Saturday, 25 September 2010

Week 6 - My Team


Bale   Koscielny   Salcido

Van Der Vaart   Adam   Barton   Malouda

Chamakh   Drogba   Jerome

No Berbatov. No Arshavin. No Gerrard. No chance?

It all came down to the Chelsea boys in the end. They may have a tough game but Malouda is the top scoring midfielder by a clear 20 points despite playing in just 4 of his side's 5 matches this season. If he hadn't come on for one minute at the end of the West Ham game his average would be 21.25 points per game - I hold him at a £4 million discount so there's no way I want to get rid after just 5 current form he's a season keeper.

Drogba will end the season as the highest points scorer on the game, I also hold him at a £4m+ discount and with Lampard out he'll be taking everything. Once I decided the most important thing was to keep them both for the long term (and that I didn't want Kirkland) it meant Arshavin & Gerrard were out of reach. I could've got Berbatov in Jerome's place but would've had to downgrade Koscielny to a filler, so went without him. I feel nervous about all of these decisions which could be a sign that I've made an error, but we'll have to wait and see!

I'm praying my goalkeeping nightmare ends this week as I put my faith in Ben Foster for the 2nd time in a row. It doesn't get much easier than Wigan at home (cough...Spurs 0-1...cough) and Birmingham have the longest unbeaten home record in the Premier League, so if he returns negative points again this week I'll have to accept that I'm jinxed and may need to reassess my current stand point on taking a certain zero.

Let's hope we still see Bale attacking vs West Ham despite the fact he could be moved back to left back, which is where Fulham's new boy Salcido will line up vs Everton - from what we've seen of him so far he could be a great fantasy point scorer. The final spot goes to Koscielny, who has a great chance of a clean sheet at home to West Brom.

Adam and Barton (both at 5.4) have been outstanding for my team so far and I'm going to stick with them for the foreseeable future - hopefully they'll provide some more great points at home to Blackburn & Stoke respectively. Van Der Vaart was rested midweek so should be fresh to return at West Ham - another player on set pieces and penalties. As already discussed Malouda at Man City will be tough, but I'll accept a low score - it's a long term decision.

I'll be shocked if Chamakh isn't in everyone's team this week given his price and match-up, while I've already discussed Drogba. My final striker is the one I hope will separate me from the crowd this week. Cameron Jerome only has one goal so far this season but I've seen him three times and he's been really impressive. Only a Reina super-show stopped him from a double against Liverpool and I can see him grabbing a goal vs Wigan today.

So that's my Week 6 week we have a huge number of "tough to call" fixtures, but the more attractive games include Liverpool hosting Blackpool, Man City hosting Newcastle, Man Utd travelling to Sunderland and Stoke hosting Blackburn, so keep that in mind for the barndoor. We also have another cracker in Chelsea v Arsenal, can't wait!

Blog Team: Foster, Koscielny, Bale, Salcido, Henry (filler), VDV, Malouda, Arsh, Chamkah, Berbs, Carroll

Please let me know what you ended up with for Week 6...who are you looking at on the barndoor?



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bale - Konchesky - O shea
Malouda - Gerrard - VDV - ADAM - Barton
Chamack - Berbatov

Hoping for a man u and liverpool clean sheat.

Nikhil C said...

i ended up with

Arshavin/Malouda/Adam/VdV/Ben Arfa

Anonymous said...

Had a massive headache trying to pick this week's team, but this is what i ended up with. Playing 3-5-2:

Bale Kos Williamson
Malouda Barton Adam VDV Gerrard
Chamkh Berbatov

I know there is no Arsenal midfielder in there, but I could not bring myself to sell Gerrard at 15.85, not with Blackpool visiting Anfield next week. I have Berbatov at a little over 10mill so that was a no brainer and with major discounts on all other midfielders, Arsenal midfielders got the boot.

Im just gonna sit and pray that Chamakh does all the scoring for Arsenal.

Hopefully this team keeps my decent run going, currently ranked 431 overall.

Anonymous said...

