Saturday, 30 April 2011

Week 35 - My Team


    Skrtel   Luiz   Kolarov

Malbranque   Silva   Larsson   Pennant   Adam

Dzeko   Suarez

Really happy with this team - my only worry is Dzeko being benched, but I'm hoping Mancini gives him a start to build on the confidence from his winner at Blackburn. At 7.01 I felt it was worth the risk. I also went Meireles > Larsson which I think that's a sensible move seeing as I already have Reina, Skrtel & Suarez from 'Pool.

Now next week it's a double week for Man City & Tottenham, so remember that when you're doing your barndoor work. I'll probably load up on City players to be honest, Spurs are bang out of form at the moment, so VDV may be my only Spurs player!

Finally, to those of you slating me yesterday for not writing an update because I was at my mate's wedding - you're writing those insults anonymously because you don't want to be associated with your own comments. Get a fucking life!



Anonymous said...

Nice Team... and good job AM :)

Anonymous said...

5 same with u

the wedding planner said...

very surprised you have time to bother !!

Assistant Manager said...

Too stupid to realise the irony of what you've just written, love it!

Dave2 said...

Went with something a little different, trying to catch my mate in first place in our group (down by 21pts). So, instead of "popular" striker picks like Balo, Dzeko, Torres, I went for Sturridge and Bent - both playing leaking teams and on good form, so hope they score. Could be trumps or a disaster LOL.

Re: barn door - is Bale crocked? If he's fit, he's a must over 2 games...

Anonymous said...

luiz carr kolarov@13
kuyt adamJ larsson hendrson spearing
suarez torres


Anonymous said...

AM...never mind the bad apples...they are few and its easy to post negative hit and run comments anonymously. I would suggest, as has been done by many of the others in the past, that you really should remove the anonymous option for posting comments. Of course the irony is that I'm posting this note as anonymous myself...but I will setup a profile to contribute once I figure out how to do it as will the others that have genuine feedback that is helpful to the community you have created.

I think it’s amazing that you are able to do as much as you have done with this site...I barely have time to manage my bloody team week to week...keep it up mate. If people are relying solely on your analysis and recommendations for fielding their team each week then they need to drop out and find another hobby (underwater basket weaving perhaps...test dummies for the car manufacturers?). Yours is one of a number of sites I visit for ideas, but it is the best IMO.

Anyway...good luck with your team this week and hopefully you get a chance to ride out the wedding booze coursing through your body by finding a nice couch to crash on in front of the TV today.

Keep up the great work Nik...Purple Helmets (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Anonymous said...

Hitzlsperger's price will jump up this week if the 8 matches rule applies. Very cheap @ 5.12 and WHU remaining 3 matches is not bad. BLA @WIG SUN

Anonymous said...

Luiz Kolarov Zabaleta
VdV Touré A.Young Adam
Suarez Balotelli Benjani


dolarich said...

don't worry about the comments from a couple of wankers, great job!!!

Anonymous said...

i just had to post anonymously now because i couldn't post from my profile, both on my pc and mobile phone. So, removing that option could affect some people


Anonymous said...


Decided to go with this... Good luck all! And Nik, don't worry about the Anon's complaining. I hope you had a great time at the wedding.



Anonymous said...

bd team

luiz kolarov zabaleta
vdv touré silva lennon a.young
suarez balotelli

3.11 left, could drop young for pav or bale

Anonymous said...

Great job AM! And I love that "get a fucking life" part. They seriously need to get a life. I bet they are too lonely, sitting at the couch every weekend ALONE, having nuts as their snacks (not even chips), and coke. And that's all for dinner. For some reason, they only refreshing your page (maybe that's good too), but unfortunately they are relishing their desperation in here too!

Well, weekend is here for you guys, keep refreshing soccernet page. and get a beer rather than coke!

Enjoy the matches!


Anonymous said...

My early BD team for next week:

Luiz, Kolarov, Kaboul, Bale
VDV, Silva, Sandro, Shelvey
Suarez, Defoe

Anonymous said...

and Balotelli

Birty said...

luiz, smalling, zabaletta, coleman
valencia, henderson, johnson, larsson
rooney, odemwingie

sad day - i dropped Gyan.

As for the haters, ignore them - you're doing a great job and the 99% of visitors who aren't trolls appreciate the effort you put in. Also, I'm sure if you asked there would be plenty of people willing to help out.

i hate the yanks said...

there are a lot of american and canadian retards in here of late - do me a favour FUCK OFF and go watch baseball u tits

Ken said...

Great job as always Nik..

Try to ignore the bedwetting, castrated, anonymous (of course) poster who's own wedding will surely be to some guy in prison.

It's only a matter of time before his mother takes away his computer for doing that "thing" to the neighbors dog again.

