Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Week 23 - Tuesday

The end of another week & another two goals for Manchester United talisman Wayne Rooney. What a season he's having for last years Champions, and what hope he's giving England fans with the World Cup just over 4 months away.

United ran out comfortable 3-0 winners over a West Ham side who had a go, but just didn't have the quality to break down the home side. As mentioned, 2 goals from Rooney & 1 from substitute Michael Owen sealed victory & while the Hammers had chances, the defence was well marshalled by Vidic on his return - he'll make a big difference for the run in.

The evening started badly for some of us holding double gamers: Van Der Sar absence meaning David James @ 1.66 actually proved a "better" pick (-7 vs -4) this week, Fletcher, Evans & Park on the bench, while Parker & Ferdinand were missing completely.

However, by the end of the evening I think majority of us were pretty happy, as Rooney racked up a weekly total of 32.5 points to end as the weeks top scorer (so much for the anonymous poster who gloated us on Saturday evening at for not dropping him for Drogba), Diamanti an outstanding 27.5 with no goals & no assist, Valencia 2 assists for 24.5 points, while Evra, Vidic, Park, Scholes, Behrami, Upson, Faubert, Cole, Spector & Tomkins all contributed well above their values.

So it was one of those weeks when going for double gamers was the correct decision provided  you balanced it out with a couple of decent single gamers (Downing/Young/Milner, Drogba, Bendtner, Robinson). I scored almost 70 points from my 5 players on the pitch last night, ending Week 23 on 164.5 points....FINALLY in to the Top 1000 (994th to be precise), the first time since August. It may be too late for an assualt on the Top 500, but you never know...

My Player Picks post will be up tomorrow after the FA Cup ties tonight (C'MON YOU SPURS!), but my barndoor team is starting to take some shape...Jensen, Bale, Hutton, Skrtel, Zhirkov, A Johnson, Eagles, Gerrard, Bendtner, Torres, Drogba.

Obviously unless we hear for certain that Torres will start, he'll be shifted out, possibly to Bent or Kuyt...I still hold Fabregas & Walcott (in the Gerrard & Johnson spaces) but I think Arsenal will find it very tough to get their passing game going as Stoke, so I'm wary of spending £18m on Fabs & anything on Walcott (in case he doesn't start).

Drogba will probably stay now as I'm quite happy with the rest of my team despite spending £22m on him, my keeper, defence, Eagles & Bendtner will also stay as they are.

That wraps up this post - Week 24 Player Picks will be up tomorrow & remember it's the 5th Round of The Blog Cup for the remaining 40 Teams (The winner gets a Premier League Shirt of their choice...also, please remember to join the Facebook Group if you haven't already.

How did Week 23 end for you? Is your Week 24 team starting to take shape?



Anonymous said...

168.5 points for me and now 600th overall (2641.00). 63.00 points last night: Rooney, Valencia, Park, Spector, Upson.

My current team:

Bale, R.Johnson, Skrtel
Gerrard, Mtaylor, Maxi, Eagles
Drogba, Torres, Kalinic

Anonymous said...

158 points for me..thanks to rooney, drogba, valencia & robinson

my current team for wk 24
chech, bale, michael, hutton
m.taylor, theo, lee, eagle
drogba, bendter, torres

Anonymous said...


Michael said...

Same as everyone else with Rooney (out after 5/6 weeks), Valencia - took James over VDS, had Cole and Bendtner up front. Overall good week as scored 125.

This week taking on Jensen and Benayoun so far, taking out my man u and west ham players.


Anonymous said...

Have just seen on the news that Portsmouth will go into administration on Friday if no buyer is found. Portsmouth themselves rate finding a uyer as unlikely. What will happen to their fixtures?

rwlwhite said...


current team:

_____/eagles*/quincey owusa-abeye

The players with stars (*) i would like to keep. my options for those 2 positions are between the following

MTaylor and Torres (with 2.79 left over)
Duff and Torres (+2.89)
Fabregas and Zamora (+0.54)
Gerrard and zamora (+1.94)
Gerrard and Duff/Taylor (+1.30ish)

I like the fabregas/zamora choice but stoke are notoriously tough on arsenal and while zamora is on form, he IS away
Torres is still a doubt and i'd rather take duff over Mtay
It really boils down to this:

Do i pick Fabregas, Gerrard or Torres?

rwlwhite said...

