Friday, 26 February 2010

Week 24 - Team News

Some news I thought might be of interest to many of you. I'll try to add to it throughout the day when I get a chance.

(To be honest I'm just waiting for news on Torres' likeliness to start...!)

- Is it 2005/06 all over again? The Spurs squad have been hit by a virus which could leave a number of 1st team players in doubt for this weekend; Corluka & Palacios mentioned.

- Martin Skrtel will miss this weekend with a foot injury picked up last night (possible broken toe).

- Carlos Tevez is back in England & will start for City vs Chelsea, as will Wayne Bridge, but Emmanual Adebayor has been given a 4 match ban.

- Bobby Zamora is doubtful for the trip to Sunderland with an achillies injury.

- Ryan Nelsen will miss out for Blackburn vs Liverpool & could remain sidelined for a month.

- Graham Alexander could return for Burnley.

- William Gallas is doubful, while Abou Diaby and Andrey Arshavin are out for Arsenal, but Eduardo should be back.

- Lee Cattermole is back for Sunderland.

- Matty Etherington & Danny Higginbotham are unlikely to make the Arsenal game but Abdoulaye Faye & Andy Wilkinson are back from suspension.

- Zhirkov unlikely to feature for Chelsea.



Radiopool said...

any insights as to whether bentley (groin) and bale (Assou-Ekotto) will be starting this week. anything helps.

Assistant Manager said...

Bale will play, he's been Tottenham's best player over the past month & Bentley is expected to be fit

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on Defoe's hamstring injury? Will it keep him out on Sunday?


Anonymous said...

Seeing as Skrtel is out, what do you guys reckon to Carr as his replacement?

my team;
Fabs,Gerrard,Le CY,Mikel,Adam Johnson

What do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

If grezza is really back this weekend, i'm a little worried on Cork.
Presume they play 4-4-2, Eagles & Alexander are sure starters and fox on LB, that leaves Elliot/McDonald/Bikey/Cork for 2 places?!

Thoughts guys?


Anonymous said...

Bigwest - I've swapped Cork out for Fox for that very reason!

Anonymous said...

I am facing a real dilemma here. My team:
Bale - Hutton - Carlisle - Insua
Lee - Eagles - Gerrard - Johnson
Bendtner - Drogba
Thinking about switching Drogba, Carlisle and Johnson for Torres, Agger and Bowyer. What do you think? Which combination is better? Thanks in advance.
J said...

If you have Drogba for cheap, keep him. Or else, you need atleast 2 goals from him to make him worth your price. Personally, I believe Chelsea will win at home.

Fidan said...

AM - Do you think I should sell Bentley @10+. With his injury doubt and an off week next week, is he worth the risk? I also have Rooney @16+. So 2 BF zeros and ~27m waste would be too much. I'm really stucked on this one...!!!
What would YOU do?

Any way, here is my Bentley-less team:


Any thoughts on this one?


Fidan said...

Wow, I just checked some reports and they ALL say Bentley is fit and will start...!!!
And, just when I thought I had a team settled (arrrrgh)...!!!

STM said...

With regards to Spurs team news...

- Harry not sure on Defoe (tight hamstring) and Crouch (foot injury), to monitor fitness with training Friday and Saturday morning.

- Bentley (groin) came off Bolton match as a precaution, he will be okay and available for Everton match.

- Ledley King (thigh), Jermaine Jenas (groin) and Aaron Lennon (groin) remain sidelined.

- Palacios came off Bolton match after feeling effects of virus. Corluka (illness) trained on Friday. It is hoped both will be in the frame for Everton.

init said...

Fidan - I like Lee, good player good match up. How much Fletcher? Chucho anywhere? Also I like Fox. Drop Rooney of course, you might have him on a discount but you will get someone else next week. Torres worth the risk!!

daz get rid of fab this week to upgrade mikel and ad jo who doesn't have good match-up. I like Carr as an option!

Bale should play but you never know with Harry!!


I have the first team as barndoor on Sunday and don't want to change it...
But I am tempted as usual!!!!!!!!!

kenny said...

is it true that martin kelly is going to start as RB for Liverpool?
i think maxi will start ahead of benayoun and given blackburn is poor on the road..i think torres will be on the bench but i still holding him..>.<
he is reasonably cheap and could make his return with a scintillating performance against blackburn.

joshtottenham said...

