Saturday, 13 August 2011

Week 1 - My Team

 De Gea

Agger   Vermaelen   Riise

Silva   Taarabt   Young   Duff

Gervinho   Carroll   Dzeko

First team of the season - and I quite like it. The late fitness test for Van Persie put me off spending 22 on him in the end, so I now expect him to score a hattrick.

The only thing missing really is a City defender, I was 0.13 away from going Verm to Richards. Duff is a hunch pick, Gervinho is a bit of a shot in the dark, the rest feels solid. I concentrated on players I was pretty certain would start so I'll be annoyed if more than 1 doesn't. I also went for defenders who I thought could get me attacking points or come up with a goal rather than worrying too much about clean sheets.

Next week Chelsea are at home to West Brom, Man Utd at home to Spurs, Man City are away at Bolton & Villa are at home to Blackburn. I'll probably be looking at these four teams on the barndoor.

Let me know your team...and good luck all!


p.s. Sorry that Chatroll went down, it seems to do it at the worst times!


Maya Rani said...


ID : 8181
PASS : hansmike

KEO (KNOCK EM OUT) starts from week 3 !!!

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Razesh said...

dont think pool & arsenal can hold clean sheet

Anonymous said...

I have 8 players identical to that.
Downing, Gibbs and Aurelio being the differentials!

AM-Alex said...

Hi guys! It's only a trial version for what we plan to be a Russian-speaking YFF blog)
feel free to give your feedback!
Russian-speaking participators are welcome)

United said...

6 of 11 the same. Decent variance between the two.

Maximo81 said...

My hunch pick is MG Pedersen and Chris Eagles. Come on!

greginho said...

i have not been really paying attention to the picks this week, but have some of the same as well.

de gea

i took some chances with QPR pícks of gorkss and taarabt, but it seems like everyone is going with the midfielder.

i wanted to stay with home teams, so i avoided vermaelen, but in my internal memo about him, i put that newcastle give up a lot of header goals, so maybe if van persie is back, vermaelen can get a corner kick goal.

young i am hoping will be like malouda, last year, undroppable. plays at a big club, gets fantasy points, goals and assists.

kuyt and duff were also going against the grain. while everyone is going with adam. the idea that he only gets a start when gerrard is injured has put me off. i am hoping that kuyt gets anywhere near his output from the end of last year, i will be happy. duff is not a hunch for me, he was the best of the rest for the amount of money i had left. i went with him over sessegnon, ramsey and cabaye. i guess because i had so much money left, i did not pick those other midfielders.

i decided to give holt a shot, with a great matchup. i too was unwilling to take the risk on van persie. i am looking for a breakout season from dzeko because his last coach had said that the last two times he transferred, he had his first year not doing much, but then goes off his second year.

greginho said...

anyone know why i can not post on the chatroll. i can get on the screen and see all of the posts, but it will not let me in there. am i an idiot or what.

Sonic Rover said...

De Gea
Lescott Riise Agger
Taarabt Silva Moses Nani
Gervinho Carroll Dzeko

Great to have the PL and YFF back. Good luck everybody!

-The poster formerly known as "Bradley"

David said...
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David S said...

De Gea
Riise Agger Richards
Taarabt Moses Silva Young
Gervinho Carroll Dzeko

I expect that there will be substantial overlap among fantasy teams this week, but things should start to diverge a bit once the games begin.

kwyjibo said...

Well, I did take a big risk by keeping RvP. Also taking a chance on some of the newcommers. We'll see if any of it pays off:



McD said...

Group id------10262

The Relegated said...

Good luck all. I'm sporting:

De Gea
Riise Gibbs Richards
Taarabat Silva Nani Obertan
Holt Carrol Rooney

Hope for a better start than last season. No benchwarmers would be great!

Anonymous said...

De Gea
Riise / Kelly (Liv.) / Richards
Taarabt / Young / Moses / Silva
Carroll / A. Johnson / Rodellega

Obviously I gave in to the temptation to pick Wigan players, despite the fact that newly promoted sides come out of the starting gate running. Hope I don't regret it. Plan to follow all the games this weekend and keep the barndoor spinning. Good luck to all!

Anonymous said...

Suarez starting

NH said...

No love for the Everton matchup at home against QPR next week?

Anonymous said...

Joey Barton is a piece of garbage.

David S said...

Well, with Gervinho banned for next week he definitely moves out of my squad. Considering an Everton forward in his place. Who do we think will start?

@benjitrain--couldn't agree more. Hauling a player up off the ground by his jersey is preposterous and worthy of the red that the referee instead gave to the victim.

Anonymous said...

Well i stayed clear of Gervinho and RVP, hehehe but picked Paddy Kenny instead and he let in 4 cheap goals. Well i stayed clear of Gervinho and RVP, hehehe but picked Paddy Kenny instead and he let in 4 cheap goals.

Anonymous said...

>>> I also went for defenders who I thought could get me attacking points or come up with a goal rather than worrying too much about clean sheets.

No goals out of that bunch, AM, but two clean sheets! You just never know. Sorry about Gervinho though.

Anonymous said...

An early looking barndoor team -

De Gea
Gibbs/ Brown/ Flanagan
Downing/ Young/ Cahill/ Etherington
Dzeko/ Bent/ Sinclair

MB said...

Arsenal were lucky to finish that game 10 they should've had at least another 4 or 5 sent off /trolling

Raconteur said...

