Friday, 5 February 2010

Week 22 Selection Dilemmas

I thought I'd post a bit of an update now I've whittled down my initial list of Week 22 player picks to 18 players.

I'm still having trouble making some of the big decisions - not helped by a dream I had last night that Matt Taylor scored 2 penalties vs Fulham. Why on earth I'm dreaming about Bolton I do not know but it's now got me thinking that I should find a way to get him in to my team.

I'll discuss the specific decisions in a moment, but here are the players I'm still switching round...I've tried around 12 different combinations & all of them featured at least once:-





Now at the moment my team is:

Caldwell  Shawcross  Bale
 N'Zogbia  Etherington  Lee  Petrov
  Tevez  Rodallega  Benitez 

I quite like it but there are some changes I'm looking to make. Given, Bale, Shawcross, N'Zogbia, Etherington, Tevez & Rodallega will definitely stay. Caldwell, Lee, Petrov & Benitez are the players who could go.

As I mentioned, I'd like Matt Taylor in, but it's tough to find the cash. I've considered going with Hutton alongside Shawcross & Bale. Hutton may only have 2 games but he should start both, get forward a lot, has a chance of 2 clean sheets & he's dirt cheap. I think he's just as likely to see 2 games as Garrido/Zabeleta.

If Taylor was to come in, I wouldn't need Lee, while Benitez has good fixtures but only 2 games & he tends to miss quite a lot of chance. So I could switch...

Caldwell > Hutton
Lee > Whitehead
Benitez > M Taylor

Leaving me with a 3-5-2
Hutton  Shawcross  Bale
 N'Zogbia  Etherington  Whitehead  Petrov  Taylor
  Tevez  Rodallega

I think I slightly prefer this team, and it's possible it's the one I settle on. I've obviously not got Adebayor, but I really hate the guy, he picks up very few phantom points & he always always lets me down. I love my midfield & even though I only have 1 triple game defender I think Hutton & Bale can make up for that with their attacking mentality.

I'd like your opinions on the above. Also, please let me know what dilemmas you're faced with as we find ourselves within 24 hours of the deadline...I'll do my best to answer as many as possible!



Anonymous said...

Petrov / McCarthy or N'Zogbia / Lee

I'm favouring the latter as I think they have more chance of starting all 3, but I fear Petrov may make more points even in two starts than the other two put together. I've got a sinking feeling that whichever way I jump I'll end up choosing the wrong option.

Also have you heard anything on the state of Zabletta's nose - choosing Wilkinson instead of Zabletta would allow me to upgrade Lee to Petrov, but I can't see starting one, let alone three of the games.

Paphos Toffee

Assistant Manager said...

Hi Paphos Toffee - I really like N'Zog this week so I'd go with the 2nd pairing.

Not sure about Zabaleta's situation - they said he might wear a protective mask, but the uncertainty over that & general rotation means I'm avoiding. Wilkinson would be a steal at his price but as you've said, he'll probably only get 1 game. Hutton would be a better option IMO!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Ferguson will be playing for B, ham?

Ron manager

Anonymous said...

Hi guys cos i decided to keep o'hara (bad choice?)

i cant decide whether to have shawcross or etherington. or maybe drop o'hara and have both stoke players

Anonymous said...

Already got him, Bale and Diao as fillers so I'm not mad about getting in Wilco anyway to be honest. Gotta say though I'm not happy with Zabletta so might go P Robbo or even Bikey and upgrade Lee to Petrov.

That would leave;
Bale, Hutton, Robinson
Petrov, Eth, N'zog, Diao
Rooney, Tevez, HRod

Still not happy though - this might go down to the wire tomrrow !

Paphos Toffee

Thomas said...

Wilkinson has started the last 2 games..
Got takn off on 74 mins last week though, cruel!

Anonymous said...

