Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Season Previews - Part 4

The final part of our Season Previews written by myself, Jeremy, Neal & Ibracadabra and hosted on Fantasy EPL. Covering each Premier League club in alphabetical order these previews give an overview of last season's performance from a real-life and fantasy perspective, predictions for the coming season and players to look out for/avoid in both the Yahoo and Official fantasy formats.

Links to the last 5 Swansea > Wolves are below - hope you enjoy!

Season Preview - Swansea

Season Preview - Tottenham

Season Preview - West Brom

Season Preview - Wigan

Season Preview - Wolves



Juano said...

1st! ahahh..

MAIDUL said...


capiTeno said...

turd !!

kendo said...

What about this new player Spurs want to sign?


kendo said...
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fergy_the_red_nosed_reigndeer said...


police presss conf on thursday - spurs, qpr and fulham games may be called off

kendo said...

but nobody is interested in Crouch..


Ken M. said...

Taking a chance:

I am going to try what in racing is called, a hole-shot to start the season.

After some research on the newly promoted teams I have decided to wait on at least two players that I originally had to start. Taarabt/Holt.

Instead I am set to most likely take a zero at a defender spot with Boyata for city and used the extra points to add a more "interesting" midfield line up.

Pending news of game status or player health, this will most likely be my line up.

De Gea

I will be unable to see any games this weekend and will have to make player changes for the following week before games are played.

With the exception of Boyata and not having any Liverpool players...I see potential?

Good luck all

kendo said...

I think any London/Manchester games will be off

Complete rethink..

Ian Sanderson said...

Ken, taking a deliberate zero in week 1 is a mistake. I'm sure others will confirm this.

Anonymous said...

Also Ken.M - Vermaelen is injured, perhaps release the funds from Vermaelen and somehow spread it across defence?

I've been tweaking my team about.

De Gea
Riise/ Briggs/ Brown
Taarabt/ Downing/ Van Der Vaart/ Dempsey
Carrol/ Aguero/ Gervinho

I'm concerned about Briggs, Brown & VdV. Team/ injury news pending.

Ken M. said...

Thanks Ian & Fleeties. I have considered the options. I am in total agreement on an intentional zero and also feel it may be a mistake. Also, Vermaelen is on watch for sure.

However, most of the defenders I would be considering in that range of say 0-7 just don't do as much for me as say Dempsey over O'Hara or Malouda over Adam. I see equal potentials of negative or 0-4 points from most of the options.
This is taking into consideration possible cancellations

My zero may stay but the defenders I am still partially undecided on are:

Riise/C.Hill/DeLaet/R.Martin/Whitbread with the Norwich defenders giving me the most worries. All games on...Riise for sure
Not all on..possible chance on De Laet

Dempsey is my wild card and if he goes then I will most likely go Carroll/Adam or...yes even Torres!

Guess posting at team is ...well...meaningless?

Thanks for the input

So much for all teams looking the same?

Anonymous said...

Aguero hasn't had game time & chances of him getting more than 30 minutes is slim with Mancini always making late changes. I believe 10 out of the 11 that started the shield game will start also against Swansea.

HarambeeStars said...

I like that you're trying to do something different from the first week. But as sidewinder said, I'd be careful about Aguero.

I've chosen to go a little less risky, but still in the works

De Gea
Riise Richards Kompany
Taarabt Moses Silva Nani
Dzeko Carroll Gervinho

Also looking at Walker/NZog/Downing/Suarez instead of Komp/Silva/Nani/Car...

Ken M. said...


City up 4-0 before half time.

Aguero in to please home crowd by half time...

Aguero..2 goals in second half. (the crowd goes wild)


Just talking about made me go and get a beer!

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