Monday, 8 February 2010

Where Are The Points?

Hi guys - sorry for the lack of posts over the past 48 hours; I went into Central London to watch the Superbowl in The Sports Cafe last night & after getting home at 11am this morning (with no sleep) I have only just been able to turn my laptop on.

As you are aware, Yahoo have been incredibly slack & have still not updated the points, so it's difficult for me to review the action. I was doing okay with 2 goals, an assist & clean sheet but after Drogba ripped Arsenal apart yesterday my week isn't looking so bright.

I decided to grab both Rooney & Drogba on the barndoor, but it's decimated my team so i'll need to work out if I can justify keeping them both - I probably can't & if United vs West Ham's double is confirmed then I'll probably just keep Rooney.

I've also taken David Bentley, Wes Brown, David James, whilst keeping Etherington, Bale & Hutton. I'm hoping for some of my team's values to drop after the points updated (e.g. James) so I'll have a few more million to play with.

Still plenty of football left this week, it should be good & I'm hoping there'll be plenty more points coming my way. How many goals/clean sheets have you picked up so far? Who's come in on the extended barndoor?

UPDATE: Points are now in, 70 for me so far, up 80 places in the overall rankings...thank you Matt Etherington!



Ian Sanderson said...

Points are updated.

105 for me!!

woop woop

Drogba and Higgingbottom did good.

jd said...

jus 63 fr me...given gettin me -6 while -1 frm roda..nzog gettin jus 1...not too good a week...grabbed EVDS, vidic, valencia,berb, n drog on the barndoor..even though roon has a double week comin up, drog was about 4.sumthin cheaper...

Bryce said...

Who would have thought of Higgingbottom? lol. Good pick.

Bryce said...

jd, don't worry about Roda and nzog. Most people have them, and Given, so these scores are mostly cancelled out.

init said...

Lots of games left folks, no sweat so far!!

Annoyed with Duff, he has been in such good form but Etherington sorted it

Next week so far (I hate it but Rooney on 24 is a killer...)

DJ PIGG said...

Sod it... after a pretty disasterous weekend (49.5 points) I've dropped Fabregas and Altidore and bought Rooney and Scott Sinclair.

That gives me a forward line of Tevez, Drogba and Rooney. Surely that'll earn me a healty set of points next time around?

Saul said...

@Ian - What does your team look like, looks like a sweet week for you...

I got 50.50 so far but with lots of triple gamers that didn't do so good this time around...hopefully they come up big in the upcoming fixtures.

Anonymous said...

Points are posted now

Read said...

AM-Fantastic blog. Thanks for all of your hard work! It's a must read for me.

Anyway, I am from the US, and play multiple fantasy sports on Yahoo at home and have zero problems with getting stats updated. Why the problem with FF?

On a similar note, the stats for fantasy basketball, baseball and football are much more comprehensive than with FF. It makes spotting trends much easier but there is very little of that with FF (other than what's provided under the "home" page). Is there a site that provides more thorough record keeping?

Ian Sanderson said...

@ Saul, here it is - with negative from Given too...

Given -6.00
Bale 12.50 Baird 10.5 Scharner 3.00 Higginbotham 21.50
Modric 3.00 N'Zogbia 1.00 Taylor 12.00
Tuncay 2.50 Rooney 16.00 Drogba 29.00

Only went with Higgingbottom because I couldn't afford Shawcross, but had to get Drogba in despite the triple gamers.

Bojan said...

do you think that Toure should get assist for K2 goal?

init said...

bojan - yes I do, but it came off a defender so not strictly the last pass, which Yahoo seems not to allow...

Kavedas said...

Stensson went MIA is not a good news for us !! i think he was a good suggestion ,and Bolton got a CS so he might get +10 points in this game
Not the end of the world , still 2 games for him to score a +30 points (hehehe)

Afif said...

69.5 for me.. I hope that Given will repay his -6 points by doing really really well in the next 2 games. By the way will Fuller play? He have been arrested I heard.

gman26 said...

