Friday, 5 August 2011

Final Blog Leagues

Due to overwhelming demand the very final Blog Leagues, numbers 13 & 14, are open. These are for people who didn't get a space in the first 12, any duplicate teams will be removed. Taking a place will enter you for the massive 1,400 team Cup Competition later in the season. Details below:

YFF Blog League 13
Group ID#: 7658
Password: rooney

YFF Blog League 14
Group ID#: 7659
Password: drogba

These will definitely be the last as all my Yahoo IDs are now full up!



Pos Kajang said...


Chaos said...

1st? Odd fellow.

You guys are too popular Nik! Good luck with sorting a 1400 team cup :-)

Ken M. said...

De Gea
Taarabt/Adam/VDV/A. Young

I like it...

Not to sure on the defender side yet. The players I still would like to somehow work into this line up are, Vidic or any one of (4)City defenders. I also really want O'Hara and he would most likely take Young's spot to allow that defender move. Not sure why I can't drop Taarabt. Should he be "untouchable" so early?

Congratulations and good luck to you and your mates Nik. Is there a new name for this group that we as players can post next to our team names to promote it, or do we run with the standard (AM Blog)?

Anonymous said...

finally, can join in group 14

thx A.M

Felipe said...

Thank you Nik (made league 14 after 3 earlier disappointments :) ), you are an absolute legend! Had a years pause from Yahoo and played the official game but am now back for this. Very much looking forward to your extensive superb coverage again!


kwyjibo said...

Nik, you've created a monster! Wow, 1400, and considering how fast it fills up, it seems it could easily be 10000.

I got in early, within an hour or so of the original announcement, but still only managed to sneak in group 1 as the 98th person.

I added the tag, kwyjibo [AM.Blog], and my usual 'kwyjibo' team is in the AM CHAT REGULARS. My first time running two teams. We'll see how it goes.

So many unknowns so far, I have been quietly waiting news instead of making 1000 changes before the start. But, for what it's worth:

DeGea (who doesn't?)

Possible change of DeLaet or Vermaelen for Luiz, and/or bringing in a Man City defender for the game against Swansea. Also, waiting news about who will start in goal for ManU.

I didn't think Charlie Adam would do as well this year, points wise, with more competition from teammates. But, he may be a good pick after all with the injury to Gerrard.

Sinclair was called 'potentially this years Charlie Adam' by the Fantasy Football Scout, but I imagine it's because he's listed as a midfielder in the 'official' game. With YFF listing him as a striker, it's going to be tough to fit him in an already crowded front row. Suárez, Chicharito, Gervinho, Agüero, Holt, even RvP may be worth it if he's healthy. It makes fitting in Sinclair extremely difficult.

Only 8 days left to figure it out!

Im Suares (I was torre$) said...

Hi Nik.. Im in, finally :)

League 13, gd luck to all!

Woolwich Arsnell said...

Invitation for Join Malaysian Gooner League

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Anonymous said...

damn it, went on vacation for two weeks and came back to find all the leagues already full! sad, sad day...

speedjunkies said...

damn damn damn..full already..yo nik..make new up to league 20..

Andy said...

Hey, i made a late registration league if anyone is interested:
id: 9561
pass: goal

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