Thursday, 6 May 2010

Week 34 - (pre) Player Picks


Redknapp (might not be on the game)

What a season - and what a night, one of the best in my lifetime. 4th may seem trivial to Man Utd/Arsenal/Chelsea/Liverpool fans who have seen so much glory in the past 2-3 decades, but this is huge for us, no matter what happens next season, & it destroys so many deamons after LasagneGate.

Real player picks will be up tomorrow, but for now I have to think of an excuse to give to my boss for being a waste of space at work on Thursday.

Oh, I've got one...CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!!! The dream of potentially playing some the biggest teams in Europe is beyond what I expected from this season.



Backcountry Dave said...

Congrats AM!

My feeling is that your store of good karma has rubbed off on your team. Great reward for you as a fan for all the selfless stuff you do for us.

Backcountry Dave

David init Cameron said...

Fair play AM - you have done a sterling job all year and you personally deserve a bit of glory!!
A bit of English guile over some foreign cash!

Bring it on. And to the viewers. Take heed.

Vote Conservative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great game!!!! Congrats AM; take the day off!

My biggest week in Fantasy!!!! Thanks for all your advice; must admit I would have never thought of Begovic.... (and thanks to Tekno for talking me into that pick)

211.5 points; how the hell did I do that :)
moved up to 172 in rankings; crazy.


ToffeeDave said...

What else can you say. Congratulations to everyone who supports Tottenham. I personally think if Man City won it would simply substitute liverpool for another money giant and keep the top 4 untouchable for further years to come. With spurs taking this, I feel next season will top this in terms of storylines, entertainment and results. Can't wait to see what Everton, Villa, Man City do next year to compete with the newly designed top 4.

Owen_Williams said...

Party it up AM! I'll join you!!!

Geobfree said...

Congrats AM to you and the SPURS for both having a great season and doing it in style.


Anonymous said...

Congrats AM!!

I has been loving Spurs and supporting them as my 2nd team...
As a United fan, it feels really good to see City & Pools miss the UCL, too!!

*my biggest mistakes this week, change Begovic to Schwarzer and downgraded zabaleta to Smalling.*


Benjamin Wang said...

Oh yeah!! I scored 184 Points, thanks AM! I get almost all my player picks from you! - Shearer's Next XI in YFF5

skippy11 said...

Congrats the Spurs and you AM.

12th man award should go to you as you have probably grown Spurs support around the WORLD through your blog.


Jantan Terhangat said...

Great Team...Wow ..N thanks to u am help me to have a better team..hahaha this week i got 160 Fuh!..n Im One At My League..hehehe
Thanks A lot

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Arsenal and Lasagne-gate? No Connection.... :P

Anonymous said...

Congrats Nik !

Its not a fluke. Spurs do have a real good team. It is pertinent that Arry holds on to the same bunch for the next season. If he succeeds, more glory awaits.


Anonymous said...

Haha Tigers, thank you !
but the credit must go to Hans! =D
even i never thought of Begovic until Hans recommended him as the best bet since Stoke would look to win both games!

Oh, and a good week for, good, but not great.
I made the unfortuante mistake by choosing my hunch over a logically good player this week; Lennon over Dempsey. 188 points for me. I dont even regret dropping Bellamy, but, if i kept Dempsey i would be squat on 200 which would have made it a great week! ^^

Go Spurs !! Show the world what you got!!


Anonymous said...

I'm a Chelsea-fan out and out, but boy was it pleasing to see Spurs do so well, last night. It was incredible. I do believe they're a fabulous team, with some of the finest (yet somewhat under-rated) players in the league, and deserve this opportunity, every bit. Cheers, AM. Very happy for all you spurs.

- Bombay Blues

Anonymous said...

Congrats AM, live it up man. Enjoy the day, can't wait for Sunday, should be interesting to see if they can go 3rd.


Ali said...

Well done AM.

I need all your help with my team:
Do I go Anichebe and Ballack
Or A Johnson and Fuller?

Cheers guys!

Anonymous said...

Well done the spurs AM.

I know how you feel, as being a Palace fan, needing a result on the last day of the season, because of being deducted 10 points in January.

It wasn't even Crystal Palace who put us into admin but one of the creditors we owed (only) £5m too, who did.

I am delighted one of the "big four" didn't make it this year.

Bradley said...

Congratulations AM! Although a neutral, I was rooting for Spurs (although I would've been happier if the win had come off a Defoe goal :) ). They pulled off an amazing set of wins right when it mattered -- some of the most exciting matches I've seen all season.

Anonymous said...

get used to this AM. !

pleased for you. and thanks for all your help/posts all season. i've a 100+ lead in my pvt lge , but am not taking anything for granted, esp considering how badly i've been doing this last mth ! need one more good post out of you to confirm/ or revise my thoughts. so far, got loads of arsenal- vp, arsh, nasri, sol etc. but no chelsea presence. not sure whether to re-shuffle to get malouda & possibly anelka in. got Crouch on the BD. not sure which of chels, ars, or spurs will hand out the biggest thrashing. normally you'd think arsenal, but they've been so poor lately.


greginho said...

i am arsenal through and through and would rather see arsenal, man city, tottenham finish 1, 2 and 3 every year. i don't hate tottenham so much as too wish them to get relegated!

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