Read - I am also from the US and play multiple sports on Yahoo! Yahoo US and Yahoo UK are not affiliated so don't expect the same level of efficiency. It would be great if they gave a free stattracker for YFF like they do in the States for NFL, NBA, etc. But alas, there is some catchup that has to be done. In any case, the inconsistency of Yahoo Fantasy Football probably isn't going away any time soon, so we all just have to accept it. Despite the infuriating moments with YFF, I still think their format is the best. Mainly because you can reset your whole lineup every week and there are many categories in which to score points.

To sum up the frustrations of YFF I'll paraphrase Hyman Roth:
"When I heard that the points for Week 22 weren't up , I wasn't angry; I knew Yahoo!, I knew it was often late and inconsistent, doing stupid things. So when the points didn't turn up on Saturday, I let it go. And I said to myself, this is the business we've chosen;

Doctor Teeth said...

Bravo on staying up to watch Super Bowl XLIV, AM. Very competitive, exciting game (on-side kickoff to start the second half will go down as one of the all-time gutsiest coaching decisions in Super Bowl history) that hopefully will take Peyton Manning's ugly mug off of the airwaves for awhile. Who 'dat?!

65 points for me after the first slew of games which sounds crap but, to be honest, I really didn't think I'd have more than 40 points after the games were over this weekend given all of the YCs and the relatively sub-par performances of the triple gamers. Interestingly, my score was better than half of the teams in the top ten overall I suppose misery loves company.

Some random thoughts:

55 points from Gareth Bale over the last four games...a breathtaking return for an investment of just over 10mill (in the aggregate).

Amen regarding the performance of Matthew Everington (who I am dubbing "Crystal Eth"). With 9 successful crosses in the Blackburn game alone, he is well on his way to surpsassing his haul from the last triple week for Stoke (when he had 18 successful crosses and returned 30+ without any goals or assists).

How in the hell did Richard Dunne return 20+ points from a 0-0 draw with Spurs? By way of 6 blocked shots, that's how (remember - 2 points apiece, the most valuable of phantoms).

David Bentley had 12 phantom points in the Villa game (ended with 10.5 total due to 3 fouls committed). Sublime.

Condolences to those managers that ponied up some serious dough for Gary Cahill in their backline...that is a rough stroke of bad luck. Of course, I love that I also picked a Bolton defender (Steinsson) on a day when the Trotters actually keep a clean sheet and the guy doesn't even play!

I am going with a frontline of Drogba (who is tearing teams up and scoring every which way - set pieces, runs through the box, off of corners), Berbatov and CCole next week. I wanted to get in Drogba for the "bargain basement" price of 20.74 and, since I can't afford him and Rooney (well, I could but the rest of my team would not be pretty), I've opted for Berbatov at 11.45mill so that I can have a Man United double-game representative (did a quick calculation - over the course of the season, he has averaged 18.5 points in back-to-back games). WHU's striker rotation has me a bit worried but I have to think Cole will be the constant for Zola up front and, at 9mill in a double-game week, I found that tough to pass up.

Rest of my team is still a work in progress. I'd like to get in an Arsenal player in MF...Fabs is starting to approach affordability (if you can label a player who almost costs 20 mill as such) but I think I am more likely to go with Arsh at this point who I think has been unlucky to not score in the last two games. I'd also like to get in a Villa offensive player but don't know if I'll be able to, especially if I hold on to Modric and Crystal Eth (which is highly probable).

My best guess is PRoblem and DJames in GK.

I hope you have nightmares about a MTay brace tonight, AM. ;)


Saul said...

Ian - I know, I remember you were considering Shawcross over you must be happy you couldn't afford him, worked out well for you. My team is still, and remember I was unfortunate with G. Cahill...


Still long way to go but it was disappointing from most of my players.

Mike B said...

A respectable 63 points.

2 clean sheets and Eth's blistering performance kinda saved me, Tevez did alright, but my Brum boys Johnson and Benitez were awful. The less i say about wigan, the better :P

I gutted my team again, decided i can't afford Rooney, and can't risk it with Nani.

