Thursday, 18 February 2010

Week 23 - Player Picks

After what seems like an eternity (2 weeks to be precise), it's time for my Week 23 Player Picks. Following the craziness of Week 22, I'm sure many of us were praying for a single week but unfortunately it was not to be. 

Manchester Utd  & West Ham have a double week, as they play Everton & Hull respectively this weekend before meeting each other at Old Trafford next Tuesday (5 days before Man Utd face Villa in the Carling Cup Final).

Week 23 Fixture
Saturday, 20 February 2010
Arsenal v Sunderland, 15:00
Everton v Man Utd, 12:45
Portsmouth v Stoke, 17:30
West Ham v Hull, 15:00
Wolverhampton v Chelsea, 15:00

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Aston Villa v Burnley, 14:00
Blackburn v Bolton, 12:00
Fulham v Birmingham, 15:00
Man City v Liverpool, 15:00
Wigan v Tottenham, 16:15

Tuesday, 23 February 2010
Man Utd v West Ham, 20:00

As with any double week, there is a risk of players being rested, but while I'm sure Ferguson wants to win the Cup, his priority is catching Chelsea in the League so he'll go full strength to Goodison & I doubt he'll rest anyone for the Hammers game. 5 days rest should be more than enough for his players to recover for Wembley.

To be honest, with injuries at centre back, no reserve left back, no Giggs, no Nani, an out of favour Anderson & apparently no faith in Owen or Berbatov, it's difficult to see who he'd rest anyway. As for West Ham they need every point they can get, so Zola won't be resting anyone unless he changes system (which he might actually...)

If you don't fancy backing the double then there are plenty of great picks from the single gamers. The stand-out fixtures are Arsenal at home to Sunderland, Chelsea at Wolves & Villa at home to Burnley. I also have a sneaky suspicion that Portsmouth may turn Stoke over at Fratton Park. I can't back Spurs at Wigan, even after the 9-1 reverse earlier in the season; we're just not playing well. City v Liverpool, Fulham v Birmingham & Blackburn v Bolton are all close to call, but there will be points around for the home teams.

So with that in mind, here are my Week 23 Player Picks

Van Der Sar

If you've hung on to VDS since he was mega cheap then this is the week you get ultimate payback! He is without doubt the keeper pick of the week, BUT there is no way (in my opinion) you should be paying the full £15m+ for him just in case he "does a Cech".

So if you don't already have Edwin, who do you go for? Well, with Almunia likely to be missing with his finger injury, my next best pick was going to be Fabianski for Arsenal at home to Sunderland, but after last night's utter embarrassment at Porto I can't see how Wenger can play him. Maybe Mannone will get the nod? He's the same price so he's one to look at, but I imagine the medical staff will be doing everything they can to get Almunia fit.

If none of these choices take your fancy then you have the bargain option of David James at home to a goal-shy Stoke, although going with a Portsmouth keeper is always a slight risk. An alternative is Paul Robinson, home to Bolton & reasonably priced.


Picking a defence is  tricky this week. I imagine all of you will be holding a bargain defender such as Bale, Hutton or that bloke from Hull beginning with M. As well at that, you may still hold Vermaelen or a discounted Dunne (as always, both great picks), but the chances are you have 2 spaces to fill.

Evra is the top pick, expensive at £11m+ but pretty much guaranteed 2 games, so it makes it very tempting to fit him in. Other than that it's very tricky to choose another United defender. At right back Rafael will probably get 1 game, Neville 1 game. At centre back Vidic seems to still be injured but could be back, Ferdinand will miss the first game through suspension but will be back for the 2nd, so Evans could get 1 or 2, but he had a nightmare vs Milan, so Brown might take over...


I am; to be honest there are just too many "ifs and buts" so I'm banking on Evra and avoiding all other United defenders unless I hear some news from Fergie suggesting Vidic is back. For West Ham it's more straightforward - Upson, Tomkins & Spector should all play both games & tend to score okay even without clean sheets.

There are also plenty of attractive single game options; Shorey is really tempting at under £8m, taking set pieces at home, while Finnan & Emerton have decent home games & are both very affordable. I've already mentioned Vermaelen, Dunne, Bale & Hutton.

A Johnson

Again, plenty to choose from in midfield. With no Nani or Giggs you have to imagine Valencia (top pick) & Park will line-up on the wings, so both are fantastic options for the double week. I'd also expect Scholes, Fletcher & Carrick to share the 3 central midfield spots, with Rooney up top on his own, although Scholes may get a rest for one of the games.

For West ham, not a lot to get too excited about, although Parker is consistent, Collison always has a chance of a goal & Faubert could act as a double game filler.

Single gamers offer greater choice - I expect Fabregas to go to town on Sunderland & also see Rosicky as a really decent value bet at his price. Milner has been quiet lately but will relish the space he'll get vs Burnley & Bentley should keep his place on the right for Spurs at Wigan, taking all set pieces & generally racking up loads of phantom points.

