Thursday, 28 April 2011

Week 35 - Player Picks

Week 35 sees us go back to a single week for all teams, and I'm pretty glad about that. The occasional double week is OK when it's for the majority, but skewing your team selection to just a couple of sides isn't all that fun, so it's good to be back to normal. Unfortunately it's another double in Week 36 (for Man City & Spurs) but we won't worry about that for now!

Before I get in to the fixtures, I'll quickly talk about the week just passed. I ended Week 34 on 136 points, which is probably below average (150 is par in a DW), but I'm generally pleased with that score after a terrible start saw me take just 57 from the first round of matches.

Dempsey, Pennant & Schwarzer did the business in their 2nd games, but Etherington was unlucky to pick up an injury that could see him miss the FA Cup final, Zamora's double benching left me wishing I'd gone for Kenwyne, and I was sorely lacking a good Stoke defender as Wilson proved why he's so cheap!

I now find myself drifting around just outside the Top 100, and my dreams of the Top 50 are disappearing quicker than Tottenham's dreams of a 2nd season in the Champions League. 40 points is a hell of a lot to make up with just 3 weeks to go, so I'm just concentrating on trying to secure my 3rd ever Top 100 finish.

Now, the fixtures...

MAN CITY v West Ham
LIVERPOOL v Newcastle

These are the two games I really feel like loading up on this week. West Ham looked to be getting out of trouble a month or so ago, but since they lost Scott Parker to injury they have been awful & City will be licking their lips as they look to tighten their grip on 4th. Big home win for me.

Dalglish has transformed Liverpool since taking over and I'd expect them to beat Newcastle comfortably at Anfield as they continue to chase down Spurs for 5th place and the Europa League spot that neither side really wants. Whisper it quietly, but are they a better, more balanced side when Gerrard isn't playing? I think they might just be.

Should Win
CHELSEA v Tottenham
STOKE @ Blackpool

Two derbies which are sometimes difficult to call, but on this occasion I expect Birmingham and Chelsea to have too much for their opponents on home turf. Wolves are playing as poorly as they have all season and look doomed for the drop, while I'd rather not go in to how rubbish Spurs have been for the past few months.

Everton meanwhile are one of the form teams in the league and after playing a defensive game at Old Trafford they should win this far easier match against another struggling side in Wigan. Stoke are flying and despite their atrocious away record I expect them to take all 3 points in another open game down at the seaside.

Arsenal v Man Utd
Blackburn v Bolton
Sunderland v Fulham
West Brom v Aston Villa

We were all very excited about Arsenal v Man Utd a few weeks back - a match that could blow the title race wide open! Well, it still could, but it's more likely to benefit Chelsea if Arsenal win, as the Gunners are out of it. However, I think it'll be a draw and United will deservedly go on to seal the league. I also think the other 3 games listed are set to be score draws.

Now, the players...


They may be pricey, but the two keepers that stand-out as the best picks this week are the two from the stand-out fixtures. Joe Hart has the slight edge as West Ham are in such bad form, but Pepe Reina is still a great pick against Newcastle and is slightly cheaper. Personally, I'm going with Reina.

If you can't afford either of them then you can either go for Tim Howard at Wigan who is priced around £6m and has a decent chance of a clean sheet or really hit the bottom of the barrel with Scott Carson, who is just 1.00 and playing for a vastly improved West Brom side under Roy Hodgson. It's still a huge risk as Carson is basically a terrible keeper, but you may feel his prices makes it worth that risk.


Wasn't I a silly boy for selling Kolarov! The players I brought in his place didn't do anywhere near enough to justify that decision and I had to buy him back @10.8 on the barndoor earlier this week. He's worth it though, given his fixture and his ability to score points from all direction, but it's annoying.

I am glad I hung on to David Luiz, who returned to form last weekend and should score well again, and Martin Skrtel is the best defensive option from Liverpool, seeing as their young full-backs have yet to be added to the game. Yahoo have been terribly slack this season (Sessegnon being the prime example) and it's really not good enough.