Dear AM, Gamble with wilshere. He is a 3 gamer and looks v.dangerous from wat i hear! He is only 5+ for a 3 gamer and caldwell a 3 gamer who agen is a nyc gamble. Then nw u kan buy matty. Also wigan hav good matchups with a gk only 5 samthng. Am afred given samtyms daznt earn much.If it backfires, wel, its justa game! The oracle

Alex said...

Bolton now have Wilkshire and Weiss, attack minded midfielders, MTay seems to get withdrawn earlier in games, see the angle?

But you seem to have a bad weekend when you go against your hunches?

Oh and maybe don't tell your other half about the Bolton dreams, it won't be seen as a good thing!!

Anonymous said...

Possibly my final team for this week:

Bale Hutton Figueroa
Lee Eth NZog Fab4
Tevez HRod Kalinic

I wanted shawcross but am 0.2 million short. I'm pretty settled on my other players and don't really want to upset the balance just to fit him in. So I'll probably stick with this team.


Anonymous said...

this is probably no help at all, but hopefully fair. matt taylor is at risk of being subbed early due to poor form and pressure from Weiss/Wilshere. then again that pressure might just make him up his game. can't beleive these media reports saying adam johnson of citeh might start. nice and cheap but it's hard enough with petrov/bellamy without throwing him into the mix. S.P.

Anonymous said...

V. Stojkovic
T. Vermaelen(6.02):)/G. Bale/RJohnson
L. Modric/D. Duff/M. Petrov/D. Whitehead
D. Drogba(10.66)/C. Tévez/H. Rodallega

thinking abt droping Johnson for hutton and upgrading whitehead for eth.or Nzogbia
Any suggestions ?

Anonymous said...

The fans from would rather see Mtay on the bench, but would Coyle?


Mrljo said...

AM what about McCarthy?? what are the chances he stars 2/3, with new wigan arrivals in mind..

my current dilema is shawcross/mccarthy or hutton/petrov-or someone around 12 mil.

i have both ade and tevez in my team so petrov is maybe to much city so i'm kind'a leaning for the first option because if mccarthy doesn't play hopefully HRod/Nzog will then play for shore and vica-versa :)

Come on all you wigan supporters give us some thoughts!!


Doctor Teeth said...

Happy friday, gents.

A lot of overlap between our teams, AM. At present, my prospective line-up is:

Bale Shawcross Steinsson
Modric N'Zog Ether MTay
Tevez Kalinic HRod

I like my team...if these players were just to return their averages, I would bag over 210 points. Still, although the core of this team will remain, I have toyed with a few variation over the past couple of days:

(1) Swap out Steinsson and Etherington for Cahill and Whitehead? I'm desperate to find a way to get Cahill into my team (check out this stat: although Cahill and Dunne have essentially the exact same number of points, Dunne has, well, done it with ELEVEN clean sheets whereas Cahill has done it with a big whopping ONE). But I don't buy all of the recent infatuation over Whitehead (check it his anemic goal-scoring history) and I don't really want a player on my team whose name is synonymous with a pimple.

(2) Swap out HRod and MTay for Rooney and Hutton (could also swap Steinsson for Figueroa in this move)? I am shivering in my boots over not having Rooney for the double week, especially when one of the games is at home against Pompey. Flashbacks of me in the fetal position when Rooney bagged four against Hull haunt me. Still, don't know if I can stomach dropping to triple gamers with the potential to return around 60 points.

As for your MTay dilemma, AM, take a look at his three-game point production over the course of the season: 34, 44.5, 43, 38, 33.5, 38, 42, 37.5, 31, 25.5, 29, 23 29.5, 24.5, 29.5, 34, 20.5. Sometime, the numbers don't lie.


Anonymous said...

I somehowe entered some kind of a stats center in YFF but I can't find it again. (you know where you can see most used player and so on, besides top 3 on the main page)

Please Help,

Anonymous said...



I'm being forced to decide between Rooney@17 and MattyT !!.. PLEASE HELP!!


Anonymous said...

