Monday, 10 May 2010

The Blog Cup - Final Results


Firstly, congratulations to Chelsea for sealing the 2009/10 Premier League title yesterday  - I think they probably deserved it over the season & its easy to forget they did it without their best player (in my opinion), Michael Essien. We'll have to wait & see who does what over the summer, but I'm sure Man United & Sir Alex will be even more determined to get revenge next year, with Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool & maybe even Spurs thrown in to the mix...I'm looking forward to it already!

Now I've actually had a really disappointing end to the fantasy season, as I failed to break 100 points for 4 out of the final 6 weeks to finish in 343rd. It keeps up my record of a top 500 finish every year (a huge relief!), it should've been better...but there's always next season! Anyway, I'm really pleased to read the comments from people who have won their private leagues or significantly improved their overall ranking with some assistance from the blog - we've got some top players reading & I hope next year we can get more of us in to the Top 500!

Now on to The Blog Cup results & I find it hard to believe exactly how close it was between Supermassive FC & FrenchCannons. Alex & Stephane have had great seasons & the both broke the 100 point mark in Week 34 to give themselves a chance.

Incredibly the result was 107 points v 107.5 points, a 0.5 point swing in favour of FrenchCannons, so huge congratulations to Stephane, who will claim the prize of a Premier League shirt of his choice, but it does seem a shame to have a loser after such a close race so I'll be sorting something out for Alex too. If both of you could leave your email addresses in the comments section I'll be in contact - as soon as I have your email addresses I'll delete them from the blog to prevent spammers etc.

That pretty much wraps things up for now, but I'll continue posting occasionally over the summer & we'll follow one of the Fantasy World Cup games, so please keep checking back. The final thing I'd ask is for everyone who reads the blog to please comment below with you name/team name & finishing position in the overall rankings. The record for the most comments in a post is 135, but I know we have over 600 fans and 1000s of readers so it would be really great if as many of you as possible posted so we get an idea of how everyone did & break that record!

Thanks for all your support!


Please remember to join the Facebook Group if you haven't already. You'll get notifications whenever I post something new on the blog, including plans for a new prediction league next season (, World Cup Fantasy Football, plus I'll be able to alert you about new cup competitions planned for next season & it's also nice for me to put some faces to names...we've passed 600 members - join us!!


Anonymous said...

Finished 563 - SDG Destroyers

Elvin said...

thanks for your help throughout the season! keep up the good job..i started mid way through so i didnt manage to get nice ranking but i am glad that most of the weeks,i did achieve 100+ points..thanks again! will continue to support your blog =]]

Anonymous said...

Tokey Borong
rank 1,703 wow..cant complaint...first season..due to this blog..tq all esp AM..

rwlwhite said...

If God Had A Dream Team... - 2076th overall.

I'm devastated I didn't make it into the top 2000 but that's probably down to me making some bad choices in the last week (Cahill (0), O'Shea (0), Defoe (1) etc etc). But I have achieved my best position by far, mostly down to the advice and tips from yourself AM and the rest of the blog contributors! I also managed to win my private league by 827.5 points, having finished 4th and 3rd the last 2 years respectively! (Admittedly, I think my friends gave up but it's still impressive).

Simon said...

Finished 464th (Danglers United) - thanks to the blog for finding good value picks. I'll be back next season

Anonymous said...

My team finished 5,932nd after a late start in my 1st season, so I'm happy with that and especially the help with team picks from your blog AM.
Next season I'm looking for a top 500 finish!
Have a great summer


Jon said...

Absolutely Fabregas - 2,987 overall.

Was at 11,374 for the first half of the season, discovered this blog, and made it to 1,384 for the second half of the season.

Thanks for all your hard work, AM, and thanks also to the regulars who put so much into this as well.

Anonymous said...

Finished 1168th.missed few weeks forgot to click 'save'.many thanks to AM, all the regulars and chatters here.cheers!

majestic blues

Anonymous said...

Finished 3,012. Not as good as I've done in the past... as usual made the mistake of hanging on to discounts longer than I should. Still... would have been much worse without AM and all you folks. Thanks!