@anon 10.58

If portsmouth go into administration, the only thing that happens is they lose points

If however, portsmouth are wound up, they cease to exist as a business (and a football team) so in order not to prejudice teams that haven't played them yet, any matches involving portsmouth become void. The consequences of this are that teams that have beaten them twice (Arsenal for example) lose all 6 points gained against them, or any points they have gained through winning/drawing against portsmouth.

The best outcome for everyone is if they go into administration because nobody will lose points except for pompey, pompey remain in business and eventually will emerge debt free, AND the premier league are considering advancing them £11 million of their potential parachute payment because they will be so close to being relegated it is more or less inevitable

Freddie M said...

Any ideas why Shorey's price went up to 11.80? 0.o

Anonymous said...

blimey A.M. you're catching me up too quickly.
i'm just outside the top 600. have been inside top 200 earlier in the yr. dropped to about 1000th after sat, but a good sunday from downing etc, and last nite from evra, roon, vidic, valencia has fired me back up again. it's getting really tight up there. a few wk's ago i could have a dodgy week and still only lose a few places. now even if i have an average week ( 80+ 'ish ) i seem to drop loads. S.P.

Radiopool said...

@ freddie.
looks like shorey's points didn't go up last week after last weeks point-fest, so they made up for it this week. that's all i can surmise.

Alex said...

Zirkov is out for tonight and Belletti steps in, I think that maybe the case at the weekend also, but...I think City will beat Chelsea at the weekend.

For that Zirkov, A Johnson and Drogba out for Alexander (if back) Fabregas and Fletcher (Pompey will get done over) in and I would have your Team A_M.

Big week this with the Rooney sitters losing ground, as will the Drogba sitters the week after, hence me trying for a different Team to the others to take advantage of these zero weeks.

RS said...

Some time ago, before everyone went off to Africa, some big-brained chap did some excellent analysis on whether or not to keep Drogba through the missing games. Did this progress any further into a theory of when and when not to keep players through missing game week/s?

I, and I presume many others, have Rooney at 16.10, and he now misses a week next week. Although this feels like a much easier decision than Drogba, and I think I will almost definitely keep him, it would reassure me to be able to back up gut-feeling with some scientific rationale.

Ok, Rooney is on the form of his life, but I only have him at a 6 discount, and Torres comes back (maybe) this week.


Anonymous said...

I got 138pts this week, not great, but not too bad either. I was surprised to see a slight drop in the rankings even though I had Rooney, Valencia and Cole playing yesterday.
Really looking forward to next week, this is my current BD team:
Bale - Skrtel - Hutton
Lee - Gerrard - Eagles - Fabregas - Maxi
Bendtner - Torres
Again, this involves selling Drogba who I have @20. I did the same thing this week, and did not regret even with him scoring 2, since I swapped him for Cole and Milner. Chelsea also have an empty week coming up, and I'm definitely not wasting 20m holding onto Drog even if he scores 5 vs City. I know loading up on Liverpool the way they have been playing this season is not a good idea, but their leaders are back and Blackburn are awful away from home. I even chose Maxi over AJohnson who I can still bring in as a replacement. Any
suggestions? Perhaps upgrade defence or attack?

Freddie M said...

Rate my provisional team for week 24:


Not sure about the starting status of Cork (Burnley)tho..Good bargain if he starts every game as he is listed in DF but plays in MF...Thoughts guys?AM?

gman26 said...

As for Shorey, isn't there the whole process of bringing a new player into the game? He was in the Championship and then transferred in, right. Someone threw out the theory before that there are no huge fluctuations for the player's first 4 games and then after that there is a market correction. At least that's what someone wrote. It happened to Landon Donovan recently. He made a huge jump after a mediocre game.

205.5 points this week. Thanks to AM, as always. And I need to thank my players as well. Too bad most of them had to go(Valencia, Vidic, Kovac, Diamanti, Cole, Downing) because they aren't playing this week. Rooney at 16 stays though. As does Bale and Verm.

Merv said...

Freddie M, that's a great team you have there. I wish I didn't have Rooney and Drogs on discount. It's making my life much more difficult, trying not to drop them and thinking of them scoring a hat-trick right after I dropped them.