I'm 0.04mil short from getting Hutton instead of Kalinic, and thus turning my formation into a 4-4-2. So my team will probably stay as it is until the deadline. I had dilemmas about Rodallega and Petrov, but I think they'll be in my final team. Nevertheless, I'd appriciate any help.

Bale Vermaelen RJohnson
Duff Etherington N'Zogbia Petrov
Tevez Rodallega Kalinic

I don't like it, but it's the best I could do. I know we say it every time, but I think THIS is the hardest week so far.


Assistant Manager said...

- Barry Ferguson will play, he's one of the first names on Birmingham's team-sheet

- O'Hara is always a good choice, but I'd personally go Etherington because of the extra game.

- Paphos Toffee: Nice looking team mate, if you can have all those triples & keep Rooney you have to be happy.

- Hi Alex, I wrote in my initial picks that I wasn't going to pick Taylor, for that exact reason. Picking him up @15 is a huge risk if he doesn't play all 3 games, so I'm still unsure!

- bengoh91: nice team mate

- anon: dropping Johnson could clearly improve your midfield, but Birmingham have a great chance of 2 clean sheets. It's upto you, I like both Eth & N'Zog...go with your hunch is all I can say.

- SP: I know, so much confusion!

- bigwest: WOAH, thanks for that link mate! You have to imagine the fans know what they're talking about as they watch every game. Coyle is a clever man so I'm sure he's seen the same, so that makes Taylor an even bigger risk. So much for my dream!! I may go back to Lee & change things around.

- Mrljo: I think McCarthy is key to Wigan. He was rested in the FA Cup along with other senior players (e.g. Rodallega). I think he starts all 3 games

- Teeth: As always, great analysis. Regarding your choices, (1) Whitehead is simply a filler I picked up for £3.7m, he'll start 3 games and may get me 5-10 points in total... I'd take that but I'm not saying he's a great option, just necessary for my situation. I like Cahill a lot but couldn't get near him costwise. I'd stick with Steinsson & Etherington. (2) I've also got a funny feeling Rooney might be rested (on the bench) for the Pompey game, so I can't advise spending £24m on him, although I know if he plays he'll score big. Finally - my concern isn't regarding Taylor's performance when he plays, it's WILL he play? I genuinely fear he could be a rotation risk. Does the same thing worry you?

- Tekno: Keep Rooney at that discount.

- SF: Love that team, don't change it


Anonymous said...

Hey AM! I actually enjoy double/triple weeks as I tend to do much better in them than single weeks. I think this week will be the most crucial one this fantasy season, and so I have been preparing my team for quite some time now. Even though I really like it, I am still looking for ways to upgrade players. Our teams are very similar (something I take as a good sign :))
Bale - Shawcross - Hutton
Etherington - N'Zogbia - Whitehead - Duff
Rodallega - Tevez - Adebayor
So I have got Ade + Duff instead of MTay and MPet. Now Duff stays for sure (even though I think Reid will score big this week) because I have him on a discount and like his match-ups. My dilemma is whether to swap Ade + Whitehead for Tuncay + MPet. What do you think? And also how do you rate Hutton's chances of starting both? (I'm quite worried about having only one TG defender.)
Thanks in advance and good luck with your team,

Anonymous said...

AM, withstanding you have both atm, NZog or MPet if you had to choose one?

thnx in advance,


Doctor Teeth said...

I have to say that I regard the risk that MTay may be rested or - gasp! - not even start for Bolton as nil. Aside from the last two games (where he was apparently nursing an injury and was a slight doubt), he does not have a history of being regulalry subbed off early and he has started all but one of Bolton's games this year. So I'm not buying it. Did you go to that link to the Bolton fan site? I mean, some of the posts didn't even want MTay on the bench. Give me a break.

I think Lee is a class player and he does cost 6.5mill less than Mtay so making that switch is not the worst move you could make. Having said that, I say that if you can have a player who is a top-ten overall point scorer on your team for a triple game week, you go for it...Tevez, HRod and MTay all fit that description (fine - MTay is in the top-eleven).

