Friday, 29 July 2011

Join The Blog Leagues!

The Blog Leagues Are FULL!!! I will now check all 12 to see if any teams joined more than one league, and remove any duplicates. This may release a few extra spaces, I'll let you know...

YFF Blog League 1
Group ID#: 4842
Password: prem

YFF Blog League 2
Group ID#: 4843
Password: blog

YFF Blog League 3
Group ID#: 4844
Password: ball

YFF Blog League 4
Group ID#: 4845
Password: footy

YFF Blog League 5
Group ID#: 5085
Password: blog

YFF Blog League 6
Group ID#: 5086
Password: footy

YFF Blog League 7
Group ID#: 5088
Password: prem

YFF Blog League 8
Group ID#: 5089
Password: ball

YFF Blog League 9
Group ID#: 5781
Password: shoot

YFF Blog League 10
Group ID#: 5887
Password: group 

YFF Blog League 11
Group ID#: 6517
Password: footy

YFF Blog League 12
Group ID#: 6518
Password: blog

As usual there will be Cup Competitions run between the teams in the leagues, so be quick and PLEASE don't join more than one league, even if you have multiple teams; it's unfair on others. I will be checking team names and usernames when all of the leagues are full and any teams found to be in more than one league will be removed completely.

You'll notice that these are no longer named "AM" Blog Leagues and the reason for this will be revealed in the coming days. I will say that there is some exciting news on it's way regarding a new partnership for the coming season... please keep checking back!



Geoff said...

Woohoo! I've been dying for the season to start. Thoroughly enjoyed your blog last season, looking forward to more of the same this year. Thanks for setting up the groups Nik!

Caleb said...

Cool! Nik will you get a sponsor on your shirts? LOL!

Anonymous said...


New York Cosmos (AM Blog)

Maya Rani said...!/groups/238427806177777/?ap=1


Louis said...

Sounds good Nik. Well done. :)

The LC

chrism said...



Let the games begin.

Ian Sanderson said...

Good Luck to everyone for the mew season.

Exciting news!!!! you're such a tease.

Anything to do with the Official YFF Blog, which hasn't been updatedsince last season???

DJ PIGG said...

An hour and a half after posting and I'm 59th in League 2... what a testament to your popularity, Nik!

Thanks, once again, for setting up these leagues and good luck to everyone!

Ken M. said...

Congratulations Nik..

The information you shared with me last season has been well kept. I am looking forward to the big reveal....

Actually I am looking forward to EVERYTHING!

Saiful said...

well done nik!

Saiful said...

Woah! the first 2 groups already full. I'm in group 3. The 35th team. Hot cakes selling fast though!!

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

good fucking lord, these leagues fill up so fast, where do you people come from??????

kendo said...

Yff blog? Bound to be the new official yahoo blog ! You would deserve it nik great job!

Footballblogss said...

Join also our leage ID 2667 and password 1234 we are new young guys trying to create a succesfull blog but we need you to make it to that!

Anonymous said...


Well, Jeremy and Neal posted about the partnership so the cat's out of the bag. lol. Should be a fun season!


Anonymous said...

How about the official Fantasy Premier League game? Are you going to initiate some leagues there as well, Nik?

Pos Kajang said...


in group 4


coopstar said...

Damn it all the groups are full already

Kavedas said...

groups are full

Louis said...

There is 1 space in blog league 1. There are only 99 teams in it.

The LC

Louis said...

Someone got it now. :-)

The LC

AFM said...

all full...

Chaos said...

"AdmiraLord Nelson said...

good fucking lord, these leagues fill up so fast, where do you people come from??????

Oh dear AdmiraLord Nelson you have fallen into the "posters" trap. I think maybe less than 10% of people who read this actually ever post.

munafix said...


Azree_Msia said...

To all Malaysian, you are invited to join Predator League Malaysia. Non-Malaysian are welcome as well

Group ID: 512
Password: 12345678


Staffer said...