This is how it looks...

Hutton, Bale, Shorey
Bentley, Fabregas, Scholes, Parker
Cole, Drogba, Berbatov

Obviously i want rid of Scholes, but i'm penniless, so hopefully a few of those guys will drop during the round of matches!

Roll on Tuesday :)

Saul said...

As of now I'm not putting all my chips on Drogba and Rooney...anything can happen any given day and I'm sort of hoping their price goes weigh down in their next game, hey...a guy can dream right?!!!

Anyways I'm betting Berbatov gets in the starting line-up from now on, he was injured for a while and is fully fit now...surely SAF will rest Rooney for a couple of matches, won't he?

Well, here's to hoping my players do better in their second and third game.

Good call on Etherington AM - as you noticed, a big chunk of us took your advice and stuck with him...great suggerstions!!!

Geobfree said...

Got 4.50 tlt from 4 players,got 114 pts from the other 7 totalling 118.50.Moved up 1124 places to the low 1600s. My best level of the year I think.
Also couldn't afford Shawcross.

Saul said...

Oh AM - Nice picture of Drogba, looks like he was begging to get his points...Hate that guy because he's so friggin good amd love him cause he's so friggin good!!! I believe Chelsea only had 2 or 3 oportunities and the 2 that Drogba had, he nailed them!!!

Ban said...

cahill getting 0point cause no played the games.
cost about 12, anyone know y he din play?

ToffeeDave said...

96 points for me which is enjoyable as I see not alot of people scored very good. In my private league the average was about 50 so hurray. I bought cahill cause I knew not many would spend the money on him/afford him and he goes and gets a serious blood clot in his arm. I was joking in the chat that I was more upset than he was, but its really unfortunate and his World cup dream is dashed now. heres my team with their points.

Rodallega-minus 1
I guess I could complain that Drogba couldve had 3 with his amazing freekick again but eh.

P.S. Drogba is best freekick taker in the league imo

Bayu E. Putra Lee said...

I really have no luck playing this game T_T
Currently 57 points, with G.Cahill not playing for the rest of my triple games..awesome..

Robinson -7
Bale 12.5/ Hutton 2.5/ Shawcross 7.5/ Cahill 0
NZog 1/ Eth 25.5/ Lee 2.5/ McCart 4.5
HRod -1/ Tev 9

I have no idea what's gonna happen next..~

bean said...

picking up Drogba helped me tremendously this week... and having Eth.
luckily ended up with 92.5.. but the week is not over. I'm sure people will be feeling a lot better once the 2nd and 3rd matches play out. there's going to be a lot more points to be had..

aK said...

Hey, question, who's K2?

for week 22, I had 80.5points

Given -6
G Caldwell -1/Hutton 2.5/Shorey 10
Ireland 1.5/Eth 25.5/Wilshere 0/Bentley 10.5
Drogba 29/Tevez 9/Roda -1

I was gonna pick N'Zog and Scharner... but both of them HAVE 4 YELLOW CARDS! So I chicken out and got Bentley :D
N'Zog now has 5 yellows, and should be suspended, right?
hopefully Wigan does better on the 2 upcoming games.

Week 23

Drogba/CCole/MBDiouf :D

its pretty much a gamble coz only Fergie knows who he's playing in defense and on the wings.
with a double week I will assume Owen and Diouf get a start

Merv said...

Etherington @POR or Bentley @Wigan? That is the question.

Doctor Teeth said...

aK - for future reference, the 5 YC suspension threshold only applies to 5 YCs in the first half of the Premier League season. If a player finishes with 4 YCs or fewer by the midway point, he is exempt from suspension if/when he gets his 5th YC. the next threshhold is 10 YCs for the season (which results in a 2 game suspension).

In any event, although your logic for not picking N'Zog and Scharner was flawed, you can't argue with the result!

aK said...

hey Dr. Teeth
thanks man
that helps me a lot on picking teams in the rest of my season.