Jeff (Essendon Bombers)

Gasper said...

FC Modrej 1029th

Jay said...

Finished 1945 overall. Lost it towards the end a bit.

Liquid Football.

Raul said...

Thanks again AM,

First Team- finished 688th

Raul from Estonia

Peter30467 said...

Fanastic support AM - thanks
The Vikings 1,358

Anonymous said...

finished the season 413 overall and won my private league by more than 200 points. see you guys next season.

Shrek's Army

Frilbee said...

Hi Phil Goddard Frilbees Furies finished 598th - was in top 400 for a couple of weeks :(

Thanks for all the help and advice ( from a Gooner!)

DownSouth said...

DownSouth - from Florida, USA.

Found Blog in 5th week or so and was ranked around 60,000.

Overall Finish: 4,328.
1st half of season ranking: 13,413.
2nd half of season ranking: 2,363

Finished 1st in my league and won by 850 pts. I haven't checked in as much recently with the huge lead. I broke my leagues will around week 25 and coasted in from there. :)

Question for anyone out there willing to do the calculation: Did keeping Drogba through the African Cup payoff?

Thanks to AM for the Blog and to all my fellow managers for the insight. It really helped me in my 1st year of YFF.

Kukuski FC said...

Kukuski FC:

Despite finishing 4,052nd overall, my team was top of most of my private leagues.

Hope to break into the top 1000 next season...


Dipole McFash.

Guy said...

'On with the motley Crewe' - finished 150th after a great last few weeks. First in 'Beat the Bloggers 2' - I know that's run by Neal and Jeremy, but it was a lot easier to win their league than yours - only 5th in YYF3 and 9th in chat room regulars!
Absolutely delighted with that - it's my highest ever ranking so the last week of a season it the right time to get it! Along with Jeff, my biggest mistake was holding on to discounts a little too long, but it's a fine balance; Drogba and Vermaelen were surely must-have's for the first half of the season and Bale for the second half. I didn't change keeper much and might have done better there - Given from week 2 to 13 and Almunia from 14 to 29 (changed him just in time to get Myhill home to Burnley!). On balance though they didn't do too badly - Almunia averaged way over cost for the duration, but had two nightmare weeks. Still, it was after I started switching every week that I made a big move up the rankings, so I ought to learn that lesson.
I have to thank you AM and all the other contributors to the blog - without you all I wouldn't have done nearly as well. Looking forward to next year; while I'm pleased with my performance, how on earth could I improve it by 200 points, and even that would only have put me eighth overall. There are some seriously good players out there!

Liquid Football said...

Anywhere we can find out how many people play the game overall?

DJ PIGG said...

Deportivo de La Clydebank - 3654.5 points

2532nd overall

220th in Fans of Other

1st in my Private League by 640 points

(I was let down in the last week by having Rooney, Ballack and Malouda in my team who earned me 7 points)

Thanks again, Nik/AM, for all your invaluable advice over the season. I wouldn't have done so well on my own!

PJR said...


Thanks AM!!

KPM/MPFC said...

Finished 2231 overall, moving up almost 500 points on the last weekend with my 123.5 total (MPFC is my team name). Not bad. Could have been much better if not for some poor decision making during the year(i.e. Drogba, Myhill and Bale) but stuff happens.

I went to see what other players not on my roster scored over the weekend but that seemingly is not possible because clicking on Team Manager gives me a nastygram about not being able to change players for this tournament.

Bradley said...

Sonic Rovers: 517

Thanks again AM. BTW, in Blog League 2 I finished just below you and just above Mike B. and Doctor Teeth. :)

I'm a little sad I fell short of 500. I screwed up the penultimate week and didn't make up enough ground last weekend. Still, it's not a bad finish for my first season, especially considering I was 12008th after week 6. Hopefully I can get off to a stronger start next season.