Lescott is the most affordable City defender at around £8m so he can cover that clean sheet if you can't get Kolarov, and Seamus Coleman could be in for some good points at Wigan. Birmingham captain Steve Carr is a great option this week, while Shorey & Wilson are good fillers if you're looking to spend cash elsewhere.


Kuyt is on the scoring streak of his life at the moment, loving the space created by Suarez & Carroll and remaining on spot kicks while Gerrard is out. He's probably too pricey now, but if you barndoored him then you're laughing. Pennant will be on everything due to Etherington's injury, while Adam will be on everything because he's Adam.

Larsson getting all set pieces (and he's apparently stolen penalties from Gardner) so he's another good midfield pick, Lampard has started picking up pace for the run-in & Meireles is a fine choice if you can't afford Kuyt but want a Liverpool midfielder. David Silva is a bit like Modric - a "string puller", a great player who doesn't score well in Fantasy Football - but he's probably worth a shot at home to West Ham.

Some less obvious picks - Chris Brunt is back to his best, Jordan Henderson scored twice last weekend and will be full of confidence, Adam Johnson is tempting if he's set to start and Steed Malbranque is my hunch pick of the weekend as he could be played upfront due to the striker injury crisis at Sunderland

DJ Campbell

Suarez. The guy is lighting up Anfield and looks a snip at just £20m, so the fact many of us have him for around 8.xx is great news - I expect big points this weekend. Dzeko should get the nod over Balotelli if City remain with one upfront after the Bosnian broke his Premier League duck in the vital win at Blackburn & Kenwyne Jones is scoring goals for fun at the moment. He'll get plenty of chances at Blackpool.

We won't know if it's Torres or Drogba vs Spurs, but Ancelotti must be tempted to give Torres a game after he finally grabbed his first Chelsea goal and he's sure to cause our defence problems. Odemwingie has been the surprise package of the season and just keeps on scoring, Cameron Jerome is a certain starter at home to Wolves, Walters should continue up top with Jones, Beckford has a good fixture & DJ Campbell is an outside bet to complete the list.

That's it for the players this week!

My own team currently looks like this:

Reina, Luiz, Skrtel, Kolarov, Malbranque, Silva, Meireles, Pennant, Adam, Dzeko, Suarez

I actually like it but I'm sure there'll be some changes before deadline. I'm still considering Larsson in Adam's place, I'll need to check Dzeko's starting status & I may go Skrtel > Carr as I already have Liverpool's clean sheet covered by Reina. As for Steed Malbranque, if he's going to play as a support striker then I think for under £6m he's a great option, I'd love to have Kuyt in Meireles' place but it's not going to happen, he's out of my price range, but everything else should stay.

Let's leave it there for this week. I'm at a mate's weddings for the entire day tomorrow so once again the Update post might be late or not at all. You know you can always go over to Jeremy & Neal if you need team/injury news, they summarise everything very well on a Friday, and Fantasy Football Scout is an invaluable tool.

Please let me know how you did in Week 34 & how your Week 35 team is shaping up!



Anonymous said...

1st (:

great post AM, back to your best, cheers!

Anonymous said...

great post that you didn't read before commenting

Anonymous said...

don't be sad just coz i got 1ST!!!!!! :p

ok i have read it now, it is great do you not agree :p


kendo said...

168.5 last week with fulham to the rescue thanks nik!

luiz kilarov lescott
adam meireles spearing kuyt
suarez balotteli torres

should i swap balottelli for dzeko?

Anonymous said...

currently on:
Hart, Luiz, Skrtel, Kolarov, Lampard, Silva, Maxi, Pennant, Adam, Chicharito, Suarez


Anonymous said...

No love for Adam Johnson?

Assistant Manager said...

You mean the Adam Johnson who's listed in my Player Picks accompanied by the sentence "Adam Johnson is tempting if he's set to start"?

Ken said...


Hart/VDV Both at discount, want both for double so a must keep.
Maxi..point chasing, maybe but at 7.88 he may just may have one surprise left. Will move (if) I decide to bring in Balottelli.
Other then my defensive fillers I am happy with most of it.

Enjoy the wedding Nik. I must say, after attending several of my own they just don't appeal to me like they once did.