Maybe you could get Duff in Bentley's place. That's if you don't have Bentley on discount. Larsson, on any other day is a good pick but he hasn't been scoring points lately. Maybe you can get Jussi instead of Jensen.

Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Seems like almost everyone has Gerrard for next week. Is Torres fit to play against blackburn? At his current 15.83 price tag he is a bargain and a better bet(points scorer) than Gerrard. I only have enough to afford one. So if Torres is back, out goes Gerrard.


Anonymous said...

@Freddie M: nice team, I have bentley too at 10ish and will probably be keeping him for next week. Maybe you could get Mcfadden in for Larsson?


Afrikan said...

Please rate my team:

Bale~ Hutton~ Fox
Gerrard~ Fabs~ AJohnson~ Zhirkov
Drogs~ Bendtner~ Donovan

I really feel like I need some Bolton and/or Bham players since they have some easy games. What yu all think?

Anonymous said...

@Afrikan: Good team there. I fancy a Brum CS. Maybe Hart (I have him) or Roger Johnson or Ridgewell? Lee Chung Yong always does well for me. So he's in for me.

You could go 4-4-2. Lee could replace zhirkov or adam johnson and Roger Johnson as your 4th defender? That would mean selling Donovan.


Jensen to Hart
Zhirkov/AJohnson to Lee

This is all assuming you have enough funds. If not sell Donovan (Spurs away is not easy) to free up some units.


Anonymous said...

Excited for another round of the Blog Cup. My team has been slowly slipping over the last month, and am now just outside the top 1000.

I was going thru a dilemma on how to handle Van der Sar this week, but decided this morning to switch him out. I spent most of the last 2-3 years rotating bad goalkeepers at cheap prices on a weekly basis. Owning a good keeper for awhile was comforting (particularly at 8 pts), but I want that EPL jersey as Blog Cup champion. Can't waste points this week.

Currently going with:
Bale, Baird, Hutton
Fabregas, Gerrard, Eagles, M. Taylor, Bily
Kalinic, Bendtner

The goalkeeper, defense and forwards are all pretty set. I'm happy spending 28 points on that group of 6 players. The midfield could change dramatically by Saturday. I have some small discounts in the midfield, but nothing that would keep me from exchanging players. If Torres is going to start, I'll probably find a way to get him into the lineup up front. The rest is just going to be a gut feel on Friday as to which midfielders I think are going to produce.

Cech's Mates

Matt2009 said...

Drogba => Torres = > Fletcher
Rooney => Bent
Cesc => Lampard
Walcott=> Gerrard

Verm,Bale, Hutton
Lampard,Gerrard, Hara, Eagle
Tuncay,Bent, Fletcher

I am hoping the three Burnley players will return their value. Hara might get involve more in attacking in the absence of Piquionne? I agree with some person who said Arsenal will have a hard time in Stoke. Without Torres/Cesc/Drogba, I decide to gamble on Lampard/Gerrard since they have a easier matchup than eve/tot players.


Afrikan said...

Thanx a lot bengoh91. unfortunately i only had 1mil to spare in my funds, so i have some more shufflin to accomodate Spurs, Bolton and/Bham players.

I first shift my line up from 3-4-3 to 4-4-2. Took out Fabs-->Walcott; Donovan-->RJohnson and Zhirkov--> Modric/Lee w/5 mil on the bank to spare. Anymore thoughts?

Bale~ Hutton~ Fox~ RJohnson
Gerrard~ Walcott~ AJohnson~ Modric/Lee
Drogs~ Bendtner

ToffeeDave said...

A little upset after the midweek game with VDS getting subbed for Foster. With that 18 points I could be at 152 which is ok for the week but im stuck at 141. I have since dropped him in favour of a sure starter who will get some shots...jensen. Here's my team right now


im pleased with it but I will wiat until the last second on the torres dilemna. If torres isnt fit I will scramble to fit in doyle and maybe more liverpool defenders. I've gotten to the point in my season where I will no longer hold big discounts (drogba excluded) in favor of match-ups. Liverpool @home to blackburn and burnley@home to portsmouth are shoe ins

Anonymous said...