Anonymous said...

My current BD squad have

thinking about switching to
Fabregas,downing, valencia ,anelka

Need to make this decision before the bolton game as value might fluctuate

Any comments? guys

HHH said...

Some thought about the team:

Drogba(20.++) - Current value become 23.++ He basically need to score at least two goal to return the value.

Milner(12. ) - Consistent performer.Home against burnley

Modric(9.87) - Against wigan. he was closed to score againt aston. confirm starter

arshavin (14.06) - Arsenal need to win and is a home fixture.

Anelka (16.10) - reasonable value, confirm playing. Is a gamble, as most ppl will be having drogba

Fabregas (19.+) - affordable, plus his on form this season

Valencia (12.20) - two gamers

Downing (8.90) - cheap and home against burnley

ToffeeDave said...

AM where did you go. I miss the days when you would actively post in these little thingies and we could make stupid predictions. COME BAAAAACK!!!!

p.s. I have drogba at 10.66 muahaha

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

I am glad I was smart enough to not buy Rodallega as I felt he wasnt worth his price, however I do have N'Zog but what saddens me the most is that I had Drogba Friday night, but in trying to squeeze in Gary Cahill I dropped him!!!!!!!!!!

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

I have a feeling some one will get like 350 points this week!!!

Anonymous said...

Kinda regreting dropping Etherington for next week now that he did well for me this week and he is playing Portsmouth. Anyway here is my current team.

Vermaelen Bale Hutton Vidic
Collison Fletcher Nani Carrick
Rooney Cole

bean said...

@Merv - Bentley is pretty damn cheap for his point production, if he continues to start.. it's not often you can buy a player averaging more than his cost.

@Admiral - don't count the chickens before they're hatched.. HRod can still come up big.. So could Tevez, so could everybody.. should be an interesting week.

I wonder how long yahoo will take with the next point updates

bean said...

Bale Shorey Baird_(or Vidic)
Bentley Valencia Rosicky Ether
Tevez Drogba Bendt

HK_Dave said...

I am glad that MTaylor could still get 12 points since he is too expensive...

I grabbed Valencia, Evans, GNeville and Rooney on the barndoor but I am not sure how Sir Alex would go for his lineup in the double week, especially the midfield...

For West Ham, I wonder why my FFB fav Diamanti was not even on bench. Also I am thinking if IIan is a good choice for the double week since he got 2 SOT (forget about that goal) and he played only 20 minutes in his debut...

Any ideas or comments?

ToffeeDave said...

My early Barndoor team is as follows, another week where I am super excited about and fully satisfied with.
Hutton, Mouyokolo, Shorey
Modric, Bentley, Etherington, K.Boateng
Drogba, Rooney, Illan

only 3 double gamers, but the ones I feel with best point potential. Can't drop eth this week as he is playing against pompey. Also picked up Boateng cause stoke's defense isn't the same on the road.

Simon said...

I am not sure that Man U will have a double week, as the West Ham game was moved from the weekend of Feb 27/28 to Feb 23 and it is more logical to keep it in Week 24 with all the other games (although logic does not always seem to apply to YFF).

Thanks AM for all your insights - with these and a bit of divine inspiration (picked Richard Dunne up for 7.91 a few weeks ago) I've already beaten my points totals for the past four seasons!

blanco said...

Hey guys,
86.5 points for me, up 292 places to 1333 overall. I'm pleased with my points, but Drogba didn't do me any favours.
There are a lot more points coming from next games, so there will be a lot of movement up and down the standings :)

P.S. I wanted to know how many teams are overall in the league, so I created another team. After last night's rankings, it put me around 190000th place, so there's the answer I guess.

Good luck with the rest of the fixtures.


Anonymous said...

I have 96.5 points so far for the week, up 3137 places, i made one mistake by dropping Rooney, however, cant complain, as i picked up Drogba.

I wish i had dropped Fabregas to pick up Drogba, should i swap Fab for Gerrard ?