Fidan, Id be tempted to sell Bentley, with Lennon back soon (allegedly), he's probably not a long term pick. If he's fit this week though he gets solid points so Id keep him.


joshtottenham said...

Kuyt and Eagles or Fabregas (~1point discount) + maxi rodriguez.

Anonymous said...

Need help plz!!






Which option better?
Thanks in advance!!


Naning said...

There's too much uncertainity(is that a word?) this week. Bendner or Eduardo, Torres or no torres. Walcott or no walcott? I'm bound to fail with my picks. that's for sure.

Fidan said...

I'm holding Bentley one more week.

My team for now:

For those 3 positions I have 23.67m. I have four options:

Hilario/Ridgwell/Lee or

I'm leaning towards first, but I like 2nd a 3rd also, with 4th having an outside chance...!!!

Please VOTE ;)...!!!


joshtottenham said...

MJ... I really wouldnt sell Rooney @ 16...just take the hit for this week; I like your first team better

Anonymous said...

Hi!I'm just me plz

J Hart
Baird Givet Scharner JCork
Gerrard O'hara Benayoun Mikel
Bent Torres


Baird Givet Scharner JCork
Gerrard O'hara Lampard Mikel
Klasnic Kuyt


Anonymous said...

Vermaelen Bale Hutton RJohnson
Gerrard AJohnson Eagles Lee
Bendtner Drogba



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, AM.

Bale / Vidic / Alexander / A. Faye
Arteta / Walcott / Eagles / Ad. Johnson
Drogba / Torres

Again, taking a zero on Vidic this week (why not, got minus-4 from James and still scored 154.5 last week).

What's the prevailing wisdom on how the Pompey players will cope with administration? Will they fight it out to the end, or is it time to employ a WPP strategy?

(WPP = Who's Playing Portsmouth)

Anonymous said...

@ Fidan I would go for option one, but I am a nobody and my opinions count for nothing.

Anonymous said...

It has been quite a while since I posted comment here although I do check out this site daily. Here is my team for the week...

Almunia (5.xx)
Verm Bale Hutton
Gerrard Maxi Arteta Lee
Rooney (16.xx) Drogs Bendtner

Any thoughts will be appreciated. I think this week is tough as there aren't any matches that really stood out.


Anonymous said...

Hows about?

Bale Hutton R Johnson
Arteta Gerrard A Johnson Maxi
Rooney Bendtner Torres

Anonymous said...


I also would go for 1 as it has Lee and reina, hilarious might ship a goal

rwlwhite said...




SLASH said...

Is Hutton really such a worthy pick? He's dirty cheap, right, but I think that's his only good feature. Are you all so sure that he'll get a CS against Fulham or you're hoping for the so-called 'phantom points'? I just dropped Skrtl and I'm looking for a DF . . .


If you're suggesting any of the 1st two, which include Hutton, please convince me for him; the second one is good if Kelly is sure to start and the last one is nice, cause "Bolton host Wolves" and it would be great if K.Davies scores and doesn't get booked.


Bikey Carragher _ _ _ _
Eagles Gerrard Larsson AdamJ
Fletcher Torres _ _ _ _

13.96 to spend . . .

init said...

Slash - Fox@6.78 leaving you 7.18 for MF or FW
Maxi, Richardson, Wilshere or AJohn at 5ish means you can upgrade Jussi to Hilarious...
Forget Davies, even if he scores he gets few points these days.

rwlwhite - option 2, kuyt always starts

D2D - I like your team I wouldn't change it!!

bill - i wouldn't take any zeros, even rooney on 16. if you watch the teams in the top 50 that's what they do. Very few of them keep players for even 2 weeks and many completely change their teams every week depending on the match-ups...

Question for anyone - does anyone know of a site where they simply list out the side which took to the field for each team every week. Just a simple list where they list each team's players every week for the whole season. I can't find anything!


Anonymous said...

init: there's sense in what you say, but even though few of the Top 50 take zeroes a lot of them got minus-fours last week with James. I guess it comes down to what I can get for Vidic's 8.70 this week. I don't like to spend a lot in back so I'm not sure if I'd retake Vidic at the higher price.

