Sunday, 21 February 2010

Week 23 - Saturday

Another twist in the title race yesterday, as Man Utd lost again (and deserved to - Everton outplayed them), allowing Chelsea to stretch their lead & Arsenal to get within 2 points of them. It really does look like this one could run to the wire, which is great for us neutrals!

At the other end of the table, West Ham got a vital but comfortable win over fellow strugglers Hull but there was very very late heartbreak for poor old Portsmouth, as 10 man Stoke snatched a 94th minute winner at Fratton Park. You have to feel sorry for them.

I had an average day, with an initial 60.5 points falling to 56.5 points after that last minute Stoke goal took David James from +2 to -4. A lot of people must've scored similarly so far, as I've only dropped 30 places in the overall rankings to 1270th.

At least my decision to drop Drogba (and his 2 goals) were not the reason for my disappointment. I was holding the Ivorian at £20.5m, so selling allowed me to bring in Matthew Upson (10.5 points) AND Carlton Cole (13 points) for the same combined cost...only a couple of points less & another game each in midweek.

What really hurt were the last minute Fabregas penalty & the quite ridiculous performance of Faubert - a midfielder playing at right back who averaged 2.8 points per game, picked as a filler by many people, coming in with a goal & an assist for 18 points. Until those 2 incidents in the 93rd minute of both games I reckon I was in for a slight rise in the rankings, but they left a sour taste as the guy 2nd in my private league had both players!

I've mentioned James'-4 & Upson's 10.5...I picked up 4.5 for Evra while Bale is still to play. Valencia picked up an ok 8.5, but bookings for Parker & Fletcher left both on a pathetic 2 points each. Hopefully Downing can give my midfield a lift today. I've also mentioned Cole's 13 points...Bendtner did well with a MWG for 15 points & Rooney owes us all big time in midweek as he managed just 4.5.

So 56.5 points is distinctly average, but with 9 players (Bale, Downing, 4 Man U & 3 West Ham) still to go this week I hope to hit a decent total; I expect a big improvement from my Man U players in midweek...West Ham at home was always the game that would swing the week.

Next week we have only 8 games, meaning 4 teams don't play: Man Utd, Aston Villa, West Ham & Hull. If you're holding Rooney at £16m I think you should keep him, even for the blank week. I certainly would. Liverpool, Sunderland, Birmingham, Burnley, Chelsea, Arsenal & Bolton all have winnable games.

My current barndoor for Week 24 team: Jaaskalainen, Bale, Hutton, Skrtel, Zhirkov, O'Hara, Walcott, Fabregas, Bendtner, Bent, Drogba

It's by no means set in stone. I'm looking for maybe Eagles (is he starting atm?) & Gerrard to come in, so that may mean Walcott & Fabregas go (would need to downgrade Skrtel to do it) & I'm not sure about O'Hara & Bent as I probably want a Birmingham player in there (Larsson maybe). Jussi, Hutton, Bale, Bendtner & Drogba will all probably stay.

How are you getting on so far? How's your barndoor team looking?



rwlwhite said...

a quite frankly pathetic 31 from me so far.
bendtner with his 15.5 and valencia with 8.5 were my only saving graces with fletcher (2), rooney (4.5), anelka (3), hutton (1.5), james (-4) and my stupid gamble bullard (0) not doing me any good.
i still have bale, shorey and milner to come, along with my 3 man u players so i'm hoping for a couple of clean sheats from the d-boys, and at least 10 from milner (hopefully a goal and an assist would help) and then man u to destroy west ham. even so, i'll be struggling to hit 100 this week i think!

Anonymous said...

Currently with :

Bale R.Johnson Heitinga
Fabregas Eagles Bowyer O'Hara Lee
Bent Bendtner

missout Drogba BD....,think of bringin' in Kuyt.


Mike B said...

63 Points with Bale and Shorey to come today, then my 4 Players midweek.

My heroes were Bendtner and Diamanit, A solid MWG performance from the Dane, and 18 points without a goal or assist from the excellent Diamanti. He came close to getting a goal and assist himself too, imagine what the score would've been then!!

I'm enjoying next weeks team selection, we're gonna have a chance to actually all pick different players for a change! Yippeeeeee!!!!

So far this is how it's looking, but there will be plenty of changes...

