Thursday, 6 May 2010

The AM Challenge Cup - Final Results

Rank   Team   Total
1 pk all stars 197.5
2 iceman_tsc 186.5
3 Shock The Monkey 175
4 Juan Sebastian Veron 174.5
5 INDIA © [AM.Blog] 171.5
6 Simply Da Best 168
7 Remedial Spastics 168
8 Kop Kings (BB) 168
9 Unintended XI 163
10 ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^› 161.5
11 Steve Bob FC *** 161.5
12 Rizal Plate F.C. 160.5
13 TM yang 1 158.5
14 Welcome to Man City (S11) 157.5
15 FC Skwarek 148
16 No Longer Defending Chaffs 138
17 CF Aimarcia 130
18 No Name FC 127
19 gamatoilrefinery [AM.Blog] 109
21 chuggington 91.5

Massive congratulations to PK ALL STARS, who has won the AM Challenge Cup, beating 600 teams over 6 rounds! There is no prize as such, but the pride of winning the competition will hopefully be enough :) Well done to all who got through to the final!

I'm not certain if PK All Stars are managed by any of the blog regulars, but if it's you then please let yourself be known in the comments section below...congratulations again!

The Week 34 Player Picks will be up later today & they are of course the last of the season. It's also the final of The Blog Cup where Stephane's FrenchCannons face off again AlexDarlo's Supermassive FC, with the winner rewarded with the prize of the Premier League football shirt of their choice. Good luck to both!



Anonymous said...


Im happy for you & your team
Good to see that the qualities of skill and one-pointedness can still overcome!
It's still a pleasure to read you !
Have a great week-end


init said...

THe question for me is what the fk to do in my spare time at work instead of checking out fantasy football. Might have to do some work!!

What are you going to do AM? Start a YFF rehab clinic?

Anonymous said...

Spurs fans please read. seemed like Spurs aren't in good shape either.
"West Ham United were ten days away from a total fire sale of all their players or administration, or worse, in January. I believe that in the next 12 months a substantial club will not only go into administration, but it will be liquidated and cease to exist."
so which will this club be?
"Uefa, however, points out that Champions League income represents a small part, 8–13%, of Manchester United's, Chelsea's, Arsenal's and Liverpool's total turnover. "

i like to share a view i saw on the net elsewhere. Everton, Spurs, fulham, villa (anymore?) couldn't cpoe with both europe and domestic(to a less extent ,Liverpool) . So i don't see the point why they keep insisting on "getting into europe" where, it is best to build up the second team first ( i know chicken-egg issue). they should plan first, get in and stay there( then become Everton-the-yo-yo-club II or III), especially true for the Villians.
Now spurs are going to CL, hopefully they put up a good display. People seemed to forget why there are 4 CL places for EPL. Because the Big 4 fought tooth and nails for it. Spurs must not do "an Everton" and damage the coefficient please. As for ManC, it just means one more year.,,12306~1797582,00.html
as for the upcoming transfer market, i think it will be quite quiet. As i said earlier, there is going to be a financial fair play scheme coming up. the big 4 are going to tailor their transfers as accordingly. with the "squad cap of 25 players" and "eight home-grown players out of a squad of 25"[see link above]. we are coming into the next phase[5th] of EPL next season and another[6th] phase in 2012-13(or the latest 2013-14). time for plenty changes or not? discuss.


Anonymous said...

typo- cope*.

Anonymous said...

AM congrats on Spurs and thanks for the Blog. I suggest like India has done that next season regulars should have [AM.Blog] in the team name.

Also how about an end of season awards. Drogs was on another planet, Lampard Rooney and Tevez were all great.

Surprises - Bent and Rodallega. Yes we whined and swore off them but they finished on the first page of total YFF scoring. MTay, Duff also get a mention. Although MTay was pricey from Day 1.

Best Value - Early in season it was Vermaelen and Alexander but Bale without doubt was the man who drove many a YFF player up the standings.