Anonymous said...

i've favor to ask..
is fox & cork will be a sure starter for this coming match??


SLASH said...


I thought of Fox too, but he's expected to play in defense in all the 3 places I checked, so that's why I came down to Cork who is also listed as a DF in YFF, but is expected to play in the MF line. Already have AdamJ in the squad and as for Hilario . . . :? I'm kinda hesitant, he doesn't encourage me much. I bought Jussi instead of Jensen and I'll probably stay with him.

I didn't quite understand your question, do you need a site with all the past fixtures and players who played?


Still wondering about Hutton : )

Anonymous said...


yup, do u have that site? actually, my english quite broken.. haha.


SLASH said...

I'm not sure if this one will do the job, but check it out, it's very detailed:

(just click on the match you like)

. . . and you can also see details for every player - click on a team and then go to 'Squad'

Hope I help !

init said...

regarding the site I'm looking for

A simple site which lists the starting 11 plus subs for each game for each team. I can't find it but someone must keep it somewhere, it would be a very simple table and would save looking at match reports etc just to see who started in Arsenal's last 10 games for example...

slash - yeah fox will play at the back but I think he is more sure of a start than cork and last time I saw him he scored a free kick and set one up with a free kick which means I think he will take lots of set pieces, even though he will be in defence.

hutton is cheap, a clean sheet outside chance and he likes to get forward and shoot from right back. he's actually a good player in my view but I would pick him based on cheapness mostly!!

bill for 8.something you can get a good starting mf or fw? ballack, lee, fletcher or someone with less of a yc risk?

Anonymous said...


yup, it's help me.
thanx a lot bro..!!


SLASH said...

Any news on Wilshere/M Taylor? Cause one site says M Taylor will start (incl. Yahoo) and other says Wilshere will and Taylor not . . .

Any info?

Saul said...

Okay I've finally decided on my team...


@Kellz - if you're out there thanks for your comments and suggestions, you are very insightfull in this beautiful game of Fantasy Footie. I took your advice and got someone other than James in my line-up because, as you pointed before, Pompey may be lacking energy after what's going on with the team. Thanks all and just wanted to say that I've seen a lot of good options posted here on the blog this week and that's why I'm exited to be back to single game weeks. Latezzz.

init said...

I am pleased with my team for the first time in ages. Probably a bad sign!!


I think its balanced and I like it

I can change to

Gerrard/Maxi/Richardson/Babel OR Belletti

Anyone have thoughts?

Sulldaddy said...

stuck on Fletcher (burnley)



at my forward spot.
I also have klasnic up there, not real thrilled with them but have duff gerrard and larsson in MF

any thoughts on those 3 FWs or similar guys costwise?

Anonymous said...

the question, my football-loving friends is to Torres or not to Torres. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Would Craig Bellamy play this weekend ?

Chi said...

AM, i posted this on Neal&Jeremy as well
and wants to share.

Barn Door contributing for W25....

W25, 8games.

Saturday, March 6th, 2010
Arsenal v [b]Burnley[/b]
West Ham v [b]Bolton[/b]
Wolves v Man Utd

Sunday, March 7th, 2010
Everton v Hull

Monday, March 8th, 2010
Wigan v Liverpool

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010
Sunderland v [b]Bolton[/b] (make up match)
Portsmouth v Birmingham (make up match)

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010
[b]Burnley[/b] v Stoke (make up match)

Aston Villa v Sunderland (postponed)
Fulham v Stoke (postponed, March 7th FA Cup - Stoke vs Chelsea)
Man City v Tottenham (postponed, March 6th - FA Cup - Fulham vs Tottenham)

Teams w/o matches:
Aston Villa
Man City

Double week teams:

Barndoor on double gamers and MU, Everton players??? Rooney? Lee? Alexander? Eagles? S. Fletcher?? M. Taylor??

Anonymous said...

really pleased with my team for this week.

Ridgewell Foley Bale
Bentley Malouda Benayoun S Davies(pick of the week)
Mcfadden Pav Drogs

Wilshere might find his way into the team.

Anonymous said...