Anonymous said...

We are looking at the mother of all snow storms right now...check this link out:

It just occurred to me, and I am about to research a little more online but ANY CHANCE OF SNOW THIS WEEKEND IN ENGLAND?????!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

My team for this week-end is:
PRoblem (at 2.5 and no bad match-ups)
Verm, Bale, Hutton
Etherington, Lee, Nzog, Larsson
Roon, Teveez, HRod

Am happy with it. I finally broke past the 4000 barrier last week for the 1st time in my 5 years of playing FF, so hopefully I can maintain it :-)

All the best to everyone.

Phil, in a hot and humid Durban, South Africa

Anonymous said...

This is driving me nuts this year.Never more indecisions,changes, etc. than this year. 3 gamers, 2 gamers, rescheduling, weather watch...geez.Now AM has MTay dreams, and someone I didn't have on my team is a must have now..

I am done...but still not 100% sure.
100% are EdV(huge discount),Bal(huge discount)e,Hutton,Mtay,Nzogbia,Tevez,K2(discount),Rodallega.

HELP ME SPEND 20.6 at current pricing between either 2D and 1M or 2M and ID better than the following:

Zaballeta (6.52)... if I only knew if he'll play
Petrov (9.54)..if I only knew if he'll play
Whitehead (4.51)...filler let's face it.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or ideas,


Anonymous said...

Great work again!

Dilemnas : heres a précis from the guardian's site by mancini of manciti:
Viera will play (?instead of de Jong??)
Bridge will play (?instead of Garrido??)

Still scratching my head though....


Guy said...

@anonymous 3:38 - there's no snow forecast in England for the the weekend. There is a possibility of some snow over the next two weeks though - it looks like it is more likely in the north first and the south later. Since we're picking teams to cover up to the 17th that means there is a risk - Wigan hasn't had the greatest record in terms of abandonment this season (although I'm still in the Blog Cup because their game was postponed with me about 1.5 points above the cut-off so for that one at least I wasn't complaining). I don't think any games are particularly at risk this time, but forecasting the UK weather 1 day ahead is not very accurate, let alone 12 days, so who can be certain!
@Phil - you seem to be doing very well. But your score is 1,400 points ahead of the overall leader so perhaps you are mistaken?

Guy said...

@Phil - whoops - just realised you meant position not score! Sorry!

Anonymous said...

I am done, and will not change my team anymore. 10 DG'ers.

Bale Hutton Toure Cahill
Nzog Lee Mccarthy Etherington
Adebayor Hrod


Any comments or changes? Good luck boys

Anonymous said...

Hi AM,

Wilkinson or Hutton?

Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

Bale / Huttonn / Caldwell
O'Hara / Zogbia / Whitehead/ Etherington / MTay
Tevez / Roadllega

i get the feeling O'Hara will manage something against Portsmouth ;)
still considering playing 3 strikers with Gudjohnson on the team.

- Anorexic Pig
comments greatly appreciated! (:

Anonymous said...

hey will those players with 4 yellow cards get banned if they get the 5th card? i've heard something bout a reset on cards or something after january 1st.

Anonymous said...

nope. 10 yellow cards is the threshold now.

Anonymous said...


At the moment im on

Bale Shawcross Ricketts/Caldwell??
Petrov Nzogbia, Etherington, Lee, McCarthy
Tevez, Hrod

I need some advice please. Shall i go for Ricketts or Caldwell for my last defender slot? Or even a different combination such as drop McCarthy for Tuncay and put Steinssen in there?

Thanks in advance for your comments


Bojan said...

My team is:





not sure that is the right choice, but that is my decision... went for best 3 game club(City) to have some CS in this week, and dumped mayority of Bolton players... went for defence becuse i expect very hard games with tew goals... other players that was in option were:

GK - no one else
Def - Ricketts, Cahill
Mid - Whitehead,Matt Taylor
For - Elmander,Fuller and Tuncay

Fidan said...

