Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Week 1 - How Did You Do?

I'm off work sick at the moment so haven't got the energy to post a long review of Week 1, but I've got out of bed to write a brief summary and at least provide a starting point for discussion in the comments section.

The first eight matches were a bit of an anti-climax, as a lack of goals and the absence of a home win on Saturday or Sunday meant low fantasy scores all-round. Manchester United were the only "big name" to take 3 points while QPR looked out of their depth, being hammered at home.

It was left to one man to light up the opening weekend and he did so despite only 30 minutes of pitch-time. Sergio Aguero is going to be a star on these shores and his 2 goals and assist helped Manchester City to a 4-0 win over Swansea. Goals from Silva, Dzeko and clean sheets for Hart and the City back four meant an explosion of fantasy points across the board.

You're probably pretty frustrated if you didn't have Aguero (especially if you went with Gervinho instead) but you shouldn't be because really you made the sensible choice. Mancini stated that he wasn't ready to start and would probably only get 30 minutes, so it's natural for a fantasy manager to go for a certain starter instead. I'm sure, you've barndoored him now, so there'll be plenty more points coming our way over the next 37 weeks!

I was sitting on a woeful 39 points on Monday and ended the week on 72 thanks to Dzeko and Silva. A fairly rubbish opening week and I'm still annoyed I went with Agger over Richards, but it could've been worse. I missed the barndoor on Saturday and Sunday due to other commitments but brought Richards and Aguero in last night.

I'm going back to bed now; let me know how you did and who you brought in for Week 2 and I'll read all about it when I wake up!



Elvin Chee said...

i ended up with 87.5 =[ sold ashley young and kun aguero last minute. brought in suarez and dempsey instead. damn! better luck next week

Maya Rani said...


WEEK 3 starts KEO !!!



adre9195 said...

I were on a woeful 26pts after the weekend. Ended up with 75pts from Dzeko, Silva n Richards. Quite happy with the points for the first week

Chaos said...

93 points for the week, Dzeko and Richards were excellent.

Truffinho said...

I missed Aguero's discount as I was out for my brother's bday. But i think that 11.05 is still a steal

Anonymous said...

~73 points after the Man City blowout. Gervinho and De Gea are out.

Preliminary matchup for next week:

S Given
Kompany | Riise | Figueroa
Taarabt | B Watson | Y Toure | Silva
Gyan | Kalou | Aguero

Man City has an easy matchup next week. Picked Kalou on an OK matchup at home. Wigan (Figueroa/Watson) are up against Swansea. S. Given at home with an OK matchup - I'd pick a defender from Aston Villa as well but don't want to put all my eggs in one basket. Gyan is at home against a midtable side.


Anonymous said...

I'm considering dropping De Gea, the problem is I'm most likely going to miss the barndoor this weekend - so I couldn't nip him back in if he actually performs.

Gibbs/ Heitinga/ Brown
Pennant/ O'Hara/ Arteta/ Ashley Young?
Bent/ Aguero/ Dzeko

Anonymous said...

In fact Young has been downgraded to Van Der Vaart

ayushmann said...

Ma team BANAR SENA: 102.50 AND STANDING 3RD IN YFF Blog League 6

Ken M. said...

Although I am not overreacting (poorly) to my 77 points this week I see there is much room to improve.
Some on the leader board went with 11 City players. A gamble, yes, but it is that thought process that sets a team aside from the pack.

My focus continues to be a balanced team but I feel trying so hard to include a A. Young, or a Lampard has blurred my vision somewhat and I need to learn to see what may be sitting right in front of me.


My attempt will be to act on it as opposed to trying to create it.

SfSS said...

81 pts. not so bad after all, did not have Aguero but Dzeko was not bad at all. Am I the only one considering Vorm for next week?

Wan Asyraf said...

dropped aguero for taarabt this week but manage to get 84 pts

next week draft :



Batman said...
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kwyjibo said...

Horrible start to the season. Only 65.5 pts for 39,663rd place! Ack! Never been that low before. I actually BD'd Aguero right after the deadline on Saturday. Not taking any chances.

Many disappointments: RvP, Carroll, BFAY, DDG, de Laet, Taarabt = 24 pts! D'oh!

I actually did better with my non-AM Blog team, at 77.5 pts, but still not great.

I didn't manage to BD a keeper, but, I still have 15.41 left to spend with the following current lineup:

DDG (going, most likely)
Gibbs-Riise-de Laet(going)
Taarabt(not sure)-BFAY(not sure)-Moses-Silva

So I have 7 that are probably staying, and 4 that may be changing.

Geoff said...

85.5 points this week - but only b/c of Richards, Silva and Dzeko. BD'd Vorm (stunning game - but might swap for Howard on a home opener?), Aguero and Toure. Trying to decide on Bent or Saha for this weekend's match - I think Blackburn and QPR are going to be the teams selected heavily against when playing away.

Get better soon Nik.

Im Suares (I was torre$) said...

Just 80+ Nik..

Its ok though, still a long way 2 go.

DavidKBritt said...

74.5 here, not horrible considering. Did manage to get Aguero on the BD, as well as Riise and Warnock.

I'm keeping DDG for now. I think he will settle in and be a bargain in a few games, even with the injuries. I think a keeper is the one position that justifies long-term thinking.