Hello AM, AM-ers!
My team for this week:


Current standing: 504

I'm extremely happy with my team and I hope to break the top 200! Wish you all good luck and I want to express my gratitude to AM - Thank you Nik! You created a fantastic network and I really appreciate your hard work! You're fantastic! Go AM.Blog!!!


Anonymous said...

I predicted Dembele before his monster week.
This week it will be Dempsey

Anonymous said...

I have an identical team except for Reina and Carroll. Took a punt on Salcido last week and it paid off with 16pts so I'm sticking with him for now. Likewise I think Malouda and Drogba are season keepers as well, although I find myself torn in terms of wanting them to do well (I'm a United fan haha). Anyway keep up the great work AM :)

Bradley said...

I hope you do well AM because our teams are fairly similar:

Bale Koscielny Salcido
Adam VdV Ben Arfa Malouda Gardner
Drogba Chamakh

It's my first 3-5-2 of the season. I considered Jerome but wound up getting Gardner instead.

Dave2 said...

I'm looking at Odemwingie on the barn door - check out his average, and stats (gets SOTs, assists, CW) and home to Bolton. And Pennant/Etherington are on my radar as well.

Orphans said...

`It became very wearisome to continue to try to play the matchups having Bale, Maluda and Drogba (basically 47 in salary) to work around. Drogba, as much as I respect his points potential, had the lowest return on the salary and with the tough matchup at Citeh this week was dropped. I may pick him back up when the match up is better (and I may also regret losing 4 salary points).

So my team:

Bale, Koscielny, Salcido
Malouda, Ben Arfa, Nolan, Adam
Chamakh, Torres, Berbatov

Again, dropping Drogs gave me the opportunity to upgrade three positions. Too much of an opportunity to pass up.

Cheers to all . . ..

Miecio said...

Bale Salcido Koscielny
Malouda Barton Adam VdV Nani
Berbatov Chamkh

two differences to your sqad AM.
We would see who would better score:
Drogba + Jerome / Berbatov + Nani :)

about BD:
I have no idea who to change in my team. Barton? Koscielny? Chamakh? Foster?
Who get instead?

Anonymous said...

Bale, Squillaci, Hutton
Malouda, Adam, Nasri, Nolan
Drogba, Chamackh, Berbatov

I did have scholes in but he seems to do alot for very little points.

Nolan has been scoring his worth in all his games, so should do well at home to Stoke.

Hoping for a Spurs clean sheet. Come on Spurs!!

Currently 209 in rankings. Cheers AM, would not be there without you. Your a legend.

Good luck to all


ALAN said...

Squalli Bale Salcido
Malouda Gardner SNazri BAfa
Berba Chamwow Torres(hunch pick)

Ian Sanderson said...

R. Green
Bale Konchesky Salcido
Adam Ben Arfa Van der Vaart Gerrard J. Cole
Chamakh Drogba

At the last minute switched Kirkland out for Green, so hope Bale's successful crosses sre not converted.

bobby said...

Bale, Salcido, Koscielny
Malouda, Gera, Ben Arfa, J.Cole, Arshavin
Chamakh, Carroll...

My hardest decision was to drop Drogba!!! hope it won't kick me in the arse!

bobby said...

oooo I'm happy :D

Anonymous said...

My hunch was Tevez, match winning goal from a P.k, only it wasn't a p.k and yet i didn't pick him. Ebi.s

Anonymous said...

My hunch was Tevez, match winning goal from a P.k, only it wasn't a p.k and yet i didn't pick him. Ebi.s

Anonymous said...

My hunch was Tevez, match winning goal from a P.k, only it wasn't a p.k and yet i didn't pick him. Ebi.s

No Name Fc said...

I go for 4-4-2 this week as follow:

Bale / Salcido / Koscielny / Konchesky
C. Adam / Arshavin / VdV / Barton
ChamWow / Berbatov

I barndoor Gerrard, Kuyt, Jovanovic and Odemwingie. Really wanted to have El-nino in but dont have sufficient cash. Will try to squeeze him in later. :-)

No Name Fc said...