Anonymous said...

pigeon Licker finished 2,753rd

only 62.50 points for last weekend, shame, was hoping to try and break out of the 2k!
never mind it's my first season on YFF (and I will be back for the new season)

Great big tanks to AM and all the regular bloggers, helped me take my private league (and my wife to finish 2nd)

All the best to everyone and hope your respective teams do well in the world cup (unless they play england)


Anonymous said...

4999th!!! - Pride of North London!!

can't complain for my first season!!!...looking forward to 500th next season!!!

Arsenal foreever!!! ;)


Anonymous said...

i finished 1,527 with my best ever total of 3,752 pts.

Paradise Bhoys

Caleb said...

Thank you very much AM for this year's fantastic post.

My team name is Anfieldwing and my name in the chat room is CalebLeung.

Finished @ rank 1151, not bad imo as I've missed the 2.8 Bale BD; which is probably the worst thing I've done this year, lol.

Bojan said...

49th overall... if fidan wants to change positon i will give him mine...

won portshmouth fans league

wrote this for you Hans

Bojan - Mourinho 136 HLGWL(AM Blog)

Anonymous said...

Owl Sanctuary
Overall rank: 930

Anonymous said...


On the YFF site blog, a couple of weeks ago the 'fantasist' said that there was about 250,000 players


Ian Sanderson said...

My 'Wet Dream Team' finished in 1414th place with 3765.5 points.

Season high of 34th and low of 3300ish.

Neil Tan said...

[Penang_Kia_Team]Jiao Nui

3744.5 Points / 1580 position.

This is my second season playing and i managed to win 2 of my private leagues with the help of Jeremy & Neal / AM blog suggestions!! Thanks a lot.

Too bad we cant check back our results from previous seasons else i can chart my improvement :P

Anonymous said...

Ended the week with 90 points, 2541 position overall with 3654 points. Looking to break the top 100 next season!
Once again big thanks to AM for all the effort you have put into the blog.


Comax said...

Thanks AM.

Comaxunited Over ranked 633

Comax said...


Comaxunited, Overall ranked 633

Bradley said...

On a wholly unrelated topic: Does anyone reading this blog live in the Leeds Central constituency, and if so, did you vote for the MP candidate We Beat the Scum One Nil? :)

discofools said...

Disco Argyle

4004 pts / 229th overall.

Gutted to finish 2nd to Paphos Toffees in my private league.

Great blog A.M, excellent recommendations each week. Hoping that yahoo does a fantasy world cup, otherwise already looking forward to next seasons game!

Anonymous said...

3686.5 points, finished 2,125 and second in my private league, team FCDK. First year playing, so reasonably happy with the outcome. Thanks much for the blog.

Matt M said...

Team: Computer Science Student
Rank: 258

i_ate_the_pies said...

finished 644th I HATE THE MANCS won 2 groups - the 1pt per million spent tip was fantastic - cheers see you next season

Doctor Teeth said...

In its second YFF season, Electric Mayhem FC finished with 3,850 points, good for 808th overall which is slightly worse than its performance last season but god knows its manager had more fun doing it thanks to this blog. EMFC also finished 36th in the Fans of Tottenham league and, most importantly, won its private league by 161.5 points.

Cheers again, AM, for the great blog and I look forward to keeping in touch with you and all of the other regulars over the summer. I look forward to debating the merits of selecting Gareth Bale at 14.8 million in 2.5 months time!

Over and out,

Anonymous said...

Only my 3rd season
25th overall (was 48th last yr, 5k in the first)
2nd in Fans of Burnley.

Also I take the opportunity to congratulate TuHaU FC [AM.Blog] (Freddie), Kavedas(S11), Steve Bob FC *** (Andy) & Bojan for making it to the elite group of top 50.

Special mention for Real Soni™ [AM.Blog] aka Mikey, for running a highly entertaining group called "AM CHAT REGULARS"

And finally, thanks for everything Nik.

Cheers !

Anonymous said...

Hi AM,

Newcastle Rocks - Rank 655
My first season in YFF. Great job AM !
See ya next season..


STLRam01 said...

