Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Yahoo 2011/12 Is Open For Business!

It's back! Yahoo has opened it's doors for the new season so you can now register your team, start picking players and joining leagues:

You'll see some changes including a new user interface (shown above) and a new "Top Players" section which details the top points scorers from past seasons, split by position. It's our first sign of a proper stats/reporting section and hopefully this can be expanded in future to allow us to filter/sort by assists, successful crosses etc.

Other than that you'll notice that De Gea is set to be a season keeper for most managers, priced under 6.00 to start with and you may also notice the first mistake by Yahoo... that Gareth Bale is currently missing from the game altogether; I'm sure it'll be rectified shortly (Update: and it has been; the delay was because he was being recreated on the game as a midfielder)

There will be Blog Leagues set up, but not for the time being, as the format for the coming season is still being decided. I'll ensure I give you all plenty of notice so that you can be ready to join once they're available.

Until then, enjoy tinkering with your teams ... 24 days to go!


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DeviLxDeviL said...

1st !!

DeviLxDeviL said...

Sorry for above comment. Never did that before haha.

By the way i cannot wait new season to start. Well thanks to Nik and AM chat regulars for last season advice. No. 83 overall :)

DJ PIGG said...


I thought I'd missed some astounding news about Bale being sold to another league... glad to see that he's just missing.

24 days can't go fast enough!

kendo said...

Taarabt is in your squad Nik he may be on the move?

rwlwhite said...

bale is in the game, as are players such as Oguzhan Ozyakup, an arsenal midfielder who will never play! why do yahoo do that?!

Patrick said...

Hey Nik,

Thanks for letting us know; it's been a long summer!

To you US players: for the past couple seasons, I've run a for-fun, small-money competition through the official epl site using the total points leagues and the head-to-head leagues. Each player plays both: ten dollars entry for the total points (top 20-30% win money) and the head-to-head league is one dollar/match.

No one gets rich (although the first couple places do get a nice purse) and I don't make a profit; it is just a way to make it fun (as Neal and Jeremy have talked about on their blog). If you're interested, email me at patrickyaggy[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll send you the full explanation email. If you want to play after that, let me know.


kwyjibo said...

Woo hoo! I like the new look, let's hope it works more reliably, too.

Bale is in there now, but he's listed now as a Midfielder! No more CS points for Bale.

Anonymous said...

Anyone feel that De Gea might be given time to settle in and not start the first few matches?

Anonymous said...

One more thing, Suarez will be playing in the final of the Copa America so I think he might not make it back for the start of the season. Pool might give him a couple of weeks rest.

kendo said...

Dyer @ qpr @ 3.13 anyone?

Assistant Manager said...

Just FYI - the team in the picture isn't what i'd pick for week 1, I just filled my team with random players so I could take a screenshot of the new UI

GiaZola said...

Nick, r u going to set up a group for us to join?

kendo said...

After me copying your team selection nik! :)

D said...

Gibbs, at 2.48 looks a great deal - enabling defender! And JA Riise is nicely priced at 6.13 for an attacking fullback on a normally stingy Fulham team.

Chaos said...

Spent sometime last night picking team, well happy to have Nik and YFF back.

Am sure De Gea will start at West Brom. Also picked up J.Riise and Gervinho.

majilan said...

Tnx nik for ure unlimited effort and plz keep going

Ken M. said...


Can I expect the current pricing for players to hold until the start of the season? I saved a trial team yesterday, and notice that there has already been price adjustments. It looks like the pricing for players this season starts where last years pricing left off. Is that normal or will there be major/minor/no adjustments before opening day?

I have also included Gervinho & Riise plus Gibbs....for now?

I seem to be very interested in all Liverpool players but they can't all score well...can they?

Bid said...

Have you noticed, when you buy a player, you don't lose the search you were on. That used to p1ss me off!

Lon3LySp33D said...

Nik..any website to look around the club players latest transfer and latest players?

madness said...

yep, Bid. Liking it as well

Guy said...

Ken - you're asking for a prediction of what Yahoo will do?
Based on previous years, there won't be any major adjustments to all prices. Every time there is a player change this has a little impact on prices - that's what you've already seen.
There could be an odd exception - perhaps a player gets added at the 'wrong' price, so he might then get adjusted big time. In that case if you already bought him, you'll keep him at the 'wrong' price (Tuncay@1 for example).
Basically, it's worth making selections now - you might gain an odd 0.1 here or there.
That's only what's happened before though - one thing we know we can rely on is that we can't rely on Yahoo to be consistent.