Vermaelen Bale RJohnson
Gerrard Maxi Arteta Duff
Bendtner Torres Jerome

Quite happy with this team. Originally wanted Hilario as I plan on keeping him till Cech is back, but since they Chelsea play City this week and are having a blank next week, I've gone with Jensen. Also swopped Benayoun for Arteta as I dont want 3 Liverpool mids and Arteta is more guranteed a start than Benayoun.

Anonymous said...

my team this week


i am not happy with it but i have no choice.left with 0 in the bank.

STM said...

@init: Regarding the sites, if I am reading correctly, what you need is just the basic information of the starting lineups? Isn't Yahoo good enough?

If you go to the individual EPL team page, the full results and fixtures are there. One click on the particular result will provide you with the lineup list. That's what you need right?

Otherwise, use Soccernet. Again, you can follow the complete fixture/results of the individual teams. If you aren't satisfied still, click on the Gamecast and you can see important stats like Shots, Shots on Goals, Saves etc.

@Anon 12:24 AM: I think Bellamy would definitely play because Man City is looking bare upfront, with Adebayor suspended and Santa Cruz an injury doubt.

@Chi: Yes, 6 teams don't have a game and only Burnley and Bolton are double gamers. However, Bolton travel on the road, and Burnley doesn't have good matchups. I don't like the look of the double gamers.

Haven't really decided yet, but I would consider picking at least 1 each (or more) from Arsenal, Man Utd, Everton, Birmingham and maybe Liverpool. Perhaps 2 or 3 DG because I have some Burnley/Bolton players to carry over from this Wk 24?

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about a Rooney+Torres frontline. Getting excited at that prospect. The DGs are not very attractive. Won't load up on them. Maybe just keeping Lee and Eagles from this week.


toshack said...

no one use M kelly??

Chi said...


L'pool's back four most likely would be...


i dun think there is a place for Kelly
i would even bet Degen will start ahead of Kelly if Carragher is switching to the middle.

Anonymous said...

Kyeyriearieahrfioss is suspended

Chi said...

I think Degen will have a better chance still

Anonymous said...

@AM : Just got the chance to read your "player picks" post. Great post as usual. So many useful tips for all of us.
We really appreciate your effort.

Thank you x 1000

- Big Fan of AM -

SLASH said...

Currently with:

Carragher Bikey Cork Hutton
Eagles Gerrard Larsson
Fletcher Torres McFadden

It's a bit a strange that I'm using 4-3-3 cause I haven't used it for a long time and I got rid of the 4th midfielder - AdamJ/Wilshere/Maxi/KRich and downgraded Jusi for Jensen. So I could still make some last minute changes after I watch the pre-matchday TV show.

I have 0.57 in the bank and all look for your advice if you think sth. doesn't look well. Just tell me what you think about the Cork/Fox 'problem'
and I could also go back to Jussi if there's a better combination with the players . . . not very sure about this 4-3-3 scheme . . .


Anonymous said...

currently tired of switching player and stopped at this:

James (ouch)
Hutton Cork Steinsson
Gerrard Duff K.Rich Adam J.
Drogba Torres Bendtner

left me 0.01 in the bank, supposed to be good sign but you'll never know

Thanks AM for the great post, and the comment also very helpful


bean said...

watched too many old twin peaks episodes... got my team at the buzzer, just a minute till lockdown.

ended up with kind of a weird lineup, we shall see:

Kelly RoJo Shorey Bale
Duff Gerrard Arteta KRich
Drogba Bendt

good luck all.
thanks AM.

Lee said...

My barn door team for wk25 is..

Jussi (2 matches, both away I know but against weaker teams)
Hutton (good performance at the weekend and another game at home this week)
Fox (Double header - set piece taker)
Vermaelen (Got some real easy games coming up - even buying him at 11.5 I expect his value to rocket.
Campbell (See verm; cheap and cheerful if he plays)
LCYong (Double header usually reliable)
Arteta (Against Hull I expect him to score quite highly)
Fabregas (Like Verm, worth every penny)
Diaby (Always a starter and can pop up with the odd goal)
Bendtner (Now getting a bit of confidence but will he play the full game now that Eduardo is coming back.
Fletcher (Double header, can't see him doing that well against Arsenal, but you never know)

What do you think? I'm a United fan but with Arsenal's run in it's gonna go to the wire.
All thoughts appeciated

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