Saturday, 20 February 2010

Week 23 - My Team


Bale  Upson  Evra

Valencia  Parker  Fletcher  Downing

Rooney  Cole  Bendtner

Another deadline has passed & I must admit I'm pretty pleased with the team I've settled on. I managed to fit in 7 decent double gamers and also cover the 2 stand out single game fixtures...Arsenal & Villa. My only disappointment is not having a Chelsea player, but you can't have it all!

In goal is without doubt my biggest risk - David James, in for rock bottom Portsmouth. He was dirt cheap at under £2m & I feel Pompey have a decent chance of getting something at home to a Stoke side who never travel well (unless it's White Hart Lane). James is one of the those keepers who makes saves no matter what, so I feel (pray) he can avoid negative points even in a narrow defeat.

Bale was always staying in defence, he'll get forward vs Wigan & I still have him at under £3m. Evra comes in despite his cost, the double game was just too good to resist. I considered Vidic as my final defender but I'm not convinced he'll start 2 games after such a long time out, so Upson comes in. He'll play 2 games, has a great chance of a clean sheet vs Hull & should get some bonus phantom points away at United.

In midfield I've gone for 3 doubles - Valencia will probably be in 99% of teams this week with Nani & Giggs out, Parker is a player who will pick up points no matter the game with blocks, interceptions & the occasional SOT & Fletcher has been getting forward far more this season with Carrick playing the anchor role, 3 goal + 3 assists so far & 2 games. I am slightly concerned he'll gets a rest in one of the games but I think United are a far better team when the Scot is involved & he rarely seems like to tire. I wanted a Villa middie & I settled on a bit of a hunch...Stewart Downing. He has to score eventually & won't get many better chances than Burnley at home, so I hope having someone slightly different could pay off.

Wayne Rooney needs no explanation, Carlton Cole will get the chance to lead the line for 2 games (although the nagging fear of Diamanti exploding vs Hull won't go away) & my final spot goes to the arrogant Dane, Nicklas Bendtner. He was bloody cheap & Arsenal could easily beat Sunderland by 4 or 5 today. With the amount of crosses & through balls supplied by Fabregas, Nasri, Rosicky he must surely get a few SOT to return his value & hopefully a goal to make the gamble worth it. I'm worried about Drogba, but my team with him & Rooney in was just too weak in other areas, so I've had to go without him.

So that's it - 4 Man Utd, 3 West Ham, 1 Arsenal, 1 Villa, 1 Spurs, 1 Portsmouth (...gulp!). Fingers crossed I can have another decent week to creep towards the Top 1000 - I haven't given up on another Top 500 finish just yet, although it will take a big effort.

Good luck to everyone, please let me know you team & any barndoor ideas you might have. See you in the chatroom throughout the day!


p.s. Wow...over 110 comments in my 'Player Picks' post this week, a new record, absolutely amazing response - huge thanks to all of you :)


Anonymous said...

lol ..... all our player is same this week...
although i missed the player pick post ...
hope our player will do well


Anonymous said...

Very similar team!

Bale Evra Spector
Parker Carrick Fletcher AJ
Drogba Rooney Bendtner

Currently place 663 with 2487 pts so Top 500 is definite target.
Cmon you Gunners today!

Anonymous said...

i have vidic(sadly though..)
he's on the sub..hopefully SAF will put him on the game tonight!

Ian Sanderson said...

Bale Baird Evra Vidic
Modric Valencia Ballack
Tuncay Rooney Drogba

Brought Ballack (for Bahrami) in just before the deadline, otherwise no tinkering after last week's barndoor work.

Merv said...

Vidic better score a goal in the next game! Fergie said he's going back in the starting 11 against Everton! This isn't good.

Bradley said...


I have Rooney at 16.10 but sadly only a small discount on Drogba. My team doesn't look too lopsided though, albeit with the usual Robbo worries. With luck the Bolton that shows up vs. Rovers is the same one that played at Wigan, although in fairness the pitch at the DW Stadium resembled the Burma Road.