Can some please stop my head from spinning...aarrrgh...!!!


Again I'm not so sure about my team (about to sell Duff @13,34, :().

Now, here are the options I'm considering still:

1. Hutton/Lee to Caldwell/JMcCarthy
2. Hutton/Lee to Zabaleta/JMcCarthy (or Caldwell, e.g. 4-3-3)
3. Nzogb/Lee to Duff/JMcCarthy and
4. Nzogb/Lee to Duff/Caldwell (4-3-3)

What do YOU guys think...!!!

Chris Sheach said...

Hi AM,
Thanks to your blog I'm holding interest in YFF past the New Year mark for the first time in 5 years (mostly because I'm winning my group with my mates, and they haven't figured out why)

I'm sitting on:
Verm Bale Steinsson
Wilshire Gomez Whitehead deJong
Tevez HRod Rooney(17)

I'm happy with the f and d, but I'm afraid I may have sacrificed too much in the m. Thoughts, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Help! Does this team look ok?

bale / upson (at 6.00) / cahill / hutton
ohara / etherington / lee / larsson
tevez / rod

any feedback appreciated. anon123

Anonymous said...

Why not try my squad......


1. Tevez
2. Rodalega
3. Moses


1. Etherington
2. Taylor
3. Petrov
4. Carrick


1. Mancienne
2. Bale
3. Boyota


1. Given

Anonymous said...

Fidan I also have Duff at 13.34 and the way he racked up points last week he could easily outscore many of the triple gamers so im planning on holding on too him.

Which do you prefer?
Steinsson/Petrov or Hutton/MTay

Ive been burned by MTay a few times but with a triple week im worried about leaving him out of my squad, although if Petrov wasnt a rotation risk im not sure id even consider MTay over Petrov.


Anonymous said...

Bale / Toure / Hutton
Etherington / Lee / Petrov / N'Zogbia
Tevez / Rodallega / Kalinic

Despite the lineup I'm still not totally convinced that loading up with three-gamers is the best way to go (diminishing returns and all that). At week's end I suspect most of the top scorers will be two-gamers.

But we'll see. Go you Alzheimer Wanderers !!!

Chris Sheach said...

Since I'm posting a comment, did anyone else see this tweet from Nickky Butt? "John Terry has done nothing wrong. All coaching manuals state that if the full back leaves a hole, it’s the centre back’s job to fill it."

Fidan said...

@ CP
Hutton/MTay all the way. Petrov is in rotation-risk and I REALLY don't see ANY CS for Steinsson, so you could do better with the money, imo...!!!

Mike B said...

I like your first team to be honest AM, maybe because it's similar to mine.

I picked this at the beginning of the week, and due to my disasteroud late Friday and Saturday changes in recent weeks, i'm sticking to my decision for once.

Bale, R Johnson, Shorey
Whitehead, Nzogbia, Duff, Etherington
Tevez, Benitez, Rodallega

I know people will say i'm lacking triple gamers, but i honestly don't like any triple game defenders, i feel i have some clean sheet chances with my double game defenders.

Duff will more often than not score more in 2 games than others will in 3 games.

Benitez is a hunch that could go badly wrong, but my gut tells me he'll do ok at home to Wolves and away to the Hammers.

Barring definate injurys, this is my team.

Good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

For those of you looking to make a move, lose Given. Everybody has him. I'm risking to go with sure fire DGs as oppossed to TGs in the hopes of making ground with players few others will have. Tevez is the only TG who will def start for me.

Anonymous said...

AM - personally I think Cahill is a better option than MTay; he's a lot cheaper but still manages to score only 2 points less per game with only 1 CS. If Bolton do manage to hold 1 CS, Cahill should score as much, if not more than MTay. Just my two cents.

Personally, I kinda like my team. I'm going to be very happy if I score 220-250 points this week. I also hope that I won't regret selling Duff.