Ken M. said...

Thank you Guy...

I understand that predicting yahoo is not possible. Since I have little (personal) history to draw on I was just looking for a best guess situation. The reason was that when joining for the first time last year I saw Adam, Bale and others and a much much lower price to start the year and some of the "managers in the know" were able to keep such players through injuries at pricing that did not hurt their teams by doing so. Not sure I have enough knowledge yet to get such an advantage with the current "crop" of new players.
Your information is extremely helpful in making my early predictions...thanks.

fergy_the_red_nosed_reigndeer said...

BEWARE !! a very good chance SUAREZ will not play the first few games for us due to his copa commitments KK already insinuated as much

Chaos said...

Hi Ken M,

Adam last season was not really down to "managers in the know", granted Bale was.

I think it was week 3 and Arsenal thumped Blackpool something like 6-0, however Adam still managed double points, and when that happens you know the guy is going to be a good fantasy player.

kwyjibo said...

Speaking of Adam, do you think he is a good buy this year? His price is a bit high, and he'll have more competition at Liverpool for points chances. I don't think he's going to score as well, fantasy wise. What do other people think?

Anonymous said...

@kwyjibo: I am not buying him right away. Liverpool has a lot of players in midfield (Gerrard, Mereiles, Adam, Aquilani if healthy) that pretty much are looked upon performing the same job. So I think they'll be rotated.

Anonymous said...

JA Riise will most likely be a season keeper for me. However, he will get the odd red card. He did that at Roma a couple of times. But at this time, considering he played already in the Europa League quali match, he looks like he will start, and most likely in left midfield.

Ken M. said...

Since it has been suggested by some (in the past) that a few of us are here, only to "copy" each weeks team set out by our host AM....

Let me get way out in front of this..

My team for week 1:
D. De Gea

Disclaimer: team subject to change without notice!

Ken M. said...

Anyone recommend a group? Last year I picked at random and landed in with a few (AM Blog)teams.
Love competing with "like minded" players, not so everyone has the same team, on the contrary, it's finding that edge that most have missed despite the sharing of ideas and being able to show what has been learned...or overlooked!


Maya Rani said...!/groups/238427806177777?ap=1

Kavedas said...

GOOD LUCK to all of you guys
hope for a good season

kwyjibo said...

@Ken M. - My prelim team has 7 the same as yours:

De Gea (is anyone NOT picking him?)

VdV is a bit pricey, so not sure about keeping him, and watching the news to see if Suarez will get a rest or not.

But, yes, same DISCLAIMER: Still early, many changes may be likely...

Anonymous said...

I want to have a City defender in but they're so pricey, considering Mancini might go with Zabaleta, Kompany, Lescott and Clichy. They did so well last year I don't see how anyone could beat them for a permanent spot. And with Kolarov's defensive issues I don't see him playing on regular terms either.

However, Stefan Savic might be someone to keep an eye on because the two preseason matches I've seen of City here in the States he's been really solid. At 6.13, if he nails down a spot, he might be a season keeper.

Anonymous said...

Gibbs Riise Olsson
Benayoun VdV Hoillet Taarabat
Balotelli Dzeko Suarez

Strange team i'm looking at. Need to see De Gea's first match before i can pick him.Hart
Gibbs Riise Olsson
Benayoun VdV Hoillet Taarabat
Balotelli Dzeko Suarez

Strange team i'm looking at. Need to see De Gea's first match before i can pick him.

kendo said...

Nsomnia on the move?

kendo said...

Anonymous said...

I had De Gea last two years in Fantasy Liga and he was a points machine.

SCOTT said...

Looking like this:

D. De Gea
T. Vermaelen
David Luiz
J. Riise
G. Steinsson Bolton
D. Silva
J. Wilshere
A. Lennon
J. Hernández
D. Drogba

Not really sold on Riise, but the price is right and I got to see him play live in Rome awhile back, (not very great in the seria a I should note), but I'll give him a shot... for now.


Fantasy said...

When a person is in love with football,then he is in a very different world and that is his Fantasy Football world.

MB said...

Already got week one.

De Gea - season keeper keeper
Kompany, Clichy, Gibbs,
Silva, Coleman, Downing, Modric (if still spurs)
Hernandez, Dembele, Adebayor (if spurs - if not, then a surprise player!)

