Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Week 22 - Quick Update

Quick post to let you know my plans for the rest of the week.

As you're aware, we're waiting for Yahoo to update the points from Stoke v Man City last night so I can't really analyse the game...not that there will be too many points about, as the triple week looks like it'll end disappointingly.

To sum it up...1-1 draw, red card for Faye, no clean sheets, Shawcross goal disallowed in the last minute.

It's unlikely anyone will have Stoke's scorer Whealen, a few of you will have equaliser Barry (although both players were booked) while Given will probably get less than 3, not sure about others like Sorenson, Adebayor, Johnson, Toure or Shawcross but I wouldn't get your hopes up if you hold any of these players (as I do). Etherington, Tevez & Tuncay did not feature, while Zabeleta & Petrov were very late subs.

We have the final game of this mammoth week tonight, Wigan v Bolton, and I'm hoping for something special from Rodallega to make up for the trash he's dealt out so far. Points from N'Zogbia and Lee would be welcomed too.

Once all the points are in I'll be able to calculate The AM Challenge 3rd Round Results, and of course I also need to get my Week 23 Player Picks post up by the end of tomorrow. It's going to be hectic, but please bear with me  - it's always tough to get back in to the swing of things after a weekend without Fantasy Football.

So while we wait for Week 22 to finish, how are your teams shaping up? Are you loading up on Man Utd & West Ham players for the double, or do Arsenal, Chelsea & Villa players interest you more?



Anonymous said...

Had Etherington and Teves this week :( should have over 200 pts tho if Sorensen has any!

dont want to lose players at a discount to go for west ham and utd athough fletcher is at a good price and replaced etherington with him..

Is Kalinic worth holding on to have him at only 2.36..

goin for


Bale Baird Vermaelen

Hunt Duff Ohara Fletcher

Tevez Kalinic Drogba

2.3 in the bank but think it'll be used as savings :)


Anonymous said...

This is my team so far

Bale / Vermaelen / Evra
Valencia (10.91) / Carrick (7.64) / Johnson / Walcott
Rooney (17.85) / Drogba (20.74) / Mido

Going somewhat heavy with Man U players this week for the DG. I picked up Drogba on the barndoor because chelsea at wolves looks mighty promising. Although i'm not sure what ancelotti will do with inter only a few days after that but surely chelsea want to stamp their authority after the everton game.

I still hold Milner (12.48) and Salgado (3.28)... but now still deciding whether to stick with the above team after comments about Villa playing the weaker teams. A measly 0.47 left in the bank.

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

sorry, its adam johnson there in the midfield


rwlwhite said...

my gameweek has been pretty poor and i am crossing my fingers, toes (anything else too) that i make it through this round of the AM challenge/cup/whatever this one is called

currently on 126.5 points (which is pathetic for this week!) from the following

Given (10)
Bale (17.5), Caldwell (0), Bridge (9.5)
Etherington (33.5), MTay (11), N'Zog (13.5), Wilshere (4.5)
HRod (-1!!!!!), Moses, (0), Tevez (26)

My current line up for next week (preliminary at the moment):

Bale, Wilkinson, Hutton
Milner, Valencia, Adam Johnson, Diaby
Rooney, Agbonlahor, Kalinic

(actually made a school boy error and just noticed i had BD'd MICHAEL Johnson by mistake! have rectified this now!)

Anonymous said...

adam johnson definitely needs a fantasy nickname. any ideas ? ad-jo, adamj, adam-jo ? . following the ro-jo abbrev of roger johnson, i think it's gotta be ad-jo. so many johnsons in the lge.. glen, michael, andy, roger, even eddie still isted. S.P.

Anonymous said...

Wigan vs Bolton has been postponed.


Assistant Manager said...

Ajani - Where have you heard this news? Both Wigan & Bolton's official websites have the game as "on" and I can see no reason why it would be postponed.


Anonymous said...

AM, from soccernet,


Assistant Manager said...

Phew, you had me worried Ajani!

Wigan v Bolton IS NOT postponed...the game was postponed earlier in the season & rearranged for today's date. ESPN have simply not yet updated their Gamecast for today.


Anonymous said...

@fidan: Are you sure milner doesn't perform against weak sides? I have selected him and if that is true I have to seriously consider dropping him for gabby or young. But do you have any stats to support your claim?


Bojan said...

Jim White rulezzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

Two Face said...