C.Gardner was red carded.. luckily dont have him in my team.. not a good week so far.. but for the first time i have some good point from the keeper. Thanks Foster for the clean sheet and 5 saves..

rwlwhite said...

I have had a shocker! My team was this:

Bale, Salcido, Clichy
Adam, Gardner, Malouda, Barton, VDV
Drogba, Chamakh


Anonymous said...

worst day EVER!!

adam own goal, no actual goal, one RC, two YC!!

only thing i pleased is Foster and Salcido with a CS..

Bradley said...

An OG, 3 YCs, and an RC for me. I did at least get CSs from Foster and Salcido but no goals so far. Of course, I passed over Nasri and picked up Gardner instead, so that was spectacular. This might be my worst weekend not involving snow. Heck, it might even be the worst ever regardless of snow. Ugh. As far as I'm concerned, Yahoo can take all the time they want to update the points.

Anfield Road FC said...

I dropped Drogba for Gerrard this week as I didn't fancy him getting 20 points against City or Arsenal. Half-way to getting that decision right but sadly no clean sheet for Carragher and Adam, Cole and Chamakh look like they failed to deliver.

Now relying on Newcastle and Brum to rescue me.

kwyjibo said...

It's shaping up to be another weak week. No goals so far! Well, one...but that was an Adam own goal! Salcido yellow card, too.

At least my goalie FINALLY didn't get negative points! Thanks, Foster. But, is it time to switch back to Jussi?

Drogba didn't deliver, and now the debate re-opens...drop him v Arsenal in order to fit in Gerrard v Blackpool?

Only 2 players left to play tomorrow...I need Berbs to get another hat-trick!

What do others think about Foster v Jussi, or Drogba v Gerrard?

mz said...

my mistake here is my last minute change not saved:
i had changed from: bale, sculachi, vdv to sagna, salcido(cS), nasri(2 goal).. :(

Anonymous said...

I had nasri, so I am happy. My team justified should have 88.5 after today with Ben afra and Carroll going tomorrow - Tony E

Kellz said...

94pts with Carrol to go.

BD Team:

Bale, Salcido, Jacobsen
Malouda, N'Zog, VDV, Mierales
Drogba, Obinna, Odem

pretty odd looking but I like it. Maybe its time I cool the love for Bale? He is losing out on a lot of fantasy pts with VDV who scored an amazing 14pts all phantoms.

kwyjibo said...

Only 68 points with Berbs and Mancienne to go. Pretty low score, but I felt a little better seeing that the top two YFF teams had only 68.5 and 39.5! (Both with only Carroll to go).

It seems it was another low scoring week overall.

Anonymous said...


Now that Chelsea and Arse game has passed, I am pretty glad no Drogs & Cham showdown.

81.5 for me as for now. with Berbs and Caroll to go.

Am hoping it to reach 100 points or more.


No Name Fc said...

will give another week to Gareth Bale. Seems like all his points was transferred to VdV at the moment. At 13.++ price tag (when i had him), he should at least give us and average of 10 to 15 points per week.

Benjamin Wang said...

Bad week for me, just 57 points...any good BDs to pick up?

For my next team, I'm sticking with the Golden Trio (Drog, Malouda, Bale) because selling them at a discount cost me badly last year, rebounds for teams like Chelsea happen much faster than it does for others.
As for Bale, Spurs might revert to the pre-Vdv setup once Modric recovers fully. Since they are a Champions League team, its likely that players will rotate and when that happens strategies and formations have to change.
My prediction: Bale will play again in midfield this season!

Also keeping the workhorses of Barton and C.Adam
just can't go wrong with these guys.

Banned in DC said...

To all thinking about dropping Drogba against Arsenal, note that he's had a fairly outstanding record against the Gunners:
Feb 7 2010 - Drogba brace
Nov 29 2009 - Drogba brace
May 10 2009 - Drogba assist
April 18 2009 - Drogba goal (FA Cup)
March 23 2008 - Drogba brace
February 5 2007 - Drogba brace
The only wins Arsenal has against Chelsea in the past 3 years are when Drogba is absent.
And Malouda ain't been too bad either.
That said, I'm hoping for a Fabregas (should he play) goalfest to offset the Drogba show.

nik said...