Good luck all.

Anonymous said...

hi nik!!


week 34: 152 pts....
week 35: hart,kola,lescot,luiz,adam,Malbranque,silva,larson,Odemwingie, dzeko amd gudjohnson....

Anonymous said...

my week 34 is good. 144.5. can get much more if sturridge didnt injured and dempsey and ethe doing well for the first game of the dw.

so my week 35 is

silva/adamjohnson/c adam/kuyt/henderson/

Jelly said...

Foster no good this week, Nik?

poogash said...


could be good, but very likely to change dependant on man city team news....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

why the hell is sessegnon not in the game. he would have been a good pick for this week. he will prolly start up front due to the lack of strikers for sunderland.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nik, or anyone, do you think I should keep Lampard at 16m despite the tough fixture against Tottenham? Or should I drop him for Kolarov @ 13, and pick a cheap filler. I have Lescott right now in place of him...

My full team is:

Luiz/P Robinson/Lescott
Lamps/Silva/Adam/Y. Toure/Pennant



Anonymous said...

Got 136.5 points thanks to Dempsey and Schwarzer who racked up the points yesterday. Other than Kolarov, Suarez and Huth the rest of my team did naff all.

On to my week 35 team and it's looking like this atm

Kolarov Skrtel Carr
VDV Henderson Silva Kuyt Lampard
Suarez Balotelli

This may change lots as I'm unsure of my entire midfield. VDV is definitely staying@6 but the others may all change.

Weighing up between Kuyt and Meireles. Don't want both as it's just to risky. Kuyt is in good form but scores less phantom points.He usually does shit without a goal.

Meireles is in average form but can score good phantoms without a goal.

I prefer Meireles but just afraid Kuyt will get a huge score and make me regret dropping him at a discount.

One striker that I'm keen to have is Odemwingie. He's been very consistent in recent weeks and that's what I like. I know he's expensive but he's home to a leaky Villa and I have him at a slight one unit discount. I can't get him without significantly downgrading either Lampard or Kuyt. Do you guys think he's worth it

Man City forwards are another dilemma. Balotelli or Dzeko? Leaning towards Balotelli. Just worried he may pick up more bookings than goals. In terms of point scoring, Dzeko is safer as he won't get negative. Balotelli could easily score big as go negative. We also don't know who will start. I may even avoid them altogether due to the uncertainty.

Any thoughts on the above points that I have raised?


Anonymous said...

Actually, I would have around 12.32m left if I did that to splurge on someone else. Its too early for me...


Anonymous said...


Personally I would go Meireles/Dzeko. Odemwingie may score a lot of goals, but Aston Villa can play great football at times. But yeah, I'm not sure who will start for City up top... its tricky.


Anonymous said...

Hit a nice 150.50pts last week with 5 SGs and 6 DGS. All SG picks scored well - Reina, Kolarov, Luiz, Lamps & Suarez.

This week for now I'm going with:

Kolarov / Luiz / Coleman
Lamps / Malbranque / Pennant / A Johnson
Suarez / Dzeko / Torres

Everton are a form team but no MID or FWD picks AM? No-one standing out?


Anonymous said...

there is not uncertainty about Balotelli's starting place.

Anonymous said...

week 34=111,5 points

week 35 squad(propably)

luiz ???? wilson
lampard meireles pennant/larsson southern(filler)
suarez RVP torres/jones

Anonymous said...

HI! again
week 35
luiz shorey wilson (a bit weak defence(except luiz)
pennant meireles southern lampard
suarez RVP torres/dzeko(still unsure but think i'll go with torres)

Anonymous said...

kolarov - luiz - lescott
vdv - lee chung - silva - yaya
rooney - rvp - suarez

had valencia but switched to yaya because im thinkin valencia will get the rest this weekend after playin 90 min in champions league.

Anonymous said...

luiz shawcross skrtel
larsson pennant kuyt malbranque
suarez dzeko odemwingie

Anonymous said...

my team:


not save yet..who should i change?
advice please.. =P

mmmm said...

liverpool for 5th place lol - spurs are fooked

Anonymous said...

