Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Aguero To Finalise City Move

Telegraph - Aguero to finalise £35m City move
Atletico Madrid striker Sergio Aguero is confident his £35 million move to Manchester City will be completed today after he arrived in England to meet club officials.

The 23 year-old Argentina international was at City's Carrington training ground this morning having cut short a holiday in his homeland to fly in to finalise contract negotiations and undergo a medical.

"Just arrived in Manchester to finalise the details of signing with City," Aguero wrote on Twitter. "Everything is going very well! I'll tell you more in a while."

Aguero at 6.04? Don't mind if I do!


Maya Rani said...

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Bid said...

6.54 for Aguero, at home to Swansea! It's a no-brainer...

Bid said...

Am I right in thinking City have the following 7 strikers on their books:

Santa Cruz


Bid said...

What do you guys think will happen to Tevez? Will anyone have the money to buy him? Will he rot in the stands? Or will City forget everything he's said and play him?

Anonymous said...

Mancini said he has 3 strikers & is looking for one more.

GGMU said...

We'll have to wait and see who mancini plays in the community shield, but Aguero will be in my team the moment he gets added to the game.

BTW, I still want to know whether or not you guys think Bothroyd will be a sure starter for QPR?

Kavedas said...

I agree with Bid its Ridiculous
6 ST were top Class before joining City (dont count Balo)and they earn too much $$ to sit on the bench

I guess if Man City did spend Wisely , they would have the best team in the World

What a waste of $$$$$$$$$$

Stefan said...

Just arrived :)

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kendo said...

Rumours that tevez could be swapped for Sneijder

SCOTT said...

Middie problem....;

Karl Henry, Ricardo Gardner, or Jay Spearing? Yes... it's filler time. Wish it was Miller time.. wait i hate that sludge.


Anonymous said...

Probably not a big deal but here's the news:

Chicharito has got himself a mild concussion.

Bid said...

SCOTT - I doubt Jay Spearing will play against Sunderland.

Ken M. said...

Dropping Suarez?

Yes I have. With the great number of "potential" good/cheep strikers floating around I have dropped him from my line up. By doing so my midfield now holds 3 of the top 14 players in Adam/Barton/VDV/ with O'Hara & Taarabt being the other two. My strikers for now will be Aguero once added & Gervinho with Sinclair/Holt and a few others to choose from. I have everyone's goal tender and Luiz as my cornerstone defender. I must say, by adding the lower priced strikers freeing up so much cash to spend on others..I love this team!

for now,

David said...

@Ken M--

Great looking team and I agree with dropping Suarez for Aguero. And Gervinho's starting status has solidified even further with news of Walcott's ankle.

Concerns would be Luiz rotating with Alex next to Terry, and whether Adam can be as influential in a midfield packed with talent as he was when he was at Blackpool.

I'm betting you'll get your 3400 point target this year.

kwyjibo said...

Another new feature on YFF. I just went to check on my team, and there was a message above the "About to Sell" section that said:

"Congrats! The following discounts were applied to your team:

J. Riise: 6.13 => 6.12"

It seems they are actually informing you when a player that you have has a price drop.

Azree_Msia said...

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kendo said...

For those of us who already have de gea?

SCOTT said...

@BID, Thanks mate,... will keep an eye out for reports in the next few weeks, for now I guess it's gonna be Henry.

Ken M. said...


Glad to see you back and hope you and your family are well. Good luck as always this season.

Your points have not been overlooked by me and I agree but...

With the players around Adam I see potential for many many assists, shots on target, and yes, I say more goals then last year which will more then make up for his "shared" duties. Hopefully this year..not so many yellow cards?

Luiz..simple, he plays..he stays.

Good luck

Mike B said...


For a really cheap filler with potential, keep your eye on Benayoun. He's been excellent in pre-season by all accounts, and AVB seems to like him. Certainly more chance of staying positive than Henry :P

SCOTT said...

@Mike B - Thanks for the knod but at the moment he's just over my budget, but he will certainly be one to watch.

Unknown said...

Aguero is not featured in my game:( Does anyone else have this problem?

Anonymous said...

@unknown. He's not in mine either. Christ, how long will take Yahoo to put him in?

Chaos said...

@ jddh1982. In Stokes 1st premiership season it took Yahoo 6 weeks to give them a GK..... so who knows.

Josh said...

@unknown/jddh1982, have some patience mates... he signed on Thursday evening, and it is only Saturday.

GTR34 said...

It's not a problem. It's the comments above that mention a price for Aguero. Were AM and others hinting at a price, or do they have them in their game already?

Anonymous said...

@GTR34 They were just hinting at a price, normally a player who is completely new to the Premiership will enter at 6.04, 6.12, 6.55 and a few other set prices. No idea how those prices are attributed to them though. Maybe it's based on how many players of the same position are listed, even so the price difference is minimal.

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