My team:-


I'm gonna wait how Fabregas fair tonight and if he's injured then Drogba will be in with Walcott

or i could drop Evra and replace with Vidic if he's confirmed playing and upgrade Kalinic to Bendtner

Anonymous said...

Whats the story with Bendtner? I see that Two Face is considering upgrading to him, but I cant find any info on Bendtner,whether he will start or sit on the bench?

If i can get comfy with bendtner then my team would be:

Vermalen, Bale, Hutton
Modric, Valencia, Gerrard, mokoena(or other filler)
Rooney, Drogba, Bendtner


Irons said...

What do you think is best out of these 4 combos?


I'm thinking the last one but it's so damn close it's giving me a headache...

Kellz said...

@Irons: Bentley/Downing/Bendtner for sure, you have 2 FK and corner takers with a very cheap ACTUAL Arsenal forward which can replace the ineffective Arshavin as striker playing against Sunderland who have leaked goals. Definately attractive combo stick with it!

I on the other hand will look to BD Bendtner given a good performance, I'd rather front either Rooney, Diamanti Tevez, or drop Tevez to Gabby. So no room for Arsenal there.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Bale Hutton Shorey
Valencia Noble O'Hara Wilshire
Rooney Drogba C.Cole

Not sure whether to go with Adam johnson because of rotation might stick with Wilshire who should get the start.

Wondering which ManU defenders might be safe bets for double game...Ferdinand and Vidic may be back neither Evans or Brown are not looking like sure DG'ers..


Saul said...

Okay here's the team I'm working on...


Etherington's gone but I cannot make up my mind for a replacement. I got 11.74 to spend, help? Also I did not see Vidic play in the Champs League so I'll keep my ears open to see if he starts for the weekend.

Saul said...

Just reading the commentary on the Wigan-Bolton game is making sleepy...ahhh, I guess no points from N'Zogbia and Rodallega.

Dave said...

0-0 Wigan-Bolton. Rodallega is a total donkey. What a waste of a pick. Over three games he will be lucky to score 3 points.

And Fabianski had an absolute HORROR show at Porto today, costing Arsenal the game.

Saul said...

You think Manone could be an option due to Fabianski's circus act?...If Almunia is out that is.
And yes, Yayga is a JOKE, I have only picked him up twice and both times disappointed (He's on my dead list!!!)...awww well, you learn.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Fabregas made a good case in Portugal for clearing 17.51 mil to upgrade other players on my squad...namely David James to be upgraded f I drop Cesc.

Anonymous said...

AM & All - Which would you recommend? Tuncay or Kalinic?


Irons said...

Cheers Kellz, good to read a 2nd opinion that matches mine!

Anonymous said...

i would like assistant manager(am) to comment my team.


1. Anelka
2. Charlton Cole
3. Bendtner


1. Ohara
2. Arteta
3. Adam Johnson
4. Ashley Young


1. Bale
2. Shorey
3. Clichy

billthegrunt said...

What a disaster! 138.5 points and dropped down to 30th in the blog league. At least I didn't lose any more ground on a Wigan-Bolton match that was absolute garbage.

Other YFF players may love these triple-game weeks but I have to reassess my strategy here. Loading up on triple gamers just hasn't paid off for me, and how many of the top 5 scoring players played all three games (just Higginbotham, I think, correct me if I'm wrong)? Then there's the added risk of injury as we saw with Etherington. Not sure how I'll do this, maybe just give two-gamers and three-gamers equal weight. But for me at least there seems to be a definite point of diminishing returns when a player plays his third game in a YFF week.

billthegrunt said...

Let me correct myself, Etherington was hurt in the 2nd Stoke game of the week and missed the 3rd.

Kellz said...

@Anonymous: Since AM doesn't have time for a personal response to everyone, there are a bunch of us willing to offer advice as well, and heres mine:

-First off note the lack of Double Gamers, there are some good ones out there namely Valencia/Park, Rooney (even at the steep price), and Utd Denfese
-West Ham options could go for Parker, but atleast grab one
-Drop Anelka, his production is hurt incredibly by Drogba
-Clichy is too expensive to bet on a sure Arsenal CS, and even then he only plays once, for that price you could easily afford a Utd defender
-I don't know why everyone is jumping on Arteta so soon, the match up just isn't right, you can always BD him if he does produce
-otherwise who is your GK?

