Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Aguero Added...

@ 6.55. Nice!


capiTeno said...


Ken M. said...


Holt/Aguero/Gervinho total cost 19.63

Don't mind if I do..thank you!

Steven said...

Same front 3 as me Ken. Aguero will rise in value quickly. We're all going to be stuck with him!

kwyjibo said...

Yes, nice! But I hope Mancini gives us some clarity about who is going to start the first game, and what is going to happen if Tevez gets stuck there.

Agüero is a great buy, and I'm sure he'll get plenty of playing time. If Tevez gets stuck there, though, the picture gets a little more difficult, and I imagine Dzeko becomes a long term bench warmer if that is the case.

Steven said...

I can't see Aguero not starting in the first game of the season against a newly promoted team. Maybe, just maybe, Tevez will be the bench warmer after his antics.

Saul said...

@Ken- What about Sinclair over Holt?

Aguero and Gervinho has to be in everyone's team imo.

Aguero @6.55? Don't mind if I do!

Chaos said...

@Saul Holt has wigan, Sinclair Man City....

Saul said...

@Chaos - Good point! By the way, can you tell me more about Holt. Does he take any freekicks or penalty kicks? I've been looking at goals scored from the newly promoted players and he was definitely one on my radar. Taarabt, D.Pratley, S.Sinclair, G.Holt, and W.Hoolagan are players I want to keep my eyes on.

Chaos said...

Well he played for us (shrewsbury town) 2 seasons ago and took everything, scoring 29 goals in the process! I doubt though he gets that freedom at norwich.

The Orphans™ said...

De Gea's price is already on the way up. He started at 5.91, he's now 6.06.
I think it's because so many people have bought him it effects the mathematical algorithm, I think I heard that once.
Shame because goal keeper selections can have a big swing on weekly points.

rwlwhite said...

Have you seen QPR's first 6 games? I'm thinking a couple of their players might be doing well at the beginning of the season:

they could pick up some points from those 6. i'm certainly holding onto taraabt if he stays

Saul said...

@rwlwhite- Yeah might be work a gamble with a couple of their players, Taraabt a no-braier. I noticed Gorkks took a few penalties in the Championship so definitely looking at him as a possible defender.

Anonymous said...

With Wigan riding quite high last year in the disciplinary tables last season I'd agree that Norwich set-piecers could be worth a punt - especially if Figueroa & Caldwell play!

Ken M. said...

I am thinking that a lot of teams may have those starting forwards. At least 2/3?
Why Not?? It's almost like getting 3 for 1.
Some may not get a "start" but I am confident all will return their cost.. plus.

Chaos answered exactly as I would have. Sinclair was holding the spot for Aguero on my team and if not for the poor opener combined with the low low price on Aguero, he may still be there.

On top of everything else, my midfield looks great!

What wonderful choices we have. So many that, moving slow may be the best tactic for now.

Like the old bull & young bull sitting at the top of a hill, overlooking the herd.

Young bull..let's say we RUN down there and *^#@* SOME those cows!!

Old bull...Let's say we WALK down and $@*&^*# THEM ALL!

I think I already know what I am going to do for opening day..but I am still taking my time.

good luck...

Ken M. said...

Team Norwich list their most used player as Russell Martin.

Russell Martin is listed under defender here in yahoo BUT his bio states he is a midfielder.

Have a found a "cheep" player I can fill in my defense with, while all along getting in on some extra points?

I have never seen him or Norwich play.

Since he is the most used player on the team, where will he line up?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Despite whatever you've read about him being a midfielder Martin is in fact a right back!

Glen said...

Hi all,

I'm a Norwich fan so wanted to give some info on our players that may be useful for the upcoming fantasy season.

As a few of you have noted, Holt is our key striker. He is our captain, and from the middle of last season main penalty taker too. He does not take free kicks, though. As long as he gets the service, I expect he'll be our top goalscorer.

Russell Martin, as noted above, is indeed a right back. He does like to get forward and he scored a handful of goals last season. He was ever-present last year, and I expect he'll be automatic choice again this time around.

Free kicks and corners were taken by Fox, Crofts and Surman last year. Fox is the most likely starter out of these three.

We have brought in Bennett and Pilkington who, along with Hoolahan, will be expect to provide the creativity -- expect many assists from these guys. Hoolahan will also take penalty kicks if Holt is not on the pitch.

One guy catching the eye during pre-season has been Ritchie De Laet -- on loan from Man Utd. We are playing him in central defence, and he looks extremely solid. He is also venturing forward for corners and free kicks, so I expect a couple of goals from him this season.

I hope this is useful information for anyone considering Norwich players.

Tanim said...

This is my team guys... What do you think? Any advice on if and what i should change?

D. De Gea

N. Vidic
V. Kompany
A. Cole

D. Silva
A. Taarabt
J. Wilshere
S. Coleman

S. Agüero
L. Suárez
G. Holt

Anonymous said...

@Tanim Brillaint team there I wouldn't change a thing!

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Tanim said...

Cheers (: but Holt or Gervinho? Both the same price :S

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