Jamie O'Hara is always a good pick at home, Downing is surely due a performance & is the value Villa pick, Adam Johnson frees up money elsewhere, as does Zhirkov (although he'll be playing left back without the chance of clean sheet points). Arteta is in there, but it may be worth waiting 1 more week with Man United coming to town.

C Cole

Did anyone notice Rooney dropped down to £21m after being £24m last week, or is it just my imagination he was ever that expensive? Whatever, I woke this morning to find an extra £3m burning a hole in my fantasy football related pocket & it made me very happy.

I think you have to have Rooney given his current form & apparent price drop - he'll be bang up for it vs his old club & then faces West Ham at home. Yes, there is a risk Fergie rests him for that game, but the chances are he'll give him 60 mins and then sub him once he has his goal or 2. I must say I like this approach - get the job done first, then he can rest.

I'm sure the majority of you will also be going with either Carlton Cole or Diamanti. I'm going with Cole as I've been badly burned by the Italian in double weeks gone by (as I know many others have been). I'm aware it's a decision I could end up regretting as Diamanti will get the home game at Hull and he'll probably do very well, but I'd be surprised to see him line-up at Old Trafford where I expect West Ham will pack the midfield with hard workers & stick Cole upfront on his own. He may well still outscore Cole in 1 game, but I couldn't afford the extra £3m on the barndoor & certainly can't afford him at his current price.

I still hold Drogba at £20m, but I don't think I'm going to hang on to him, even at Wolves. Obviously if you have him at £10m you're laughing but I don't (so stop it) and can't splash £40m+ on 2 players in a double week. My final spot may well go to Bendtner - as I've mentioned, Sunderland could be in for a battering & the arrogant Dane should be on the end of multiple through balls & crosses, so at under £6m he is an utter bargain.

Mido is another option (seems to be given a left hand side attacking role), as is Kalinic as a filler at home to Bolton & I expect a goal from Gabby Aggy at home to Burnley, although he's out of my price range for the final striker spot.

So those are my picks for another week. I'm still split on whether to load up on all double gamers or single gamers...but as always, finding the right balance is key. Evra, Valencia, Rooney & Cole are definitely in, Bale, Bendnter & David James will probably fill another 3 spaces, the rest are still up in the air.

Let me known how you team is shaping up for Week 23. Anyone you feel I've missed from the list about?


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Anonymous said...

First !!

Anonymous said...

How about Carew AM?


Anonymous said...

my23rd line up

Anonymous said...

Might gamble on Wes Brown. AM you talked me out of Diam and I had him at 13. Sold him, picked up the arrogant Dane and slotted Cesc into midfield. Good analysis this week.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I have a dilemma here.

Don't know whether to go with rooney or not.
Here are two possible teams I can have. One with rooney, one without.

With Rooney:

Bale Shorey Spector
Fabregas Valencia Bentley Milner Mullins
Kalinic Rooney

No Rooney:

Bale Evra Shorey
Fabregas Valencia Bentley Milner
Kailinc Berbatov Mido

Please give me some advice.


Anonymous said...


I think Rooney is a must this week. He's in the form of his life and has 2 games.


Assistant Manager said...

Carew is an option Ron, but if Heskey recovers then he'll probably start ahead of him.

Anonymous said...

@BigRon: Thanks, mate. Will seriously consider your advice. I just don't like the look of mullins in my midfield. But I need him in order to get rooney. My only question is "Will he play?"

Anonymous said...

(above post)bengoh91

gman26 said...

Almunia(pending injury news)
Bale, Vermaelen, Dunne
Kovac, Utaka, O'Hara, Valencia
Rooney, Cole, Diamanti

Bojan said...

Sol Cambell and Ashley Young could be nice picks this week also... Sol is good if you want to have covered Arsenal CS and you dont have cheap Verm... And BFAY is cheap as he never been, and players like him always do good in YFF when they are cheap... Shorey's price will go 3-5M up after he gets 7 games played in season but Konch might be back so be carefull...

Bojan said...

Gabby is listed out in Injury report: Gameweek 23 by great fantasist

Aston Villa OUT Nigel Reo-Coker Ankle
Gabriel Agbonlahor Calf

Anonymous said...

Hello AM, I have a dilemma and need your advice.

1. Rosicky(6.69)/Adam Johnson(5.21)
2. O'Hara(10.00)/Delph(1.85)
3. S.Parker(8.35)/Mullins(2.14)

Thanks ^^

Doctor Teeth said...

Thank god that insufferable two weeks is over.

Mr. Rodallega? Table for Rodallega? Ah yes, there you are sir...right this way, the rest of your party has already been seated for some time. Please follow me. And here you are sir, let me pull out your chair for you. Make yourself comfortable. I'm sure you know your fellow "dead to me" diners...Andrei Arshavin, James Milner and Allesandro Diamanti.