Hutton, Bale, Shorey
A Johnson, Gerrard, Stupid Hunch, Taylor
Bendtner, Drogba, Fletcher

Obvious changes depending on injury will be Shorey/Fletcher to Skertl/Klasnic, and maybe to get Maxi in for Johnson, depending on how he performs.


greginho said...

good week for me i went up 1200 spots. i had made a change on friday to drop diamanti/ parker for rooney/ faubert. i knew diamanti would go off the first game and noble would sit, but they will probably switch places and i was not convinced parker is producing, fantasy wise. 18 for diamanti, without a goal or assist and 2 from parker is less than faubert's 18 and rooney's pathetic 4.50. i hate picking manure players and am glad i can drop rooney for the real best player in the league, drogba. him and cesc are the first two and rooney is behind them. rooney is not going to be the leading goal scorer. drogba has 4 less games and 2 less goals. drogba may catch up to him next week while rooney is off.

my team is now 85.5 points
vermaelen(10.5) nelsen, bale
cesc(13.5) valencia(8.5) faubert(18) malouda(2)
cole(13) bendtner(15.5) rooney(4.5)

bendtner was my hunch, which is always nice when it is an arsenal player. this is the first time i didn't let his low cost get in the way. i sometimes try to spend as much of the money as i have and neglect some of the better choices. i thought that malouda, rooney and valencia would be leading me, but that had not obviously happened.

Anonymous said...

A ridicilous week so far for me too. . . :S (33.00)

Upson(10.50) Evra(4.50) L.Young(-)
A.Young(-) Milner(-) Valencia(8.50) Scholes(0.50)
Agbonlahor(-) C.Cole(13.00) Kalinic(-)

The thing is, I was wondering - "Scholes or Faubert".
Chose Scholes :(

Barndoor team
Carragher Skrtel Bikey
Eagles M.Taylor Milijas Diao(filler :) )
Drogba Klasnic Blake/Fletcher/Nugent

Available Money: 1.98

Any advice is acceptable :)


Anonymous said...

A pretty bad 47.50 for me so far with only Bale tonight and 8 more DGers.

Vermaelen Bale RogerJohnson
Gerrard Rodriguez Elliot Duff
Drogba KevinDavies Bendter

This is my current BD team

Stato said...

Plzd with my 78 points and with Bale, exBFAY, 4 Manu and WHam to come.

Holding for next week:

Bale Hutton Johnson Skrtel
Gerrard Larsson Mikel Eagles
Drogs Bendtner

Would like to put Fox of Burnley in but cant find him on site? Does anyone know why?

Anonymous said...

A note for Slash

Paul Scholes
Games - 18
Goals - 1
Assists - 2
SOTs - 4
Total points - 45.5
Avg Points per game - 2.53 (for a Man U player that is rubbish!)

Moral of the story is...Paul Scholes is dead to yahoo fantasy football!

Anonymous said...

Right now I'm on:

Vermaelen Bale Steinsson
Gerrard MTaylor Pienaar Rosicky Eagles
Bendtner Jerome

Well, I don't really like this team and it looks like a huge risk. I don't really like Drogba against ManC, but I think it is safer than MTay. He was subbed today on the 59th minute, and Bolton look poor, even if they do have Wolves at home next.
An alternative option I have, and I actually like it:

instead of

I just need to know if I'm not the only one who thinks that way.
76.5 points so far, though I'm disappointed about dropping Kalinic. Bale, Milner, AJohnson, Evra, Rooney, Valencia and CCole still to go.


Anonymous said...


i forgot to save changes when i change kalinic/drogba/ferdinand/salgado to cole/bendtner/zhirkov/vidic/shorey

so not really disapointed when kalinic and salgado perform well..


Anonymous said...

i think is better to pick Torres because he maybe will play againts blackburn..


Anonymous said...

hey sould i keep rooney @16, or will his price go down by then?

Kellz said...

Not a bad week at all so far, 85pts with Bale pts to come, which includes atleast 1 CW, 1 Assist, 1 CS, and 1 SC for around 12pts w/o any other

My BD Team thus far:

Skretl, Hutton, Bale
Gerrard, Eagles, AJ, Walcott
Rooney, Torres, Bendter

I really feel Liverpool will turn it around home to BBurn, this could be the first time in a long time we see a scoreline better than 1-0. Today wasn't a bad result, just not great. I'll take the point from Citeh and hopefully Liverpool will use it as a jumping point to get after BBurn. I am sorry to say for AM sake, but I hope Everton continue their great run and defeat Spurs, with CHelsea not likely to drop to Citeh, means great things for Liverpool with 3pts.