My third season. Finished 1,656 overall (3,734.5 pts). Team BSC Ginger Kids.
Won my private league.
25/100 in Blog League 2
15/100 in Beat the Bloggers 5
13/30 in BDL Regulars
40/98 in AM Chat Room Regulars
77/7759 in Fans of Tottenham

I finished in the 99th percentile this season. Last year I was 85th percentile, and my first year I was 68th percentile.

The main reason is I was able to find player/injury/form news on this blog and chat room.

Cheers AM for a great blog. I'll be here next year as well.

STLRam01 said...

Team: BSC Ginger Kids (not Team BSC Ginger Kids)

donut said...

Great blog - thanks for all the efforts AM, and all the regular contributors too who assist me on a Saturday morning!

Big Banana Bruises finished 898 - first time in top 1000, discovered this around xmas time

Was inside top 250 at one stage but some stupid decisions like dropping Lampard and Rooney on the Saturday morning before their 4 goal blockbuster games v Villa and Hull AND missing the Bale bandwagon because I hate picking players who I miss on the BD cost me (ended up having to pick him at 15 instead of 2!)

Anyone notice that the winner held on by 1.5 points after a poor last game...

By the way if anyone knows a good World Cup FF game can you post it on here!!

Anonymous said...

The Team of Champions (Danny)

From Singapore

Optimus said...

Optimus points..3761 points.. Thanks to AM for your highest points ever scored..2nd season

Ranked : 1459th

Kavedas said...

Hello guys
My Final Ranking is 10
I did really enjoy reading this blog , continue the great work A_M
The chat room was fun , on Friday nights and Saturday mornings were final decision is made , there are alot of top players on the room with Advices and News
The group was Fun With competitions
This site makes YFF much better
Thanks everyone

Richard said...

Hi, and thanks for all the good advice and useful comments. My team is Brussels Reds (will probably be Wokingham Red next year after a relocation...).

Scored 3794.5, finished 1186 overall and 1st in private league.



Pedro said...

Peter hine, my teams "Team Pedro". I finished 10047th overall, looks dire compared to the other people on here but i feel proud of myself. Started reading this blog alot around november and shot up The rankings from then on. Thanks for all the help AM. Without you i wouldnt have had Bale. That says it all really. Thnx :)

Anonymous said...

Additional financial cloud over EPL:

"To make matters worse, it has emerged that a new £15 million claim for unpaid taxes issued by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs involves payments for image rights rather than player salaries, a dangerous precedent that could have widespread ramifications for the entire Premier League."
"Image rights have traditionally been protected from substantial PAYE payments with special concessions and Andronikou said: "This sends out a definite warning sign to a number of larger clubs employing international players. If they are successful against Portsmouth, it will have a significant knock-on effect."

wonder if they are successful will they go after ManU for CRon7's image fee? 80m don't seemed so much now, does it?
*and of course other clubs as well(including Liverpool)


Anonymous said...

Team: Sven's Super Squad
Rank: 38
From The Netherlands

This was my second season and your blog has been very useful and entertaining.



psrv said...

Final rank was 1853. Thanks AM!


Anonymous said...

Started on week 3, reading blog since week 10; achieved above average points since then!

Thyeland, 3247.50, Rank 10800

Thanks AM the blog helped me a lot, and I mean it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, first season made really enjoyable by the blog. Came 263rd overall with Villaforlife, 6th in yyf4 am league and 5th in the villa league. Thanks for all the advice.


Miecio said...

* Total points: 3,515.00
* Overall rank: 4,611 +0

well done AM!!!

Anonymous said...

Dennis here.

# Team Name : United4Life (Dennis)
# Total points: 3,364.50
# Overall rank: 7,769 +0

Read this blog around January and jumped 10 places to win my private league in the very last game of the season by 50 points. Also my first season playing a full YFF season.


bean said...

thanks again Assistant Manager! Have a great summer!
Cheers to all the regulars.

Venice Leopard Sharks
3744.00 points
Overall Rank 1,585

Kellz said...