Afif said...

Will Fuller play? Somebody please answer me.

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for the best value players, currently that is

Player Price Latest Week Point / Price
Boateng 6.62 2.71
Philips 10.84 2.02
Diame 7.2 2.01
Ethers 13.4 1.90
Schwarzer 12.34 1.86
Higginbotha12.11 1.77
Ricketss 8.43 1.66
Ilan 8.75 1.6
Cole Ashley12.84 1.59
Jerome 11.16 1.47

AM, maybe you should look at having a weekly column on the best points / week


Anonymous said...

I love all the "wish I had Drogba" comments.... I kept him at 10.76 (nervous times I must say) and despite my Cahill selection (would have had Toure or RoJohnson so all is not lost) cruised in with 77.5 and back in the top 1,000.

I did the math for how much I lost during the ACN... I lost out on 45 points not having Drogba play.

Unfortunately, I now have to pony up 24 for Rooney, but I see not doing that as a big mistake as I cannot watch him score 4 goals against woeful West Ham.... 11 days to think about that!


Anonymous said...

k2 = adebayor

Assistant Manager said...

Hi guys,

Apologies I haven't got time to reply to all the comments at the moment (I am still here ToffeeDave :) but work is pretty crazy. Luckily I can see the community are helping me out hugely by answering the majority of queries from other readers...I think that's what makes this blog unique - the community, so please keep on doing it!

I'm really pleased to see some people have already passed 100 points to fly up the rankings - could we see some scores of 250, maybe even 300 this week? I don't think I've ever seen 300 points reached in a single week, so it's unlikely I guess...

Big night tonight as all 4 triple game teams are in action, I personally can't wait...expect to see me in the chatroom throughout the evening.

Good luck to everyone!


p.s. Teeth - I'm a 49ers fan (only because I used to pick them when playing "Madden 92" on the Mega Drive as a kid) but I was with you cheering on the Saints on Sunday! :)

Anonymous said...

Only 54 points for me this week. Disappointing. Gained only 50 places. Guess that is better than falling.

Once again, I have to say I regret selling dunne two weeks ago. In the both gamesweeks after I sold him, he came up with a 20+ point weeks. I would love a villa defender vs burnley but they all look pricey now.

Hopefully their prices will drop after the man utd game tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

64 points for me so far with Etherington, Adebayor and Bale delivering double digits for me. Given, Rodallega, N'Zogbia, Petrov and Tevez were disappointing

DeviLx said...

83.5 points for this week. Slowly climbing from 8000++ overall rank last month to 3314 today.

Thank you AM, and all of you :-)

Raconteur said...


I've asked the same question to the boys at the Fantasy Premier League blog, but thought i'd get your thoughts too.

I'm sure i've noticed Glory Glory Zizo Kuwait in the top 10 of the leaderboard in previous seasons, and appears regularly in the top 10.

What do you think makes these guys so consistently succesful? Have you ever analysed what these guys do week in week out? I note that they have no sentiment, they never keep players for any duration, and only pick those players against weak opposition.


Justin said...

Not AM but is a YFF like site in Chinese for premier league followers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and China. "Managers" from these countries tend to be fluent in English and can quickly render English fantasy resources (AM Blog, Jeremy&Neal, Starting11)in Mandarin Chinese in addition to providing their own analyses. It's a site that also has forums for dating, astrology, fantasy NBA, and there isn't one but several "AM's" in the YFF forum. They have weekly previews and blogs that are updated as opposed to that of starting11 where they seem to be constantly looking for match preview contributors. That by the way is one of the points I like about about the Assistant Manager, it's always updated and you even receive an explanation (work, laptop malfunction, booze) when the pace slows. You feel you need to check in or else you'll fall behind in reading the entries and the numerous comments many of which are of the same quality as the blog entry itself. The latest entry of the blogs at Starting11, for example, could be as ancient as December 2009 (Scoobies's Snacks) or February of the same year (Raul). Admittedly starting11's strength lies in the Player's Picks and Rate My Team threads where one can focus specically on Fab vs Lamp or Ferguson vs Plessy.
There is also a weekly vote for the best eleven that adds further to the community where shrewd players can attain Fantasy God status distinguish themselves from the mass also known as the sheep. One retired contributor from starting11 a few years ago reminds me a lot of AM. Thelastride7 was in 1st for throughout the year only to lose by a margin in the final week. The guy was a university student from Montreal and like AM gave selflessly until he had to announce his retirement. Will AM experience burn out after a year or two?