I barndoored Maxi Rodríguez @ 7.88 after his hat-trick - worth keeping??

kwyjibo said...

141.50 and I can't believe that Zamora got a big fat 0 over 2 games! I only added him in at the last minute. What a waste.

Well, I didn't drop Kolarov, and I'm happy about it, along with BDing Hart @9.69, Dzeko @7.01, and of course still have Suarez @7.20.

I've never tried a 4-4-2 before, but that's what I have so far this week:

I'm risking Dzeko because, as I said before, I just can't get myself to select a total smeghead prat like Balotelli, no matter how much he scores (or doesn't, as the case may be).

It would be nice if Tevez made it back for the double week...

Anonymous said...

Please rate my team and offer advice:

Luiz, Skrtel, Kolarov, Roger Johnson
Rodríguez, Lampard, Silva, Dunn
Suarez, Torres

I'm not convinced about either Dzeko or Balotelli.

Data Head said...

@Chad, I think your toss-up between Lampard and Kolarov depends on how risky of a manager you are and how you feel about your ranking in the general classification or your private league(s). You have the potential Man City clean sheet covered in Lescott, who, by the way, has outscored Kolarov over the last five Man City matches (and in 3 out of 5 of them, individually). Lampard could be "Lamps" (i.e. brilliant) or "Fat Frank," but if you have a hunch about him, then go for it. Despite the conservative sound to my name, I'd rather take a shot and miss than go for the middle ground (which is not to say that I think Kolarov is a bad bet). Again, it ultimately depends on how you feel about your position and whether or not you deem the risks worth taking. If you did make the swap, how would you better appropriate the remaining funds?

Anonymous said...

No way am I picking Dzeko. One goal isn't going to change the fact that he looks sluggish and out of form, and I'm not convinced he will start anyway.

Donut said...

I fancy Rooney this week to be at his purple faced best v Arsenal but my views should be completely ignored having sunk from 150ish to 700ish in the past 3 weeks...

Funny thing is each week I was happy with my team...just didn't get the luck required...


Anonymous said...

Balotelli might be a lot of things but he's the reason Citeh are playing so well, his pace gives them a lot of options going forward, as an Inter fan i can say it was the same thing the few matches he played upfront alone for Inter. Bottom line, he starting if he's not injured or suspended, can't say the same for dzeko.

kwyjibo said...

@Anon - I never said Balotelli doesn't have talent, but you can never trust him. A perfect example was the last game, a winning effort, and yet he scored negative points thanks to a senseless yellow card.

He can't control his temper, and at any moment, whatever points he has scored can just instantly disappear.

Check the stats:

Number of games with 10+ points: 5
Number of games with negative points: 5

It's a toss up. I just think that he is a risk to pick. He may score 40 points in a double week, or -5 and a red card. Both are equally possible.

kendo said...

I'm leaning towards holding balotelli mainly as it's a talking point and a risk we would all kick ourselves
If he brings in the points plus a parking fine

gman26 said...

"150 is par in a DW"

It's depressing when you put it like that AM because it makes my 155 so average. But since I didn't move up very much in the overall standings, that means you're right.

Your post has influenced some of my picks. I'm sticking with Balotelli though. It seems like Mancini keeps on giving him chances, so I think he still plays a big part.


Would you do Gabby over Jerome? I wasn't even sure if Gabby is healthy though.

Anonymous said...

any word on cahill?

FLScott said...

Barring weirdness, this is what I'm going with:

J. Hart
M. Olsson / V. Kompany / S. Carr
D. Dunn / D. Silva / K. Southern / S. Larsson
D. Bent / K. Jones / E. Dzeko

Cheers.. damn I need a drink.

Anonymous said...

Kolarov Luiz Lescott
Adam Nzogbia Pennant Maxi
Odemwingie Suarez Balotelli

I still hold Reina, Silva and Dzeko behind the scenes. Al-Habsi is a monumental risk, but he's the best for 6.07. Still thinking about this, it makes me uneasy. My defence has been set all week, sorted.

