Saturday, 27 August 2011

Week 3 - My Team

De Gea

Richards   Brown   Bosingwa

Cabaye   Watson   Silva   Sessegnon

Ageuro   Suarez   Rooney

I'm pretty pleased with what I've ended up with this week after making a few changes to my Friday team, aided by those random price fluctuations at 9am this morning.

I dropped Van Der Vaart due to his tough fixture, downgrading him to another set piece (and probable penalty taker) Cabaye, which allowed me to upgrade to Bosingwa in defence, solving my "no-Chelsea-player" issue. I think VDV will do well but I feel the switches his sale allowed leaves me with a better balance.

I didn't need two Newcastle middies so I went Senderos > Brown which freed up enough cash to bring in Sessegnon (playing as a striker) for Ryan Taylor. Watson is my Wigan representative and as we know he'll be on set pieces and penalties, while Silva is a season keeper at this moment at time.

Not a lot needs to be said about my strikeforce of Aguero, Rooney & Suarez - it's strong but came at a cost, so I expect at least 2 goals from them. A bad week from them will probably equal a bad week for me.

We have a one week gap for internationals so it's a while until Week 4 (which will be Round 1 of The Blog Cup), but there are some fixtures to be aware of for the barndoor.

Arsenal at home to Swansea & Man City at home to Wigan are the stand-outs so I'll look to keep my current Man City three and probably add Vermaelen and RvP. Fulham host Blackburn and Chelsea travel to Sunderland but the other fixtures look quite tight, so these four games are the only ones that really have my interest.

I'll leave it there! Please let me know what you ended up with and who you plan to bring in on the barndoor. 

Good luck!



zee said...

WOW! what a team! if everything goes right!

Sonic Rover said...

De Gea
Smalling Bosingwa Rangel
Silva Hoilett Moses Cabaye
Agüero Rooney Suárez

Here's hoping for a better week than the last one, the gameweek whose name shall not be spoken. Good luck everyone!


Anonymous said...

De Gea
Brown/ Briggs/ Bosingwa
Van der Vaart/ Silva/ Watson/ Taarabt
Suarez/ Bent/ Aguero

Anonymous said...

I hope Rooney misses his penalty..

bengoh91 said...

My team for week 3

Rangel Brown Senderos
Silva Lampard Hoilett Cabaye Jarvis
Suarez Long

greginho said...

my team
ge gea
smalling, rangel, danny simpson
taarabt, taylor, silva, van der vaart
dzeko, aguero, rooney

my least favorite pick is taarabt, but this is his last week to show that he can produce in the premier league. i am taking gambles on danny simpson for newcastle, as i had enough money for bosingwa, but this and the rangel pick could separate me from the pack. dzeko was my first pick, after de gea, on week one and am hoping to ride his points for awhile. i new dzeko would get comfortable in this offense. conversely, i never once thought about picking torres, i knew that would be a waste.

good luck to everyone hopefully we all get 100 points.

Anonymous said...

brown senderos smalling
cabaye silva young vdv
carroll torres kun

matt said...

De Gea
Richards Brown Bosingwa
Cabaye Bfay Silva Sessegnon
Ageuro Suarez Torres

Brian said...

Since the lineups have locked for week 3, I've decided to barndoor some guys for next week.

Ryan Taylor, Newcastle ($5...because Barton is gone)

Ross Barkley, Everton ($6...shots on goal, potential)

Juan Mata, Chelsea ($6...obvious, but worried about playing time)

Franco di Santo, Wigan ($4...just scored 2 goals already)

Any thoughts on these guys?

greginho said...

am regretting the bosingwa snub, now. hopefully rangel keeps his clean sheet and simpson gets a goal and a clean sheet tomorrow.

mmu123 said...

bad day for me.

bent (-), watson (just 0.5) and now malouda off (last minute change from lampard to malouda)..


Sonic Rover said...

Even with a YC and a PK miss, Hoilett got me 1.5 points, which is 3 more than Torres' owners got. I still can't figure out what possessed me to pick Torres last week.

