Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Week 3 - How Did You Do?

An amazing weekend of Premier League football, I'm sure you'll agree, as Manchester's United & City made a real statement of intent to rest of the competition. Neal has written an excellent summary of the events over on Fantasy EPL, so I recommend you head over there and have a read when you get a chance.

Fantasy EPL - 10 Thing We Learnt: Week 3

It may have been a rotten weekend for Spurs but I had a better fantasy weekend, breaking 100 points for the first time this season despite 3 of my players scoring 2 points or less. My Week 3 total of 122 (mainly thanks to Rooney) moved me up 18,000 places to just outside the top 20,000, still absolutely miles behind the leaders, but moving in the right direction at least. Unfortunately I missed Sunday's barndoors including Dzeko @ 9 - so that could prove costly.

Now we don't have any Premier League fixtures this weekend due to the international break, so there won't be any Player Picks or Update posts, but I thought I'd give you VERY early look at what's on my Week 4 team page at this point in time:

De Gea, Brown, Briggs, Richards, Cabaye, Nasri, Walcott, Silva, Mata, Aguero, Van Persie

It's unlikely to stay like this but I do expect to have at least 3 Man City players for their game against Wigan and it's possible I keep Walcott & Van Persie for the Swansea game - I expect some new signings and a big reaction from Arsenal after what happened at Old Trafford. Mata looked bright so I'm going to take a punt on him and I'm keeping Aguero.

I'm obviously missing a Manchester United attacker but having missed the barndoor, Rooney & Young are now too expensive, so it's likely I'll have to go without them. I'm undecided on Cabaye and might abandon the idea of keeping Richards if he's going to be rotated with Zabaleta, but Brown, Briggs & De Gea should all stay.

Please let me know how you did in Week 3 and who you brought in on the barndoor. How's your early Week 4 team looking?



paddyfc said...

131 points scored not bad but could have had dzeko instead of saurez for a last min change, never like having 2 strikers from the same team but this season proves that it can be done. hopefully there will be a few new faces after the transfer deadline, as an arsenal fan we need atleast 3 new solid players probably 5 but doubt that will happen, spurs in a bad a way as arsenal aswell they need to keep modric and strengthen. e an interesting final tranfer deadline day.

majilan said...

Hi nik, Tnx to Rooney , Young, DDG i scored 150 pt . My team for week 4 DDG RICHARDS BROWEN SMALLING SILVA NASRI YOUNG DAVIS ROONEY AGUARO DZEKO am gambling with the Two Manchesters team

Eldwin said...

Very sad week for me with a mere 68 points. Usually I'd be happy but with such a massive week, I'm now far behind even in my private league. Hoilett and Watson not scoring, and Chelsea and Liverpool conceeding unnecessary goal really hurt my week. Plus, the pain of seeing my team thrashed 8-2 at Old Trafford. :(

Oh well only week 3, more to come! :)

sidewinder said...


team atm

Richards Gibbs Vermaelen
Nasri Walcott Silva Dempsey
Aguero Mata Dzeko

I'd really love to have Van Persie. Who to drop? Aguero or Dzeko?

Unknown said...

vermalen and gibbs still out for long?

Gangsta Pranksta said...


For week for you could say my team is already picked and ready to go, unless there is an injury fall-out from the Internationals.


sidewinder said...

I know that but they coulld be back by 10 of september, atleast that's what i got from reading their injury report on fantasyfootballscout.

Ian Sanderson said...

Just back from 3 weeks away, so no barn-dooring just a little tinkering on Sat mornings.
114.5 giving me a total of 317 (4538); had a negative player every week too.
Nic, a quick query 'bout your post...you say your week 3 score is thanks to Rooney, but later say you missed getting Rooney on the barn door - I'm confused??

Assistant Manager said...

Ian - I dropped Rooney for Mata on Saturday as I only had 0.5 discount on him but planned to bring him back in if he got big points. Unfortunately I missed the BD on Sunday so it's RVP instead.

Ian Sanderson said...

Silly boy!!

Ken M. said...

Not that I don't have enough to do figuring out my real team, I took a few minutes to see what kind of team I could have if all players HAD TO BE AT FULL PRICE.

How is this?

Rangel 8.05/Richards 8.04/ De Laet 6.75
Taarabt 7.99/Silva 11.43/Jarvis 11.42/Cabaya 7.54/Walcott 13.92
Hernandez 10.00/ Sturridge/Mata 8.27 or 8.16

You know..I don't hate it.

Just a different way of looking at it...

Chris_B said...

I've been absolutely horrible averaging 50pts per week so far. I'm pretending the season starts week 4 and have loaded up on players from Manchester. So will Citeh and U go through the league like a hot knife through butter? It sure looks like it. The only sport will be to see how Wolves do.

Here's to week 4.

Irons said...

Thank God for that, my season is up and running with a 126.5 pt week. Pushes me up to a dizzying 35,697 overall. I love the look of my team for next gameweek but i'm sure new signings and injuries will make me tinker further.

De Gea
Bosingwa Briggs Naughton
Taarabt Cabaye Nasri Walcott
Aguero Persie Dzeko

Briggs is my only real concern - maybe riise will be back. I'm choosing Naughton over Smalling for now because i reckon he will start to reap attacking points soon. The rest are ready to steamroll week 4!

Irons said...