Anonymous said...


Assistant Manager said...

LOL, who told us all anonymous? We picked him for the double week, West Ham at home still to come.

AdrmiraLordNelson said...

at least leave you're name if you wanna have a "hate to say i told you so" moment!

Merv said...

Behrami turns out to be the best buy of them all.

donut said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I love it. I told you not to pick Rooney. What a load of sh1t!! He will get a hat trick v West Ham at home. Notice that ManU have 2 games!!

Anonymous said...

weather watch! snowing at Ars-Sun Game.

Anonymous said...

got goals from drogs, berbs & cole :) :)

Anonymous said...

donut i know they got 2 games n what i said is rooney 2 games are not going to be worth drogbas one game.

westham are in a good form and i dont see rooney bulling them.i said mark my words on the other post go and check it and i will be back here on westham game to prove all you wrong.

Raconteur said...

My decision between drogs/fletch or cole/fab looks like it was a waste of thought, both pairs are likely to end up on similar points, unless something changes drastically.

Looks like there's points for everyone on offer today. Can't see myself moving up the rankings too much. Will settle for 2,500

Daniel said...

Dun be stupid annoymous and donut, I hope Rooney scores a hat trick against West Ham and shut your mouths

Anonymous said...

daniel dont be upset coz u got rooney,he will rpove he was a waste this double week.i have learnt alot through doeble games so i went with my guts drogba.ben c cole.

Anonymous said...

this must be your first good wk anonymous

Anonymous said...

not my first good week,actual the best double week that i stayed away from rooney fever so i can go up on my group and it worked for me.i didnt like the idea of everyone having him coz then u will not see the difference u will keep on hanging on the same position.

Remisheva said...

Love this week !
I have 4 CS, 2 goals !
It's really unbelieveable .

boyzz said...

A good week for me as well. 5 goals, 3 clean sheet, 3 assist..

goal from Drogba (2 goals), Bentner, C. Cole & Faubert.

assist from zhirkov, kovac, faubert

clean sheet : vermaelen, upson & spector

awaiting for portsmouth game later today as im having ohara & james..fingers cross

Shivo said...

Bale, Hutton, Salgado
Fabregas, Valencia, Park, Yuri
CCole, Rooney, Drogba

Nuf said

TwoFace said...

My team in the end:-


Sad to see Vidic not playing but luckily Man Utd did not keep clean sheet..hope he returns on midweek..Thank God Fabregas scored at the end if not really bad pick for the Drogba at first but drop to allow Bend/Fab(no regrets)..wanted Behrami but not enough money so settled with Faubert..luckily he scores too..yippie!!

89 points with James n Bale to play; not too bad for me..

Ian Sanderson said...

"Brought Ballack (for Bahrami) in just before the deadline, otherwise no tinkering after last week's barndoor work."

Possibly my worst decision of the season.

Anonymous said...

boyzz i think u had the best team of the week.

Cescy said...

james let me down, but i had to have a filler and randomly chose diao, what a great pick, first goal in 8 years, amazing...finished with 83 points and still have 6 doubles to go...

also what a dissappointment vidic was...shocking, even evra but hey they have a chance to redeem themselves...

team for next week looking like this atm after bd...

cptn kirk/james
baird carragher roger johnson
delap fab4 maxi zhirkov
fuller bendner THE DROG

hw are your teams coming along...any tips/criticisms?


Anonymous said...

Gutted - nearly changed Adam Johnson and Kalinic to Bendtner and Diao last minute... oh well! Last week I took my last minute decision and went K2 -> Hrod...


bean said...

not too many points so far this week, had drogba and carlton co, but had rafael who didn't play, and of course james' negative points but i expected that...hopefully rooney pays us back in the 2nd match.

i had a sneaking suspicion everton would do well at home to ManU, wish i would have listened to my gut..landy pretty expensive now, was hopin' to pick him up cheap. great work toffees!

