Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Week 33 - Sunday & Monday

Quick round up of the 5 games since I posted on Sunday morning, and we'll start with the Fulham v West Ham game in which most of us had a few Fulham players.

It was an irrelevant game in terms of the Premier League - Fulham have only the Europa Cup to worry about & West Ham  are safe from relegation, but they served up a decent game. Clint Dempsey put Fulham ahead before Carlton Cole scored at both ends. Okaka wrapped things up for Fulham before a late consolation from Franco.

Surprisingly in a game with 5 goals only 4 players hit double figures - Dempsey, Okaka, Noble & Franco. Managers who spent a lot bringing in Schwarzer will be disappointed after he returned 4 points, less than half the total of the two sub-£2m keepers, but we all know things can change quickly in a double week.

Then of course we had the two big games in the race for the title - Liverpool v Chelsea & Sunderland v Man Utd - and with only Wigan left to face it seems Chelsea have all but wrapped it up after a very comfortable 2-0 victory at Anfield. Gerrard handed Drogba the opening goal, before Lampard settled it shortly after half time, with Blue rarely out of 2nd gear.

The pressure was on Man Utd, but they ensured the race went to the final day with a 1-0 victory thanks to the increasingly unrubbish Nani. They need a minor-miracle from Wigan next weekend, but much stranger things have happened in the history of the Premier League.

Yesterday saw Hull's relegation confirmed after a 2-2 draw at Wigan, while Arsenal's disappointing end to the season continued with a 2-1 defeat at Blackburn despite Van Persie's first goal since his return. They haven't got 3rd wrapped up quite yet, and all the Arsenal fans at work are annoyed this morning because they think Spurs might catch them. They won't of course, but it's pretty funny.

What isn't quite as funny is another barndoor failure by myself, as I forgot to save my team on Sunday morning, meaning I now have to pay even more if I want RvP for the final week & I now can't afford the team I wanted. I've been really slack on this the past 2 weeks & it's probably ended my hopes of a Top 250 finish. I'm on 83 points for the week, down to 320th, although potentially 11 players still to go tomorrow night.

Did Sunday & Monday bring you many points? If you're in the AM Challenge Final this week, are you confident you're in with a chance of winning? Who have you brought in on the barndoor? How many players left tomorrow night?

Finally - predictions for Man City v Spurs? I'm going 2-2...



Bojan said...

99,5 points with 11 possible DG-ers... 48th overall... tomorow will be great game... my tip: 1:1 or 2:1 City win, but i will be so unhappy if Tott fails to get 4th spot... Missed BD so i will decide on my team on Saturday... Could go all Chelsea + Bale and Begovic...

CFCBOSS said...

wow, nice bojan :)
my goal is to finish top150, most of my players are from city & tottenham as everybody else mostly, i'm little bit afraid that they will cancel each other out, currently sitting on 97 points.
as i mentioned before, van persie is must-have for sure, even more when they lost at blackburn, i think arsenal will destroy fulham, cause fulham has a europa league final coming up, they will rest players & won't risk.
i got jussi at goal, steinsson, yobo, van persie barn-doored so far. lampard & drog are expensive, but i think i will drop tevez and try to squeeze in one of them.
who do you think should we pick for the last weekend? :)

Arahan said...

84 points scored within round 1 of this gameweek, very good considering I didn't have a certain defender named Bale(@2.xx). Every week I curse the day I sold him But life moves on. With 9 possible DG players to go looking forward to 150+ points. (only If I had Bale, that figure should be around 200+)

BD Team (Not really happy with it)
Kaboul Foley Olsson
THudd Ad-Jo Watson TCahill
RVP Kuyt Moses(Cullen if added to yahoo system)

This is not by far the final team, but one I will hold till friday.

Fidan said...

90.5pts with 10 possible dgs to go. My hunch pick (Jerome) didn't turn out to be a wise pick, esp after dropping Bellamy for him, a big ouuuch. And yeah, I didn't take my own advice that THudd is a better pick in this DW than Modric, but Modric has another chance to prove me wrong (or am I being wrong...AGAIN)...!!!

Anyway, my bd team looks like this:


A lot to change, obviously. I'll hang on to the strategy of picking from teams having everything to play for (Che,ManU,City,Spurs) AND from teams playing at home (Eve,Arsenal and maybe Villa), since it is the last home game of the season and I think every home team will try to win it for the fans and leave the good impression (and the last impression is something most of the fans remember, imo)...!!!


P.s. City-Spurs 0-0

Bojan said...

yes, copy/paste but nice facts ;-)

Eight of the last 10 Premier League matches between City and Spurs have ended with a 2-1 scoreline.

Spurs have won 10 and lost one of the last 11 Premier League matches against Man City.

Anonymous said...

My team next week includes Lampard, Malouda, Kalou, Drogba and Anelka … because a lot of my private league are Man. Utd. supporters.

I can afford to do what I like this week as I am over 500 points in the lead in my private league, but anyway I bet that Chelsea thrash Wigan at Stamford Bridge.

I have won my private league for three years running now, by 40 points the first time and I was top from week two onwards, by over 100 points the second time and I was top from week five onwards. This year I did not go top until week 18 but have a massive 500+ point lead and should finish inside the top 1,000 for the first time.

Each year I have won the private league each other player has paid up £10 but this year I am not taking their money as it is too much I think to do so three years running!

Your blog AM was a discovery last Autumn and I have read it a few times every week and it is just brilliant. The comments left have also been good to read.


shor said...