Will have some nice defensive selection headaches, once Arsenal's Dos Santos and Mertesacker (potential) get added to the game.

Irons said...

And Santon...

kwyjibo said...

@Chris B - While the Manchester clubs have had a great start, it's too soon to call the title a two team race. After all, it's a long season, injuries can happen. And, let's not forget last season, when everyone early on was conceding the title to Chelsea. That being said, it sure looks like loading up on Manchester is a good move for now.

My AM.Blog team is doing badly (84.0 week 3, 58,530 overall).

My non-AM.Blog team is a little better (112.0 week 3, 15,658). One game made a HUGE difference with this team. I shot up 9000 places to ~7000+ BEFORE the ManU-Arsenal match. But, only had DDG in that game, and dropped 8000+ after.

I almost missed the BD completely thanks to Hurricane Irene, but did manage to get Dzeko:


Obviously a lot of changes are needed. I want young for VdV, but I'd have to switch Suarez to Chicharito to afford it. I guess it depends on the Welbeck news, and how bad his injury is. Also, may switch Dzeko to Mata.

MB said...

103 - I have absolutely no luck in picking Chelsea players. I haven't had a good return from one of them since Malouda this time last year. I had Cole and Anelka but did have Lampard and Bosingwa earlier on.

Anyway, can't believe how long we've got to wait which is probably a good job given the two holes in my team

DDG Briggs, Richards, An Arsenal Defender, Silva, Tarbaat, Dempsey, Someone, Rooney, Dzeko, Kun

greginho said...

i had 178 points and would have had over 200 if i had not of dropped ashley young for van der vaart. i had young since the beggining of the season, but thought that van der vaart was due. if spurs got that first half penalty, then it would have been better. i moved up to 1417th. i was second highest scorer in both the blog leagues.

i have
de gea
smalling, stearman, gibbs
taarabt, nasri, young, s ward
dzeko, aguero, rooney

i too dropped rooney for mata, so i am out $1.5, because his price had risen when i did it.

i will be bringing in mertesacker or andre santos in gibbs spot, if they are in the game in time. i need to decide which one.

Tony E said...

What about Adebayour guys?

StarSpirit said...

155.50 thanks to Dzeko - puts me up at #1872. I was up to #413 but that was just before Rooney kicked it into high gear.

All in all a good week with the only real disappointment being Suarez.

Stephen said...

@greginho: I also dropped BFAY for VDV and could have kept BFAY because I got him at the begining of the season. Oh well, if I get him again I will hold for the season and deal with the rise and fall of BFAY.

Scored 127.0 this week thanks to 71 pts from Rooney, Anderson and DeGea.

Currently my team looks like this:


I may still do some changes after seeing who is fit after the international break. I think that I need to get some Arsenal players in attack and if Verm is still out after the break I can buy Briggs back and upgrade a MF to an Arsenal player like Walcott or Arshavin.

Caliboy said...

180.5! Good scores from everywhere, including Rangel, Brown, DDGea, BFAY, Dzeko, Aguero, and Taarbt. 339 for 3 weeks, would be top of Fans of Blackburn if I liked Venkys xD

Wes said...

ive always wondered what 'barndoor' meant. anyone care to explain. thx

Ian Sanderson said...

It stops the horses running away!

Synch said...

@Wes, it generally means picking up players who did well before points get worked out and their value increases. Eg, buying Rooney during the game at 21 before his value goes up to 25 after the game once points are worked out.

Ken M. said...

What's a horse?

Ken M. said...

Like many, I continue to try and understand the "pricing" of players.


Why does his price remain "high"? It cannot be based on LAST YEARS performance..can it?

Players like Doyle/Welbeck/Aguero are all STILL priced lower. If players like Di Santo can go from 4.65...9.52 why does the reverse not apply here? If Di Santo does well for say another 5-6 games then nothing,would his price next season be priced near or above what is is now?

I am not trying to pick on Torres, I am just trying to understand why he commands the price that is set.

Naked pictures of someone doing something...maybe?

kwyjibo said...

@Ken M - I agree. The scoring is a mystery. And, interest in Torres is also a mystery to me. It's like kicking a dead horse...oh, wait, you don't know what a horse is. ;)

My only guess is that they go back further than one year's performance?

Ken M. said...

What is this "horse" thing everyone keeps talking about?

I know I've been told I was hung like one...

But that was a horsefly...is it the same?

Ian Sanderson said...

I've never seen a horse fly.

Torres's pice is still reflecting his 2009/10 season.

Fleeties said...

I think the pricing is reflective on their previously proven ability. I do agree that it should decrease to a faster degree than it does now.

kendo said...

A barn door is something Torres couldn't hit! ;)

Sihproma said...

I scored 203pts :x

My next:
Brown Bosinwa x
AY Silva Nasri Obertan
Rooney Kun Dze

I need a def, hope Santon's price less than 5,5 :))
ilva Nasri Obertan
Rooney Kun Dze

I need a def, hope Santon's price less than 5,5 :))

paulyff said...

Lol Kendo !*
I've seen a horse fly - its name was Pegasus!
Could score more goals than Torres though.
Crap week coz I had neither Roon or Dzek. That's ff life!


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4stooges said...

How did we do? I still suck- ha ha ha ha ha

Chaos said...

New players added....

Mertesacker 6.02

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