Good luck to you this week...

kwyjibo said...

The haters are just trolls. They post and go. Best thing to do is ignore them, or fight back with sarcasm like 'the wedding planner' above.

Blocking anonymous posters would probably hurt the blog, as there are plenty of great anonymous contributors.

I'm 0.07 away from getting the BD team I want! Argh! Oh well. I'll have to throw in a filler and hope that there is a price drop somewhere along the way.

Latest news I read on Tevez is that there is a slight chance he may be back for the FA Cup final. So, it doesn't sound he will be available for the double.

DJ PIGG said...

Thanks Nik and, like so many others have already said, please ignore those that can't do anything better than post negative comments.

I hope you had a great time at the wedding yesterday and that the happy couple have a lifetime of bliss together.

Dave2 said...

At teh current prices and with my discounts, I am looking that this BD team:

Kola, Luiz, Bale
VDV(6.14), Lamps, Silva, Yaya
Suarez, Balotelli, Pavlyuchenko

If Adam Johnson looks good for a start or two, he can come in for Yaya, and Pavly --> Kompany is a thought too...

DeviLxDeviL said...

Congrats to Paul and Katie. Fuck haters, go Nik !

Go go Odem 2 goals !


Anonymous said...

glad i dropped dempsey even after that massive performance last week. he's being rested.

Anonymous said...

OH NO bilyalet is on the BENCH.

bad start for me.

Anonymous said...

anyone pick S.DAVIES?

unbelivable player.

Assistant Manager said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Assistant_Manager said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Where the hell is Chris Brunt ?
I paid around 11.5 for him
and he just disappeared ,, Thanks god

Data Head said...

AM, I'm curious why you went with a 3-5-2. (Sorry if you've explained it earlier in the week... I've been busy, too.) I went with that alignment, as well, primarily because I had confidence in several midfielders but very few forwards. By the numbers, a 3-4-3 almost always has the higher yield (if you pick correctly). Just curious.

P.S. Thanks for the response on those closely guarded Opta stats. I'll never say a bad thing about you or your site, even if its broad appeal attracts some anonymous commenters who might be bad news.

Anonymous said...

Gomez is a fucking joker.

Anonymous said...

AM, we will only accept your apology if you post some drunk pictures. :P

Assistant Manager said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

there are a lot of trolls who don't post anonymously too.

Assistant Manager said...

And now we have people posting under my name, pretending to be me!

Anonymous said...

This is why I love this blog ! Not only do I learn about football but I learn awesome Brit slang words like "slating" ! Keep up the good work AM !!

Bradley said...

Hey, Nik, I hope you had a great time at the wedding.

My internet's just come back after nearly 24 hours out. Sadly I didn't have the chance to make my remaining changes, so my line up isn't quite what I'd intended:

Luiz Skrtel Jiránek
Spearing Silva Adam Meireles
Sturridge Suárez Odemwingie

I would've dropped Sturridge (@5.19) if I'd had the chance. However, given that none of the replacements I was considering did much (e.g. Walters), I'm actually more annoyed by the 2 points from Adam. I could've picked nearly any other midfielder who played today and gotten more points for less cash.

FLScott said...

Anyone liking Kakuta?... I'm not liking Pool, and he's only 8.59. Yeah I've got 8 DGr's on board so far already (think that's enough!), and he just seems to fit the bills; but also, he just looks to be in good form to me.

Cheers, and glad for the Happy Wedding day AM.

Anonymous said...

kakuta indeed, that's prolly the only shot he's had on target.

mmmm said...

Harry Redknapp - STOP MOANING you melon headed freak - as i said ages ago your crap team wont even finish 5th let alone 4th LMFAO !!! you had your 1 season of 'glory' move over make way for the big teams

Anonymous said...

Tottenham have an excellent squad imo, if Harry doesn't think so then he should be fired. How many matches has Gomes single handedly thrown away? Yet he doesn't get the flak some players get.

Dave2 said...

@ FLScott re: Kakuta - aside from the goal he toe-poked in after a lucky ball bounced to him, he was quite rubbish. Constantly giving the ball away, mis-controlling it, and running into dead alleys. IMO - Not worth it against a very robust looking Liverpool.

Anonymous said...

dzeko on bench..balo start..

Anonymous said...

Went with this team

Kolarov Skrtel Carr
VDV Meireles Silva Larrson
Suarez Balotelli Suarez

I share 8 of the same players with the overall leader of YFF, including exactly the same midfield. 71 points so far with my three City players to go. Poor score considering I went down the rankings. Hopefully the Citeh players can pull me back up.


Anonymous said...

Barn Door De jong?


Anonymous said...