Bale Cahill Bridge Hutton
Etheringson N'Zogbia O'Hara Lee
Tevez Rodallega

- SK

bean said...

interesting week this..

here's some less popular options for this week:

Carr, Baird (back in MF with Shorey at LB)

Bentley, Larsson, Bowyer, Ferguson, Cohen, Whelan (instead of Whitehead), Diame, Viera?

Okaka (set to start), Moses (certainly won't play all three, but cheap), K.Davies (cheap, been known to score)

one thing to note for the triple gamers is that Wigan do not have the FA Cup match to deal with on Feb 12/13 like the others.. So a little less risk of squad rotations..

I'm still doing a lot of tinkering, considering more double gamers.. my big question is to Rod or not Rod..

bean said...

i think Wilk will only play if Faye is not fit, which appears likely, for the first match.. but if he's back for the other two, maybe Wilk only gets one match..

Anonymous said...

"As for your MTay dilemma, AM, take a look at his three-game point production over the course of the season: 34, 44.5, 43, 38, 33.5, 38, 42, 37.5, 31, 25.5, 29, 23 29.5, 24.5, 29.5, 34, 20.5. Sometime, the numbers don't lie. "

can Doctor Teeth tell me where these numbers are obtained from. Clearly all i can see is double game week for MTaylor's Bolton at best(wk1-21;"over the course of the season").

A quick follow-up on Drogba since the 'Price vs Points Analysis' by AM. Drogba had 54pts in 5 games pre-ANC(as i said in that thread);11.5 in 2g post ANC. so Drogba's ave is 9.357(in last 7[eligible]games).In fact, since week11[vs Man U,0.5] he had only one extraordinary week[wk13/1game/26.5]. guess the opponent that week ;) If he can replicate THAT extraordinary performance, then he is worth, if not...

Anonymous said...

I'm in the top 450 now. Whether that makes my team any better is another thing though. I'm a hoops and Scotland supporter, wasn't a great fan of calamity Caldwell but know he's strong in the air so I'm hopeing for a goal from the big man. Why's tuncay not mentioned, or is he injured just now. McCarthy is a good one also! My secret weapon however is Mr Cahill!

ben. said...

Hi AM. I think your second team is the better choice..

Just wondering.. am i the only person in the world who bought drogs this week?

Anonymous said...

had just a horrible 136pts last week(DG week that is!) hope to wake up from that nightmare and move on well. was up just 200 places, top2k, not complaining since this season's real cranky.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry if I confuse you, but I don't agree with Fidan. Petrov is in the form of his life right now, and I believe he'll start at least in two of the games, which is not bad in a DOUBLE week... and he has good match-ups. Plus, Steinsson gets a lot of phantom points without CSs, so I believe he's a good buy. MTay is very disappointing lately, and about Hutton - while he's a great filler, I'm not sure he's the best option for a defender if you have choices.
Petrov+Steinsson if I were you.


Kellz said...

@FIdan: Keep your team as is, in fact I think its a very strong and balanced team. Its time to stop the trades and settle or you will make a bad change!
Go with the gut!

Anonymous said...

Who should I choose, Gary Caldwell or James McCarthy?

Anonymous said...

Okay I've been locked in since yesterday due to the rule of NO FRIDAY TRADES!!! I feel very comfortable with my team as it looks fairly balanced all around.

Here it goes and please help me If you see someone who's injured and I haven't noticed...


Well on paper it looks pretty decent but as far as how they perform...wel we'll just have to see!!! In any case if my players underperform, almost all of you guys have more than half my team so can't loose too much ground. Some other players I was considering were Duff, A.Reid, Benitez, and Arshavin(What?!!!)... Yes Arshavin, he tends to do better with stronger opositions and is a definite started...the only reason I did not get him is because HE...IS...DEAD TO ME!!! Not even if he plays the weakest defence in the league, but I won't be surprised if he does well against Liverpool and Chelsea. Awww well I'm satisfied and to quote myself again "NO FRIDAY TRADES"!!!