Still planning to hold on to Drogba at this point. Provisional line-up is:

Bale Hutton Emerton
Modric Valencia Rosicky Parker
Rooney Cole Drogba

With 0 left over to spend.

Aside from my belief that he will return a 25+ point day at the Molineux, I think it is important to get in Drogba for as low of a dicount as possible given that Man United has a missing week coming will be much easier for me to drop Rooney for that game than it will be for those managers that hold him at 16mill and I want to have Drogba on my team to punish those sides who will have a very expensive goose egg in their front lines.

Still scheming to find a way to get a Villa player on my team.

Mike B said...

HAHAHAHA nice post DT!

I'm almost set on my team now.

Hutton, Bale, Shorey
Valencia, Fabregas, Fletcher, Downing
Kalinic, Rooney, Diamanti

The defense is decent enough, and cheap enough to allow me Fabs, which is nice!

The midfield and striker positions have a been a problem. Mainly the Fletcher and Kalinic picks, i could make a number of changes there.

So it boils down to this..


I have no idea which of those combinations to pick, no idea whatsoever!

Any thoughts people?

Mike B said...

Excellent selection of players this week by the way AM, it definately gave me food for thought :)

Saul said...

Hey AM I don't see Malouda on your midfield list, is he injured?

Anyways my team is as follows...


I'm not done yet as I'm considering upgrading Fabregas to Rooney but I'd have to downgrade one of my midfielders, possibly Milner? To a, lets say, T.Huddlestone or Fletcher, Carrick?

AM & Blog buddies - Please help

Doc Teeth - That is a well balanced team, looks above average and man would I wish I had the funds to afford it.

Anonymous said...

which one should i get evra or valencia? i need some help here please.

Saul said...

Milner/Fabregas or T.Hudd/Rooney?

I just can't avoid the fact that the Beast Rooney has 2 matches and could come up with a monster week but Fabregas and Milner have good match-ups. T.Hudd is a shooting machine but I don't know yet. Help guys?

Mike B said...

Saul - Why not go Downing/Rooney, this gives you Rooney and a Villa representative who takes some corners.

Or even Nasri or Rosicky/Rooney, covering the Arsenal Element.

I'm not convinced Thudd is the best you can get for 9 mill, but i am convinced that Rooney is probably the pick of the week.

Mike B said...

I see Diaby is now out...

Could this mean an outing for Ramsay? He's nice and cheap.

Anonymous said...

mike b what do u think about my team,any advice?
nelsen hutton evra

please any one with advice will appreciate i need to bounce back in my group this week so bad.
AM advice if any.
by super coach

Anonymous said...

mike b, i dont think ramsey will be a good idea coz Song will just come back to feel Diaby spot.

Bojan said...

My B team is ready:

Rooney,Bendtner,C Cole

finshed it in 3 minutes, had GK and Bale on discount... I bet that my B team will kick ass of my main team ;-)

Anonymous said...

What about Phillips of Brum after his two goals off the bench. Does he get a start against Fulham?

Also I had Scharner for triple week and continue to hold him as he's playing midfield and gets CS points (If Wigan can manage that). Drop Scharner at 8.2 and pick up Sol Campbell?

Saul said...

Mike B - Thanks for the suggestion on Downing, I wasn't even thinking about him. Now my team looks as follows...


I think I like it, 5 double gamers and good gambles on single gamers. Good luck to all and please let me know what you think of my team. Thanks...

Saul said...

@Anon 6.54 - I noticed during yesterday's Wigan game that Bramble came off with an injury and Martinez moved Scharner to play defence...keep an eye out for injury news regarding Bramble cause if he's injured, Scharner doesn't get any attacking points...and is unlikely to get clean sheet points agains Spurs, highly unlikely.

Anonymous said...

bramble looks like he will be available for spurs

Kellz said...

Bit of a change:

James, Shorey, Spector, Bale
Milner, Valencia, Fletcher, Rosicky
Rooney, Diamanti, Agbonlahor

But having doubts about Milner, who has scored really well in some matches, but been completely absent others. Not to mention the lack of any definitive set piece taker (its spread around between 3-4 kickers), I guess my hopes are for a penalty? That seems a very steep price for a bust performance. If I drop him I'll probably drop Spector for Evra and add in Downing, much to deliberate though.

mags said...


Not really sold on Fletcher. If I sell him I would have 11.41 to spend. Would Downing be a better option? If not who would be best for the money?
Should I keep Fletch and upgrade James to Capt. Kirk? Don't hold confidence in either one of those keepers but if I sell james I only have 5.43 to spend.
My defenders are probably there for the rest of the season because of the huge discount (I hold all 3 for 12.17)
thanks for any/all help

bean said...

so many options this week...
right now i'm looking at:


i'm really hesitant to have James in goal, and Salgado is filler, but can't really beat that strikeforce..

