Thursday, 4 August 2011

Season Previews - Part 1

Firstly, thank you to everyone who signed up to join one of the Blog Leagues - it was incredible that we were able to fill 12 leagues in just 5 days and it's left me feeling really excited about the new season, especially with a monster 1,200 team Cup Competition to look forward to!

I'd hinted at a partnership in the Blog League post and I can now reveal a bit more. The coming season will see a collaboration of efforts working alongside two men you know well, fellow Yahoo Fantasy bloggers Jeremy & Neal at Fantasy EPL and Ibracadabra at Never Captain Nicky Butt whose focus is the Official Premier League game.

We start with Part 1 of our Season Previews which were written as a team and are being hosted on Fantasy EPL. Covering each Premier League club in alphabetical order these previews will give an overview of last season's performance from a real-life and fantasy perspective, predictions for the coming season and players to look out for/avoid in both the Yahoo and Official fantasy formats.

Links to the first five covering Arsenal > Chelsea are below - hope you enjoy!

Season Preview - Arsenal

Season Preview - Aston Villa

Season Preview - Blackburn Rovers

Season Preview - Bolton Wanderers

Season Preview - Chelsea



Maya Rani said...

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DeviLxDeviL said...

Nice ! Never Captain Nicky Butt is one of my fav blog. Nice collaboration.

Anonymous said...

Not bad but it's hard to translate into Yahoo! terms.

Assistant Manager said...

Within each club preview there's a section on real life, a section on Yahoo and a section on the Official game, so there should be something for people who play one, the other, or both

kwyjibo said...

As someone who plays both games, it's great having one source for both! Thanks! It'll definitely save some research time.

Chaos said...

Fleeies as Nick said each team has a yahoo part, not sure what you mean.

Have you read the whole article for each team?

Chaos said...

Correction:- Nik, not Nick.

Azree_Msia said...

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Pos Kajang said...

YFF Blog League 4 has 1 space left....

Anonymous said...

J.Riise K.Gibbs Fabio
A.Taarabt Benayo VdVaart V.Moses
Balotelli Gervinho Aguero

18.24 left

Team shaping up nicely. Balotelli stays cos he'll still be first on pk without Tevez, VanPersie could come in for Geervinho or C.Adam/A.Young for Benayoun.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Joshua McEachran just 1.84 as a middie for Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

It was just my lazy reading, I read every word of the article but must've missed the Yahoo! indicators and read the whole thing in one fell swoop which left me a bit confused!

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