Saturday, 20 August 2011

Week 2 - My Team

 De Gea

Richards   Brown   Baines

Moses   Silva  Cahill   N'Zogbia

Sinclair   Torres   Aguero

I'm not sure about things this week; I've got a bad feeling I'm going to regret not have Darren Bent, but he's almost always fantasy poison when I pick him, so I chose N'Zogbia as my Villa player and took a punt on Sinclair as my 3rd striker. I have a slight concern over Torres but hopefully Villas-Boas gives him another chance - if not I think a lot of us have gone with him, so the hit won't be too bad.
Picking Baines put a bit of a drain on my funds so he really better be worth it, Cahill is feast or famine and if De Gea does poorly I'll be OK with it because it would mean Spurs actually did something at Old Trafford! The rest is fairly self explanatory - I left 2.2 in the bank due to the overnight discounts and deciding to stick with what I had rather than making changes for the sake of it. Hopefully I'll see an improvement over my Week 1 performance.

On the barndoor I'll be looking to bring in more Chelsea players, as they face Norwich at home in Week 3, but other than that there's not a whole lot to get excited about. I guess Wigan at home to QPR could be worth a look, maybe Liverpool at home to Bolton, but that's it really.

Please let me know your Week 2 team and who you're thinking about on the barndoor - and good luck!



Pos Kajang said...


writemcsean said...

Ended with:

Rise, W Brown, Baines
Silva, Mikel, Hoolahan, Ramsey
Suarez, Aguero, Torres

Mikel is probably my only differentiator from the pack and a total last minute hunch pick. With everything going on with his Dad's kidnapping, I could see where the games are sort of an escape for him; think he's going to have a monster game and as a Blues fan I'm looking forward to rooting him on.

On the BD - looking to spend some of this Baines cash on Chelsea defense and a Wigan Midfielder.

Happy footie all.

sidewinder said...

Suarez is on the bench, good thing i dropped him for Sinclair to frr up some funds. Somebody said it on fantasyfootballscout, though he also so couldn't confirm the source of the rumour.

sidewinder said...

Rangel Warnock Brown
A.Young T.Cahill Sessegnon N'zogbia
Aguero Torres Sinclair

Sonic Rover said...

Brown Stearman Smalling
Silva Osman Sessegnon Jarvis
Agüero Torres Rooney

Torres is the über-Bent for me. He gets 2 pts when I have him but 30 pts when I don't. Fingers crossed.

Good luck everyone!


Synch said...

de Gea
Senderos (@3.9pts) Baines, Riise
Silva, Moses, Young, Cahill, Delph
Aguero, Suarez

Will be looking at Chelsea/Wigan players on the BD (specifically Al-Habsi if de Gea slips up), possibly Wes Brown as cheap filler in place of Senderos.

greginho said...

de gea
riise, bosingwa, brown
taarabt, young, cahill, moses
dzeko, rooney, aguero

dropped watson and ramsay for moses and cahill. did not everyone was going with moses. i wanted sessegnon, but since he pushed back further into the midfield, i decided to go with moses. ramsay was going to replace song, so i can not see him getting any offensive points just a yellow card.

the whole defense might stay for next week.
young and rooney will stay too. dzeko will go though.

bengoh91 said...

My team for Week 2

De Gea
Riise Brown Vermaelen
Moses Lampard Ramsey Cahill
Rooney Sinclair Bent

Good luck all!

ayushmann said...

suarezzzzz scored....:( ...dropped him at da last minute!!!

kwyjibo said...

The deadline is too early in the morning for me, thanks to the time difference. So, I'm actually glad I didn't get any Suarez news and still had him in my lineup. I was upset at first when he didn't start, but I knew if he went in he would score...

He's a season keeper for sure. The announcers said he's about 80% fit, but he's sure to play every week, even if he doesn't start until he gets fit. I'm keeping him.

greginho said...

so i am pissed that for the second week in a row, my late friday changes went unsaved. i figured out why. last year, when you make a change, the player you picked was a shade darker, so it was obvious that you needed to save it. this year, it just says you have unsaved team changes. that is definitely going to cost some people. i wonder why they did that.

last week i dropped gorkss and put gabbidon in his place. that was 2.5 missed. not too big a deal. this week i went from smalling, watson and ramsay to cahill, moses and brown. so far i missed the -4 from brown, but got -.5 from ramsay. neither moses or watson have done much. if cahill has not scored in the second half i will be ok. i need united to have a clean sheet

David S said...

Doubled down on the Everton clean sheet victory by going with both Howard and Baines. Abject failure. Brown added insult to injury.

greginho said...

ouch david s.
well i have an own goal and a missed penalty from two players that i thought i had traded out last night.

neil said...

nik my mate you are so scRewd
i am sorry for your team try to not think how bad you are ok? dont be sorry everybody is screwd because of brown and the rest of them
sorry for eng
good luck for the rest of your squad

speedjunkies said...

congrats nick for picking up torres..he's the man..hehe

El Canon said...

God, I hate it when I can't decide between two players, in this case it was Agbonlahor/Sinclair, because I always pick the wrong one.

David S said...


Good job holding on to Bosingwa--I know you were a little unsure about him. Imagine if they could have kept a cleanie!!

Sorry about the transaction glitch.

Skip said...

Torres is Dead to Me!!

I picked up the ELK instead for week 3!

ditched HOLT to make room

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