A good week for me - 178.5 points with only 4 DGers. My team so far:

Vermaelen Bale Hutton RJohnson
Gerrard Eagles AJohnson Lee
Bendtner Drogba

I can't see anyone from Everton or Spurs that is worth the money as it is a very tight fixture, and no one except of Drogba who is very good or Johnson who is very cheap from the Chelsea-ManC game. Drogba still worries me as I'll drop him after the weekend, but with Lampard back and ManC's awful defence he might be worth even the 24.5mil I'm spending on him, and I just can't find a way to spend the money safer. It's a risk, but to me it doesn't seem like the biggest I could take.
Almunia, Bendtner and Vermaelen are staying due to the huge discounts I have over them, while Bale is a season-keeper if (please please please) he keeps his place in the first 11. Hutton is a filler that should stay, and Gerrard also because of the match-up. Eagles and AJohnson have a lot of phantom points, as if they were O'Hara or something, and I'll keep them.
The question marks? RJohnson who burned me in the double week with poor points, and Brum lost their solid defence lately; and Lee, because Bolton looked so poor this week. Yet, he is a great player in YFF, and Bolton have a double-week looming. Drogba is also in danger if I find any other way to build my team which seems better. I'm clearing off from Defoe, Bent or MTaylor, due to their lack of stability.



mags said...

Comments on my team please
fab/stevie g/lee c-y/ad johnson

SLASH said...

158.50 for me, and a friend in my group who had J.Milner(and I did not) made 174.50! Very good week indeed! This is my new favorite blog! :)


My DFs are Carragher, Skrtl, Bikey
. . .so some of you are making me think of a Birmingham DF, it's very tempting at home to Wigan; already have Larsson and Chucho. But whom the get rid of? Carragher or Skrtl? Advice?

Current team

3 DFs mentioned
Eagles Gerrard Larsson AdamJ
Torres Fletcher C.Benitez

Bryce said...

Any thoughts on Pavlyuchenko? I had him at 6.45.

STM said...

I actually like Pav-Defoe upfront more than Crouch-Defoe. Being over reliant on Defoe for goals has cost us games against Stoke and Wolves.

However, Harry likes Crouchie. Although Crouchie's finishing and predatory instinct isn't his strongest points, he provides an alternative in attack.

I suspect there could be some rotation involved, similar to how he is using Kranjcar and Modric on the left. Personally, I think Pav deserves to start ahead of Crouchie based the improvements I have seen.

But who really knows what Harry is thinking? Like playing BAE at RB tonight, albeit it's a one-off!


Anonymous said...

Finally had a good week when ManU players pitched up, 185 points! My team for this week looks as follows:

givet / hutton / skrtel
duff / eagles / a johnson / mtay
drogba / bendtner / dindane

Still trying to find a way to get Torres in if he plays; will look to drop Dindane and switch out Duff for Gera or Benayoun.

Liverpool all the way!

Saul said...

Hey guys, any news on G. Alexander?

My current team...

Still waiting on news about Torres, will wait till he gets a few minutes tomorrow..He seems like a risk so I might just shift to a 4-4-2 formation and bring in Lampard instead of him.

STM said...


"Caldwell, who has been out since before Christmas with a pelvic injury, and Alexander, sidelined since last month with a calf strain, are both heading back towards fitness.

Alexander is the nearer of the two to making a welcome return in his holding midfield position, although Saturday's game against Portsmouth may still come too soon."

Perhaps wait for more news, I think a late fitness test may be in line...

Saul said...

Thanks STM, I'll keep my eyes peeled regarding news about Graham...he is a good option though.

Saul said...

Many things I've been considering lately

(1) I was thinking of taking a big fat 0 for vidic as I have him on discount but I noticed that next fixture is the Blog Cup round and I'd like to get that replica jersea :)

(2) Torres is a doubt and I can't take any more chances if I want to do well this season, I'll wait until Friday news to make a decision and;

(3) It's difficult to predict who will end up with the points for Arsenal...sometimes Fabregas gets overshown by Diaby or some other midfielder so...this being said and if you guys had to choose 1 of 2 options, which on???



Bale/Hutton/Vidic (take the 0)
Donovan/Bendtner/Torres (if fit)

What do you guys think? I know it's early but I'd like to have an idea for the upcoming days. Thanks all

Anonymous said...

my team which need help is this one right here


the help that i need is that i feel i should sell fabregas n squeeze in tevez do u all think thats a good idea n upgrade kalinic .
any help i will appreciate.

from supercoach

E said...

I don't know man there are really good reasons for either.