Hope that helps

Kellz said...

Finished with 173.5pts and not happy with the drab performances, namely because HRod just made the dead to me list which I bought at the expense of Scharner (28pts) inwhich I predicted a good showing. Bad on me for not pulling the trigger on that move.

Next Week:
I like Villa for once, and going to gamble on Gabby and Milner. Plus Diamanti should start vs Hull, and given his performances, is a gamble which could pay off huge given so many have preferred CC.

Evans, Shorey, Bale
Milner, Valencia, Rosicky, Park
Rooney, Diamanti, Gabby

Good luck

Afif said...

points are in!!

Saul said...

@anon 11:11 pm - Kellz is right, not enough double gamers. Anelka doesn't produce in Drogba's precence since he's usually shifted to the right wing, making Drogba Central Forward. I do like you gamble in Adam Johnson, he's cheap and has started City's last 2 games I believe. How about Evra instead of Clichy?

@Kellz - Good looking team there, I myself have...


I replaced etherington with T.Huddlestone...what can I say, I like the kidd, has a wicked foot!!! I'm also trying to decide whether to go with Agbonlahor or Milner or both, I have 2.72 left...any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

My TWO Big questions for the week, help me choose:

Defender (choose 1):
Vidic, Evans, Brown?

Striker (choose 1):
Kalinic Tuncay?

Thanks for any advice!
- FLScott

Freddie M said...

158 points for week 22... currently sitting at 54th overall...

Okay.. i really need your suggestions between these two teams (week 23):

Team A:


Team B:

Freddie M

kellz said...

@FLScott: Evans and Tuncay

@Freddie: Team A's defense, with Team B's Midfield and Forward line if you can swing it. Otherwise drop Berbs and Walcott regardless, I don't think they will see many minutes, and no need to go two Utd defenders, 1 is just fine. Shorey is taking FK so hes a good choice.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of a team as below for week 23

VDS (2 wins, one clean sheet, hopefully)

Verm(8.5), Bale (2.65), Dunne (7.92)

Parker, Faubert, Kovacs, Fletcher (Current Prices)

Cole, Rooney, Mido (Current Prices).

Could anybody comment ?


Anonymous said...




any suggestions?

Anonymous said...


First of all I owe you a HUGE thank you. Ever since I started reading your blog. I have been doing extremely well and won my group each week (except this one where I came second). I have climbed from 6th to 3rd in my private group and am looking to claim the top spot soon! :)

Could you please comment on my team for this week?

Bale, Hutton, Salgado
Yuri, Noble, Valencia, Park
Rooney, Drogba, CCole

Mikl-em said...

wishing I'd been more skeptical of Hugo. I didn't feel good about putting faith & cash in him. Or I should say in the Wigan machine to feed him. Only 1 shot on target by either team in the game with Bolton. Pathetic.

That said I had a very good week, in spite of injuries/surprises. Tevez missing was a disappointment, but 26 pts from just the 2 games he played is hard to complain. Even better, and higher value: 30+ apiece from Etherington & Higginbotham--from two games as ME missed and DH only did the first half. O'Hara, Lee, Rooney all did their part, too.

So I end up with 179.50, and I made the BD move for Drogs to bring him in at ~20, which was a bullet well worth biting.

Current team is a weird one. I've swapped Given for James, as I'm really tipping Pompey to swat Stoke--have you noticed how many games they've played in Feb? 5 so far and 3 to go. Could be a big week for O'Hara, but I dropped him already and not sure I can get him back in.

Here's my odd team for the moment...

Ivan. (10.17) / W Brown (7.65) / Shorey / Verms
Fletcher / J McCarthy (5.72) / Sidwell
Rooney (16.05) / Drogs / Bendtner

No, I'm not going heavy on DGs. Not tempted to bring in a bunch of Hammers just to have more reason to care about the last game of the week.

Haven't paid attention to Shorey much, so let me know if I'm missing something. But from the stats he is in the very unusual place of having an average higher than his price. I know it's only a few games he's been with Fulham. But home against Birm seems a decent bet to give him a try for 7.5.

Good luck all!

Mikl-em said...

One update: looking closer at my options, I dumped McCarthy for J. Park.

Anonymous said...

My team is

Van Der Sar

Upson Tomkins Salgado
Fletcher Valencia Faubert Parker Kovac
Diamanti Ilan

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