79.5 pts with caroll and nolan to go...

they will show what they've again in this match.

espc nolan since not much fantasy team believe on him.

Birty said...

will rooney get any cheaper?

he's performing better and will start turning in drogba like performances soon so i reckon its a good time to jump on the bandwagon. He's got Sunderland, WBA, Stoke, Spurs and Wolves coming up. If he'd drop to 15 from 17 I'd get him but I'm torn at 17

kwyjibo said...

I overhauled my team after another disappointing week. Despite Foster's good performance, I dropped him for Kirkland, because I need some serious help up front.


What about Odemwingie? Never seen him before on any recommended list, but he's had only one match with less than 12 points. Averaging 13.90. Ninth place in points and only played 5. I decided to take a chance...which means, with my luck, next week he'll probably get negative points.

Anonymous said...

yahoo's delay in updating price is taking the fun out doing BD... hmm..


Anonymous said...

Odemwingie is a class act, but the Baggies have a thin squad so watch out for injuries affecting his supply.

Am I the only one who has stuck with Hart?


Staffer84 said...

Hello guys!

My team name: DIMITAR BERBATOV FC [AM.Blog] curent stantding is 333 (nice) and I moved up 171 places this week but I thought it will be a bad week! Team was:

85.5 points

For next week I am staying with Foster,Salcido,VdV and Berbatov for sure. My current team is:


Yes, I dropped Bale and yes, I will most probably lose Malouda too cause I want to upgrade 1 striker and I can get Torres and a cheap mid (Adam). Which one to upgrade - Odemwingie or Obinha. I am officialy thinking of losing the trio - Drogba,Bale and Malouda - I already lost two of them and I think Bale is still a stud! How did you all do this week!


Jimmy083 said...

Hey guys

Average week for me with 78.5 points with this team

Bale, Salcido, Squillaci
Malouda, VDV, Gardner, Gerrard, Etuhu
Chamakh, Berbatov

Think its finally time to drop Bale and Malouda might be going as well.

My BD team


Pretty happy with my stike force but may drop malouda to get torres instead of obi or odem

Maxer said...

(very) low scoring week for me.. 43 points with krul and koscielny negatives.. and all players i chose are playing for team that loses.. i drop 618 places to 810 in overall ranking.. and from #3 to #9 in AM Blog League 3..

anyway, how's everyone doin this monday morning?.. :)


Anonymous said...

how's everyone doing? it has been a disaster to me, only managed 66.5 and dropped 326 in overall ranking. this has been the most unpredictable season so far. many teams who were expected to take 3 points but instead they dropped points, how could arse not taking 3 points @home to wba? mayb we should all forget week5 and start planning for a better week6. what you got for barndoor? so far, i've switched ..
chamakh --> odemwingie
j.cole --> victor obinna
ksocienly --> jacobsen (filler)
missed out on nani


kwyjibo said...

73 for the week. But it must have been a low scoring week for many, because I still went up 59 places overall to 2607. Stayed pretty much steady all around.

I'm beginning to think Bale might have to go. VDV is stealing his points away. Or maybe Drogba. I need to shake-up my lineup somehow, I've dropped to a 93.25 average. My goal was to hit 100.

I'm also not happy with Kirkland in goal, and I'd like to swap out for Jussi, who was scoring so well before his silly red card.

Not sure what to do yet...a whole week to think about it.

Lee B said...

Up to 43rd overall. Nasri and a total of 93 points put me up 50 places.

AM Bloggers now have 5 teams in the top 50.

I dropped the Drog last week and it payed off and I'm really tempted to drop Bale(Sorry AM) this week and put the Drog back in, what do you guys think??

My BD team at the mo;

Salcido, Kochesky, Bale
Scholes, Etherington, Malouda, Adam, VDV
Berbatov, Odemwingie

Lee B (Real Ronaldo)

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