Anonymous said...

Hi guys 111 points so far 185 last week


Vermaelen Bale Baird

Duff Hunt O'Hara Etherington

Drogba Kalinic Tévez

very reluctant to make changes only doubt is ohara see how he goes tonight :)


Anonymous said...

Hopefully not!!!

@AM: I love this blog. I really admire what you're doing. And I really enjoy the community. Hope you stay with us forever!!! ^_^

-Big fan of AM-

Anonymous said...

In my earlier post few minutes ago, I was responding to Justin's comments. FYI

-Big fan of AM-

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

@ Raconteur, is a clan of Asians, they have there own blog at that address however none of can probably read it, unless you read chinese I feel we will never get any insight into what makes them so good!

Saul said...

Hey AM and friends - What do guys think of Caldwell of wigan, I've noticed most of the highly ranked fantasy teams have him and I know nothing of him. Has good average point per game but yet I don't know who he is. Can anyone tell me where he fell from?

Anonymous said...

petrov starts on the bench again :(

Saul said...

Seems like Rodallega is getting alot of action early in the game...could we see a goal soon?

Anonymous said...

mtaylor on the bench.. good times..:))

Mrljo said...

just saw that toure is injured and was subbed early.. hope he recovers for the next game, anyway another cs goes to the drain:)
This week my team collected a total of 9 yellow cards! That's -27points!!
Currenty on 66 points with 10 3gamers


Anonymous said...

for week 23:

milner/adam johnson/mccarthy/valencia

i know i should probably pick more united players since they have a double game but i absolutely hate all of them except valencia. oh well.

Ian Sanderson said...

Scores are updated.
Blimey, quicker than the Amazon advert on this page.
With Scharner, Baird, N'Zog and Tuncay 'twas a good Tuesday.

Maxer said...

good week.. at a steady 127.00 points with drogba, etherington & tevez help me a lot.. my hunch zat knight got me 11.00, zab 9.5 and lee 10.00.. rodallega, steinsson and modric disapoints me..

uhmm, rodallega points didn't move since saturday.. whats up?.. he looks active last night..


ToffeeDave said...

After Tuesdays game I sit at 161 points with VDS, Drogba and Mouyokolo to finish their second game. Then I have Rodallega, Tevez, Eth, Zog, Lee to finish up their 3rd game. Shame Cahill got injured, I could've hit 200+ after the first 2 rounds of games with him in there pushing for the mythical 300 if Drogba or someone had a blinder. Overall, not too bad, I went up another 456 places to the top 6900 after being outside the top 10000 last week. Im top of my private league both overall and second half of the season. 161 from 17 players so far is a decent return.

Saul said...

Question, will Rio Ferdinard be back for the double gameer? I know he was suspended for 4 matches so would he have completed his suspension by then?

Oh and I got 120.5 after todays players...not bad at all considering yesterday I was at a miserable 50.5. Bring on Wednesday baby, I got R.Johnson/Bale, and Kalinic(I don't know if he'll produce but he's been a good enabler so far).

STM said...

@Maxer: Steinsson only played 1 match out of 2 so far due to illness. Without a clean sheet, 4 points isn't bad.

HRod on the other hand seems to have gone off the boil for the 2 matches so far. 1st away match is understandable, but no SOT, 0 points for the 2nd match at home? Urgh!!!


"Rio has already served two matches of the four-game ban and is due to also miss United’s away games against Aston Villa (Wednesday 10 February) and Everton (Saturday 20 February). He'll be available for selection in the Carling Cup final on Sunday 28 February."

