be appreciated

Bale Kos Sasquatch Kompany
Malouda Adam VDV Nolan
Drogba Carroll

Anonymous said...

Gardner or VDV? or VD- ha

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with dave...knowingly taking zero points from a position in your team is poor play,never mind the fact you've 7 million left to spend! get that sorted and you're laughing.

Anonymous said...

bale konchesky Koscielny
Maloud Adam Johnson Albrighton
Carrol Drogba Gyan

Any comments?

Anonymous said...

Is Carroll definitely fit?

Anonymous said...

Flip a coin, most of FF is luck anyway.
Try and pick a player who isn't mentioned on this board because you could get lucky and no-one else will have him.

Working for me, rank: 2,513 and climbing


Anonymous said...

Harper Evra cattermole
Kirkland Kos aYoung

Anonymous said...

Bale Skrtel Kos
Young AJ Barton MAlouda
Drogba Chamack Caroll

Anonymous said...

Hello again guys!
Thanks for the great tips! I will probably go with Harper and that will be my team for the weekend!I really hope that Berbatov will be my hunch since nobody mentions him, he shoots more than ever, he is desperate to prove the media wrong and I've seen him done it so many times! In addition - the media shower for Rooney will probably bench him tomorrow and Fergie will start Hernandez. I've watched all United's pre-season games and when the Berb and Hernandez play together - they rock and they rock good.

My team will be:
Bale,A. Cole, Squillaci
Malouda,A. Johnson,Nolan,VDV

Still have 2.54 but I will save them for next week cause I will need money for Drogba!

@anon 10:23 - I would go with Kirk,Kos,A. Young


david peter said...

adam or demble
is demble fit

Anonymous said...

Hello manaagers...
between ben arfa, raul meireles, VDV, Gyan and Squilaci, who have the most chance to gain some points this week?

kwyjibo said...

I don't feel good about this week, but this is what I have:


The goalies have been so bad so far, I'm scared to pick any of them. Even Hart who started great had -1 for week 3. Oh well, I'll be holding my breath this weekend...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@anon 2:58, i'd say Squilaci
@david peter, as of now dembele is fit. i have both adam and dembele in my team at the moment-- adam consistently brings back good points, get him while his price isnt too high! on the other hand dembele is a hunch pick-- there's always the chance he'll do fantastically this week, but since we havnt seen him play in the prem he could crash and burn. i'd take my chances.


bean said...


Hooligan Gangstaz said...

My squad...very similar to Gasper:


Sylvan is my bet for surprise of the year. Wolves are getting better and better.

And I'm heavy on Newcastle with another home game...hoping the Tune crowd wills them to a big win over horrid Blackpool.

Anonymous said...

I hate these last minute decisions!
Arshavin/Etuhu or Nolen/Milner

Considering the rest of my team is

Bale - Williams - Squillaci
Flomal - Barton - ??? - ???
Drogs - Carroll - Jo


Anonymous said...

@Jeff, i suggest Arshavin/Etuhu. Milner hasnt been performing and his matchup isnt very good. On the other hand, Arshavin plays home against Bolton and Etuhu seems to enjoy making short sharp runs and getting SOTs


Anonymous said...

Thanks neon... that is the way I ended up going... for much the same reason... gonna keep milner on my radar though since Citeh have wigan next week and *someone* is going to have to direct that offense.


Anonymous said...

fabregas/dembele or asharvin/zamora

Anonymous said...


ok for week 4?

Anonymous said...

After reading 55 comments from this thread and 40 odd comments from the previous one, the week 4 team looks a bit like this:


Bale Koscielny V Company

Malouda C Adam AJ Nolan(or Barton)

Drog Caroll Chamakh

I'd say the average manager has at least 75% of the above players.

Can anyone boast an alternative team?

Anonymous said...


You can catch the full fab fillers list on the previous post.
There are some new players to add to the list:

Pletikosa - Tott - HAS NOT been added to the YFF game :( but could start in front of Cudicini.

Squillaci - Ars - 5.83 (95% chance of starting game imo - see Vermaelen injury)H **
Salcido - Ful - 5.83 (will not play - Visa difficulties)

Van der Vaart - Tott - 5.53 (50% chance of playing 90 mins imo)A *
Ben Arfa - Ncastle - 5.53 (85% chance of starting imo)H *

Gyan - Sund - 6.42 (99% chance of starting imo)A *
+ Jo - MCity - 4.35 (If you want a very cheap forward - I don't know if he will play 90 mins.)
H *

Hope that helps
Good luck


Anonymous said...


Meireles - Lpool - 5.53 A **

Beckford - Everton - 5.82 H *


Anonymous said...

Tevez will play??
I should pick JO??

Anonymous said...

my current team,

Bale, Kosc, Ferreira,
FloMal, Barton, VdV, Arfa,
Drogba, Carrol, ChamWow

still left 5.33 in the bank and not comfortable to keep that much, any suggestions ?


hseferian said...


Maybe upgrade Ferreira to another Chelsea defender who is guaranteed to start.

Or upgrade vdvd/arfa for someone u know is goin to get u points ..

Anonymous said...

VDV has has only one training session and is unlikely to start. If you replace him with etuhu you could afford Cashley Cole for Ferriera.

Nolan, Jones and Yaya are probably better alternatives to Arfa who isn't that likely to start.

Anonymous said...

Benayoun and harper??
Kirkland and Ashey Young??

Anonymous said...

Kirland won't start.
Don't think Ashey Young alone can get point more than Benayoun (Lamps out)and harper

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