Friday, 8 July 2011

Essien Suffers Knee Injury

Knee injury for Blues ace Essien -
Chelsea have confirmed midfielder Michael Essien has suffered a knee injury during pre-season training with the Blues this week.

The 28-year-old Ghana midfielder, who missed much of the 2008/2009 campaign after sustaining anterior cruciate ligament damage while on international duty, will be assessed by the club's medical staff before any further prognosis.

A statement on the club's website read: "Michael Essien suffered an injury to his right knee during training this week.

"He will undergo tests over the next few days to determine the extent of that injury. Until we have the full results of those tests we will not be commenting further."

Awful news for Michael Essien if this turns out to be as serious as it sounds. Four seasons ago he was the most effective (and ignoring Spurs players, my favourite) midfielder in the Premier League, but his career has been repeatedly hampered by knee injuries since.

Clearly he was nowhere near his best last year but there were signs he was slowly coming back to form towards the end of Chelsea's campaign and I sensed a full pre-season could see him ready to make big impact in 2011/12. Sadly there are already rumours that this could be further damage to his cruciate ligament - and that's a season ender before the season even begins.

Fingers crossed it's not as bad as first feared.



Wayne said...

Please spare me your compassion. If he is out then his absence weakens Chelsea and thus makes the Spurs progress less arduous. I feel for him but the focus is Spurs progress.

MB said...

Michael Essien had a trail at United when he was 17, the story goes that he wasn't kept on because he was borrowing training kit and sending it home to Ghana. Apparently United took exception to this - although they say that if he'd asked they'd have sent him twice as much. A set of football kits nearly cost them 20+ million when they tried to sign him.

Assistant Manager said...

Wayne - I hear what you're saying mate, but I want Spurs to progress on their own merit; not because a rival's player suffers a career threatening injury.

Wayne said...

Once upon a time teams built their squads from their academies and rarely went to the market for players. Because of owners like Mansour, Abromovich, the Glazers and the like it no longer is about player development but the biggest wallet. Spurs do not have deep pockets. They have outsized ambition. If we were all playing on a level field then your sentiment would be appropriate but we are not so when an advantage appears you take it.

Chaos said...

Oh dear Spurs fans, more Modric quotes....

Modric said: "Last summer [Levy] said we would find a satisfactory agreement if a club like Chelsea came in.

"I hope eventually we go our separate ways in an appropriate manner."

A lot has been published in the press about the meeting with Levy, who gave the public a twisted account of what happened," Modric said.

"I must say that I am genuinely disappointed about what Levy said to me. He didn't care about what I was telling him. It all only convinced me further that I was right to consider moving on to another club.

Ken M. said...

I must agree with AM on this. I truly understand what Wayne is saying but in the same note....

If the Spurs won every game, and their toughest win came against a girls team with 4 starting players injured exactly what would they have one?

David against Goliath is one of the best draws in all sports.

All David's...boring
All Goliath's....better, but still boring.

I know we all want our turn at being Goliath but as history shows, being David can also work out.

Ken M. said...

Hopefully...I did not lose anyone in that previous post.
I know it is easy to hate the big money, buy all the good players, win everything all the time teams.

Be grateful that there is always someone-somewhere that is willing to raise the bar. Without's just a race to the bottom.

Consider American "football" if you will. The smallest market team, the Green Bay Packers, are champions. In baseball last year the Giants of the National League won the world series. Their payroll is 1/3 that of the New York Yankees who did not make it to the series final.

Lets hope we see the best of the best week in and week out. Hopefully the mighty will fall in battle..not just fall.

HarambeeStars said...

6 months...a huge blow as he was one player that didn't need replacing. Going along with the metaphor...Chelsea are now Goliath with no lower will be interesting to see how AVB and Abramovich move in the next month.

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Wayne sounds a bit laughable, Essien out for 6 months.

Wayne said...

At least I dont hide behind a psuedonym Admiral Lorn Nelson you pompous ass.

Helen Evans said...

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