Kellz_F.C - 588th

Best season ever! I won 2 of my leagues and came 3rd in another very competetive one. I look forward to waiting out the long summer until August with everyone one here! Atleast we have the World Cup excitement to tide us over!


Anonymous said...

after missing the first two weeks I was able to hit 4138th which is where I end my year. Which isn't bad considering it was my first year playing. Anyone going to World Cup this year??
Maybe we can meet up for a drink

Alex said...

GO ARSENAL - 715th overall, 116th among Arsenal's Fans, and 1st place in my private league.

Thanks everyone, and especially AM, for helpful discussions and advice.

Alex from California

Anonymous said...

The Mutton Heads - aka A1 - stateside in STL, MO

First year in Fantasy League and hit the blog in the second half.

Overall - 3,257 points Rank 10,505 1st Half 21,408 2nd Half 7,846

Fans of Others - Rank - 818 1st 1,559 2nd 631

First in my Private Group! Thanks to AM and all!

Anonymous said...

Hi there AM, thanx again for all your usefull advice through out the season.

team name: TEAM KAKASHI[AM.Blog]
total points: 3860.50
overall ranks: 751

thanks again.

Mrljo said...

Overall rank: 3146
IMHO not bad considering it's my first season, I missed week 1 and all those discounts, didn't know how to BD until december and so on:)

Around new year started reading this blog and climber from rank 20,000.. second part of the season I have 2063 points and I'm really happy with that.

Congrats to Chelsea on their title but I still have nightmares with drogba scoring that offside goal @united.. Next year hopefully it will be united glory once again.

Cheers everyone!!

Gooner said...

250th overall and first in my group. Thanks for running a fantastic blog.

Alex said...

Hi A_M,

Am not sure whats more of a relief, I get my weekends back or that you chose A_M rather than me having to spell your surname every week!

But joking aside this has been great, I never ever expected to finish with a team 41st and a team 103rd, I won my private leagues by christmas and in the end was over 1,000 points ahead, and they were no mugs.

This blog hasn't just helped on the YFF front but also put me in touch with people and been a wole load of fun, christ i looked forward to thursday player picks!! (but did miss when you stopped the BD section at the end).

YFF is addictive and I need a break, i want to enjoy the world cup with no pressure so its ideal.

So onto next season, my first pick is Chameck and yours will be Fox (am sure he'll move up).

my email address is

All the best for the summer guys and hope your countries do well, but forget that England will win the cup ;-)

Stephane - Well done matey, Drogba, my only mistake of the season :-(

Jarmongers FC said...

* Total points: 4,018.50
* Overall rank: 191

Anonymous said...

FC UnitedAlbionRovers

Total points: 3,660.00
Overall rank: 2,443

Won my private group by over 800 points, which I am pleased of, comsidering I am the ony girl in it.

We need to bet the AM nonimated for some sort of blog awards becausehis work deserves it. Does anybody know a link, if they could post it I would definatly vote.

Backcountry Dave said...

Team: ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›

3,759 pts
rank 1,471

All in all I'm well pleased considering last year this yank could count on one hand the number of EPL players I had any familiarity with. All credit to AM and J&N for 'teaching me to fish,' so to speak. I hope no one is offended by my team name. I blatantly stole it from someone's sig file years ago and use it often for fantasy teams as it still makes me chuckle. Can't wait till next season.

Backcountry Dave

Rukkie said...

Been saying this over and over again but I still think its not enough. Thanks AM!

My team is Shohoku (with the tag AM.Blog recently). Finish at 112th overall.

I got huge improvement in the 2nd half of the season. In first half at 1065 and second half at 67.

Rukkie said...

Forgot to add, total point is 4,060.