Hello AM and AMers,

Thank you for your tireless efforts Nik! I managed to join Blog league 3 and I can't wait for the start of the season! Whhoever wants to join my group is more than welcome, especially Man United fans who are ready to grab #20 at the end of the season!

Group ID#: 4223
Password: berba

imran said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
imran said...


- Hanya untuk org malaysia
- Setiap minggu 5 pasukan terbawah akan disingkirkan dan diganti oleh pasukan yg mempunyai mata yg ditetapkan.
- Pasukan yang tersingkir boleh menyertai semula league ini jika memperoleh mata yang mencukupi (lihat leaderboard pada setiap minggu untuk mengetahui update mata terkini)
- Tempat adalah terhad!

group id: 5096
password hint** : pasukan yang memenangi liga super 2011 dan memenangi gelaran piala malaysia 2010?

scottk964 said...

anyone looking for an American-based head-to-head league, join id 1415, password fire.

kwyjibo said...

Gerrard out:

Injury News

paulyff said...

Hi AM & AM'ers
Very pleased to join for another season
Anyone from France wishing to join a league is more than welcome:
Group ID - #437
Password - tb1122

Look forward to playing with you!


Maya Rani said...

GROUP ID : 3955
PASS : hansmike

Facebook Link!/groups/238427806177777/?ap=1


JJOKBOB said...

I'm intrigued with this new partnership. All the best to you, Nik. I already put [] on my team name though!


DeviLxDeviL said...

Wohoo !

I'm in League 1. Can't wait !

MarkH said...

Leagues went quick as usual, always amazes me.

Following last season, I have created a La Liga group. Last year we had quite a few people here who joined. So why not try again this year?
ID: 843
PW: yahoo

Woolwich Arsnell @ kimi & IKA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Woolwich Arsnell said...

im in too....Blog league 7 heaven

NjeP said...

all are full..anymore groups to be added??

Chaos said...

Got into Group 3.

Lee Chung-yong out for 9 months! I looked at him last week with them having QPR.

So Lee and Elmander have left, not to mention sturridge. Bolton to struggle?

rwlwhite said...

What are people's early thoughts for week 1?

Its less than 2 weeks away!

Kavedas said...

Groups are full


kwyjibo said...

I can't believe they are full already. Wow! Glad I got here early, sneaking into group 1 at No. 98.

Can't wait for the exciting news. Thanks Nik.

munafix said...

ooohhh nooooo full!

Boss said...

looking forward for another exciting fantasy football season, greetings to all new and old fantasy players.
managed to join league 7.

kendo said...

Chaos kwyjibo devilx good to see yas back again just shows with the blog leagues filling up how many lurkers there are! Don't be shy folks join in the fun and post ur teams ( before deadline of course! ;) )

mar_one said...

nik!!!anymore groups to be added???please,i really2 want to join blog league again this season.please.

Lê Hồng Hải said...

phew ! I'll join league 8

WaLaWaLa said...

Oh noo.. Cmon nick create more group please

Rexxa said...

more groups please.. all full now.

Assistant Manager said...

More will be added tomorrow

kwyjibo said...

@kendo - thanks, and likewise. Good to see old faces here as well.

There are still so many questions before the start of the season. Looking forward to it.


kendo said...

Balotelli looked sharp today as did silva and hart

Ken M. said...

Guess I am somewhat lucky, ending up in group two, along with our host. Altough I am counting the days before the season starts I must say that I feel a little intiminated. So many, know so much, all of a sudden it feels as if my true place (hopefully not at the bottom) will be revealed for all to see.

Having the support of so many is a blessing. I only hope that I can absorb enough information and watch enough games to somehow "justify" all the babble I post on a daily basis.

Let the games begin!

kwyjibo said...

Well, there goes another one of my early choices. Now Wilshere is a doubt:

Wilshere limps off

Ian Sanderson said...

Ken, are you sure you're in group to with our host....I'm in group 1 with AM FC.

Ian Sanderson said...


Ken M. said...


Yes, I am in #2 with the first team listed as AM FC. Group manager is listed as Nik A.