92 points at the moment. Excited about the AM Challenge Final but to be honest, not to sure how I'm stacking up against the other teams that are still in it!

From the performance of the AM Challenge players in my league, I'm barely in the top 1/3 of weekly scores, so it looks my chances might have been blown because I don't have many differentiators in this DG!

More importantly, I am praying that City blow Spurs out of the water to take pole position for the final CL place.

Good luck all!

Catlio said...

112.5 points, with 10 players to go. I dropped Schwarzer for Begovic as last minute change to get Defoe. First move smart, second move not so smart. I hope Defoe get few SOT tonight. I prefer the game to end up 0-0 as I have Bale and Zab as my defenders.

I have not finised my barndoor work. But I will be focusing on my forwards before any other positions next week.

Bale Mouyokolo Zab
AJ Malouda XXX XXX
RVP Roon Bellamy

Mike B said...

110.5 points for me so far, i{m very happy with this, and with 11 more to come tomorrow, i{m actually hoping to get close to 200.

A top 1000 finish is well in my sights for my first YFF season.

I missed RVP on the barn door, which im gutted about, i knew i should have picked him up on sunday.

Oh well, i will give Rooney one last shot instead. Manure still have something to play for, so hopefully he can nick a goal or 2.

Good luck tomorrow everyone!

Anonymous said...

A miserable 72 points for me.

Sometimes, i think i shoul give up on Defoe, Pavy and Modric.

Whenever i pick them, they misfire.

Bale is the superstar.


Anonymous said...

I want to thank Stevie G for gifting the title to Chelsea...well done you!!!

Crazylegs said...

106.5 with 10 to play a good week amongst plenty of bad ones, mind you this one ain't over yet.
Bale has killed me this season, but I did pay full price for him for this double week, so far has paid off!
All the best..
City 1 spurs 2 tevez, bale, Defoe

Anonymous said...

Why is RVP still so expensive. With talk of adding him for final game why hasn't his price dropped significantly given he's been gone for so long?

Kellz said...

@Anonymous: Prices don't drop for injured or inactive players, they may shift a bit due to Yahoo price rubric, but the only way for a player to significantly go up or down is to play or based on the amount of managers who own him.

Anonymous said...

Sitting on 101.5 so far with 9 to play tonight.

My team for next week:


Bale Mancienne Smalling

Arteta Malouda AJ Modric

Bellamy Anelka Carew

Not sure about it. Any ideas or suggestions welcome.


Kwyjibo said...

Only had one player on Sunday & Monday for 1.5 points, but sitting on 105.0 overall for the week with 9 DGs still to play.

Fulop was a great pickup for the first match, let's just hope he doesn't f(u)lop and cancel it out today!

Ebi s said...

Joe cole and ballack who should i pick, i can only before kalou alongside one of them.

Bojan said...

@Ebi - i would pick Ballack...

init said...

Ballack is playing holding for Chelsea with no Essien and Mikel out of favour, and playing very well, but not good for fantasy points unless he comes up with something from a corner...

I want to take a risk this week on the big hitters, don't want to be without Rooney or Van Persie...

Bale, ??, ??
Ad Jo, ??, ??, ??
Tevez, Van Persie, Rooney

?????????? = 18.98m (3.33 average, so 5 fillers!)

(currently Mancienne, Smalling, Cattermole, Scholes, Mokoena)

Ian Sanderson said...

Having 5 fillers is a BAD idea. You really should sacrifice at least one of your big guns.

Bojan said...

@ init

Having 5 fillers is a BAD idea. You really should sacrifice at least one of your big guns.

markygoods said...

AM, the time is nigh, Citeh V Spurs, as u've said above,probably the biggest game in my lifetime as a spurs fan, I'm semi confident but also very nervous, If you support Spurs long enough you know not to get ur hopes up, I suppose you could say it's like supporting England, Great promise and expectation but alas the inevitable fall at the final hurdle, anyway enough negativity, I expect a score draw with god bagging one, it will be a nervous 90 mins but I can't wait, calling on all spurs fans to will our team on and hopefully well do it, come on you spurs......

Anonymous said...

TIME FOR GLORY SPURS FANS!!! Loyalty means suffering, but when Glory comes...it is sweeter. Good luck AM, Spurs Fans, and Tottenham FC! I'm happy my Honduran Palacios was part of something. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

^ congrats to the Spurs fans!


CFCBOSS said...

congratulations to all spurs fans, well deserved cl' spot. :)

Anonymous said...

congrats spurs fans, and can u even take Arsenal now?

fulop played much better than i thought he would-5 saves on the night, 3 of them were definite goals i thought

Fantasy wise, u can't rely on any FW or MF from Tottehnham! Defoe is dead to me.

Bojan said...

Congrats to the Spurs fans! Fantastic season!!!

Next one will be even better...

greginho said...

really happy on the day went from 104 to 188 points to break into the top 3000. i am up 500 spots. finally made good decisions, almost all around. i picked the #2 goalies bergovic, the #1 defender in bale, the 2nd, 5th and 6th midfielders in etherington, dempsey and johnson and picked the 1st and 2nd forwards in bellamy and tevez. some picks were obvious, etherington, bale, johnson and tevez. some picks were a little daring, but paid off, dempsey, bellamy, and begovic (big time), some picks just sucked, defoe, bentley and smalling.

too bad all, of them are gone, with the exception of johnson and tevez.

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