CFCBOSS said...

congratulations to all, as a chelsea fan, what a day it was yesterday, absolute hammering, loved the idea winning title by beating 8-0 wigan. :)
essien is chelsea top3 player for sure, i think as a defensive midfilder, he's the best in that position in the world.
i played last year, but started in october, so this is my first actual season and what a amazing result:
Total points: 4,063.50
Overall rank: 105
Fans of Chelsea 10/34888
i'm really satisfied with it, great time :)

i got a question for you AM, i don't know if you're gonna read it, but im curious, if in the summer we talk about world cup in here or transfers or what's gonna happen. of course i know summer is busy time, nobody want's to be in computer and stuff like that, but what happens, hope you can let us/me know! :)

greetings from Estonia, cfcboss.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hard work over the course of the season. It's helped me to win my private group by nearly 100 points!

Team name - Shampoo and Conditioner?! (A la Jimmy Bullard in the wash and go advert)

Managed to finish 335 overall

Fidan said...

- Cincilatori-[Kosova][AM Blog]

Total points: 4,127.50
Overall rank: 52

Cheers Bojan ;)...!!!

My best season ever :P. I guess since it is my 1st season EVER :P...!!!

Good Luck to everyone with another boring footyless summer. THNX GOD we have WC to cheer ourselves up a bit...!!!

Go Enlgand Go...!!!

Cheers and remember...You'll Never Walk Alone!!!

Fidan said...


Fans of Liverpool: 10/47082

Efthymios said...

Team Name: Efthymios Peratikos Cyprus

Total points: 3996.00
Overall Rank: 242nd

Despite finishing 1449th in the 1st half, I had a very nice second half(158th). I was 1st in my private league and 9th in the YFF Assistant Blog 09/10.

Many thanks to this blog. Very good job AM!

Premier League is very popular in my island (Cyprus)!!

Hope to finish in the top 100 next year!

Cheers everyone!

Mike said...

FC Shakhtar Bella Vista
Total points: 3,978.00
Overall rank: 286

Anonymous said...

Finished 286th - Sting in the Tail

Mike B said...

Team name : Real Soni [AM.Blog]
Chat name : Mike B
Final postition : 796th
Final points : 3853

Massive thanks to you AM for setting up the blog, it's been a fantastic read petty much every day this season, and it has guided me well in my first attempt.

Thanks to everyone i've conversed with over the past 9 months, i've had some great fun with alot of you guys.

Finally, COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like we finished neck & neck AM. My team, Ft Mudge FC, finished 341 with 3,961 points. This was my 1st year following any football other than American, so I thank you for you tremendous help to my result. looking forward to next season!


James said...

Finished 2365th overall!
Smashed it in my private league.

In November i was top 500 then i had the worst fall of my career to be outside the top 10000 by start of Feb but them came roaring back with a superb finish to the season to almost finish in the top 2K

Reading this blob since day one.....

(The Genetic Freakz)

Anonymous said...

Flying Horse. Finished 459th. Thanks AM. Your blog was very informative and helpful. Can't wait till next season. Have fun everyone.

Anonymous said...

My rank overall is: 4652. The first period of the season I was 16,000 so I can't complain. Pretty happy with it but next season I will aim for top 500 finish like you did this year AM.

finished with: 3512.50 points

AM - You are the cheesenitzzzz!!! This blog has been extremely helpful to all and we are grateful to you for taking time out of you life to make it. Thanks also to all of you for your great comments and recommendations.



Cheers and chat with you during the world cup,

Anonymous said...

Team: Upper 90
Overall Rank: 1,223
26/99 in YFF4 Assistant Blog 09/10

Never commented, but loved reading the blog every week.

Chicago, IL

Anonymous said...

Hey AM, thanks a ton for the great blog. My team (The XI Potbellied Fellas) climbed up the rankings steadily ever since I started reading the blog. I finished the season at 692. Look forward to the World Cup and more of fantasy footie, cheers.

Anonymous said...

French Cannons - 3953 pts - 364th overall.

My team in YFF Ligue 1 currenly at 32nd overall with two games to go.


Alex if I get the Bendtner shirt I don't mind giving you half... Be careful with Chamakh next year he is hot/cold like a Scottish shower. Burned me a few times his year.


J. Dunn said...

FC Green Wave
Total points: 3,755.50
Overall rank: 1,504

Not my best season, but I'll take it and hopefully do better next year. Thanks for all of hard work and advice and info. Between you and Jeremy/Neil's place, a really great community has grown up around this game, and that makes it a lot more fun and interesting to play.