AJ said...

Your blog is excellent, well done. way better than that muppet who writes the official yahoo blog

Fidan said...

Arrrrgh...These price fluctuations are KILLING me!!! I couldn't save Fabs/Bendt/Tomkins cuz I couldn't sell Diamanti @13.xx and Valencia/Evra who I thought would go up in price. Boy, I was mistaken... Now Tomkins/Fabs/Bendt are 0,7m UP.

Now, I really need some help. So far I'm settled on 8 players, but can't really decide on the other 3...!!!

Here is my current team:

Bentley,O'Hara,Valencia,Lawrence(full price)

As you see I have no Arse player, so I'm a bit worried there, are my options.
Tomkins/Lawrence/Diamanti to go for either:

1. Shorey/Fabs/(Mido,Bendt,Spector,Behrami,Piquionne)
2. Spector/Parker/Fabs
3. Evra/Fabs/Kalinic
4. Evra/Fletch/Diamanti


Kellz said...

@Fidan: The options I like are (1) Shorey/Fabs/Bendtner and (2) Evra/Fletcher/Diamanti. The dilema is do you think Arsenal will crush Sunderland? If the answer for is "yes" then go for option 1, if not, go for option 2. Either way your left with strong double gamers or strong single gamers.

Hope that helps mate

Two Face said...

Long Live AM :p

My team:-


I guess i agree with AM to drop Drogba for i'm trying to fit Spector and drop Hutton and Bendtner for Kalinic..seriously i wanna have at least one west ham middie; contemplating Parker,Noble or Collison

or just go with fletcher and park and drop parker n zhirkov..haha

Fidan said...

@Kellz - Thnx mate. As always, your suggestions are sooo welcomed and spot on. And the irony is that I'm not sold on Arsenal yet. One one hand, I have a feeling they will crush Catts-Reid-Henderson-less terrible traveling Sunderland, but on the the other hand, they are Arsenal aren't they...they just can't fight and win for their lives...!!!

Anyways, thnx again for advice. I'm still on the current line-up and seriously considering the 4th one (Evra/Fabs/Kalinic), Evra and Fabs both strong double and single-gamers covered up...!!!


Anonymous said...

funny people r dropping drogba against wolves.he will get more points that rooney who got double games.mark my words.its not going to be easy for rooney at everton and he will not bully westham that much.

Anonymous said...

All eggs in one basket..maybe..anyone know if Vanden Borre will play ? Afraid of Hutton in case Arsenal go mental and score 8.

Here it is, and although not all 2 gamers, for once (other than Vanden Borre playing or not) happy with th team. Any suggestions/changes/comments?

Park/jerkoff/Parker/A. johnson
Rooney/Drogba/C. Cole


Anonymous said...

why is everybody going for hutton in their defence?? Do you fancy Sunderland will preserve a clean sheat??

Anonymous said...

Ilan will start ??


Anonymous said...

what do you guys think: Ashley Young or James Milner?

Anonymous said...

Option 1:
Bale Shorey Evra
Fabs Valencia Bentley Milner Mullins
Kalinic Rooney

Option 2:
Bale Shorey Evra Spector
Fabs Valencia Bentley Mullins
Kalinic Rooney

Option 3:
Bale Shorey Spector Luke Young
Fabs Valencia Bentley Faubert
Kalinic Rooney


Anonymous said...

(post above)
Which option would you choose? I'm leaning towards option 2, but would like to hear your opinions.


Anonymous said...

Hi All,

How about noble? is he a good pick? I want at least one WH player in my midfield :)

Matthew said...

you have everyone listed that is on my squad except Steven Mouyokolo at 1.76 I would say I have decent squad for the upcoming week, decent indeed!

Bale Mouyokolo Hutton
Fabregas Rosicky [Arteta@7.88 :o] Valencia
Drogba Kalinic Rooney

AdrmiraLordNelson said...

Arteta @ 7.88 gives me the chills it does

AdrmiraLordNelson said...

I am Matthew too by the way...Not quite sure why my name came up but I changed it back to the ole Admiral...wish I had more Manure in my team but this will have to do!

toshack said...

i got to choose one only

evans or upson???

my team atm
evra bale evans( upson)
park fletch faubert valenc
roo drog cc said...

I believe Mido is the cheaper version of Diamati, and can get 2 games in. What you guys think.
Evra, Hutton, Bales
Park, Valencia, A Johnson, Fab
Rooney, Mido, Bendner

Anonymous said...

My team lineup for Week 23:

Spector Baird Dunne
Valencia Faubert Parker Ferguson
Rooney Cole Diamanti

7 double gamers.comment pls?


Anonymous said...

Guys, this Fabregas versus Drogba debate is making me double guess myself.