You know Balotelli will start ahead of Dzeko but you try to convince yourself otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Dogarnit, I'll never pick Balotelli again. Except for next week. And maybe the week after. So close yet so far for the popular Man City players this week but at least it's a generally low scoring week.

Superfly Jim said...

BD Team

Luiz / Gallas / Kompany
Lampard / VDV / Sandro / Silva / Toure
Suarez / Dzeko

Anonymous said...

While you're moaning, Man City won 2-1. Pavluchenko lost the ball and got a yellow card trying to win it back like Adam Johnson today but when it happened to Balotelli, the insults came in right, left and centre, i smell the R word here.

kwyjibo said...

94.5 for the week. Not as good as I had hoped, but good enough to jump up 287 places to 1169 overall.

@Anon 5:09PM - Yes, Balotelli gets the start over Dzeko, but even with limited time, Dzeko, once again, outscored him.

@bengoh91 brings up a good point about the similarity of lineups with the top players. It goes to show that you only need big scores if you are behind. My score is higher than ALL of the top 10 players for the week. They are doing what they need to do to stay up there, without taking the big risks.

Anyway, my early BD team is:

I'm not sure if having two ManC defenders + Hart is a good idea, like today, where just 1 goal means a major loss of points (3 lost clean sheets). So, I may switch out Kompany. We'll see. It's still early.

south of europe said...

zabaleta my man ;) I love him

Nick you are nice guy and we appreciate your hard work every week. It s very to do it every week and be successfull. I hope that you will continue to help us. Tt s not just about you its about people who are here every day and usefull information are posted allways.

Thanks Nik again!

Martin said...

Hitzlsperger at 5.6ish is a good bet for forthcoming weeks as is Arteta at 8.9ish.

I'm unsure as to whether or not to drop Valencia and Modric for better options?

Currently sitting on:

Kolarov/ Kompany/ Corluka
Silva/ Arteta/ Valencia/ Modric
Suarez/ Balotelli/ Pavyluchenko

4ish points left in the bank

Anonymous said...

I finished with 85.5 points and moved about 100 places. The team was:

Kolarov Luiz Zabaleta (!)
VDV Meireles Adam Larsson Silva
Suarez Balotelli
Made a mistake and changed Odemvingie to Adam at the last minute who was rather dissapointing.

Current team:

Kolarov Luiz Zabaleta Bale
VDV Silva Yaya
Suarez Balotelli Teves

Will Tevez be ready for next week?
Thank you, AM, for your suggestions and discussions every week. Turned my FF season around when I found your blog.
Latest points: 85.50
Total points: 3,322.00
Overall rank: 456 +163

Kendo said...

90 points this week moved to the top of my own private league for the first time this season had odemwinge swapped from
Torres at last min and had Dejong :) had kuyt reina and Suarez

Cheers nik!

Assistant Manager said...

Did I just read someone try to accuse blog contributors of being racist because they doubt Balotelli's mentality?

If you think race comes in to it then you have the problem my (surprise surprise) anonymous friend. The reason people doubt him is because he represents a young man genuinely on the edge of insanity - constantly closer to a red card than a goal.

Gazza was the same, Cantona was the same, Roy Keane was the same, Joey Barton is the same - players who will win you games, lose you games, and also lose their minds.

Where a footballer originates from has nothing to do with it, and for me, anonymously accusing people of racism is the final straw. Tomorrow the blog becomes "sign in" only - if you want to make comments, man-up and put your name to it.

If you're a regular contributor then it won't be a problem; if you're a troublemaker I can track your account/IP address and ban you indefinitely within minutes - simples!

Cheers, Nik

Oppenheimmer said...

Who gives a shit Nik!!!

You lost it mate, may aswell give it up now as your credibility has gone for this blog, me and many others will not be coming back!

Backcountry Dave said...

Hey Nik,

Thanks for all your efforts. The new sign in policy is a small price to pay if it helps keep the blog on point and civil.

Backcountry Dave

We Got Him said...

Osama Bin Laden hope your burning in hell right now.

Eldwin said...

Oppenheimmer, I'm pretty by "many others" you meant those "Anonymous" who have been trolling and not appreciating what Nik has done. For God's sake, he is doing it for free. You're not forced to come here and read. If you don't like it, just don't come ever. We won't miss you. :)

Anonymous said...


looking forward for your next player pick. must be interesting mate.

Anonymous said...

Dzeko outscored Balotelli because he's obviously a better player but Mario gives the team a better balance and good thing Mancini has realised this. While you're trying to win fantasy points, Man City is trying to qualify for the champions league. We all can see Marios life playing out so its easy to pass judgement. Verge of Insanity, good one.

Chaos said...

97 points for the week, am up to 32nd place overall! Stunning.

Agree with the sign in policy. Quality site Nik.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Openheimer

kendo said...

Well done chaos impressed!


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