Friday, 5 August 2011

Season Previews - Part 2

We move on to Part 2 of our Season Previews written by myself, Jeremy, Neal & Ibracadabra and hosted on Fantasy EPL. Covering each Premier League club in alphabetical order these previews give an overview of last season's performance from a real-life and fantasy perspective, predictions for the coming season and players to look out for/avoid in both the Yahoo and Official fantasy formats.

Links to the next four covering Everton > Manchester City are below - hope you enjoy!

Season Preview - Everton

Season Preview - Fulham

Season Preview - Liverpool

Season Preview - Manchester City

Season Preview - Manchester United



arnab08 said...


Maya Rani said...



Kellz said...

Hey Nik!

Glad to see the blog is still up and kicking! I just flew back from my work on the boat ink Seattle for a week to go over my data/work. This is the first time since May I have seen the blog and the transfer news. Holy shit there have been some changes! YAHOO fantasy also looks like it got a nice make over! I am pisses I can only be in town for a week I wanted to catch the opening games. I think I am going to make a team for fantasy even though I can't change players until nov. It seems like were going to have a crazy season! I wish I could challenge to better my last season finish just outside the top 10 but money is money!

Take care and good luck with the new season!



Chaos said...

Any chance people who write "1st" and then add nothing else to the blog can be banned for a month?

Anonymous said...

That Everton pic was taken at RFK Stadium in Washington, where they demolished our DC United 3-1. We were there in the blazing heat to see it. Me and my General Manager (ie. GF) are back for another go. Good luck to all, especially those in Blog League #4.

Alzheimer Wanderers and QP FC

Ken M. said...

First off..welcome back Kellz.

Fulham have listed J.A. Riise to be on direct kicks. They just list Riise for penalities without the (J.A.)

I know they have a B. Riise listed at midfield.

Regardless I think he has fould a spot on my team but..Will (J.A. Riise) be on BOTH penalities/Direct kicks?

If that is the case..he is locked it on my team.

Irons said...

I've put together my team for the 1st time this season, and i quite like the look of it! I'm sure there'll be quite a few changes yet with more new signings imminent, but for now i'm looking at:

De Gea
Riise Gorkss Lescott
Taarabt Downing Hoilett VDV
Aguero Zamora Gervinho

I don't know anything about Gorkss so i'll need to research that a bit. Not completely convinced by Hoilett and Gervinho either at this stage, although i think they should be decent picks.

Great to have these selection headaches back again!

HarambeeStars said...

@Irons - Yes it's great to have these headaches back!

Great to see a lot of action already on this blog! I am excited as everyone else and here's my preliminary team:

De Gea
Riise Agger Gibbs
Taarabt Silva VdV Moses
Aguero Rooney Carroll

I want to include a city defender (Kompany or maybe Kolarov) but I will decide on that after watching the Community Shield. I'm juggling VdV and Downing, but for now I'm happy the look of this team.

Can't wait for another fantastic season!

greginho said...

kellz do the official game, it is one that you can set up the team and not pay as much attention if you donot want to

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Anonymous said...

@Chaos , i don't do it but what does writing first take away from you. you.

Chaos said...

Oh its just one of the best blogs on the net, but I feel writing first and then not contributing tarnishes it a little.

Ian Sanderson said...

I agree with Chaos.
Although making an issue of it will probably encourage it.

Anonymous said...

Not sure on this one - I was gong to swap Torres + 4.xx points for Van der Vaart. Chelsea's run of fixtures appear to be easy pickings, @Stoke, West Brom, Norwich compared to Tottenham's Everton, @ Man United etc. but Van der Vaart tends to score well regardless of the fixture! I do too like the idea of Chelsea's run of fixtures easing Torres into the new season and him coming out all guns blazing! Any thoughts?

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