Anonymous said...

My team this week.


Most of my team is playing tomorrow so I hope that they can keep 1st in my private league. Brown paid better than Bosingwa eventhough he scored for Chelsea. Suarez only had 4pts and I almost put Adams in my team but I did not go with my gut. Taraabt 15.5pts finally showed the form everyone was expecting in the first two weeks and I dropped him for R.Taylor. For next week I think that with Torres in poor form and Drogba injured that Mata will be next in line.

Anonymous said...

A.V.B needs to help Torres out by leaving him on the bench, i've not seen a striker this bad since Ade Akinbiyi.

Rick said...

Thanks for the advice to keep Taarabt a good 15.5 points. Most of my team play today so hoping for a good result.
Agree with above Torres is playing shockingly bad and It's hard to see him improving.

Anonymous said...

One space in yff blog league 2
4843- id
blog- pw

MB said...

Anyone picking Torres next week? Or ever? I stand by what I said at the start of the season - no team that relies on the half season wonder will ever win the premiership.

I'm on 16 with 7 to go and reckon I could easily hit 100 with a good United win today.

Rick said...

Dzeko you beauty!!!

greginho said...

glad my faith in dzeko panned out, but now thanks to stupid costs of city players dropping down everyone will barndoor dzeko. i had a clean sheet from simpson, but a last minute goal from dempsey screwed my clean sheet. nasri will be the difference between who wins the title this year. united did not get nasri or schneider and chelsea did not get modric or nasri, so they will fall behind city and arsenal did not get anyone, so they will fall even farther behind.

mmu123 said...

bad week for me..
and BD team as below:

D. De Gea
W. Brown, T. Vermaelen, M. Briggs
D. Silva, T. Walcott, A. Taarabt, S. Nasri
S. Agüero, R. van Persie, E. Dzeko

gaius marius said...

I have to agree, greg. What a pile of class in attack City have become. And that wasn't Swansea out there.

capiTeno said...

big love for ade akinbiyi... eagle legend !

Anonymous said...

Arsenal the new Derby?

Anonymous said...

Theoretically someone could have all of Dzeko, Rooney, Young, and di Santo and made over 200 points over the weekend. Curse you if you did, in a good way. I only have Young, so I guess I'll drop down the ranks. Still, I think Young's assists should make his point yield higher than Rooney's.

Anonymous said...

Rooney and United have just ripped Arsenal without mercy. Even if Arsenal do buy at this point they are 8 points adrift after three games. The youth have no belief that they belong and defensively they are a joke. They have no cover for injuries and I am a fan of Arsenal. Youth is great if you season them correctly as United have done with the likes of Cleverly, Welbeck, Anderson while purchasing Smalling, Jones and BFAY. WOW!!!! 8-2 what a demolition. I feel sorry for any team that kept any Arsenal players especially the keeper.

I have BD the following:

Dzeko,Aguero,Rooney (I know Arsenal are at home and I could get RVP but team is in disarray. Rooney will be impossible to get later so I will hold him now)

adeem said...

thanks gangsta u made my day.but it terms of fantasy worst day ever.only had kun.

Chris_B said...

(Time to rant). I used to be good at Fantasy Football. I won my ESPN league last year and placed pretty high overall. This is my first time with the Yahoo league and I'm sucking $#@ (Wk1-51pts, Wk2-57, Wk3-30). You can thank me for helping your rankings. I've dumped Carrol, Torres and Bent. It seams that the only way to keep up with the Jones is to load up on teams from Manchester and then hold on. There is no place for strategically picking winners based on match-ups. (rant over).