I stupidly droped my discount on Pennant, and now have to buy him back at 2 units more. Still, with Eth out and his great form it's money well spent i think. Adam is my safety blanket, always a good pick. Maxi must surely start after his hat-trick, so i'm going points chasing. To be fair though, it's only because he hasn't been a starter that he hasn't been a proper option. Nzogbia home to Everton...why not? Cleverley/Brunt are alternatives here.

My front line is definite, barring Mancini stating Balotelli will not start. He is worth the risk imo, loves to shoot and a free kick specialist (plus an all-round top guy!) Odemwingie WILL score, and Suarez is the bargain of the season @7x.

Damn, that was long. I'm going to have a look what Carson in goal will allow me to afford elsewhere..


Anonymous said...

Actually, screw Al-Habsi. Robinson seems a better bet. So, this could be my final team..

Kolarov Luiz Lescott
Adam Nzogbia Pennant Maxi
Odemwingie Suarez Balotelli


Anonymous said...

what's up w/people pickin Malbranque? am i missing something?

- afrikan

Anonymous said...

Jermaine Pennant & Sulley Muntari OR Kenwyne Jones & David Dunn???

FLScott said...

@ Irons - I like the Odemwingie choice. If anyone hears more on Dzeko please post! ... bit worried on that one.

Tim1975 said...

G - Howard; D - Luiz, Shorey, Lescott; M - Meireles, Silva, Adam, A. Johnson; F - Suárez, Dzeko, Carroll

John Doe is the Man said...

no one mentioned Bentley?

Anonymous said...

MAXI anyone?

Anonymous said...

Hi guys I really need help! Silva (@7.52) Lescott (@7.13) and reina (@9.09)
Odemwingie (@16.32) Kompany (@10.21) and Carson (@1.00 :/ )
Thanks! :D

Kellz said...

@Afrikan: Appearently Malbranque may play as a support striker, so at 5mil would be a pretty nice gamble.

@Anon: Pennant and Muntari, better value as Pennant will be on all kicks.

@Anon: Silva, Lescott, Reina in my opinion

My team ATM:

Shawcross, Luiz, Kolarov
Adam, Lampard, Pennant, Silva
Torres, Suarez, Dzeko

2.54mil left in bank to either upgrade Shawcross to Skertl/Lescott or upgrade Dzeko to Balotelli. I am not so keen on Torres yet and may switch to DJ Campbell as BPool have yet to be shut out at home. If theres news on Carrol starting I may even opt to change him in for Torres. Basically a lot rides on what ever news we get tomorrow.

On a high after a punishing 175.5pt week

Good luck gents

Anonymous said...

My team look like this:

Kolarov / Luiz / Carr
Kuyt / Pennant / Silva / Malbranque
Suarez / Balotelli / Jerome

Steev said...

Off topic a bit but I was surprised to see Clint Dempsey becoming Fulham's all time top premier league scorer the other night, considering they've been in the top flight for 10 years and he's not even an out and out striker.

Question for any Americans out there- is Dempsey considered to be your best player currently? Or does that honour perhaps fall to Landon Donovan with maybe Diana Ross third ;-) (world cup 94 anyone?)

Anyway, even though he scored against England at the world cup (thanks Rob Green) congrats to him on this feat and I hope he stays in the prem for years to come. Thanks for the 26pts too!

Anonymous said...

funny afrikan.... I was going to say the same thing. I guess I am. His stats don't support it for me.


p.s. looking really hard at Carson

Anonymous said...

Steeeeeeev - - our best player is Dempsey. flat out... it is just the guys around him cannot figure how to play with him cause he is too unpredictable (smart) for them. It is getting better though.... albeit slowly.

Anonymous said...

A.Johnson and Dzeko wont start together, so i'd pick one, for this week i'd go with Johnson.

elvin said...

strurridge playing? i had him at 4+

Anonymous said...

luiz kolarov carr
silva AJ malbranque kuyt
KJones Jerome Balotelli

Might get carson then change malbranque to pennant, or jones to suarez

wake&bake said...

Not much talk about rooney? manure seem very much in form during the recent big matches

Anonymous said...

is zabaleta out injured?