Like you said Torres might not be a first-starter against Blackburn. Personally, and I think a lot of people would disagree, I would go without Fab and Bendt and take your first team. Lamps and Duff are better in my opinion. I'd wager that Fab, Bendt and Torres are riskier choices that might pay off, but I wouldn't take that extra risk.

I've bought Torres because I remembered picking him for one game before the hernia operation where he played badly but still got a goal from nowhere and plenty of points. That's the kind of player I want.

I made 170 points this week, 80 from the midweek game. Best picks were Robbo and Kalinic and the worst was to choose Darren Fletcher when I knew I should've gone with any of the Hammers' point factories this week.

My team is pretty much fixed now barring injury etc:

Verm / Skrtel / Baird / Fox
AJ / Eagles / S.Davies
S.Fletch / Zamora / Torres

Cescy said...

can i have opinions please...





p.s. my team is...

hutton skrtel shorey
larrson eagles gerrard arteta/quincy
torres/defoe bentner s.fletcher/kuyt


Anonymous said...

lost one of my aces/enablers this week in Nelsen. :( Gambling heavily on Liverpool this week.

Kellz said...

@Cescy: Don't make any decision until after tomorrow. The word is (from what I have read) Rafa will play Torres tomorrow but not as a starter. If he can successfully complete 20-25min of the EC match, then he might be a good bet to play the BBurn match. Really its too early to make a solid choice. But I don't fancy Defoe on Everton, they seem to be putting together quite a run albiet they are away.

@Supercoach: Definately don't drop Fabregas for Tevez especially if you have him for 17mil. Your midfield looks nice, filled with set piece takers, out of any of them, Larsson hasn't been performing lately, I think you need to drop somebody to replace Elokobi, and if you like Larsson, Modric should be the fall guy because his point production is hurt by Bentley taking most of the free kicks. You could add in someone like Adam Johnson and Skertl.

@Saul: I like the look of Team 1 minus Lampard, he just ins't as potent as last season, and I think you can get a better option in your midfield. Drogba really seems to be taking the lions share of points. If anything wait until after tomorrow to asses Torres. Read above per his analysis.

AdrmiraLordNelson said...

who would have ever thought Rooney would score two goals on a double week! ;)

still hanging on the line with Arteta waiting for him to start whipping in free kicks...I mean its got to start sometime!?! So as it stands I got:

Bale Hutton Shorey(away to Sunderland at 7.67)
Cesc >:l Arteta AJ StevieG
Drogba Kalinic Bendtner

really thinking about dropping the Great Dane for Pavlyuchenko after the way Stoke have been playing lately, and I have heard that THE ARSENAL have never won at Britannia Stadium is this true!?!!?! as shocking as it may be, could it be true!?!?! also thinking about getting Larsson or Bowyer in there


Anonymous said...

cech injured.. Is hilario worth it?

Anonymous said...

@Afrikan: Do you have walcott on discount? Maybe Walcott to Kuyt, since you have 5 million left. Personally I prefer Lee instead of Modric. He has an easier matchups and Modric seems to have lost his set pieces to Bentley.

@Saul: I'll go for your first team. I have been burned too many times from non playing players. Not worth taking a risk.

@STM: Get rid of carra. Skrtel is cheaper and pops up with the ocassional goal. Carragher almost never scores and is a yc risk.


Anonymous said...

Starting to go with hunch picks.

My GK hunch last week, Paul Robinson got me 20 points.

Joe Hart is my hunch for this week. Hope it pays off just as well!

All the best everyone!


Anonymous said...

dilemma...any suggestions?

1.walcott or Lee?
2.kevin davies or Fletcher or Mcfadden?


Anonymous said...

bendner/drog/kevin davies

any feedback? pls assist...


Anonymous said...

I'll probably BD Torres if he is not certain to start.

On another note, I am also playing La Liga YFF and realized that the price of players there are ridiculously expensive. CRon is priced at just above 40 units (I have him at 31). he got me 32 points last week (amazingly retuns his value with just one goal). So players over there seldom return their value, making it very difficult to get a 100 point week.

Does anyone know of a good blog for La Liga YFF? I don't watch their games so am not familiar with most of the players there.

Anyway, thanks AM for such a wonderful blog! =) Too bad I only discovered it this year after playing YFF for a few years now.



Kukuski said...