Anonymous said...

Team: Tai Tam Tigers
Rank: #218 (highest rank this year #160)
Points: 4,008
2nd place in "Fans of Fulham".... lost out on last day :(
1st place in private league (they ALL read this same blog . . .)
From U.S.A. living in Indonesia
First time doing Fantasy and LOVED it!
I complete my picks with my son (age 11)

** I kept Drogba all year until last week in April. Debate as you will; I know what was the right decision.... should have kept him until the end as not having him last week killed me.

** Can't wait for World Cup.... I will be there watching England vs USA!!!!!!!!!!! "Don't tread on me!"


JY said...

Team: Rooney Is The Reason We Rox
Total Points: 3829
Overall rank: 956
Couldn't have done that without this blog, huge thanks to AM. Cheers

Golova said...

Team: AC Kiarong
Total points: 3,515.00
Overall rank: 4,611

Not bad considering I was outside the 20,000th position at the start of the 2nd half of the season! Definitely aiming for at least top 1,000 next season :)

A massive shout out to AM and the other regular contributers (especially Kellz) for the insight and advice over the course of the season. It's really made this years YFF that much more fun!

@Tigers: I can't wait for the World Cup either. I shall be there too! Two second round games, potentially ARGENTINA vs SOUTH AFRICA (or FRANCE?) and NETHERLANDS vs PARAGUAY (or ITALY?).

DeviLxDeviL said...

Total points: 3,751.50
Overall rank: 1,530 +0

Thanks AM ! and others too. Well we still can chat here about world cup ;-D

Go Brazil & England !

#### ESWR my man, where are u?

chrism said...

Total points 3645

Overall rank 2660

I can't believe how many top 100 and top 1000 finishes were racked up by members of the group. Its incredible. While I slipped here I won my private group ( on usenet-probably the longest running group on the net, by 500 points. Yes!)

I had loads of fun here. The high point of course being my two weeks spent as #1 in the world at the start of the season. It was all down hill after that. My major mistake, not to be repeated, was not going all in on the first couple of DG weeks. That killed me, cost me a couple of hundred points which considering how tight thinks were probably cost me at least 1000 places.

Many thanks of course to AM. But also to folks who livened up the chat room and contributed to the mirth. A shout out to Bojan, Fidan Hans, Doc Teeth, Steve Bob, Kellz and all the other regulars. You guys rock. See you next year

Chris M Velvet Underground All Stars.

Anonymous said...

Points: 3858
Rank: 767

I'm sad about dropping out of the top 750 on the final day, but a top 800 finish is nothing less than what I could've asked for in the beginning of the season. I owe it all to Nik who had done a fantastic work throughout the season, and to all the readers that help with relevant information and helpful advice.
There is a great football summer waiting for us, and after such a great season of league football, I can expect nothing less from the World Cup. Have a great summer, and I'm sure I'll be back here soon enough for the next season of Fantasy Football.


Anonymous said...

Team : Musteng
Points : 2955
Rank : 21,074

I found this on march 2010 and it help me to move up my rank from 50,000th to 21,000. Thank you for your hardwork

13th Man said...

13th Man
Ranked 394

Picked up 20 quid from fellow private league players (came 1st) which was pretty sweet. Can't wait to see who Spurs get in with all that extra CL money. Not like they haven't bought big without it. Great work you Greek God, looking forward to next season and the WC

Shiv said...

CR7...Oh Wait...
3,606.00 points.
Finished 3153 overall (because of a horrid start to the season) and, more importantly, first in my private league :)

Thank's AM :)

revolterz said...

yo A.M...
thanks for all the news and suggestion for this whole season..
started reading your blog just right before week 2 dateline..
this year my first time break into top 1000..
team: coqkodokpisang
point: 3845
overall position: 833

again, good job A.M and the other regulars..

Anonymous said...