Anonymous said...

Taabart staying at QPR. Could be a season keeper.

Ian Sanderson said...

Interestingly, Norwich have had 3 friendlies this week - winning 7:0, 8:0 and 11:0.
Sign of things to come in the Premiership?

Ken M. said...

Sorry to ask assistance,but in a roundabout way it is football related.

Is it possible to field more then one team using the same e-mail address?

My attempts of doing this has one of two results. Either I am told the "E-mail address is already being used" OR I just get taken back to my current page/team. I would like to field a second team so I can try more then one method of play to compare which works best for me.
I am for sure somewhat computer challenged so if this is (not possible) I would love to know so I can stop trying.


Irons said...

It's great to have ff (and this blog) back, although i gotta say i enjoyed the break. I feel perfectly rested for another long fantasy season. Looking forward to this season lots, even with my West Ham in the championship. Frankly, the weekly dose of depression was starting to eat away at me, can't wait to start winning games regularly..

I haven't really looked into my team, aside from buying De Gea already, have blank spaces in all other positions. Setting my sights on a top 100 finish this year, although this is fanciful considering my highest finish is 497 (i think).

Great to still have you going strong Nik, keep it up!

Irons said...

Ken, i'm pretty sure you will need different e-mail addresses for different teams but it's not the 100% answer you were looking for. I have never had more than one team..

Anonymous said...

Is Malouda a good pick this year?

Ken M. said...

Thank you for your reply Irons...
I was hoping to do it without asking but was getting nowhere. Just staying with one team. Feel I need to "focus" more on learning the actual game then I do in scoring fantasy points. Not that I don't like scoring points, but feel the reward will be much more satisfying when, at least in my mind" knowledge wins over luck.
Would also help in being a better contributor to this blog if I actually knew more about the sport.

Thanks again.

ps: Not to be rude but is Balotelli stuck on stupid? Play until you here a whistle or something. WOW. Good thing it was not in a game that matters, but feel with him it would not matter much anyway.

Maya Rani said...


GROUP ID : 257
PASS : hansmike


Azree_Msia said...

To all Malaysian, you are invited to join Predator League Malaysia. Non-Malaysian are welcome as well

Group ID: 512
Password: 12345678


Ian H said...

@ Ken M

Group ID: 888
Pass: h8mancs

Mixture of experience and newbies with good banter. Usually average the top 1000

Everyone welcome as long as your active throghout the season

Ken M. said...


I am still learning about many things, but there is one thing I have learned for certain. There is as much kindness that surrounds this sport as there is passion.

Still finding my way and I really wanted to be in a group that a good number of teams wore the "AM Blog" brand.
I now find myself in 4-groups.
Fans of Liverpool
Etihad Premier league-a random choice
AM Chat it!
Kopites & the rest...generous offer.
Team name..Crusher

Tried the "facebook" thing for the FIRST TIME...REALLY!
After only a couple of days dealing with it, I just want to go sit in a dark corner. Hope it gets better.

I am now set and cannot wait to begin the season. My goal over last year is to improve around 15%. Last year total points were just over 3,000. This year 3400 is my goal.

Lofty expectations for sure. Must be the company I am keeping.

Thank you all

David said...

Does anyone know who the studs are on the newly-promoted teams?

kwyjibo said...

@Ken M - No, you are not being rude. Balotelli is a spoiled brat and a total prat! But, if you really want to get a good laugh at his expense, watch:

Balotelli and the Bib
Return of the Bib

Of course, this one about Berbatov also makes me laugh. I think it's originally about 3 years old, but still strangely relevant today!

Save Berba

Mike B said...


Sinclair of Swansea takes free kicks and pens, and is just 5.25 right now. Shame about the opening fixture!

Keep an eye on Hoolahan of Norwich. He should be on all free kicks and corners, 2nd in line for pens also.

Taarabt is obvious, he'll hog everything for QPR

Maya Rani said...


GGMU said...

This is the first time I comment, but I’m not completely new to FF. This will be my second year playing the game and following this blog.

As most people are posting their week 1 teams, I will as well.

De Gea
Vermaelen Kompany Riise
A. Young Taarabt Hoolahan Larsson
Sinclair Gervinho Bothroyd

Do you guys think Bothroyd will be a sure starter for QPR? I don't really know much about the promoted teams as I only watch the EPL.(Thanks Mike for telling us about Hoolahan)

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