After watching this morning’s various dismantlings, I BD'd Dzeko (why not) at 9.9 and he went up to 15.9 and Rooney (who I had in Wk 1 - don't get me started). I fully expect Rooney to be around 50 by the end of the day :-)

p.s. - for all my Arsenal friends, my condolences.

greginho said...

wow startling stuff, because of the top teams that i will root for, after arsenal, it is tottenham. not a good day to be a spurs fan and an even worse day to be an arsenal fan.

normally, chelsea and arsenal are lighting people up at the beginning of the season, then tailing off towards the end and united and city struggle at the begginning and then turn it on during crunch time.

wenger gets what he paid for. he did not spend the $50 mill he had to spend before the cesc and nasri leaving, nor did he spend any of the additional money, except for the captain of south korea, that i have never heard of. can you please just get the players needed now.

my dropping of ashley young for malouda, then dropping malouda for van der vaart, almost worked, because of a 1st half penalty that was never given to spurs. i got 11.5 points. i still had rooney, but i dropped him for mata, so i will pick him back up and take the $2 loss. young is also back in the team, but i did not lose any money with him.

Ken M. said...

Who to pick for strikers???

That will be the main questions posed to all managers this season.

Rooney/Aguero/Mata for now.

So, where does that leave Suarez/RVP/Dzeko/Welbeck/Bent/Hernandez/Gervinho and let's not forget the now to be included Sturridge with Mata combo we are sure to see.

My plan is to hold those who I have at a very very low price like Aguero, and when possible get others like Mata/Sturridge/Gervinho to help offset the one who (until he cools off) is a must, and that is Rooney.

Will also have one of Mata or Sturridge but not both for the next game week.

By the way, I hit 141.50 for the week. Very pleased indeed.

Appears most did well this week!

greginho said...

last year i did the first half of the season with, mostly, 3-5-2 lineups because, the midfielders were stronger and scored more fantasy points than forwards. this year, the combination of new strikers and in-form ones means we all have to have 3 forwards everyweek.

i had 178 points this week and would have had 200 if i had kept young. trading him out for van der vaart cost me 29 points. i moved up to 1417th spot.

Anonymous said...

Finished with 127.00 this week thanks to Rooney's 45. I ditch BFAY after having him since the beginning of the season for VDV and the move cost me 28.5 points. If he comes back below 19 I will have to pick him back up for the season.

I'm currently 1st in my private league and 7th in the Blog league and broke the top 700 for the first time in the Arsenal fan league.

Yes I am an Arsenal fan. I know that they need something to change quickly and drastically just to have a chance to play in the europa league next season and to get out of the group stages of the champions league this season.

David S said...

Welbeck's hamstring injury should assure Hernandez some upcoming starts. Could be a relatively inexpensive way to access the Man U attack.

kwyjibo said...

I missed the BD almost completely, thanks to a little thing called Hurricane Irene. Is it worth it to pick up Rooney at full price?

David S said...


I usually judge a player's worth based on my opinion of his likelihood to return the same amount of points as his price. If you think Rooney will return 25 points next GW, buy him.

Benjamin Wang said...

Anyone picked up Adebayor on the BD? Heard that Crouch is moving out of Spurs soon so that leaves them with few options up front right?

Anonymous said...

Rooney scored 3 goals, all spot-kicks. Is he worth having at 24 away to bolton? Not convinced considering they are playing away to bolton and there are cheaper options playing at home. I have dropped Rooney and Suarez, basically am picking 8 players from Arsenal and Man City. Rooney scored 3 goals, all spot-kicks. Is he worth having at 24 away to bolton? Not convinced considering they are playing away to bolton and there are cheaper options playing at home. I have dropped Rooney and Suarez, basically am picking 8 players from Arsenal and Man City.

kendo said...

Risky decision sidewinder! I'm holding on to Rooney and Suarez even though away from home I think arsenal are lambs to the slaughter now!

Ken M. said...

Just read a little something from Nicky Butt regarding A.Young.

Forgive me but I disagree a little. Young, from what I have been able to see this season appears to be in great form and getting better. Of all players I have watch this season there are two standouts. Young and Aguero.

Dzeko may be scoring better but I have watch him.
I must be missing something but he looks more like, right place/right time over great form.

Still wish I had him this week...

For now I have two players who are on my "do not cut" list and they are Aguero & Young. Rooney would go well before, as Strikers are many and several are in good form.

Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

@Kendo, you're prolly right, bolton don't look so good defensively and if Cahill leaves it'll only get worse. Frankly, am more concerned about trying to fit in Van Persie. There have bn a couple of hattricks and i see him getting his own against Swansea.

Razesh said...

need a break

Rick said...

199 points this week and a record for me. I have stuck with Dzecko from the beginning of this season because he is a quality player. Rooney and Young will only get better awesome display. Wenger will be forced to make changes and that will only be good for the Premier league.Spend spend spend!

Anonymous said...

Champions league coming up after week 4, changes, possibly for United and Citeh.

Anonymous said...

My thought processes on the striker situation, all my tagets are relatively cheap.

Sergio Aguero;
Held for: 6.52
Market Price: 9.49
Next 3 games: Wigan, @Fulham, Everton

City are a powerhouse at the moment and Aguero looks to be very much a part of it. Of course I don't need to tell you that! The match-ups are pretty favourable too. Has the makings of a season keeper.

Juan Mata;
Held for: 6.58
Market price: 8.16
Next 3 games: @Sunderland, @Man U, Swansea

Looking like an attacking remedy hope for Chelsea; scored on his debut.

Emmanuel Adebayor;
Held for: 5.68
Market price: 5.84
Next 3 games: @Wolves, Liverpool, @Wigan

Should be eager to prove himself after being sidelined at City, the match-ups are reasonable, Crouch could be leaving soon and K2 is cheap as chips!

All of these could be prone to rotation though :/


Javier Hernandez;
Market price: 10.00
Next 3 games: @Bolton, Chelsea, @Stoke.

Likely to start after Welbeck's injury, price is also likely to increase rather than decrease.

Daniel Sturridge;
Market price: 8.28
Next 3 games:@Sunderland, @Man U, Swansea.

Rumours are that he will make it straight onto the pitch after serving his 3-match ban, he was incredible for Bolton last year.

Shane Long;
Market price: 7.76
Next 3 games: @Norwich, @Wigan, Fulham.

Very favourable match-ups, still low-priced and higher value than Odemwingie, although Odemwingie could detract from his decent start.

My team:
De Gea
Bosingwa/ Richards/ Vermaelen
Silva/ Walcott/ Nasri/ Taarabt
Aguero/ Mata/ Adebayor

Ken M. said...

I know with the small break we have there is no rush to decide on players at the moment.

With Ruddy serving a game suspension I am also considering Shane Long for his road visit to Norwich.

Was also considering Taarabt but would have him at full price and with Barton set to come into play against his old team well....

Barton, unless he see's red early should hog most of that spot light. I would give him a run out but not sure if his "mind" is right or not.

I am ready to give Sturridge a start but it would have to be at the expense of Mata which I am prepared to do.

Hernandez or not to Hernandez, now THAT is a question!

Just keeps getting better!!!!

greginho said...

rooney and young scored more because they just played two home games. in the first week, young did nothing fantasy wise and rooney was minimal. united away is not an easy fantasy game. i am keeping rooney and young, but not expecting more than 10 points apiece. remember nani, last year, how few times he got over 10 points away from home.

Ken M. said...

Wow..just checked my groups and I made some nice moves this week!

AM Chat Regulars.....19/98
Blog Group #2........25/100

My goal to begin the year was to reach 3400 points.
Despite a rough first two weeks I am keeping pace with my goal and in the process rubbing shoulders with some impressive players (for now).

Good points as always.
I believe Rooney can be replaced on my team much easier then Young.

What midfielder home/away would you see as a (fair) value compared to young?

Adam,Nasri,Silva, are possibilities but if you hold Young at 17.57 as I do, for now I see no concern for him returning his value regardless of the fixture. 10 points? If I thought that, I personally would not be holding him.

Young is more likely to "share" the ball, unlike Nini of (this year) who appears to go it alone as you could see from the many unfavorable "looks" from Rooney this past week.

United , like City, are appearing to "gel" as a team so the slow start "fantasy wise" from both Young & Rooney for now...seem to be just part of the PAST?

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