Anonymous said...

i like some fillers that u didnt mention. rodwell, henry, dunn. n no love for bent n his goalscoring form?

Anonymous said...

my team:
luiz kol coleman
silva pennant malbranque rodwell
Kjones bent balotelli

not willing to buy suarez @20

Anonymous said...

Wow AM, are you invited to the ROYAL WEDDING?

Superfly Jim said...

Really, really like the look of my team.

Any advice/comments welcomed ?


Exactly 0.00 left !

Anonymous said...

Shocked Nik doesn't mention Adam Johnson in his player picks.

Oh, and is Torres suspended ;-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should carefully read the post before commenting!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys I really need help! Silva (@7.52) Lescott (@7.13) and reina (@9.09)
Odemwingie (@16.32) Kompany (@10.21) and Carson (@1.00 :/ )
Thanks! :D (with the first option i have 4.08 left)

kendo said...

My suggestion for people wanting help is not to post anomomously!

It helps to know who you are!


Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no idea who to pick for my striker, well other than Suarez.

This is my current team

Kolarov Luiz Skrtel
VDV Meireles Silva Pennant Larsson
Suarez ???

I'm thinking Torres, Dzeko or Balotelli, but none are sure starters

Ken said...

Feels like I am falling into a trap....

I did have a chance to watch Balotelli this past week and was not impressed. Keep in mind on a scale of 1-10 of football knowledge I am a (1) working hard to be a (2).

I could however recognize his "potential" of being an excellent choice not only this week but the next couple. It seems most of the post appear to be "intentionally" leading us into another choice while all along they themselves will choose him??

As a good friend used to say...

I may be paranoid but that does NOT mean I'm not being followed!

Think I will go with Jerome....ha ha

Anonymous said...

Ledley King @ 6.15 set to start according to the fantasist. Sure doesn't have the best match up vs chelsea . Might grab him at BD price for DG next week.

Anonymous said...

Anon@10.49 lmao!!! It is you who should read more carefully my friend.

Anonymous said...

i'm sitting on the following:


I still have spearing, henderson and dzeko sitting behind the scenes.


Anonymous said...

no maxi Nik? why?


Anonymous said...

what are chances that Howard or Pennant will reduce in price by .01-- so I can get rid of Hennessey before deadline???. First time -- so close on a hundredth.
I have a discount on all others on my team, so only Pennant is at full price.

Anonymous said...

On a week like this, concentrate on your defense rather than on your offense. A balance team will win this week. I don't believe there will be a lot of goal score this week.


kellz said...

@anon: sorry man there's virtually no chance

kendo said...

Agree with you Ken on keeping balotelli with the double week pending

Afrikan think Spearing is a good choice and cheaper than ledley king as somelone suggested and may not play a full game

Sitting on


Luiz kolarov lescott

Adam meireles spearing kuyt

Suarez balotelli Torres


kendo said...


Well done on last week any news on Carroll?


kendo said...

kendo said...

Citeh considerations?

LC said...

@ AM

Are you at the royal wedding by any chance?


Anonymous said...

Help Please!!

Who would you take out Walters or Miereles for Kuyt?

Cheers in advance


Ken said...

Letting Maxi go...

I did bard door him and the price of 7.88 is not bad,
but up until this past week he only averaged 5 per game and he is still only at 6.42..very very low for his CURRENT asking price.

I have Suarez & Kuyt so spreading it around some looks like the bexst call.

bye bye Maxi......

Linesman said...

Kol Luiz Lescott
Silva Adam Kuyt Pennant Malbranque
Suarez Torres

Still have RvP (17.8) in the background...should I drop him?

Anonymous said...

From a much earlier question on Dempsey, I'd still say Landon Donovan is the best player on the US primarily due to consistency. Dempsey has been inconsistent both from match-to-match and within matches. He has moments of greatness, more so than any other US player. He also has long periods of sluggish, uninterested play. His play for Fulham is far greater than the play he gives to the national team on a consistent basis. I'm hopeful that the honor of best US player will go to Stuart Holden and/or Michael Bradley within the next year or two. Holden seemed to take a huge step forward this year prior to injury. Bradley has been such an important part of the US team for years now that it gets lost he's still only 23 years old. His box-to-box midfield play occasionally goes unnoticed, but is a big part of any US successful match. I've been very disappointed that he can't get on the field with Villa on loan.