Is that what you second comment of (2) means. That you are also in #2?

My team name is Crusher. (from my "American" football leagues).Just one I have always used.

Chris` said...

all groups are full ):

WaLaWaLa said...

Yesss thx u nick.. Can't wait

Batman said...

all groups are full

ReDsKoP said...

Hi All,
I'm in group 8.

Eldwin said...

Sweet! I'm group 9 thanks for making a new group Nik, thought I'd miss out again this season. I have a feeling you need more though. 30 spots nearly taken within a couple of hours lol.

WaLaWaLa said...

Wohoooo.. Cheersss !!! Group 9

Maximo81 said...

Hooo..... Manage to squeeze into Group 9 !!

Ken M. said...

Regarding the "link" to (Fantasy Football Scout), in particular the Members part.

Is this something that some/most everyone belongs too?

Is this also part of the AM partnership?

I have a few reasons for asking...


Assistant Manager said...

Ken - Fantasy Football Scout is nothing to do with the new partnership. I do not belong to the members area either, although I do think the site is absolutely superb.

Ken M. said...

Thanks Nik...

I would love to continue supporting this blog along with any "partnerships" through donations, but would like to limit my support to just one.

I also feel that such a tool at this point in my education my lead to laziness where I would just find myself "cannibalizing" the ideas of others, which could have me missing out on the best part..personal knowledge of the sport itself.

I have this Blog..what more could I need?

MD AZ said...

Group 9 full

Im Suares (I was torre$) said...

Hi Nik, u gotta create a few more groups. They r filling up fast! :)

Assistant Manager said...

Blog League 10 details now above

Ian Sanderson said...

Hi Ken,
I'm in group 1, also with AM FC manager Nic A.
So, I guess, every group can aim to beat him, which is good.
My second comment of '2' was because I'd mistakenly wrote 'to'.

Eldwin said...

Nik's team will naturally be in every group. Since he needs it to be the manager of the group. :P

Assistant Manager said...

Unfortunately not. My main team can only be in 5 leagues, which are the private group I'm in with friends + Blog Leagues 1-4.

The Blog Team is on a 2nd Yahoo ID and is in Leagues 5-9.

A blank team is on a 3rd ID for League 10 + any more that get created. Probably a maximum of 12 leagues as the Cup will get out of hand with anymore than 1200 teams

kendo said...

I think ff scout is more geared towards the Barclays league Ken and can be confusing sometimes with substitute choices etc, but is a good source of info.

I find the Guardian pretty accurate with probable lineups, i've made some muck ups in the past relying on yahoo's predicted lineups.

Azree_Msia said...

To all Malaysian, you are invited to join Predator League Malaysia. Non-Malaysian are welcome as well

Group ID: 512
Password: 12345678


Kavedas said...

Joined group 9 :)

Unknown said...

group 10 is full

Synch said...

Dammit I keep missing out on joining the groups coz I'm on the other side of the world! By the time I wake up they're full :(

mmu123 said...

more group plss.

N said...

Hi nik, please add another group.. I'm same with @Synch as located on the other side of the world

Hope don't miss for this season to join with all of you guys!

myLAM said...

Anyone frm Indonesia? Feel free to join our group

GroupID: 3418
Pswd: maenlagi


munafix said...

full again ooooh noooooo

奸人 said...


Staffer said...

Man United, Berbatov and AM supporters are all welcome in my group:

Group ID#: 4223
Password: berba

Let's have another great fantasy season!

Juano said...

This is BS, just 4 days haven check in and when i got in today 10 groups were created and all full house already?! Im dissapointed to not able to join last year...n this year too!

AM pls check the groups for whichever team with double entries...

Assistant Manager said...

Two more leagues will be opened up tonight at around 9pm UK time. These will be the FINAL LEAGUES, 12 is the absolute maximum we can run or the Cup Competitions will become too difficult to administrate. If you haven't had the chance to join yet make sure you stop by to find the Group ID & Password!

Ian Sanderson said...