Hi! Nik~

I'm Ivan from HK and my team is Don't look back in anger. I finished at 299!!!(My best season ever, just in my final target - top 300)
I read your blog throughout the season and I think you've been doing a great job~ The news update, opinions/suggestions were all great!
Enjoy your blog~ See u in the YFF private league next season. (Or earlier in the world cup fastasy!?)

Anonymous said...

The Orphans

Total points: 3,878.50
Overall rank: 655 +0

Thanks AM, a great season and fantastic fun.
Championd League glory for THFC.

See you next season.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for all your hard work this season on your blog, certainly helped me - my best previously was around 8000th, I finish now on 889th (FC Karnataka), very happy with that.

Now I look forward to watching Brazil v Portugal next month in my home town of Durban in South Africa!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you and all the other regular contributors. My team Tatranskí junáci wouldn't have reached overall rank 334 (total points 3,962.500) without your help.
Thanks again and see you next season

juraj from slovakia

Anonymous said...

Hi Nik/AM,

My Team "The Company FC"
Total Points : 3,433
Overall Rank : 6,265 (the highest rank on my 5th seasons of YFF, has improved from around 100k's last season)

Thanks to your great blog and all of the blog regulars, it proved really full of hand to the game.

Cannot wait for next season and tune in from the very first, hopefully manage to improve the ranks as well.


Anonymous said...

Hey AM
Thank you so much for everything!
1782 is the best spot i've been for the past playing seasons.
You're the greatest!

Coming again for next season!

Viva la arsenal~~

Anonymous said...

I sure hope they fix the weekly score view next year. Its impossible to read

Freddie M said...

My team name:TuHaU FC [AM.Blog]
Total points: 4226.5
Overall rank: 9

#1 in my private groups:
-Sabah House II
-YFF Assistant Blog 09/10
-Beat the bloggers 4
-Am chat room regulars.. :P

Many thanks to AM and the chat regulars for the great blog.. See you next season... :)

Freddie M

Anonymous said...

Rich Dudes - finished 527th.

First time that I have finished in the top 1,000.

Finished top of my private league for the third time in three years ... this year by a massive 600 points.


KPM/MPFC said...

Not exactly sure what happened but my overall rank just improved by three places. Instead of 2231 I am now at 2228. I am hoping if I wait a few more days it will continute to improve.

Also I neglected to post my total points in my original post. 3,678.50

As I said that total could have been better. If for no other reason, Week 19 where I only tallied 7.5 points. If memory serves that was the weekend were all the games were pretty much snowed out.

KPM/MPFC said...

BTW, does anyone know a way to go back and look at previous seasons? I guess in my case its singular because last year was my first year. I just wanted to compare this year to last year and see how I improved. I can't seem to get to last year's information.

Anonymous said...

There are some post adjustments to the points, hence the ranking changes.

@KPM/MPFC: Try this, log in to Yahoo and go to

Assuming you have been using the same Yahoo login, you should see your past season performances, not just for YFF, but also for other Yahoo Fantasy teams (although for overall rankings, it is presented in terms of percentile).

KPM/MPFC said...

@Anon 3:54pm I tried that, but unlike my other leagues, there is no click through to actually go to the league page. I can go to any year's baseball, hockey, or American football and look at the standings, etc. But for some reason golf and the premier league do not let me look at group standings, etc. In fact I can't even tell how many points I scored last year. All I get is a percentile ranking overall.

markygoods said...

3930.50 points,
431st overall,
18th in Spurs Supporters League
Team name - Hotspurs

markygoods said...
World cup fantasy footie lauching on Fri

Anonymous said...

HENG003 - Ranked 348

Thanks again for your blog. A definite must read before i finalise my squad weekly

Anonymous said...

Hi AM!
Nice job throughout the year. Been helpful reading your posts, hints and tips. Always keeping an eye for this blog :)

Ended, with the last adjustment within top 400, 396 is my final position. Never thought that after being placed at 4557 first half. Second half much better, ranked 72. Ended with a total of 3943.

There`s always a next year!

Maestro Harriers - Jackal

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