Tuesday, 26 July 2011

N'Zogbia Set For Villa Move

Sky Sports - N'Zogbia set for Villa move
Wigan winger Charles N'Zogbia could become an Aston Villa player by the end of the week, the Midlands club have announced following the agreement of a £9.5million fee.

N'Zogbia is now due to discuss personal terms with Villa and then undergo a medical before the deal is complete.

This is essentially a done deal, and so Aston Villa repair some of the damage done by the loss of Ashley Young & Stewart Downing. Expect N'Zogbia to take up set pieces, with Albrighton lining up on the opposite wing for the new season, and to be honest I don't think that's too much of a downgrade.

Both players have great delivery, will be keen to impress their new boss and I'm expecting strong fantasy performances from both. Darren Bent should continue to thrive as the spearhead of the attack and will of course take over full-time penalty duty with Young out of the picture. I'll be looking at Villa players in the opening few weeks as they have quite a nice start to their schedule (away to Fulham in Week 1 but then home to Blackburn & Wolves in Week 2 & 3).

It's not such a happy story for Wigan Athletic, losing the man who was the difference between relegation and survival in the final months of last season. With N'Zogbia in the final year of his contract Dave Whelan obviously felt he had little choice but to take the cash on offer, but the key to this is how they invest it.

Roberto Martinez is a bright young manager and will try to bring in a replacement/s who will play football the right way, but with their best player gone, paltry crowds and another relegation battle on the cards, how attractive are Wigan to potential signings? It's set to be another tough season for the Latics but they have the chance to start it well - they face the three promoted sides Norwich, Swansea & QPR in Week 1, 2 & 3.


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Maya Rani said...
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Maya Rani said...

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Ken M. said...


Your post on the last thread was hilarious. Sometimes the old sayings just ring so true...

A picture IS worth a thousand words.

Funny stuff.

David said...

@Mike B--

Thanks for the stud report on QPR, Norwich, and Swansea. I knew about Taarabt, of course, but not the others. Appreciate the help.

Azree_Msia said...

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kwyjibo said...

Swansea's Sinclair looks like a good buy, but I'm disappointed that he's listed as a forward. In the official game, he's listed as a midfielder. It would be much easier to fit him in the midfield than up front. Now I have to decide between him and Gervinho since Suarez and Chicharito have my other two slots.

Sinclair vs Gervinho, anyone?

Bid said...

N'Zogbia is a good signing for Villa, he's still 13.94 from last season tho.

Gervinho scored 2 goals on his Arsenal debut in pre-season, might be worth 6.54 away to Newcastle!

kwyjibo said...

I can't believe the BBC killed special 1 tv. :(

At least they still have the clips up from last season:

Special 1 tv

So far it seems their attempts to find a new home have failed.

Ken M. said...

Amazing how nothing has really happened yet and I have changed my team so many times so far, you would think I am trying to get into the playoffs!

The few players that I seem to always come back to are..Suarez/Luiz/De Gea/O'Hara

A very small core of inexpensive players to be sure, (exception Suarez) but each in their own right seem have found a spot on my team.
My decision on many depends on the basics of...

Who is on Penalties,Direct & indirect kicks, plus corners. I also include, points averaged per game ( I like the number 7 or close to it). O'Hara fits most of that and seems to be the only one who does so and is less then 10.00. Plus he also finished quite well last year. A must pick?

1-2 of the following will for certain also find a spot. In order..Taarabot/Sinclair/Holt/Hoolahan.

Still shifting the "big guns" around and have not yet decided this issue.

Good luck to all

Azree_Msia said...

Dear all,

What do you think about Norwich 30 years old striker Grant Holt? I haven't seen him playing before. Due to statistics, seems like he was a good finisher and playmaker. Scored and assisted a lot of goals. Will he be a good pick this new season?

Maya Rani said...

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Saiful said...

New season with new bunch of unknown players, with an attractive prices plus unknown potential. It seems that i need to find out more info about those players, esp norwich, swansea and QPR.

@Mike B: thanks for the info mate!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Suarez on extended holidays cos of the copa america?

Ken M. said...

Question on Gibbs...

I have seen many managers including Gibbs into their preseason rosters. I know it does not matter at this point but my question is...

Does he have the potential to start OR is he being included just for his price? I do not want to start the season with an intentional zero.

With the current roster of defenders Arsenal has, just where does he fit in..if at all?


David said...

@Ken M

With Clichy gone to City, Wenger has suggested that Gibbs will be given an opportunity to secure a starting spot, and it does seem likely that he would be Wenger's favorite. Perhaps further clarity will come as opening day approaches. At his price though, the damage is minimal even if he doesn't start.

kwyjibo said...

@sidewinder - it's still up in the air. I think they offered him rest, but it's up to him whether to take it or not. This article seems to suggest he's ready to go and doesn't want the rest:

Suarez News

Other news, Ben Arfa out: Ben Arfa to miss first two games

Finally, even though this one is about the 'official' game, there is still some good info on the new players: First impressions

I've already snatched up Sinclair from Swansea in the 'official' game since he's listed there as a midfielder, but having trouble fitting him in on YFF as he's listed as a forward. I guess it ultimately depends on the final decision from Suarez.

Anonymous said...

You know that if City get Kun Aguero we should all get him right? He's a beast.


kwyjibo said...

@jddh1982 - it all depends on what price they start him at...hopefully low. But now it's getting crowded up front! Too many choices. Suarez, Chicharito, Gervinho, Sinclair, and now Aguero? I wish we could have a 2-3-5 formation!

Mike B said...

This is shaping up to be a very interesting season for fantasy managers. Plenty of low cost potenetial fantasy goldmines are here, or on their way...

De Gea

I expect the above will be on most managers teams pretty much from the start, and throughout the season untill injuries intervene.

This will make picking those little hunches we have all the more important, and we'll be able to afford a couple of premium players without running out of funds.

With the huge squads and plethora of options that the two Manchester clubs and Liverpool in particular have available, it will be nigh on impossible to predict line ups in this first week especially.

I plan on playing it safe untill players have established themselves in the starting line up, with a couple of hunches to set myself apart from the crowd.

I'll be happy enough as long as I don't start like last season. Rooney over Drogba, what a way to start! I don't want to be playing catch up from the first week again.

17 days to go? Bring it on, I can't wait!!!

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