@Cescy - Fuller's an interesting one.. even though i grabbed zhirk on the bd, i'm leaning towards j.cole instead.

Hutton Shorey Bale
J.Cole Fab MTay AdamJ
Drogba Bendt Chucho

maxer said...

looking good.. currently at 82 points with some scorer by the name of drogba, fabregas and faubert in my team.. still have kalinic tonight and MU vs WesHam on wednesday..

my team btw..
fulop (0)
evans (3), spector (9), elokobi (0)
valencia (8.5), faubert (18), fab (13.5), mullins (0)
drogba (25.5), roon (4.5), kalinic (-)

*i'm opting the 0 gk for the discount..
*drop diamanti (18) and diao (11.5) for fab & kalinic.. fab only managed to get 13.5, hopefully kalinic will get 17.. :p
*really like bentner and berba but couldn't afford them..
*hopefully i can reach 100 this week..


Cescy said...

@ bean...just going to bed and saw your response...has already got me thinking about changing roger johnson for shorey? will see how fulham get on today vs birmingham and maybe bd him if fulham do well and he plays as i heard konchesky is due back soon...any ideas anyone as the phyiso room item has not got him on there?

will also be keeping an eye on pool as they have a decent fixture vs blackburn next week and i am unsure about gerrard and torres as they are expensive and would destroy my team to too many fillers but if they perform on the day they may be worth the gamble?

grabbed fuller cos he loves scoring and playing vs arsenal (as seen in the f.a. cup game recently) and i cant see them keeping a clean sheet even though i am an arsenal fan with some growing optimism, howvever misguided, stoke love to give arsenal a rough ride and atm its looking like ther is a real chance we might still win the league considering our run in, i just hope we can keep going and let the others tumble...i can hope eh!

joe cole also looks good, but i cant see him doing too much damage vs a city side who will be trying hard for forth spot and hopefully aiding arsenal's cause lol.

From a very sleepy Cescy

Cescy said...

p.s. also want jaaskelainen...but funds...adjustments will have to be made...night.

Alex said...

Ok where am I then, I am sat on 118 points with Bale to come in and just Valencia, Cole and Evra to go midweek, I went for single gamers and I hope this is the case for? I was sat on 1500 or abouts for weeks but the last three or four weeks of going purely for match ups, not holding, not worrying if they play twice or three times has seen me move up to 489 as of today (with Bale to come in).

The case for part two, girlfriend is sat on 68, she has now dropped out of the top 100 for the first time this season after occupying top ten for a month or so, she went Evra, Rooney, Carrick, Scholes, Cole and avoided Villa.

OK I may be cocky now and after the midweek game I may get burned with Man Utd going mental but am quite content with my progress, too many debates around Rooney and Drogba, I dropped Drogba for the ANC but my choices around him still leave me on plus 4 directly so its no loss. Both great players but they will have off weeks and I am confident I can pick up a player each week that will match his points, the top ten dont sit on players and if the week requires a £24m Drogba they pay it, and it works for them, and as such adopting similar tactics is working for me.

Next week I fancy Liverpool (Torres at that price will upset the Rooney and Drog fanclub) Birmingham, Burnley (will be my big gamble) and Birmingham and thats where my cash will go, and quite evenly on decent priced players.

OK now get back to me midweek after Rooney scores a hat trick ;-) but am more than happy with Gabby, Downing and BFAY.

So who you going for next week, whos your keeper choice? and who will be brave around Burnley v Pompey, this game will either be stalemate or one Team will go really big, and I expect the latter.

Anonymous said...


Spanish Points Bandit

Hugo (the zero) Rodallega

DEAD (& not alive)

for his crime of torture on 1000's of YFF players - a man who played 270 mins of premiership football and managed to score 1 (yes ONE) point- we, the above, declare that he shall be killed DEAD, hung from the local gallows by his own dreaded football jersey.

Signed, the mayor of AMFB


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