I've been falling for a few weeks now in the overall standings, all the way out of the Top 500 currently. Hoping to re-group this week and climb back up. Going with:

T. Howard
K. Walker, D. Luiz, S. Carr
C. Dempsey, R. Meireles, Y. Toure, J. Pennant
L. Suarez, D. Campbell, K. Jones

I'm going to miss the barndoor, so I hope the upcoming double gamers don't have huge games.

Cech's Mates.

kendo said...

Rvp might be a better bet than Torres linesman?

Chris P. Bacon said...

Hello all, hope everyone is having a good bank holiday. Thanks for the player picks Nik, as always.

Anybody got any advice or tips for this team?:

Luiz, Kolarov, Jiranek, Coleman
Lampard, Maxi Rodríguez, Silva, Muntari
Suarez, Kenwyne Jones

0.88 left in bank

gaius marius said...

ben foster now expected to be fit for wolves.

Roberto said...

Luiz Kolarov Coleman
VdV Malbranque silva kuyt a.johnson
Suarez dzeko

I dont know if I'am happy with malbranque, should I get muntari or does anyone have a better midfielder/forward?

kwyjibo said...


That's 10 players with 19.33 left. Lampard or VdV? Both at full price. Or, should I use the funds elsewhere?

Ken said...

Brunt is out....

oh well, back to the drawing board!

kwyjibo said...

@Ken - beat me to it! I was just about to post it, too. Here's the official news:,,10366~2349662,00.html

kendo said...

Not sure about Torres gone for odemwinge instead and silva instead of meireles

Prob a big mistake!


Anonymous said...

137.5 from last week.
Currently at:

Kolarov(@4.4) Luiz(@5.9) Zabaleta
VDV(@5.5) Meireles Larsson Silva
Suarez (@7) Odemvingie Balotelli

Still have 2 mil to spend. Thinking about adding Malouda. Any advice?
Latest points: 137.50
Total points: 3,236.50
Overall rank: 520 +53

Anonymous said...

Pretty happy with what I've ended up with:

Kol Luiz RJohnson
Silva Adam Kuyt Pennant Malbr
Suarez Balotelli

Good luck to you all!


Anonymous said...

kompany luiz carr
vdv kuyt adam silva
suarez balottali jerome

??? final team

FLScott said...

Umm... Can anyone explain to me the appeal of Balotelli? I really dont't F'n get it.

gman26 said...

@FLScott Favorable matchup in a potentially high-scoring game.He takes kicks occasionally. He's not very expensive at 8.18 so one tap-in goal could earn his value back. Besides that, he doesn't have much value.

Anonymous said...

Good chance of balotelli taking pens as well.


Anonymous said...

Good chance of balotelli getting carded as well.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Stephane Sessegnon listed? With Sunderland having no senior strikers this week I was leaning towards him...

kwyjibo said...

@Anon 2:04AM - LOL! Yes, it's true. It's what I was saying earlier. But...I have this HORRIBLE feeling that I am going to eat my words after he scores a hat-trick! Which is also possible.

These are his stats: 6 yellows, 1 red, 31 fouls, but also 6 goals 15 SOT in only 15 matches. So, it really could go either way.

But, I've gone through so many possible lineups for this weekend, and I'm tired. I'm just going to stick with what I have:


5 ManC players, preparing for the double week to follow. Hopefully Tevez will come back then, and I'll get him in somehow.

Good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

it's not a time to be "preparing" for next week.

Anonymous said...

Kolarov Skrtel Luiz
VDV Silva Larsson Pennant Kuyt
Suarez Balotelli

Anonymous said...

balotelli will be benched..

Anonymous said...

"Whisper it quietly, but are they a better, more balanced side when Gerrard isn't playing? I think they might just be."

I agree entirely, and England are too. Its been the case for a while, but unfortunately the mickey mousers cant see it. Very astute AM, very astute.

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