WOW 12 Leagues, 1200 teams this is amazing.
What a lot of lurkers we have!!
Don't be shy!!
I wonder how many of you are waiting for Aguero to become available??

Ken M. said...

This being my first preseason, I must say that I am very proud to hold a new record......

From my original, just putting players in to start day, I have rebuilt my team a total of 5,436 times and there is still more then a week to go!

You practice & practice then one day it all pays off.

I would like to take this time to thank all the little people that made this great day possible.

Signed 8 x 10 autographs will be made available soon for only $19.95 each and all payments can be made using pay pal...

I must public awaits.

Anonymous said...

@Ian Sanderson: I'm waiting for him to be available just like everyone else. But silly YFF is not cooperating with us and hasn't inserted his info into the game. Honestly, I doubt he'll be available for the first week.

However, I'm not sure he'd be starting the first game. Has he even joined the team in pre-season?

matt said...

This is my second season,last year I finished around 20000. But I only found this blog around halfway thru the season.( I was about 40000 when I found before that)But my early team selection was very poor as I was mainly picking players that had done well for me in the official FPL.

I have now got used to the points system / team selection and hope to beat last years finish while competing in blog league 6.

I commented a few times on this page, mainly for help regarding formation/players and have found this page to be a great help.

So thank you and good luck to Nik and everyone else.


From Matt ? < this was my team last year as I couldn't think of a name.
But this year > Baddow FC <

kwyjibo said...

In the 'official' game, Aguero was added right away, but at 11.0! (The most expensive players there are 12.0) Way too high.

I'm assuming (hoping?), though, that YFF will follow their more generous policy of introducing new players at ~6.xx. So, even if he comes in the game late, it will still be a great pick.

Steven said...

Hi Guys,

I'm one of those lurkers. This is my 3rd season playing YFF. I finished just outside the top 100 last season thanks to this blog. Thanks Nik for all your hard work.

I'll be posting this season and can't wait for it to start. I'm in blog league 2, MUFC_19.

Anonymous said...

Hey there all,
Returning for the season now.

Current pre-season team:

De Gea
J.Riise/ Luiz*/ Savic*
Taarabt/ Hoilett*/ Downing/ Silva
Carrol/ Torres/ Walters*

* = Players I have an issue with.

Here's the train of thought at the moment:

1. Walters out for Aguero when he comes into the system hopefully sometime soon.

2. Are David Luiz & Savic going to be staple players this season? Savic in particular is certainly at risk of not being played in the first game.

3. Hoilett for Sneijder if a deal is made soon at Manchester United ;) Otherwise I think Hoilett is a good one to go for for the first game of the season @H to Wolves, he's one of the few Blackburn goalscoring threats (subject to change having looked at the recent transfer activity) and would reccomend him for anyone who needs a midfield option on a 8.5ish budget

4. If I could secure Aguero at 6.XX and Sneidjer at 6.XX pre-season it would save 3.XX points and then I could potentially swap Savic out for an established defender and keep an eye-out barndoor if Savic does play.

Rest of the team:

GK & DEF: De Gea being an obvious choice!

Expecting Riise to take over a few duties at Fulham (am I right?) and at home to Villa ain't a bad choice.

MID: Taarabt is a personal favourite from the Championship. With QPR having a winnable @H v Bolton fixture and QPR's spirits being still buoyant from promotion I expect this playmaker to flourish in the first game and his price to rocket. Provided he isn't a PSG player by the time!

Downing's in as one of the highest scoring players last season and that's when he was at Villa, I imagine the possibilities at Liverpool to be greater (but not by too much, I'm not trying to make out that Villa are bad).

Silva is in under the budget influence, he's not the best Yahoo! scorer at times but I expect more from him especially as the first fixture is @H to Premier League newboys Swansea.

FWD: Carrol is in for sure - Carrol swooping in off a Downing delivery is going to be a staple sight this season so both of them make the team with my hoping that they'll be developing an on-pitch relationship.