Yes, he'll miss the 1st match of the double gamer vs Everton. Only thing I don't understand about the article is that, he should be available for selection vs West Ham on 23 February (2nd match of double gamer) but no mention of it. Strange...

Anonymous said...

Etherington is doing surprisingly well for me with 35.5 with 1 more game. Pretty surprised with Adebayor as well as he got 26

Anonymous said...

123 points for me so far. I had only 54 points from the first round of games, so I think I did quite well.

Special thanks to Etherington, my highest scorer so far!


M said...

Dude almost everyone has Etherington for week 22, there's no need to mention the obvious. I should've went with Wilk at 4+ instead of Shawcross at 9+. Could've used the 5 bucks to upgrade the awful Hutton.

Anonymous said...

what is the best BD strategy for today especially for MU and West Ham (3G)?

need to click save button or not?

- tokey

Anonymous said...

Thanks AM and all ya guys!!

never thought achieving 3694th place..even to dream below 5000.

all credits to ya all to guide such valuable info...

the only thing i did not manage to do was BD exercise..with no internet access at home and lack of info on how BD took place. only know BD is buying players right after the game before yahoo update points and new price. don't know to click save button or not & how to get extra cash after BD...

do we need to BD on Tuesday and Wednesday game to gain extra cash when Yahoo updated points?

may be u guys out there could assist and i can apply it when i have internet access rite after the game...

sorry for long comments here...

p/s i'm so happy least to balance with poor KOP performance this season..

- tokey

Greg said...

Anyone know what the deal is with Petrov? Is he just being rotated, not starting 2 in a row? Hopefully he starts 3rd game.

166.50 after Tuesdays games with team of
Bale Steinsson Carr
Ethrington Petrov N'Zogbia Whitehead
Drogba Rooney Tevez

Only Petrov and Steinsson have yet to retun their value. Pretty decent chance at 225-250

BD Valencia, Milner, Evra, Hutton. Only 1.38 free for a 4th midfielder so someone's got to go, probably Milner or Evra. Plenty of time to mull over the possibilities...

Gasper said...

After yesterday I have 159,5 points with Bale to play today. A very good night yesterday with Tuncay and Tevez on the scoresheet. Moved up 430 places to 1283. Very nice. 217 in Arsenal Fans which is good, since my GF will take me to the Emirates if I finish in top 100 :)

Anonymous said...

141 points so far with Bale and Vermaelen to play today, followed by 8 more with a third game. Tevez and Etherington did well but almost everyone has him, but thankfully I still got Adebayor who managed 26!

Anonymous said...

141.5 so far with bale vermaelen and kalinic to play and 7 players (hopefully) to play in a third game...very dissapointed with HRod grrrr

Anonymous said...

hopefully ars and liv repeat last season magic tonite...4 goals for both team...then we can have cheaper goalkeeper for the rest of the season :)

Mrljo said...

151 points with 11 player to play today/next week.
Happy with whiteheads 10.5 points and a match in hand.. not bad for a 3.xx player

BD team

Mouyokolo, Hutton, Evra
Fletcher, Nani, Valencia, Scholes
Rooney, CCole, Kale

hope to see rooney's price drop after tonight so i can upgrade hutton or scholes or kalinic


Anonymous said...

chucho's injury watch.


init said...

good night for most I think with Tevez/Adebayor doing the business

146.5 not bad and gets me back into top 400 which is nice.

Personally glad about HRod as I couldn't decide between him and Adebayor...

I picked MPet but I had a feeling about his lack of games after he was taken off last week. Hope he gets another chance, I picked him cos he is the sort of player like Duff who can pick up 20 points without scoring or assisting...

I am just thinking fondly about a time where I had Drog/Rooney in my team at 26 combined. I remember thinking I shouldn't change them but was lured by ACN and double games etc to change them out... Wish I had them back now, something tells me getting them back at the appropriate time is going to be the key to the season.

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