Warnock is my black horse pick for next week, given Villa's favorable matchup. He takes a lot of kicks for them and seems to get forward.

JJOKBOB said...

A lucky 115 points here.

Best value on my team were given, aguero, and formica. I shouldn't complain but I hate that I had 2 defenders not play (Kelly, Luiz) and one of their teams got a CS.

Moving out both no show defenders to get Bosingwa, and someone yet to be determined.

mrtwig said...

81.5 for me - pretty disappointing really but good words Nick about Gervinho being the right choice.
Luckily made the BD for Aguero - absolutely awesome display but don't know yet if this was because he was good, or because Swansea were bad...
Toure and Silva I thought were the (slightly) unsung heroes - I thought I would drop Silva but I won't...

Gibbs Riise Richards
Moses Taarabt Silva BFAY
Rooney Suarez Aguero

Aaargghhh - I have 9 players who are already for me looking like potential season keepers!!

DDG, Gibbs (at 2.x) Riise Richards Silva BFAY Rooney Suarez Aguero

I hate falling in love with players but with these I think it doesn't matter who they play for them to score...

Anyone else nervous!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Scored 95.5 points this week. OK start but I do have Aguero at a discount. Wish I had stuck with my first thought and had Toure in my midfield with silva, taraabt and young.


I still have RVP in the barndoor and will probably wait for the injury report to finalize any chnges.

Anonymous said...

Transfer Rumor

Would Raul be worth a spot if he is playing for Blackburn. Do they have the players for his skills to shine. Apparently Schalke has set a deadline of Thursday for Raul to tell them of his intentions. He scored 14 times in 36 appearances.

Irons said...

64.5 points for me, disgraceful.

Starting to remember now how frustrating this game can be. If i have another bad week next time i'm going to start throwing the toys out of my pram.

kendo said...

Hey Nik get better soon mate!

Rohan Trivedi said...

got 96 points thanks to Given, Silva, Richards, Rooney and Hoolahan. Not the best but I think I can be satisfied with it.

What are everyone's thoughts on VdV for next week?

Nujra said...

my preliminary team:
bosingwa gibbs warnock
cahill mikel n'zogbia silva
aguero torres saha

any thoughts guys? I'm trying to have at least 8 home players in each squad this year, but I'm not sure whether mikel will play or not. also, would you recommend silva on the bd, or yaya not on the bd?

Matt (:

Anonymous said...

79.5 points, led by Richards and Silva. BD'ed Aguero, Gibbs and VORM! He was impressive and might do well vs Wigan. Similar to the early season strategy with "The Beast" two years ago (let in three goals but make 15 saves).

anton thomas said...

thanks and feel better!

Saiful said...

Get Well Soon Nik!!

Saiful said...

Yeah, sold aguero for gervinho...but no regret anyway. I'm not going to use uncertain playing fwds.

StarSpirit said...

Decent enough effort based on 89.5 points with M. Richards, Dzeko and D. Silva doing all the heavy lifting.

Somewhat disappointed in De Gea and Carroll - Carroll especially since I did a last minute swap-out of Suarez for him.

Anonymous said...

I wanted both Arteta and Etherington in my team - looks like they're both injured! Typical isn't it? The move from Arteta/Etherington to Cahill/Pennant has freed up 6 points!

Anonymous said...

What do you think about...

Torres/VDV or RVP/Watson

I have a choice to make and it will probable make or break week two.

mar_one said...

my team atm:

brown richards fabio
silva osman ohara sessegnon
suarez aguero torres

any thoughts guys?

Ken M. said...

I see a lot of managers seem to be going for Given in goal. Villa does have a nice run of current/future opponents but home against Blackburn, although I see a great possibility for a clean sheet I just don't see anything else.

I did barn door Begovic and almost immediately wished I had grabbed Given instead. Now that I look at it I see more opportunity for saves and hopefully a clean sheet and will most likely hold on to Begovic. If I do make a move it will be to free up funds where I may go for the likes of De Gea or even Hennessey.

Anonymous said...


is Given's injury as non-threatening as they make out?

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

63 points.

MD AZ said...

Just 89 point..
thanks to aguero and silva

Ken M. said...

Feel I have my team mostly set but will refrain from listing it as in most cases it will change...several more times.

The main question I seem to have pertains to Dzeko. I did manage to see City's game and although he did "well" I am still really not sold.
Silva/Aguero seems like a perfect match and both remain on my team.

I hold Dzeko at the discounted price so not to much risk but will his pitch time be effected by rotation?

I guess if he starts he will stay. Start???

Louis said...

Hi guys. I'm stuck between 2 teams ATM. Week jus gone I scored 88.5 points. My 2 choices ATM are

De Gea
Riise, Fabio, Baines, jagielka,
Silva, Cahill, delph
Aguero, Torres, saha


De Gea
Riise, Gibbs, Fabio, brown
VDV, Nani, Silva, Cahill
Aguero, Torres

Which is better do you think based on matchup.

Many Thanks

David S said...

Hi Ken.

I share your reservations about Dzeko. Aguerro is going to be the star. If you are going to keep Silva as well, and I am, then let Dzeko go for the sake of balance.

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