Fab at home to a toothless and lost Sunderland looks awfully tempting. Or Drogba away (where Chelsea haven't done so well recently I might add- 1 win in 7 in the league) with a trip to the San Siro only 4 days later. But I got him on the BD for 20.74... and Doctor Teeth mentiong Man Utd having a missing week soon? I need help!

Team with Fabs:
Bale Vermaelen Evra
Valencia Carrick Fabs Park
Rooney Bendtner Mido

Team with Drog:
Bale Vermaelen Evra
Valencia Carrick Eboue Adam Jo
Rooney Bendtner Drogba

Please, anyone... some advice would be greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

And just to give another comparison for this Fabregas and Drogba argument, here's there next 5 league fixtures (if fit of course):

Sunderland (H), Stoke (A), Burnley (H), Hull (A), West Ham (H)

Wolves (A), Man City (H), Portsmouth (A), West Ham (H), Blackburn (A)

Arsenal seem to have more favourable fixtures with 3 home games and the toughest possibly being Stoke away. Chelsea have 3 away with maybe Man City (and Wayne Bridge) having something to prove at the Bridge.


Gasper said...

My team for the week

Bale, Shorey, Campbell :)
Fabs, Parker, Carrick, Faubert
Roony, CCole, Bendt

What do you guys think about Campbell? He will surley start with Gallas still out, has a good matchup and can still score. Otherwise I think Faubert is a great filler, plays at RB and likes to go forward. I've had a feeling for some time that Bendtner will just explode and bag a goal or two. Hope so! :)

Anonymous said...

my team so far:


balance 1.74.

dunno carrick,fletcher and park will play both games or not.
scholes likely to start 1 game
rooney might be rested/sub home to west ham due to carling cup/CL ahead
berbatov likely to play at everton because he didn't play at milan..

any comments?

Anonymous said...

Currently load up most with the two gamers:

Bale Upson Evra
Valencia Park Fletcher Parker
Rooney Cole Mido


Anonymous said...

I am realizing with 6 double gamers who will NOT play next week AND having James AND Nelsen (who will not have a game in two weeks) that I basically will have a clean slate to build around Drogba (sorry not allowed to snicker per A.M.'s post, but I am) for the following week. Once again, damn double games! I HATE that I will have to be cheering for United.

My Team:
James (1.63)
Nelsen (6.44), Bale (2.84), Evra
O'Hara (8.21), Carrick (7.64), Valencia, Parker
Dorgba (10.76), Cole (9.08), Rooney (21.71)
with .19 left

Very happy with this. Basically been sitting on it for 2 weeks; except for Parker upgrade when Rooney price dropped . . .

comments about switching Carrick and Parker if someone has a better idea.

Teeth - Roda not allowed at my dinner table anymore either.... nor is Cahill for that matter.

Bojan and Saul - good teams..... almost got me to switching.

gasper - I like your Faubert hunch.... had him, but went with Parker causes I have the cash. He will be busy in both games and that is when he gets his points.... or gives away a penalty.

Fabs - I am waiting until next week... I remember how poorly he did against Sunder last time out in the Arsenal loss... thought the Sunder midfield is a bit depleted, so cannot fault anyone for nabbing him this week.

Drogba - if you have not bought him already, time for you to get lucky and use funds wisely elsewhere cause splashing that much cash will hurt


Caleb said...

My friend who live in Birmingham said it is snowing heavily. Can anybody who lived in the UK provide more information...... Any chance that any match will be called off?

Kellz said...

@Toshak: Really Tough call, Upson will play 2 for sure, and Evans possibly 1-2, so safest bet is Upson.

@Sneaker: I actually really like your lineup, keep the Mido dark horse pick, if he can score on Hull its all money in the bank as many will not have him!

@TJ: I too flirted with Cole and Diamanti playing upfront, but in reality Diamanti plays in mid and Cole is probably a sure start for both. But I'd almost stick with 1 over the other, and if you like Cole maybe go with Gabby home to Burnley? If you have Parker might switch Faubert to another choice like AJ if possible. I don't trust West Ham in 2 legs with one being Utd (I just saw an old Utd v West Ham game which finished 7-0 or so on FSC) I think the best West Ham options are Upson, Diamanti, Parker, and Cole.

@Golova: Drogba, Drogba, Drogba. I am sick he isn't in my team. Hes proven time and again hes the right pick for any week. Go with option 2 with Drogba. Against a Wolves side he should destroy (sorry if he doesn't but he should) but if Fabs does the business get him on the BD. You already have Bendtner with Drogba so that covers Arsenal attack.

@Gasper: Campell is dark horse pick for sure, but I don't trust Arsenal to keep a clean sheet to be honest. I think Bent could sneak one in, better use that money for Spector or higher who has 2 games to get atleast more points. I feel more likely West Ham to keep 1 CS against Hull/Utd.