All this talk of Barton being an idiot and Gervinho being a 'victim' is a load of nonsense.

It's not a red card offence to pick someone up off the floor and remonstrate with them. If Gervinho hadn't slapped him, then a yellow for Barton would have been fair. To slap someone in the face is idiotic, and for me, worthy of a red card, whatever the circumstances. Joey Barton did overreact by jumping on the floor, which he has now admitted.

People like to jump on Barton because of his priors, but you have to be objective. On a related note, I think song could, and probably should, be retrospectively banned for that horrible stamp.

Anonymous said...

@Raconteur They both deserved red cards. However, Barton instigated by manhandling someone. Its up to the refs to award cards for diving not Barton. That lucky little shit got away with one. If he does nothing, Gervinho gets a yellow and Barton gets nothing. Instead he has to act like the punk he is and instigate and fall down like a pu**y. In my mind Barton's acts were a lower class of gamesmanship than a dive and a soft retaliation tap. He has quite the passion for football but that doesn't absolve him from being a disgrace to the game.

Anonymous said...

First of all - it wasn't a dive, just an exaggeration of a very mild piece of contact.

Barton was wrong to grab Gervinho's shirt to pull him up off the ground as the normal practice is to extend a hand.

Gervinho was wrong to react aggresively towards Barton - if you watch closely it is Gervinho who then grabs Barton and reacts threateningly towards him by swinging out at him leading to Barton holding onto Gervinho rather than letting him go.

Obviously during the heated confrontations of players Gervinho clearly slaps Barton.

Barton - Yellow card for creating the situation.
Gervinho - Red card for a physical attack.

Expert decision.

Raconteur said...

Fleeties, couldnt agree more.

Benjitran, I can't see anything in the confrontation that warrants a red card for Barton. He picked a player up somewhat aggressively, which happens quite a lot, and deserves a yellow card for that. Falling down easily is bad gamesmanship, but still nothing worthy of a red.

greginho said...

i did not see any of this incident, so can not pass judgement, even though, it involves my team. the funny part to me, is that barton over reacted to what he perceived is a gervinho dive. then barton does the same thing.

Skip said...

ugh!! how could i keep walker!! i somehow missed the part that they were NOT playing.. but still managed to leave him there :(
de gea
walker, luiz, Verm
silva, moses, taarabt, adam
carrol *meant to get suarez :(* Gervn, Holt..

waiting for updated points and hope silva gets me a hat trick :)

SfSS said...


Well silva's hat-trick would not help u a lot as most of players have him in their teams :)

SK said...
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SK said...

@Fleeties - Barton pulled Gervinho off the ground while the ball was in play. If Barton's yellow was for pulling him off the ground, how is that not a penalty?

Saiful said...

Huh!!!!...hopefully the trio of Citeh : lescott, silva and dzeko can put my day back to normal!!!

Saiful said...

Cant wait the next saturday!!!!

Skip said...

Sf.. :)

i am just looking to get points in one of my private groups :) for bragging rights :)

Louis said...

My be team ATM is

De Gea
Riise, Gibbs, Fabio, Brown
Nani, O Hara, BFAY,
Aguero, Torres, Rochina

I have 7.13 left so will probably replace Rochina with someone else.

Any thoughts?


Ken M. said...

Must say I am somewhat disappointed. 47.50 points with just two players (Richards/Silva) to play.
With the amount of time I spent picking week one's team I could have learned to play the piano or something.

Early, but right now this is what my thoughts are for next week.

Gibbs/Riise/Fabio or Brown

Of course Aguero is on the watch list. Sinclair will be on the radar depending on how today's game unfolds. Replaces either Aguero or Hoolahan.

Yes, VDV...United at home I know but I see a lot of points all around in this one with a young United defense offering up some mistakes..
Begovic..Good match up and I did "door" him.

Based on my position within the groups I am in, it appears most had a slow far

Good to be playing again for sure.

Anonymous said...

@SK Because you can't award a free kick and a penalty at the same time..

Assistant Manager said...

Just 39 points so far with Silva and Dzeko to go! Luckily it's been a very low scoring opening week in general with not a single team picking up a home win yet, so the damage has been limited.

I'll post a Week 1 review after City v Swansea tonight but you can head over to Fantasy EPL where they've summed up the opening 2 days:

Anonymous said...

Gervinho's offence was greater because while Barton can be punished after the match, had the referee awarded a penalty & Arsenal scored, the goal woulda stood regardless of any evidence showing it was won by simulation. I personally woulda cracked Gervinho's teeth while i was pulling him up.

D said...

AGUERO !!!!!!!!!!

wahyu said...

D. De Gea Man Utd

John Arne Riise Fulham
F. Aurelio Liverpool
T. Vermaelen Arsenal

A. Taarabt QPR
D. Silva Man City
Ashley Young Man Utd
V. Moses Wigan

Gervinho Arsenal
E. Dzeko Man City
R. van Persie Arsenal
what a waste from rvp only scoring 2points.
i think everyone should consider aguero now coz the price starts to rocketed..

pink.oked said...

aguero is now 11.05 :(

rwlwhite said...

So, my main team Eat My Goal! [AM.Blog] isn't doing great, but my 'second team' made up of all Man City players (and Aaron Ramsay at the moment) is currently sitting 9th overall! - Goal-line smegology [AM.Blog]


pink.oked said...

terrible 48 point swing for not sticking with aguero and given. opt out for habsi and gervinho :p

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