By the way Kellz - What's your team looking like? You had 2 options yesterday and both strong...I'm guessing you went with option 1 since you're leaning on keeping Petrov.


Anonymous said...

bean - I think Rod is a must! Takes penalties, free kicks and lots of phantom points over 3 games...he's Wigan's top scorer and he'll have 3 chances to impress.

Newbie - Don't sweat it, that is 9 more points than I got and it's actually a good week for lets mover on to another insane 3 gamer.


LoL said...

Nzogbia or Petrov??

Anonymous said...

currently trying to decide between Duff and Taylor. Form vs extra game...someone mentioned Taylor was playing through injury, has he now recovered or is it likely he'll be rested/be rubbish?


Fidan said...

@ Kellz - Thnx for reply. As a matter of fact I've decided to keep away from Duff, not because he's a bad choice of course, but PURELY based on the fact of "going with the flow". I feel that keeping Hutton and Duff (along with Verm,Bale,Eagles and Rooney) would make my team thin on TG and most of the times it ricocches. MOST of the time (I'm just not willing to take that risk after droping from 75 overall to 137 last week).

The only dilemma I face is having Hutton still on my team (only 6 TG).


Drop Hutt/Lee for 2 out of Caldwell/Zabaleta/JamesMcC

ANY help, would REALLY...HELP...!!!

Anonymous said...

Drogba (18.9) and any midfielder < 5.35 or Rodallega and N'Zogbia? I hate the idea of letting Drogs' value get much higher before buying into him again...

Afrikan said...

Maaan at last this is the team I have settled with:


My dillema is Duff~Kalinic or Larsson~Benitez. I got 6 TGs and the rest of DGs got win big and have a feeling B'ham and Fulham both are capable of winning both of their games. Any advice will be helpful.

HooRus said...

settled on 9 TG'ers with two holdovers.
Given, Vermaelen, Nelsen, Bridge, Etherington, Taylor, N'Zogbia, Vieira, Tevez, Tuncay, Rodallega.

Anonymous said...

Is tuncay injured, does anyone, or is he just rubbish. Any help appriciated

Maxer said...

trying something different from other managers..

*i'm going for 0 points in gk again this week.. i got fulop for his $1.00 price..

*zabaleta, steinsson and z.knight in df.. not many would pick z.night but he is my hunch for this week

*modric, lee, etherington, diao in mf.. i'm keeping modric since few weeks ago.. bd lee.. etherington is my hunch in mf.. and diao is filler.. before mf: fab, modric, lee, m.davies..

*tevez, drog, hrod in fw.. got kalinic before hrod..

*biggest decision this week is i sold fabregas+davies+kalinic so i can get etherington and hrod in my team.. well its either make or break.. hopefully i wont regret it..


Afif said...

AM help me please. I need a good midfield at 5.21. The other option is I can go for 4-3-3 and buy Wilkinson but is he worthy?

Anonymous said...


I used the Fulop trick last week, and I got 145 points.

I was thinking of going for 0 points in goal, and using Fulop as the filler at the $1 price. I love the idea, but not this week....

I barndoored Given at 7.83. I feel that Given + a filler (in my case mokoena) will out score Fulop + mid.

Or maybe not, still have time to change my mind.

my team:

Vermalen, Garrido, Bale
Modric, Etherington, Lee, Mokoena
Rooney, Tevez, Rodallega

If dump Given and Mokoena, I can get
Fulop + $10.28 to spend.

got any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

adebayor or tevez???

Anonymous said...

my team

carr hutton bridge
nzogbia cohen fletcher andrews
adebayor rooney rodallega

Kellz said...

@Fidan: Keep Hutton and Lee, strong balance there and Lee can pop up with a goal.

@Hon-Saul: Well my headache hasn't subsided, I wanted MPET, but honestly its just not worth it if he flops, and I wanted a Citeh Defender but do I go with Zabs who might get rotated or do I hope Bridge can make it past 75min?