Torres is a bit of an iffy one, I'm not a great judge of character but to me Torres just doesn't seem to have much conviction as a player even at Liverpool however I think Villas-Boas will be giving him the boost he needs to go out an score from the off so he's in as my most risky choice.

Can't wait for the weeks ahead!

chrism said...

@ Fleeties-good post. Finally some discussion. If your post is any indication of things to come, and I think it is, a lot of our teams are going to look very much alike.

Couple of points. Even when Aquero is listed, even at 6.xx he is not going to be a sure thing. Tevez is stuck with City and will start. Dzecko and crazy Mario are still there, they have 4 strikers. They will probably rotate 3 of them.

Suarez will come in for whoever I end up going with, right now either Carroll or Torres after his 2 game rest-which may be a ruse.

I have De Gea, Riise, Downing, Taarabt, who will be this years Charlie Adam, imho, and Downing. I think 99% of FF teams in the AM leagues will have these guys.

Silva is like Modric, critical to the team, maybe the best player on the field, but a disaster as far as FF pts go. Better off finding a 6.xx new boy that may yield pts. Gervinho would be the answer if he was listed as a midfielder which he is not. Which has me considering starting off with a 3-5-2.


Matlan Marjan said...

Joined blog league 11. Made a sacrifice to wake up at 5am APAC time just to ensure I wouldn't miss out the blog league. Let the game begins

Ken M. said...

I am very happy with my teams progress however my main "sticking" points seem to be defense.

Luiz..rotation problems..or starter?

Kolarov...great match up. Worth the money week one? I feel he would be a great start, as long as City are firm on their starting defenders?

Guess that's it. I am comfortable with my midfield & strikers along with my options I have set aside. It's defense..what direction are some of you leaning towards?

Azree_Msia said...

To all Malaysian, you are invited to join Predator League Malaysia. Non-Malaysian are welcome as well

Group ID: 512
Password: 12345678


rangib said...

Game on!!! Blog league 7; Bishop Blaize. Wesley S to ManU and another EPL trophy!!!!

Synch said...

Finally! 86th spot in group 12 :)

Josh said...

1 spot open in League 6

Corbs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Corbs said...

Hot off the Press !! - Aguero is in at £6.55m - Snap him up guys !!!!

kendo said...

agree with chris m ageuro may not start, gervinho @ approx same price more likely?

Anonymous said...

@kendo @chrism

Aguero is an Argentinian national player with a solemn reputation in the footballing world (Diego Maradonna being his father-in-law) - not an absolute guarantee that he'll be starting for sure but my bet is that he does! I will be holding out for team news as it approaches though, can't afford blind faith now!

I'm interested as to where Gervinho fits in at Arsenal, does he play a similar Winger/Forward role, almost Walcott-esque?

@chrism in particular concerning defenders.

I'd be keeping an eye of Jose Enrique's transfer saga.
Dalglish's Liverpool @H to Sunderland in a position where they need to set the pace early to prove to the doubters who think that Liverpool aren't going to be more of a threat this year than they were last year (who I think are a tiny minority really). Priced at 8.XXish.

Having said that O'Shea, whilst injured at the moment, is set to become Sunderland captain ahead of Cattermole - at least I think he is anyway! Also Wes Brown is 3.XXish, not sure how solid his starting position at Sunderland will be though.

Tottenham @H to Everton could also be worth an investigation - if you can guess who's playing! Gallas is still reasonably priced at 7.XXish and Ledley King is actually fit this year is he not? And then there's Kaboul.

Arsenal @A to Newcastle - I'm sorely dissappointed in Newcastle this summer and expect Arsenal to be giving them a wake up call on the first match. Vermaelen, Squillaci, Koscielny & even Djourou remain within the 7.XX-8.XX price bracket. It's up to you who you think will play!

If you end up on a really tight budget I think that Wigan are going to be bearing the cheapest defenders and @H to Norwich could be a decent chance at a clean sheet.

This is based on the fact that I don't really like paying more than 8 or 9 points for my defenders :P

Anonymous said...

wew, the grup full already >_<
open 1 grup again plz @_@

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