Good luck on Tuesday!

Cescy said...

@kellz im guessing you have rooney at 16? if so then i would keep him too...

not sure about almunia, cant see my team arsenal keeping a clean sheet at stoke, particularly as they struggled so badly in recent times against them...

my team atm after some additional bd tinkering:

skrtel ridgewell shorey
delap fab4 maxi zhirkov
THE DROG bendyman s.fletcher

what do people think?


Anonymous said...

walcott/benayoun/adam johnson/eagles

this is my team atm.. feel free to comment..

Anonymous said...

For the most part the top performers this week were from temas who don't have next fixtures next week namely Villa and Hammers players. Thank God for Kalinic and Adam Johnson


Afif said...

one name.. DOWNING!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Kellz cheers for the advice of picking Drogba over Fabregas this week in AM's last post. Result! I did end up BD-ing Fabregas in the end just in case. But last night's inclusion of Torres and his price drop has made things a tad bit more interesting for the coming week.

My week 24 team so far:

Bale Vermaelen Skrtl
AJ / Fabregas / Maxi / Walcott
Rooney, Drogba, Bendtner

Almost similar line up there Kellz.

I may end up downgrading Fabregas to upgrade to a more reliable goalie- seems like people here are keeen on Jussi. Though what to you guys reckon pompy's chances at turf moor? And i'm also tempted to move in for Torres. Choices, choices.


Anonymous said...

I toyed around with the idea of including Torres and Jussi at the expense of Fabs. What i'm left with is a rather decimated midfield (but a potentially mouth-watering attack):

Bale Verm Skrtel
AJ Walcott Mikel Utaka (or Muamba?)
Rooney Drogba Torres

...with 0.46 left

I don't know if its wise to pin my hopes on a liverpool win solely on Torres. But then again, he may not get any cheaper than he is now.


AdrmiraLordNelson said...

I have been struggling lately making the wrong choices and missing crucial players on the BD yet I put so much time into in and look at so many options. I knew Villa would have a big day, I had a hunch, yet I felt it was necessary to pay for Rooney, Drogba, Fabs, and Valencia instead...this is definitely a learning season, can't wait to start off fresh next season!

Anonymous said...

my current team for week 24 :

verm huton skrtel
fabregas AJ maxi eagles
drogba bendtner (bent or kuyt?)

appreciate for any comment^^


Caleb said...

Regardging to the BD, I really really really would like to pick up the attacking full back who take set pieces - Daniel Fox from Burnley; however, YFF hasn't listed him in the system yet. Another Winter add in for Burnley defence is Leon Cort (not to be confused with Jack Cork which is already in the system), which is also not in the system.

Regarding to Burnely, who will have a good match up in week 24, Bikey and Jack Cork are all listed as defender and play as a midfider (due to the two new transfer Fox and Cort as defence), whom are all good fillers.

E said...

Hmm Burnley let in too many goals for my liking, good advice regardless, I'll look out for them if the new transfers stopper it. BD team:

Verm / Skrtel / Roger Johnson
Fab / D.Duff / Walcott / Zhirkov
Kalinic / Fletch / Zamora

I'm hoping for an upset from Blackburn and for Fulham to run riot. It's a bit of a risk but I think it'll pay off. I don't like Bendtner at all. His tap-in completely threw his point value, I don't think he'll have the same luck against Stoke. Especially if he continues to sit behind Walcott and doesn't get into the box... And he completely flunked a sitter. There's a reasons he's scored so few goals and it's not lack of time on the pitch like he says.

Sitting on 94 this week with 7 players (I hope) in tomorrow.

Evra(4.5) / Verm(10.5) / Vidic(nil) / Spector(9)
Valencia(8.5) / Fletcher(2) / Boateng(5.5)
Rooney(4.5) / Kalinic(16.5) / C.Cole(13)

Anonymous said...

at 122 with 7 DGs on tues; roon's gone on BD..


ok team?


Merv said...

My BD team so far

Shorey (7-ish) Hutton Bale(cheap)
Zhirkov AJohnson Fab4(18-ish) Walcott
Drogs Rooney(17-ish) Bendtner(5-ish)

Should I go for Walcott/Drogs(20-ish) or Torres/Eagles? Any comments?

Merv said...






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