@Anonymous: Too many rotation possible Utd midfielders. Pick either Carrick or Fletcher (drop Carrick as he plays holding mid) and place in a mid priced West Ham middie, or if you have the funds go for Downing.

@Ajani: of all the loaded teams I think yours is the best balanced. Not what I'd go for but it might work in the end. Good luck.

Good luck, sorry if my predictions are wrong, but hope it helps

Assistant Manager said...

Kellz - Outstanding post; I really appreciate what you & other members of the community do to help out, by giving great advice to other readers.

I'm so busy at work at the moment that I have no time to reply to the majority of individual comments, so I'm very lucky the we've built up such an outstanding group of's the main reason the blog has been a success so far.


Anonymous said...

evra already have 4 yellow if he got booked during everton match??


Anonymous said...


5 YC only applicable in 1st half of the season...for 2nd half of the season needs 10 YC and will be suspended for 2 matches.

init said...

This is a great help!

Fabregas at c18 is a bargain

Love the Rooney/Drogs/CC trio. Although he is a great FF player I am not convinced on Diamanti in real life, he seems to miss out on the big games.

Personally I am holding Carrick/Fletcher/Parker and am surprised that more people aren't...
I guess the uncertainty on the ManU midfielders is a reason for this?

Hutton will probably not get a clean sheet but is always likely to score points, like Bale will, and he is cheap.

No love for Berbatov this week either? I still feel he is due a run in the side, but I guess he isn't cheap and is a risk...

I wish ManU didn't have so many players! Even with Giggs/Nani out its very difficult to predict his midfield!!

Anonymous said...

cause my wife is 2 hours late.... I did some math.

Using player avg. points per game and player avg. points per last 3 games (double gamers count double)... my team (above) rates as follows:
year avg. = 120 points for this week
3 game avg. = 141 points for this week

See! it is my wife's fault I spend so much time on this!


Gasper said...

I know Faubert is a bit risky. Especially vs ManU, but he has a good price. I'll be satisfied with a couple of points.

I've been looking at Spector for quite a while. Can't really say what bothers me with him, but there is something. I know Campbell probably won't get a CS since Ars are unable to keep it very often. But I always like to pick defenders who can score and I think Campbell has a good chance. He's tallm, has good positioning and will be in the penalty area for every FK and corner. I think Ars will have lots vs Sund.

Thanks for the comments guys. You all deserve a beer ;)

presto said...

O'Hara and Diamanti or
Fabregas and Mido?? Appreciate opinions..

I like O'Hara cause of the phantom pts and he seems to be shooting alot last couple of games same with Diamanti. And Mido may be worth the gamble if I can hv Fab in my team...

Anonymous said...

my team
evra dunne vermalaen insua

milner kuyt fletcher

rooney (C) drogba zamora

zamora scored a belter last night hes wanting an england place so hes going to be looking to net a few this week

Anonymous said...

Now that Drogs is back can anyone in the class who held him while he was in the ANC tell us if it was worth it? Did you drop down the rankings much if at all? Obviously the full payback will not come until the end of the season but I was curious.


Anonymous said...

will m.etherington play this week???

Anonymous said...

can someone help me plz..
which is more better team??




Anonymous said...

YFF blog said vidic is set to play double .. is that true ??


Anonymous said...

Anon 3.43 - your 1st team is better, Rooney is a must, and Etherington is injured.

Anonymous said...

oww.. ok2..
thx u!!!! im afraid of james will will hv -ve points.. thx again...


eas said...

anon @ 3.36

Ethrington is out for a few weeks,00.html

Ban said...

Nelsen(5.25), Bale(5.45), Givet(6.95), Evra
Valencia, Park, Downing (8.88), ???
Rooney(16.10), Cole

**With 15.37, which player should be in? Any advice? Should MILNER in?

I try to change GIVET to Fabregas and 1 filter mid with S.Sidwell from Villa?

Really need urs' advice.

Thanks all of u^^

Ban said...

and having Drogba @ 20 somethings

Ban said...

another option of my team:

Nelsen(5.25), Bale(5.45), Givet(6.95), Evra
Valencia, Park, Fabregas, SCHOLES
Rooney(16.10), Cole


Nelsen(5.25), Bale(5.45), Givet(6.95), Evra
Valencia, Park, Fabregas
Rooney(16.10), Cole, OWEN

SK said...

Is Bullard playing this weekend? If so, what do you think of him as a possible option? He is only 8.16

- SK

Ban said...

according to YFF's blog:
QUESTIONABLE Jimmy Bullard Knee

SK said...

Ban - that list was created two days ago, and YFF's Choose 'em or lose 'em had him listed as a possible good pick this week. So I think he will at least be on the bench this weekend. But what do you think of his chances of starting?

- SK

Ban said...

I like Jimmy Bullard play the games, because Hull really need him! Added now his price just @ 8 somethings.
A good option! Agree with u, SK. Maybe he will on bench

2121 said...

