Sunday, 9 May 2010

Team News

I got dragged to a wedding today (not mine thank God), but there was a free bar, so I couldn't do any team/injury news research before the deadline tomorrow at 12 BST even if I wanted to...lucky for you, Jeremy & Neal are up with the shizzle over at FantasyEPL - click the link for all the info

Probable Team...

      Mancienne  Smalling  Bale

       Walcott  Young  Malouda  Nani

     Van Persie  Anichibe  Kalou



Anonymous said...


It's the Premier League Team News which is the most relevant on their blog, no?
rather than the injuries list!
(I think there was maybe some free beers on offer at the wedding!

Enjoy your w-end
Don't forget to do your BD'ing tomorrow ;-)

Anonymous said...


Who are those two Iraqi businessmen in the photo?
Someone you met at the wedding?

Anonymous said...

This is the link you should use !

Assistant Manager said...

Hey Pauly - The photo is actually Jeremy / Neal & the link I posted held a whole lot more info then their latest link, so I felt it was more relevant :). However, their latest link is also helpful, so thanks for adding it.

bean said...

Thank you again for all your hard work Assistant Manager. This has been a great community that has developed here at your blog. We appreciate your insight and dedication. Cheers!

Final team for me:

O'Shea Terry Campbell Foley
Nani Ballack Nasri Wilshere
Kalou VanPersie

Good luck everyone! It's been an exciting year..
have a great summer.. enjoy the world cup.

go USA! down with England

Chi said...


Yobo Jageilka Distin Baines

Rodwell Arteta Cahill

Anichebe Yakubu Vaughan


Anonymous said...

''Poor old Gareth Barry (8.83) is crocked so ditch the Villa midfielder for the final game of the season.'' Quoted from the Fantasist! Lol. It's now clear why we love AM and hate the Fantasist.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha agree with JT

Anyway my team for this week will probably be:
Smalling / J. Samuel / P. Bardsley
Rodwell / Arshavin / Nani / Malouda
VanPersie / Crouch / Kalou

I made an agreement with a friend-- since he only recently joined YFF and since I had nothing to left to play for, we would both drop out discounts and see who scored higher for this final week
and dropping discounts included my Bale@2.8 D:


Greg said...

Final week, sad to see the season end...although I can't wait for World Cup to start and really want all the big players to rest up and be at full strength to have the best possible World Cup!


Bale Terry Rio
Malouda AJ Ballack Walcott Jones
Drogba Rooney

Not sure why Rio but just a hunch I guess. Needs to start playing well before the WC I guess?

First time doing Fantasy EPL. Great blog, helped me learn strategy for next season (and easily win my private work league by 500+...)

Anonymous said...

Will Arteta play?

L'Orange Noir said...

Terry, Bale, O'Shea, Yobo
AJ, Walcott, Muamba, Rodwell
Drogba, RVP

First time I've gone 4-4-2 this season practically but I feel the defence could be in for good scores this weekend.

Anonymous said...

nice to see Ron & Jeremy !. good at fantasy footie, but much better in their porn days. they look seriously camp in that pic. i always wonder what Ron ( on L ) is doing with his left hand to give Jeremy that satisfied look. ;)

Anonymous said...

Shall I go for D. Jones and Vidic or Babel and Walcott?

Sulldaddy said...

Well my final team is
bale, mancienne, smalling
lampard, walcott, rodwell, nani, henry
kalou , rooney

Didnt see many rooney picks but I figure at home he has to score knowing that the battle for the golden boot is so close. This was a very hard week to pick due to the most likely scorers all costing so much $$.
But I will be sad to see the season end and wait anxiously for the world cup. Yahoo does have a WC pick em but I havent seen any fantasy WC like there was last go around.
I hope that my above roster is good enough to hold the 14 point lead I have in my private league, the 2nd place guy has a wildly different roster than I do so something is bound to happen, he is a bit more balanced with only RVP as a "big gun"

Thanks for creating this blog AM! It has been very helpful and the camraderie of the chat room and posts has been great.


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