Worthy of note:
1. Cech injured
2. Adebayor red-carded
3. Bale + BAE playing together for Spurs and having a clean sheet
4. Stoke very strong especially at the Britannia Stadium
5. Coyle left Burnley for Bolton and the two clubs may just be in trouble...
6. I love YFF and all ye active bloggers
Manager, Kukuski FC.

Anonymous said...

@Tokey: Lee + McFadden

@TB; Strong team there. We have exactly the same players in defence. but what's up with walcott? Why is everyone going with him? I don't see him scoring good points this week. Maybe get Lee in for walcott. He cost about 1 unit more and has a more favourable matchup.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Glen Johnson is coming back. Any danger on Skrtel's place in the starting 11?


Kukuski said...

@ bengoh91:
I guess AM's blog was started this year.

AM, over to you for confirmation.

I only discovered it in the 2nd half of the season and I've risen considerably in the rankings since then...

Kudos to AM and all the great contributors in the house!!!

I love this game! (apologies to the NBA).

STM said...

@bengoh91: Thanks for the thoughts..... but I don't have Carra or Skrtel!

I think that SLASH @7:42 PM, February 24, 2010 would appreciate them quite a bit. Cheers. ;-)

AdrmiraLordNelson said...

@ Bengoh...........Kukuski is right, this blog is not that old (new to this season)...and as far as YFF La Liga is concerned I just load up on Tenerife and Mallorca are the only ones i can afford!


Anonymous said...

Interesting thing I am finding is that there are LOTS of good value players that quite frankly would make up a pretty decent team:

Consider a 4-3-3 of "value" players
Carr, Skrtl, Cork, Hutton
AJohnson, Maxi, Lee C.Y.
Bendtner (b.d. @ 5.81), Donovan (b.d. @ 6.5), Kalanic

THAT team alone leaves 36 million left over!

Throw in Bale (most people have) and the savings are even bigger.

I am getting nervous; better click on "undo all changes" !

So, the big question becomes "which big guns do you put in your line-up and which value players do you pick" . . . I can fit in Drogba, Gerrard, Torres, and Fabregas (though a bit concerned about playing him against Stoke)

A.M. - - looking forward to your next post!


Anonymous said...

Need Help Please!

Current team is:

Verm / Salgado(2.29) / Hutton
A Johnson / Eagles / Fabregas / ???
Rooney(16.05) / Drogba (20.74) / Donovan (6.54)

Was planning on swapping out Fab for Gerrard and dropping Rooney to pick S Fletcher which leaves me with 12.68 to spend on Midfield.

Was thinking I could drop AJ and put in Lee but who should I put in the spare midfield place ??????

Thanks guys,

Superfly Jim

Jon said...

@ Jim

I think it takes a brave man to drop Rooney @ 16 while he is on fire, just becos of one blank week. Not sure i would have that amount of courage!!

Anonymous said...

Hilario or Jensen?

Anonymous said...

@STM: Sorry, that comment was meant for SLASH. Thanks for the clarification.


Guy said...

@Jim and @Jon - I've already dropped Rooney at 16.10. Maybe it was courageous, or just foolhardy. Time will tell, but I didn't fancy tying up 16% of my budget on a definite zero. I have a couple of other long-standing keepers; Bale at 2.65 and Almunia at 5.39 and to me they're much more attractive due to their low cost and average return, especially at their positions. I got a bit of stick a couple of weeks back for keeping Almunia for the ManU game when he got me a -12, but since I've had him (week 14), even including that horrible week, he's still averaged over 11 points per week. For a goalkeeper, that seems pretty good and while Robbo was slightly better last week (for slightly more cost though), I don't like the worry of cheap keepers who play for teams that you just can't rely on to win most of their games. Do people really plan on keeping James this week? Good luck if you do - you'll need it!
I had a great week last week - 187.5 points, and up to 524th overall. Shame that wasn't the blog cup week because I don't feel too good about this week.

Jon said...

@ Guy - hear what you are saying, my friend. We all need to be a bit courageous/foolhardy every now and again. I am still holding Tuncay @ 1 ....

Anonymous said...

kellz thanks and i think i will do exactly what you have said.the only thing was worried about fabregas is stoke city toughness.

Cescy said...

cheers for the advice kellz...will see how things go down tonight...


Anonymous said...

Need help!!






Which option better?
Thanks in advance!!


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