Any thoughts on these two options:

Drogba/Carrick/Rosicky/Manienne(other filler)



Anonymous said...

Hey, guys, why doesn't any of you bet on M.Noble?
Is Parker a better option than him?

Saul said...

Ban - Arrrrg, you're giving me something to think about there mate. Hull City with Bullard at West Ham is a good fixture, lots of points to be had with Bullard but the thing is I don't want to take the risk of him starting off the bench. Currently my team is as follows...


If I were to make Friday changes, which I'd be going against the rule of "NO FRIDAY TRADES", it would be C.Cole/Shorey to Bullard/Vidic. I don't know yet though, I'll probably go with my gut and stick with the team I've got.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, could someone help me and advice which one is better???

Team 1 (7DG)
Drogba,Carlton Cole,Rooney


Team 2 (6DG)
Fletcher,Valencia,Parker, Mullins(or any filler)
Drogba,Carlton Cole,Rooney


Team 3 (5DG)
Fletcher,Valencia,O'Hara, N'Zonzi
Drogba,Carlton Cole,Rooney

I am afraid Vidic will only play one match,confused???

Thank you so much!!!

Your advice will be much appreciated ^^

Alex said...

It appears that everyone is going James to spread points around elsewhere, but I BD'd Almunia given their nice upcoming schedule...
Then he gets a knock but Fabinski looked like complete ASS against Porto.
Any insight on the Arsenal Keeper situation?


Raconteur said...

AM, Great player picks as usual. I think i'm jumping on the DG bandwagon, although Villa, Chelski and Fulham are tempting.

What does anyone think between:

Verm Bale Evra
Noble A.J Valencia Fab4
Tunc Roon CCole


Verm Bale Evra
Noble A.J Valencia Fletcher
Tunc Roon Drog (20.74)

Average points work our pretty similar. I don't want to miss Drogs going mental against Wolves, but also looks a bit too much like egss in one basket.

Raconteur said...

Saul, pick up Bull on the BD, not worth the risk this week. Likely to be on the bench.

Everyone seems to be picking Shorey. Is it worth having Shorey over a middie? I'm leaning towards Shorey over Noble.

Ferdinand said...

what about rio in the united defence? why isn't he mentioned, cheap at 7.41 and needs these games to be eased into the next CL game...

Raconteur said...

Ferdinand, pretty sure he's still banned for giving whiplash to that poor fella in defence. He's not banned from CL, hence him playing against AC.

Anonymous said...

With Lamps out for Chelsea do you think Drogba will get all the free kicks and any penalty kicks?

Anonymous said...

been wrecking my head this week but ive managed to get teves shifted for rooney :)

dropped sorensen for robinson and hey i had money to spend!!!

just hope valencia plays both games but he came on mid week and changed things.


vermaelen bale baird

hunt ohara fletcher valencia

drogba kalinic rooney

Anonymous said...

fletcher or rosicky?

Mike B said...

Anyone thinking of Bullard might want to hang fire, Hull have a blank week next week, and Bullard has just got back from an injury.

You may be better off picking one of the other single game guys that have a better matchup, i.e Rosicky or even Joe Cole now that Lamps is definately out.

Anonymous said...

hey guys, which one looks the better pick

fletcher , vidic , downing


AdrmiraLordNelson said...

still happy with:

Bale Hutton Mouyokolo
Arteta Fabregas Rosicky Valencia
Rooney Drogba Kalinic

Saul said...

@Raconteur - Thanks for the feedback mate, I'll take your advice and stick with my current squad...I'll BD Bullard.

As far as Shorey goes, I've read from numerous people that he takes corner kicks and free kicks...I'm not sure myself but I'm going with the majority.

Mike B said...

Saul - Bullard has a blank week after this one, along with Man U, West Ham and Villa.

So i wouldn't barn door him if i were you.

Anonymous said...

Okay, just finished my team:
Van der Saar (8.14)
Bale (5.45) Evra Vidic
Valencia (10.9) Fletcher Parker Mullins
Rooney Bendtner C. Cole (9.08)

What do u think guys? Do u feel having a filler such as Mullins is too much of a waste? I was playing with the total 11 from Parker and Mullins but couldn't really make a better combination (Like Adam Johnson + someone..)

I'm hoping on a Lot of points from defence this week.. if united manage the CS against WH alone it would mean massive points.


Anonymous said...

Anon..Drogba will take the majority of free kicks, and Ballack any PK's

DarkZero said...

Do you guys fancy Mido to play for the DG? or some other forwards (since now WHU have loads of forwards)

Cescy said...

who would you guys pick...

zhirkov or adam johnson?

team atm is...
spector vidic evra
valencia scholes diao(filler) zhirkov(or a.johnson?)
rooney bendtner drogba

thanks in advance...

Anonymous said...