Disappointments - Gerrard and due to injury; RVP and Torres.

Keepers - No stand outs but if you look at Gomes total points of 256 and that he started the season at 8.17 he's my pick of the season. Hahnemann deserves a mention here also.

Also I am a newbie and only learned of the barndoor midway through the season. If you looked at player values in week one here's the team you could have trotted out.
Player [Value] (Total Points)
Gomes [8.17] (256)
Bale [6.32] (224)
Dunne [8.82] (278)
Cueller [7.24] (258)
Milner [10.27] (325)
Malouda [9.66] (303.5)
Duff [7.65] (290.5)
NZog [7.91] (260.5)
Drogs [13.69] (510.5)
Bent [9.38] (358.5)
Tevez [9.48] (438.5)
TOTAL [98.59] (3503)

3503 doesn't get it done even though this team has some of YFF's most consistent performers. It goes to show match ups and the BD are very important.


Anonymous said...

Saw this gem on the yahoo message board. If you're comfortably ahead in your private league and not fighting for a top 50 or 100 finish how about this team....


smalling m.duff j.samuel

diop meyler hughes mokoena dikagoi

iwelumo vela

i have 75.96 mil remaining any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

is there any type of world cup fantasy, or just bracket predictors? I've been looking for a one online and cant seem to find any.


Anonymous said...

Has this week deadline been extended until Sunday? Did anyone notice?

Anonymous said...

there arent any games on saturday this week, all the games are on sunday at the same time

Anonymous said...

MOST EXCITING SEASON EVER!!! Competition has never been this good, and the title had not been this hard to get for years.

Congratulations spurs fans, well deserved!!! AM- well done! Thanks for doing a great job on this blog, you make football so much fun. Cheers to you!

And one last thing...even though he wasn't on the pick the last 2 games, Wilson Palacios deserves praise. He was influential to Tottenham and hope he stays there because just as he's been, the team has been good to him.


P.S - This has been a year of Glory for Hondurans as well. Wilson Palacios in Champions League, and Honduras in the World Cup after 28 years of nonexistence. I"m honored to be Honduran!

bean said...

so happy spurs got the win at Eastlands.. money can't buy you love, or champions league

many many thanks to AM for this blog. it takes a lot of dedication to maintain a blog week in, week out, we really appreciate all your hard work! thank you!

not sure about this final week, not a lot of cheap options to be had..

tinkering with:

Foley S.Camp Rio
AdamJ Scholes Wilshere Rosicky
RVP Rooney Kalou

but that would be dropping Bale and Tevez. It's hard not to like Tevez against one of his old clubs..

pk all stars said...

i dont send any post normally but as i i've won the am challege cup. i must say thanks to every one on this site who posts there teams every week this really help me with ideas to form a side each week.
also a.m great advice each week i hope you keep it up next year.
i am at moment 224 postion going into the last week am hoping to break top two hundred. so it been a good year anything in top thousand will be my highest finish.

Assistant Manager said...

Congrats again mate, you should post more often! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey AM, was listening to talk sport earlier and have to agree with what they said about if Ledley King had been injury free he would have been one of the best centre backs in the world!! Also England simply have to take both him and Dawson. Good work on the blog, always a good read although sometimes I avoid it so that I don't confuse myself and end up making rash decisions ;-)

Bojan said...

4 Juan Sebastian Veron 174.5

i like your team name!!!

elfinshadow said...

pk all stars- any suggestions on who to pick for the last week?

Anonymous said...

pk all stars- any suggestions for the last team of the season?

Anonymous said...

thanks AM and guys..for all the ideas and the challenge...

wow...13th from 600 teams over 6 rounds...proud enough even my total points around 3500++ and rank 2700++...and second in all private group...

additionally currently 8 over 704 in wigan team..
go go wigan to beat chelsea...i'm not devil fan either...

we are so important as to influence champions-to-be game...

TM yang 1
aka Temiang, Malaysia

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