Gaurenteed so far: Given, Hutton, Bale, N'Zog, Eth, Whitehead, Rooney, Tevez, Yaga

Headaches: MTAY/DNH (salgado) or MPET/Zabs or Lee/Bridge
Each have an upside and a down side, MTAY could kill in this triple week, but that means I have a 0 in defense, but MPET could also rake in points since he takes corners and FK, but is subject to rotation, and Bridge is a worry since he is tipped to start but might not make 75min or worse get re-injured.

I'll decide late tonight what I decide to keep :D

Good luck guys!

Anonymous said...

MPet or Duff? What do u guys think?

My team would be


with 1.37 left..I am really not sure who to get?
With all the discussions about Petrov...need HELP!



Anonymous said...

Vermaelen Bale Hutton
Etherington Lee N'Zogbia Petrov
Rodallega Tevez Adebayor

I think I'm settled with this team. Swopped out Garrido/Whitehead for Hutton/Lee. I now have no triple gamer defenders, but I just cant see who to fit in. They are either too expensive(Toure/Shawcross) or rotation risk(Bridge/Zabaleta). Not too keen on defenders other than City as I dont see many CS, so I might as well just get Hutton and upgrade Whitehead to Lee.

Anonymous said...

hey guys is jussi jasskelainen gonna play??
and shud i keep rooney got him for 16+...

Anonymous said...

sorry 4 d mistake above... i meant chris kirkland.....

CMass said...

Sitting on the following :
Verm,Bale,R Johnson

Anonymous said...

just wanted to know..
which stoke striker will be the most likely to start all 3 games?
thanks a lot.. =)

Anonymous said...

hey yah, first time poster, big time admirer. this blog has transformed my fantasy game... i am currently leading one of your leagues and am in cracking form. i owe it all to the blog and some of my own intuition. in any case, this is my team for the big three-game week, which will prolly decide my fate at the top or not.

Vermaelen,G. Cahill,G. Bale
M. Etherington,Lee,McCarthy,Whitehead,N'Zogbia
Rooney, Tevez

I have to sign up proper to the blog, as i want to get involved. I may be a Canadian, but I would test my metal against anyone in the world.


sincerely, FC United of Toronto

jm said...

hw abt Paul Scharner??! nice pick?

Anonymous said...

I have now

bale figueroa bridge
barry etherington ..... .....
adebayor tevez .....

21mil left. Any tips?

bean said...

man, my scrolling finger is tired.. there's a lot of comments..

i wanted to go a little more risky/differentiator lineup with Bentley/MTay/Okaka, but ended up with more of the regulars..

Hutton Bale Shorey
Larsson deJong McC Ether
Tevez Drogba HRod

seems not many others are picking Larsson or Drogba.. hope it works out..

good luck to everyone in this crazy week and thank you Assistant Manager

ppboy said...

After a thorough consideration, i ended with this players:

Bale Caldwell Hutton
Etherington N'Zogbia Taylor Barry
Tevez Rodallega Kalinic

Minnie said...

Hi guys , pls help me rate my team :

Anonymous said...

Baird Hutton M.Salgado
Nani J.Cole Duff Mokoena
Tevez Ronney tevez

any suggestion???

Anonymous said...

So, Should we get MTaylor or not in the end???
Is he gonna start all 3 games for sure? Is he gonna play well..


The Greek said...

@Anon 10:38
Yes, a nice suggestion is to change the second Tevez with another forward :-))))

@thm It's your own team, YOU decide.

Anonymous said...

My final team:
Verm Heitinga Hutton
Fab Etherington NZogbia Why-Not-Vieira
Drogs HRod Ade

Looks good..


Anonymous said...

My team :
Cahill Caldwell Toure
Etherington Muamba Lee McCarthy
Tevez Rodallega Moses

zero left to spend ..


Anonymous said...

Dam i yahoo said this: Please note: Due to the fact that there's only 2 games being played in the Premier League next week, Stoke v Man City and Wigan v Bolton on 16 Feb are being included in this game week.

We're skrewed

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