Shorey / Vidic / Bale
Walcott / Park / Valencia / O'Hara
Rooney / Diamanti / Kalinic

Taking a few chances here but feel I need to to get back into contention.

Anonymous said...

Zhirkov, he will, most likely, be taking the free kicks that lampsy would have been taking. If you have the money maybe even Joe Cole at 6.53. Liverpool will play two holding midfielders, so johnson won't get much joy and Chelsea are at Wolves.

My team any thoughts

Vidic Evra Bale
Fletcher Bentley Zhirkov Valencia Downing
Drogs C. Cole
James- cheap against stoke(worrisome)
Evra- gets forward well and has two games
Bale- . . .
Vidic should be back for two, and even though I think everton will win tomorrow, he should garner plenty of points against west ham. Downing delivers the balls so well and burnley are horrid.
Bentley will probably stay until lennon is back
Zhirkov - is cheap and has been taking free
kicks, especially with lampsy out
Fletcher- neil sold me on him
valencia- with injuries and suspensions there is no reason not to have him for the double
Drogs- . . .
C Cole- will start both and is much cheaper than diamanti

Anonymous said...

@Cescy - Hands down Johnson, he's at home and had a rather great starting week last go around.


Anonymous said...

i need help..i dont know whether to pick vidic(8.96) or ferdinand(7.41).i know ferdinand is suspended for 1 game therefore only play once but i heard vidic's back.i currently have ferdinand in my squad lineup for the week

Vermaelen Rio Shorey
A.Johnson Valencia Parker Downing
C.Cole Rooney Bendtner

Anonymous said...


bean said...

hello everyone. too many comments to read...

ended up with :

Rafael Shorey Bale
Valencia Rosicky Utaka Adam
Rooney Drogba Carlton

agreed that James is a worry and not too confident with Utaka, but super cheap potentially playing as striker at home.. and it allows me to get to that great trio up front. i'm guessing Rafael could only play one match, but good chance for clean sheet and some attacking points, even in one i think he's worth it at 7.67

slightly worried Rooney could get a rest in the second match, but so worth it if he plays two (if he maintains his form, which can't last forever)

have to be on our toes for the barndoor, lots of blank weeks approaching and some good deals to be had before price updates

good luck to all
thank you Assistant Manager

Cescy said...

@ saito fall and FLScott, two differing opinions, i think i am going to settle on zhirkov for now as i cant see adam johnson's price rising a great deal vs liverpool and zhirkov will get a run in the side depending on how long ashley cole is out for and i can also see his price increasing slightly more as i reckon chelsea will get a clean sheet(hope i havent jinxed it lol)...

@ question has to be vidic imho, as it seems he is going to play twice and rio will only have one opportunity...

as a footnote teams are generally looking good and obviously alot of the same names are coming up...those who take some gambles on players like mido and diamanti may come out the other end smiling...but who knows...

i hope my 40 plus million plunged towards drogba and rooney doesnt backfire...good luck to all this week and keep up the amazing work AM...


Cescy said...

just realised another issue for zhirkov, he is a defender who is listed as a middie...therfore cleansheet wont count for him (could be positive or negative depending on 'which cech' turns up-quote from AM there), just hope he can get foward and put balls into the box for the
beast that is THE DROG and hope for an assist...



Anonymous said...

Michel Salgado of Blackburn is playing ?? Salgado or Hutton ??


Ruben said...

Need some advice!!!

bale brown shorey
valencia fletcher ajohnson scholes
rooney ccole defoe

Any changes possible?? i thoug take defoe in case of the 1-9 win

Anonymous said...

Well, the advantage of a cup break is that you usually have twice the time to prepare your team. These were two crazy weeks for me, so I haven't had a lot of thinking time. I hope my instincts are proved right.

Vermaelen Bale Evra
Milner Valencia AJohnson JCole
CCole Rooney Bendtner

I heard many reports about Almunia being back, I hope they were true. Any way, I'm taking some huge risks this week. Not that playing safe ever helped me though.

Last minute advices?


SLASH said...

Why do most of you choose Milner imstead of A.Young?
Is he out?

My team I
Evra / Upson / Warnock
A.Young / Milner / Parker / Fletcher
C. Cole / Gabby / Kalinic

Wondering about Valencia and Vermaelen. . .

My team II
Evra / Upson / Vermaelen
Milner / Parker / Fletcher / Valencia
C. Cole / Gabby / Kalinic

Anyone? :)

Anonymous said...

can anyone help me plz? I'm stuck in a big dilemma, i don't know which trio is better:
Rosicky/joe cole/rooney or


Anonymous said...

go for the 1st team. rooney is a must have for dis week.. without lampard j.cole will take d place..

Anonymous said...

Been spending 72hrs and end up with....

Bale, Shorey, Hutton
Valencia, Scholes, Etuhu, Park
Drogba, Rooney, Bendtner

Good Luck Everyone!!!

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